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Comment - Corruption of the Spanish Big 3

7:00 pm
Barcelona were banned from signing players, which actually turned out to be a ban from playing new signings in competitive matches rather than the actual transfer ban FIFA officials thought they had imposed. The supposed punishment was handed out for violating the transfer rules and regulations relating to the signing of underage players.

Barcelona colluded with other Spanish clubs to have players sign for low tier amateur clubs before then later signing for Barcelona when the legal age had been reached. Spanish news outlet Cadenaser report that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have been up to the same dirty tricks and that both clubs are to receive the same punishment as Barcelona. 
FIFA have communicated their decision to the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the next step is to officially inform the clubs.

These bans become rather ineffective when they are not imposed immediately. A club simply appeals a ban before a transfer window and buys all the players it wants in that window meaning the ban in the following window is virtually meaningless. They can then sign players, have them train with the squad and play in non-competitive matches which totally defeats the point of having a transfer ban. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will be signing all the players they need in January before the ban comes into effect.

A transfer ban should mean just that, a club should not be able to sign any players at all until that ban has been served. Any ban then has an effect instead of being ineffectual. Effective management is not a byword at FIFA though, corruption is. The investigation into state aid for Real Madrid through dubious land deals seems to have gone quiet.

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Monk to go, Rogers to replace him, Moyes to go

4:00 pm
The Daily Mirror are claiming that Gary Monk is about to be sacked by Swansea City who wish to have Brendan Rogers to return to the club other reports suggest. There was a time when Spurs fans were clamouring for him, what are they saying now?

he had a decent season at Liverpool and they were always going to struggle when they lost Suarez to Barcelona. They were using a sports psychologist that season as well and there was a marked difference to their play. They were winning games in the first half and maintaining that is the second half whereas most sides keep things even until half-time and try to win games in the second half. How much was their decline as a result of curtailing his use?

he rather shot himself in the foot in my view and wasn't been able to replace Suarez just as we were not able to replace Bale. It isn't simply a question of changing player. When you lose a player of Bale's ability you have to change the team to counteract it. Being over-reliant on one player is not healthy as both clubs have found out when they have left. That is the beauty of the Spurs team now, it is a team, take one part out and it can be replaced, take a player out of a side set up for him and you can't.

Gary Monk has had a nice spell as boss, yes there are problems at the moment and the side need their confidence rebuilt. It smacks of panic and an assumption that Rodgers can recreate what he had built before. It doesn't always work and it is a pity for Monk if he is sacked. 

They beat Manchester United in August and drew with us at the Liberty Stadium. They have dropped to 14th in the table because Betafami Gomis is not scoring goals. Any team with a striker not hitting the net will struggle whoever is in charge, we struggled when Kane was misfiring.

From Spain news that David Moyes is going to be sacked after achieving a 29% win rate. There will be a club in the Premier League who would be interested in taking him as their manager so will we see another Premier League sacking. He did a fine job at Everton just as Alan Curbishley did a fine job at Charlton when they were Premier League regulars.

When you are set at a club and have a team you have put together, a set up you have put together, it is sometimes easier to stay where you are. He left for a bigger job and it didn't work out, but he has to be applauded for being brave enough to have a go. He wasn't really given any backing at United to be fair and was rather used as a stop-gap. It does show that managers are not always the best people to pick a manager, that has certainly been the case with England where a group of jobs for the boys pick the manager.

I'm not suggesting for one minute Norwich or Sunderland sack their manager, but I see no reason why David Moyes can not build another Everton or Charlton type club, the way Alan Pardew is now building Crystal Palace. he is demonstrating that the right manager at the right club at the right time si more important than just installing a name and expecting success. Success is built, yes it has to be built while maintaining Premier League survival, just as Spurs have to be built while maintaining a top four challenge and achieving European football. 

If I were David Moyes I'd wait for a Premier League job and do a bit of media work in the meantime.

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Monk to go, Rogers to replace him, Moyes to go Monk to go, Rogers to replace him, Moyes to go Reviewed by THBlogNews on 4:00 pm Rating: 5
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