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Bolo Zenden also claims Levy De Boer talks

9:24 am
Former De Boer international teammate has also heard about Tottenham and Frank De Boer talks he claims.

Bolo Zenden also claims Levy De Boer talks

In addition to the story I bought you yesterday about more than one ITK guy suggesting talks between Spurs representatives and Frank De Boer a former teammate of his has claimed to have heard the same thing.

Bolo Zenden was talking to TalkSPORT and said:

"I've also heard that Frank de Boer has been in touch with the people at Tottenham. If that's going to happen who knows?"

previous reports in Holland were suggesting Ajax, won hadn't won a title in 7 years before De Boer took over, were already looking at possible replacements. That is standard procedure, putting plans in place in case something happens.

Southampton have also made contingency plans starting their homework on potential replacements but that does not mean either manager is leaving their clubs.

Zenden was also an interim assistant manager at Chelsea under Rafa Benitez during his brief spell their and confirms Benitez would like to return to the Premier League one day.

"He loves the English game. He loves to manage his teams in England and it is just a sidestep to be back in Italy.

"He has won a cup [with Napoli] but I'm sure in the future he will be back in England. If that is going to be with Tottenham, I'm not sure.”
It was always doubtful to me that Benitez would want to leave Napoli for Tottenham and has poured cold water on the idea himself suggesting he could be in Italy for 10 years. That of course is just PR for the fans but does indicate that only having been there a year, it's too early to leave.

Frank De Boer however has made it perfectly clear he wants the Tottenham job and he is the people choice so go get him Daniel.

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Has Frank de Boer met Levy this week?

4:00 pm
It's been a quiet week on the new manager front with Mauricio Pochettino the flavour of the week last week while the other candidates were unavilable to talk to us.

Has Frank de Boer met Levy this week?

Frank de Boer was in Indonesia with Ajax on a pre-season tour and only arrived back on Saturday so the expectation was that we would progress forward with him this week if we were interested.

Carlo Ancelloti is tied up with Real Madrid until after the Champions League final when his future may be known. Ancelloti will know his own situation and will know if he has to win the Champions League to retain his job or not. It sounds harsh to us on the outside as they were only 3 points behind La Liga winners Atletico Madrid who they also face in the final.

Losing to your smaller rivals in 2 major competitions though may not go down so well in Madrid, it certainly won't with the fans.

Rafa Benitez has only been at Napoli a short while and taken them into the Champions League so although he'd like a return to the Premier League it is unlikely that now is the right time. His style of football would also be a concern but he has a winning track record.

There have been a few other names guessed at by the press, Claudio Ranieri was sacked by Monaco so was immediately mentioned as a possible candidate, everyone is a possible candidate!

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Frank de Boer going public upset the Tottenham bosses who you would expect have told him to be quiet. Now I know some of you leap on this stuff and some of you don't while others don't get to hear whispers at all so I'll bring you the latest whisper and you can decide for yourselves.

From more than one ITK guy the word is that De Boer had a meeting with us this week, which if true is clearly being kept very quiet. The meeting is said to have taken place with chairman Daniel Levy, technical director Franco Baldini and director of football administration Darren Eales, who I believe is also our barrister.

It made sense to me to interview all the candidates and select the best fit, rather than decide one candidate and go all out to get him as the press seemed to think we had with Pochettino. I questioned whether this was the case or whether we were going to go through the same process with De Boer and Benitez, if he was available, as well before making a decision.

Let us hope that if there was a meeting it went well, with Louis Van Gaal installed as Manchester United manager we could be having a mini Dutch invasion at the top of the Premier League.

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De Boer 'Ajax didn't create' - sound familiar!

4:00 pm
Just take a read at this Frank de Boer quote he recently made for a moment.

"When I first became coach Ajax didn't play football. They didn't create."

De Boer 'Ajax didn't create' - sound familiar!

Does that sound familiar? Under Andre Villas-Boas that is exactly the football we were playing, keeping the ball and creating nothing. The football was boring and the fans craved some excitement, there simply wasn't any now Gareth Bale wasn't there to paper over the cracks with rescue act after rescue act.

"I wanted to play dominant, attacking football, developing players from our youth academy and build a competitive team."

Isn't that exactly what we want? Isn't that exactly what we are trying to achieve? Simply dismissing what he has done because it is Holland and Ajax is a lack of understanding of Dutch football.

When Frank de Boer came to town Ajax had not won a title since 2003/04. Now he has taken them to 4 on the trot, something no other manager of theirs has done. He has achieved it consistently losing his best players, Luis Suarez (Liverpool), Jan Vertonghen, Christian Eriksen , Toby Alderweireld (Atletico Madrid).

They produce a who's who of football, Marco Van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp, Frank and Ronald de Boer, Johan Cruyff, Edgar Davids, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Patrick Kluivert, Frank Rijkaard, Wesley Sneijder, Jaap Stam, Rafael van der Vaart, the list goes on.

Couldn't we learn a thing or two form a highly successful player and now a coach who successfully turns a club around? Oh for our youth system to produce players of that ilk.

"I think I've accomplished my mission. Now positional play and individual technique are the key factors for Ajax.
"I will only move for a big challenge in a big club, where I have the possibility to test myself."

Time for a new mission Frank, we Spurs fans overwhelmingly want you, time to turn around Tottenham and return us to the glory days.

Now there's a test for you.

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Will it be Frank de Boer week?

8:30 am
With Frank de Boer away on a post-season tour with Dutch champions Ajax Mauricio Pochettino took the limelight as flavour of the week.

Will it be Frank de Boer week?

Countless reports and ITK confirmed Spurs were in discussions with his agent Jonathan Barnett, the man who negotiated the summer long sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid at the end of last season.

The 42 year-old is the bookies favourite to start in the hot seat at White Hart Lane in August but he is not the only candidate. Overwhelmingly Spurs fans want Frank de Boer, believed to be the choice of Franco Baldini on the shortlist our technical director was asked to draw up.

Frank de Boer returned from Indonesia on Saturday and he is known to want his future sorted out by the end of the month. Reports in Holland have suggested that he has privately told friend he is joining Spurs but did annoy the club making public our phone call to Ajax Director of Football Marc Overmars asking about his availability.

Business is business however and you don't back out of a deal simply because your pride might be hurt. They can hardly complain about his conduct with the manner in which they treated Tim Sherwood. If the committee appointing the new manager believe the Champions League winning Dutchman is the best man for the job they will set about signing him.

Frank de Boer has covered all bases with the media so both sets of fans can be appeased, he has made quotes about seeing himself managing Tottenham and also that he'd be happy to stay another year at Ajax. Whatever happens he can now come out and say that was his intention all along. It's simply a media game.

De Boer wants his future sorted quickly, Spurs want a new manager quickly so this week should reveal whether Spurs retain an interest and are interviewing candidates or whether the powers that be have decided Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino is the man.

However there is a train of thought that suggests a spanner in the works. The Daily Mirror suggest that Daniel Levy is willing to wait until after the Champions League final to see if Real Madrid part company with Carlo Ancelloti.

For us Frank De Boer fans it's fingers crossed time.

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Lewis/Pochettino vs Levy/Benitez vs Baldini/De Boer

8:31 pm
It's a three horse race between owner Joe Lewis, part owner and chairman Daniel Levy and technical director Franco Baldini.

Lewis/Pochettino vs Levy/Benitez vs Baldini/De Boer

Joe Lewis is represented by his rumoured choice Mauricio Pochettino, Daniel Levy by his rumoured choice Rafa Benitez and Franco Baldini by his rumoured choice Frank de Boer.

Tottenham have their strategy in place and have their management structure in place, neither of those are changing. The chairman's statement to the fans made that clear when he said Spurs would be appointing a new Head Coach. That signals that the technical director role stays.

The youth based business model is the only long term model that fits our income bracket. We have to develop players to either improve the team or sell, or both. The academy has it's role to play in producing players to sell, players like Jake Livermore who has a cup final to play and then hopes to complete a £6 million move to Hull City.

As with any interview Tottenham will have their criteria but these managerial interviews are not all about a club saying this is what we want, can you do it. They are about hearing the vision the candidate has as well, what does he see for Tottenham, why does he feel he can make a difference, what is he bringing to the table.

The club sell a vision to a prospective manager but a prospective manager also sells a vision to the club.

Frank de Boer

Baldini wants Frank de Boer

Franco Baldini's choice, 44 year-old Dutchman Frank de Boer, will want control of football coaching from 8 upwards, no doubt his brother would come in as the finishing coach, the coach who prepares youth players just below the first team squad, a role his fulfils at Ajax.

Before interviewing De Boer Spurs need to know about the youth coaching at Ajax and how his ideas would affect the Tottenham academy. Would they integrate or would wholesale changes be needed? Does Levy want to give up that control?

There is no doubting his winning credentials both as a player and a manager, he has won a Champions League and played at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Now he is breaking records in Holland. It may be time for him to move to a bigger stage, almost AVB with experience you could say.

He teams play with a free flowing style though so fit with the Spurs vision, he has already said he could see himself managing Tottenham and remarked on our history so you feel he would have a feel for the club.

The 4-3-3 system comes before the players, much like Louis Van Gaal and developing the individual player ranks highly as does youth development.

Not the bookies favourite but probably the fans choice.

Frank de Boer - Player


    Eredivisie (5):1989–90, 1993–94, 1994–95, 1995–96, 1997–98
    KNVB Cup (2): 1992–93, 1997–98
    Johan Cruijff Shield (3): 1993, 1994, 1995
    UEFA Champions League (1): 1994–95
    UEFA Cup (1): 1991–92
    UEFA Super Cup (1): 1995
    Intercontinental Cup (1): 1995


    La Liga (1): 1998–99

Frank de Boer - Manager


    Eredivisie (4): 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14 (Dutch record)
    Johan Cruijff Shield (1): 2013

Assistant coach


    2010 FIFA World Cup: Runner-up

Rafa Benitez

Levy wants Rafa Benitez

Daniel Levy's choice, 54 year-old Spaniard Rafa Benitez, concentrates more on the first team and let's his team deal with development. Does that approach sit better with the academy set up. Do we just need a new Head of Player Development to take over the role Tim Sherwood had before his elevation. That was working well with players now coming through so having a Head Coach who concentrates on the first team fits the football model.

He is a proven multiple winner with European titles and Premier League titles to his name. His preferred formation is 4-2-3-1 using squad rotation and zonal marking, which our defence has struggled with previously. His team are not flamboyant but methodical. He wouldn’t  have us playing the Tottenham way but he would have us competing and winning.

Do we want entertainment or do we want to win things, we won't get both with Benitez and that will split fans. He is not renown for developing youth players and that is part of our criteria.

Rafa Benitez - Player


    Tercera División (1): 1981–82

Rafa Benitez - Manager

Real Madrid U-19s

    Spain U-19 League (1): 1992–93
    Spain U-19 Cup (2): 1990–91, 1992–93


    Segunda División promotion (1): 1997–98


    Segunda División promotion (1): 2000–01


    La Liga (2): 2001–02, 2003–04
    UEFA Cup (1): 2003–04


    FA Cup (1): 2005–06
    FA Community Shield (1): 2006
    UEFA Champions League (1): 2004–05
    UEFA Super Cup (1): 2005


    Supercoppa Italiana (1): 2010
    FIFA Club World Cup (1): 2010


    UEFA Europa League (1): 2012–13


    Coppa Italia (1): 2013–14

Mauricio Pochettino

Lewis wants Mauricio Pochettino

Joe Lewis's choice, 42 year-old Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino, is a bit of a dark horse. He improved players at Southampton but they were players already there, he is not proven in the transfer market. He has never won anything as a manager and has only improved teams to mid table. Tim Sherwood put 6 past him and beat him twice.

His teams attack, they play the pressing game we are now used to in a 4-2-3-1 formation. His side would play the Tottenham way so he'd bring entertainment, but would he bring success? Erik Lamela would presumably appreciate him being appointed being a fellow Argentinian.

He develops youth which is a requirement but it's that nagging doubt whether he has what it takes to win trophies. He left Espanyol bottom of the league having taken them off the bottom to mid table and finished mid table in the previous one and a half campaigns.

Mauricio Pochettino - Player

Newell's Old Boys

    Argentine Primera División: 1990–91, Clausura 1992


    Copa del Rey: 1999–2000, 2005–06

Mauricio Pochettino - Manager


The same could be said of Brendan Rodgers and he nearly won the Premier League so given the resources it's possible he could have the same significant impact, it's just that there is no evidence to back it up, his appointment would be a guess. Should you simply be guessing for such an important appointment or should you be minimising the risk as much as possible.

There are pros and cons for all three so the three wise men have a lot of discussion to do, a lot of homework to do on the candidates, I suspect we'll know soon enough their decision.

Pochettino is available for interview, De Boer is available next week so perhaps  the process will move forward then. Tottenham need to appoint a Head Coach by the end of the month so when the transfer window opens on June 9th we have a man and strategy in place.

The transfer window in Holland opens on June 11th, in France, Germany, Italy and Spain it opens on July 1st so a new Head Coach would have little time to get his feet under the table.

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Frank de Boer to speak to Spurs after 18 May

2:29 pm
It is pretty clear that having lost out on one Dutchman, Louis Van Gaal after he was tipped off to wait for Manchester United, Tottenham have set their sights on another in Frank de Boer.

Frank de Boer to speak to Spurs after 18 May

Contact has been made, denied, confirmed and so on and so forth. Marc Overmars confirmed what de Boer told the press that he did receive a phone call to find out about the contractual situation at Ajax.

Tottenham can not do anything until Tim Sherwood leaves, that won't happen until after the last game on Sunday 11th May, after the Ledley King testimonial match on Monday 12th May and after a severance package has been agreed. That takes us to the morning of Tuesday 13th May at the earliest.

Frank de Boer however is leaving on a post season tour with Ajax today to Indonesia and won't return until Saturday 17th May. That means he can't speak with Tottenham until Sunday 18th May at the earliest but it is more likely to be later the following week.

The delay will frustrate Spurs fans but on the plus side Ajax will want the future of their manager sorted quickly and Frank de Boer is said to want his future sorted by the end of May. The press in Holland have already begun to speculate on his successor.

The hiring of Frank de Boer may well strengthen the position of Franco Baldini although their are suggestions that Damien Comolli may return to White Hart Lane this summer. De Boer has told the Italian press that he is more interested in coaching than managing so player purchases may well be the responsibility of the Tottenham Technical Director rather than the Head Coach, although Daniel Levy still plays a large role.

That is the system used on the continent all the time so one Frank de Boer will be familiar and comfortable with. He would of course still have the final say on players and suggest targets of his own.

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De Boer confirms preference for Spurs over Barcelona

11:01 am
Frank de Boer's interview with Italian news outlet Gazzetta dello Sport has clarified his desire to manage in England, Germany or Spain.

De Boer confirms preference for Spurs over Barcelona

"I have never talked with Inter Milan, but I prefer the Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga.

"Italian football is very much in decline. Juventus did not play badly but they often expect that the two forwards need to create something. It's not my football.

"I would not go to Barcelona. It is very difficult to be a coach there. What can you teach players like Messi and Iniesta?

"Probably they need a manager rather than a coach, but I'm a coach rather than a manager."

De Boer has been linked with the Barcelona post with uncertainty over the future of their manager and his reasons for ruling them out must also surely apply to Real Madrid, what could he teach Ronaldo?

While looking for another club he will want one that has a better chance in the Champions League than Ajax have so he'll need a club with resources. If he has to build and take that club into the Champions League that would simply be a part of the mark he would like to leave. In his interviews he has mentioned the ability to spend so a club with a reasonable level of income would be required and with the European Union tightening up on the free bank loans Spanish clubs were getting La Liga clubs would struggle to attract him.

"Tottenham talked informally with Ajax of my contract. I think they are quite happy with Tim Sherwood, but it is normal that they take information about a possible successor, as did Liverpool in the past.

"That time, I said I wanted to stay at Ajax. I'm very happy here, but if it came from a club with an interesting perspective and a good team, I would consider the proposal.

"I want to understand what contribution I can give."

Clearly he considers Tottenham to have the income level he requires, the philosophy he requires, the potential he requires and the desire he requires having spoken in warm terms about the club and it's history. He has openly said Tottenham is a club he could see himself managing, nice to know he prefers us to Barcelona.

Louis Van Gaal was the number one candidate but after he was tipped off to wait fr the Manchester United job our attention turned towards De Boer. He remains at the top of our wanted list with Mauricio Pochettino as one of a number of potential back-up options.

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If you don't want Tim Sherwood you don't want Frank De Boer

8:30 pm
Frank de Boer has once again confirmed Tottenham have informally spoken to Ajax despite the official denial.
 If you don't want Tim Sherwood you don't want Frank De Boer
 He spoke with Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport and confirmed that Spurs phoned Marc Overmars within the last month to talk about his contract and to test the waters as it were.

"They talked informally with Ajax about my contract," said De Boer. "I think they are quite happy with their manager, but it is normal that they get information about a possible successor, as have Liverpool in the past. Liverpool had four candidates and asked me if I was interested. That time I said I wanted to stay at Ajax.

"I'm very happy here, but if a club came with an interesting perspective and a good team, I would consider the proposal. I want to understand what contribution I could give."

The approach was not official and therefore the Tottenham statement that they have not contacted any clubs about coaching appointments is legally correct, if not actually correct. Two friends have just had a chat, that's all, nothing illegal about that.

"We have not contacted any club regarding coaching appointments."

Compare this situation where Spurs can't actually tell the truth to that of Head Coach Tim Sherwood who tells the truth and gets insulted and abused by mindless supporters.

If these supporters are moaning at Sherwood for telling the truth then they won't want Frank de Boer here either will they, he tells the truth also. The claim is Sherwood embarrasses the club when he speaks which is of course nonsense, but if it is what you claim then what Frank de Boer is consistently saying has to be viewed in the same light. He is forcing Spurs to officially deny something that is true, but legally untrue.

Isn't the truth better than playing this media game to avoid being sued for breaching employment law. But then there is little chance of football being a clean game, poaching or tapping up of players and managers will always take place, as will informal phone calls.

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Frank de Boer tailor-made for Tottenham

10:26 am
Frank de Boer tailor-made for Tottenham

Tottenham appear to be tailor made for Frank de Boer. Like Ajax we have history, both domestic and European.

In the world of money football Ajax play in the Champions League but no longer have any realistic chance of winning it. Tottenham have built themselves back up from a bankrupt mid-table club to one perennially on the cusp of the Champions League with the sixth best income in the Premier League.

That provides us with more muscle than Ajax, we can spend more on players, pay more wages and have taken both Jan Vertonghen and Christian Eriksen from the Dutch champions to play in the league the world wants to watch more than any other.

The mood among Spurs fans is that we are nearly there, we are nearly regularly a Champions League team, it's just a short step away. That short step is in fact a large step, our players have yet to learn how to get over the winning line, usually stumbling when it is in sight.

The feel is of a sleeping giant and that is exactly the feeling Frank de Boer has about Tottenham. He wants to leave his mark on a club so people can say Frank de Boer did that.

"Those two clubs [Liverpool or Tottenham] are clubs that I think in the future I could be a manager of.

"I think the history of the clubs and what you can do with the team is my cup of tea."

Ronald de Boer who himself won the Champions League, Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup, La Liga, five Dutch titles and a host of trophies spoke recently about the speculation surrounding his brother. Ronald also works at Ajax as their A1 coach, which is the final phase of the Ajax youth development system.

"I think it's a nice club, the history, I always think it's one of the most attractive clubs in the Premier League. It is a club with ambition and able to spend.

"Additionally they have already Jan Vertonghen and Christian Eriksen, who obviously know Frank well. They have a lot of quality, so there is something to be achieved.

"For Frank, it is really a question of feeling. It is also very important what the club wants, what the philosophy is and the type of game. I think that in the end will make the difference."

The Ajax of Frank de Boer like to play football and that is just what the Tottenham board and fans want to see, attractive football that gets results. The club have a long-term strategy to work with and develop youth, which is exactly the Ajax way and the method Frank de Boer prefers.

"We know if we want to survive, we have to generate new players. I like it more that way than just buying.”

What Tottenham want appears to be in harmony with what De Boer wants.

The comments of his brother indicate that he is ready to leave Ajax and he has himself said he wants to talk to Spurs.

"Frank has already denied Liverpool and Tottenham. Tottenham wanted to take him in January, but Frank said no.

"He also said no to Liverpool last year. He thought he was still not ready and wanted to learn more.

"Now he’s ready though. We’ll have to wait and see (what offers he gets).

"It's important for Frank to get the right club otherwise he won't leave Ajax. He's very happy there."

That right club is one he feels comfortable with, not just a job for a jobs sake but a club that fits his philosophy. He is said to be intrigued about taking over an evolving team with potential for growth. Two such teams are Tottenham and Barcelona. We know the managerial situation at one but not what will happen this summer at Barcelona after a disappointing season by their standards.

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Danish defender Nicolai Boilesen would rather he didn't. He has been with Ajax since 2009 after joining from Brondby. In 2011 he moved up to the senior ranks so is well placed to comment upon the qualities Frank de Boer. He has spoken to DR Sporten and revealed two traits that would be very useful to Tottenham.

"I'm hoping our coach will stay for at least another year. He has been really important to us and he's had a huge part in these four championships we've won.

"He's just tactically very clever and he is a very good coach in relation to personnel management."

Patrick Kluivert says Frank de Boer reminded him of Pep Guardiola. You always felt he would be successful. De Boer was Assistant Coach with Holland when they were runners-up in the 2010 World Cup.

"Like Pep Guardiola as a player, you could see Frank would become a trainer.

"He is a winner. He wanted to win everything, even card games, anything other than football, he wanted to win, and that's the most important thing everybody needs to have. That's the most important thing, that you are a winner.

"He is a big trainer coming, absolutely."

Kluivert won the Champions League, La Liga and a host of other trophies and as I have been writing in the Spurs Need To Go Mental series, knows without a winning mentality you won't win anything. It is that mentality that makes you put in extra and do whatever is required to improve yourself and win. Tim Sherwood has it, Frank de Boer has it.

Tottenham need a manager with that mentality to instil it in the players, that simply can not be stressed enough.

Talent = Failure
Talent + Mentality = Success

He has spent most of his career playing and working with his twin brother. If Frank de Boer came would his brother then take over the running of our academy.

A tactically astute manager who was a top player, good with people, who likes working with youth, plays attractive football, likes our club and is a winner.

What's not to like about this guy.

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De Boer confirms interest in Spurs

9:04 am
The great misinterpretation game continues with the gullible believing Frank de Boer has ruled himself out of the Tottenham job. That is in fact not the case.

De Boer confirms interest in Spurs

We have had unsavoury claim and counter claim all while their is no position to fill. It is illegal for Spurs to approach De Boer and have merely made a courtesy call to Marc Overmars, something they don't deny as they haven't been specifically asked the question.

It's all a game of words until after the Aston Villa game with clubs and managers having to say the right thing publicly and Frank de Boer has done just that to Voetbal International.

"I have no intention to leave. I'm happy to work another year at Ajax.

"Again, I do not mind talking to an interesting club. That includes Spurs. "But there is no interest. I expect to lead the first session (at Ajax) on 23 June."

What we have here appears to say he is not coming to Spurs but there is the interpretation and the true meaning to consider. How the English interpret something is not necessarily how the Dutch interpret the same thing. My brother speaks the language and worked in Holland for a few years.

He confirms the phrase 'there is no interest' does not actually mean there is no interest in joining Spurs.

'I have no intention to leave,' well no no manager ever does. I have no intention of walking into a shut door but it can still happen. The Ajax supporters have to be appeased, what if Tottenham don't offer him enough money for instance or not enough control. If he decides after an interview or meeting with Daniel Levy that he doesn't want the Tottenham job then he can't have burnt his bridges with Ajax and the fans.

He must therefore keep them sweet and has had to backtrack, 'I am happy to work another year at Ajax.' Again that doesn't mean he is leaving in a year bu that he is happy to stay if he receives no better offers. That is clear when he says 'I do not mind talking to an interesting club. That includes Spurs.'

'There is no interest. I expect to lead the first session on 23 June' is merely PR. All he is saying is there is not intent to leave at this stage. The intent to leave won't happen until after any talks and he has made a decision.

What he has now done is give himself a get out clause. If he doesn't leave he can point to this statement to say I never had any intention of leaving Ajax, which of course is nonsense or he would be willing to talk to other interesting clubs. If he does leave he can point to other statements and say it was always my desire to come to a great club like Tottenham with their history etc etc etc.

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Talking to the press is merely a game, a game to be played to appease everyone if you can, to put yourself in a position where you cover all bases.

Nothing has changed here, he still wants to talk to Spurs and if he likes what he hears he'll consider joining. If Daniel Levy likes what he hears he'll consider making an offer.

Until such time as there is a vacant position, legally nothing can happen. The only question is how much public relations speak will we have to listen to before the official approach takes place upon Tim Sherwood's departure.

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Tottenham want a quick manager appointment

9:30 am
Frank de Boer has been asked to clarify his position over the stories linking him with the not yet vacant Tottenham job and Spurs strong denial of any approach to any club.

Tottenham want a quick appointment

Quite frankly this is naive on the part of the media. Have they no idea of employment law? What is all the fuss about, two people had a chat on the phone. No Spurs have made no approach to any club, they have had chats with agents and an employee of Ajax. Franco Baldini must be receiving and making tons of phone calls a week, every one is not an approach.

A phone call is reported as an official approach, which it can't be as an official approach has to be in writing. There has to be a record of everything so everything is seen to be done within the law. The paperwork serves as a smokescreen for what really happens.

One club, perhaps a technical director phones another club, perhaps a director of football and let's them know their manager is on a list of candidates they have and will there be any issue about talking to them when the time is legally right. When the time is right, in other words when their is an employment vacancy an official approach will be made.

In this case Marc Overmars has naturally told Ajax and Frank de Boer. The waters have been tested to ensure it's a viable option. If it is he goes on a shortlist, if not he doesn't, thus when Tim Sherwood departs Spurs have a shortlist and can look to make a quick appointment.

That is essential to maximise the transfer window. Sales and purchases will naturally have to be discussed with the new Head Coach and the players will know what is going on so can make decisions about their future.

In an interview with (Algemeen Dagblad) Frank de Boer was asked if he regretted making the Spurs contact public.

No. Why? I was interviewed by the NOS and I gave an honest answer. There had been plenty of rumours about the interest from Tottenham. I thought about it for a few seconds but I decided to talk openly.

Websites and papers are still talking about an offer, but a phone call to sound out the waters has been made that is all. Nothing wrong with admitting that, it happens at every football club for every transfer and every manager change.

Of course there will be plenty of Spurs fans who now won't want Frank de Boer as the next manager, they hate a manager who talks honestly, they slate Tim Sherwood for it all the time, unless of course they have double standards. This website while being against the appointment has applauded Sherwood for answering reporters questions with honesty so Frank de Boer will be most welcome.

Franco Baldini was asked to draw up a shortlist after Tim Sherwood was told he would not be retained beyond the end of the season. You could argue that shouldn't happen but this is the real world, it happens all the time.

The press have certainly got their monies worth, they have managed to string out a story about one phone call rather well. We spoke to him in December so he knows the situation at Tottenham and he is interested, now he has won a fourth straight title and set his own piece of history the timing of our interest is better suited to his situation.

It's a question of counting down the days until we can make an approach. When you look round for potential candidates he looks way clear of anyone else, we should go all out to get him and return some Dutch philosophy to White Hart Lane.

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Overmars - Spurs have spoken to me

8:05 am
With speculation surrounding did Spurs or didn't Spurs contact Ajax and quotes flying around in claim and counter claim, it's all become a bit silly when in fact it is all very simple.

Overmars - Spurs have spoken to me

Tottenham can not approach Ajax while Tim Sherwood is in a job, well not officially. They can not be seen to have approached a club, officially.

But this is football and people talk and clubs line things up for when they can do something. There is absolutely no doubt Tottenham have spoken to Marc Overmars the Director of Football at Ajax.

Tottenham phoned Overmars within the last month to give Ajax advanced warning that they want to speak to De Boer so Ajax will be ready for an official approach when it comes but also to start their search for a successor should De Boer decide to leave.

Marc Overmars himself has confirmed Spurs have spoken to him.

"Spurs have informally enquired about De Boer and confirmed he’s one of their candidates."
Frank de Boer is clearly very interested in the potential opportunity at Tottenham with both he and his brother talking up the club. While recently revealing the informal approach to Overmars Frank de Boer said:

"I see a perspective at Tottenham Hotspur, just as Liverpool and Newcastle United sometimes are, they are sleeping giants."
Liverpool have awoken, it's time for De Boer to awaken Tottenham Hotspur.

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What will Frank de Boer bring Tottenham

6:30 pm
If Frank de Boer were to take over at Tottenham, and he is clearly the number one candidate despite all the recent talk from others about the new flavour of the month Mauricio Pochettino, what can Spurs fans expect?

What will Frank de Boer bring Tottenham

Tottenham have approached Marc Overmars the Director of Football at Ajax over Frank de Boer but with the season not yet finished that approach is not official. Tottenham can't make an official approach while Tim Sherwood is still in post with games to go that would not be appropriate.

For that reason Tottenham have had to deny an approach has been made. The Dutch media are openly discussing who is going to replace him at Ajax, they fully expect him to go to Spurs.

"Reports that we have made approaches to other clubs regarding coaching staff are wholly inaccurate.

"We've not contacted any club regarding coaching appointments. We regret that a statement such as this is necessary."

A chat has taken place by telephone within the last month, the official approach will come later.

Anything is possible in this life is you have sheer belief, total and utter belief in what you are doing. That is Frank de Boer, he has sheer belief in what he is doing at Ajax, the key is will he get that same feel from Daniel Levy.

If the pair meet and Levy can outline a framework within which Frank de Boer can see himself create something then he will become the next Tottenham Hotspur manager.

The Spurs faithful can expect to see possession based football and accelerated individual player development, just something I have been suggesting we need in the Spurs Need To Go Mental series.

To understand the De Boer approach and the development of the individual we must go back and look a little at the history of Ajax. The Michels model as it is often referred to is an individual based training program as opposed to a collective based training program. This is something again I stress we need in the Spurs Need To Go Mental series.

Louis Van Gaal changed that approach to the collective and while Ajax have had short term success, long term the foundations have had to be relaid and the youth system overhauled again in an effort to provide the players to take Ajax forward in Europe, their long term objective.

What individual player based training does is allow a player within a game to make more of the right decisions, it has them take responsibility instead of giving it to others. Currently we have a midfield packed with players who give the responsibilty to someone else. Christian Eriksen however having come from Ajax is a player who takes responsibility and thus stands out.

Building a players character, building his mind so he has the strength to take responsibility is just, if not more, important than ball skill development. Talent can take you so far, talent and a talented brain take you to the winners enclosure.

In essence that is Frank de Boer's philosophy. Improve the individual and you will improve the team as a whole, improve the parts and you improve the end product.

Johan Cruyff is an ardent supporter of this approach and was instrumental in Frank de Boer taking over at Ajax. He was the best player in the world in his day and once said:

“I never practice tricks. I play very simply. That’s what it’s all about. The solution that seems the simplest is in fact the most difficult one. With most players, tactics are missing. You can divide tactics into insight, trust and daring.”

Guus Hiddink another Dutchman and a successful coach shares the same outlook.

“Players should not just run with their legs, but with their head as well.

"They should be conscious of the fact that they constantly have to think during a game. Sometimes players act without thinking. But they have to actively consider how they can break their opponent.”

Which of Tottenham's current players are thinking players and which are just runners? Who looks to break down the opposition with a run or a pass? Kyle Walker is a prime example, he is always working with Lennon to try and engineer a pass in behind the full-back for Lennon to run onto, when it fails he gets moaned at.

He should be praised, that's the thinking players approach, that's exactly what we need and exactly the type of player Frank de Boer would attempt to create more of.

"The individual cleverness of the players was missing when I first got here [in 2006 as a youth team coach]," De Boer once told the Dutch media.

"The individual action at the highest level is essential. We are now in training much more individualized. That is so important."

 Intelligence + talent = winning, just talent = losing.

In games with limited openings an opportunity must be seized and that requires the intelligence, making the right decision at the right time. Frank de Boer will look for and look to produce intelligent players and that comes with experience so youth would be given it's chance to learn.

"We know if we want to survive, we have to generate new players. I like it more that way than just buying.” 

Those are the words of Frank de Boer but they could equally be the words of Daniel Levy, hat is the model the Spurs chairman wants. Barcelona was remodelled from the ground upwards, Spurs are on the same journey.

So what will we see on the field if he were to arrive? Well Ajax play a 4-3-3 system with a high line defence which means players must aggressively press to win the ball back. We are all familiar with the concept now so the transition to his style shouldn't take an age to achieve, we are not starting from scratch with an unfamiliar system.

Players interchange positions to pull the opposition out of their structure thus creating holes that are then exploited. That is his philosophy, much the same as Andre Villas-Boas in fact.

Interestingly his defensive press when the opposition have the ball depends upon the oppositions skill level, the more skilful the side the less aggressive the press, so an AVB system with flexibility.

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De Boer - I want to speak to Spurs

8:45 am
Frank de Boer wants to speak to Spurs after the club made a formal approach to Ajax to speak to their manager as we mentioned on Monday. While other sides were jumping on the wrong story we pointed out De Boer couldn't say anything until Tottenham make a formal approach.

De Boer - I want to speak to Spurs

Tottenham have now made that formal approach according to De Boer after requesting permission from Ajax Director of Football Marc Overmars to speak to their manager.

Frank de Boer has made it clear to Ajax that he wants to speak to Tottenham. He has a contract until 2017 but has previously expressed that he could see himself managing Tottenham.

His older twin brother Ronald De Boer who coaches the youth at Ajax and usually coaches where his twin brother manages, told Dutch media that his brother had turned down Tottenham in January.

"Frank has already denied Liverpool and Tottenham," he told talkSPORT. "Tottenham wanted to take him in January, but Frank said no.
"He also said no to Liverpool last year. He thought he was still not ready and wanted to learn more.
"Now he’s ready though. We’ll have to wait and see (what offers he gets).
"It's important for Frank to get the right club otherwise he won't leave Ajax. He's very happy there."

"Frank has already denied Liverpool and Tottenham. Tottenham wanted to take him in January, but Frank said no.

"He also said no to Liverpool last year. He thought he was still not ready and wanted to learn more.

"Now he’s ready though. We’ll have to wait and see (what offers he gets).

"It's important for Frank to get the right club otherwise he won't leave Ajax. He's very happy there."

Frank de Boer has given Daniel Levy hope he will get his man by telling the BBC World Football Show at the beginning of February that Tottenham was a possibility.

"Those two clubs [Liverpool or Tottenham] are clubs that I think in the future I could be a manager of.

"I think the history of the clubs and what you can do with the team is my cup of tea.

"I'm not really thinking about it because I'm very happy here at Ajax. I'm not in a hurry to leave because everybody is still happy with me.

"I step in my car with a big smile to go to the club. I don't think I'm finished here but there will come a time when I don't like it any more or the club doesn't like me anymore.

"Then we have to go both ways."
"My future? I'm fine at Ajax," he told Dutch public broadcaster Nederlandse Omroep Stichting.
"If there is a need to address this issue, we'll see what happens.
"But at the moment I can assure everyone that my departure is not to be expected."

This week the former Dutch international has told the press in Holland that after the last game he wants to be able to speak to Spurs.

"When Tottenham are coming, I want to listen, after 3 May, to what they have to say."
"It is clear that they have to have good plans. I would not leave Ajax for nothing. But Spurs are a club that I feel good about. They play good football.

"They have made their interest clear to Marc Overmars and, after the last match, I am going to think about this possibility. I am going to talk and listen and, after that, I will let my feelings speak."
"I want to add something to a club, something which people can say: 'That's the hand of Frank De Boer.'" 

"Liverpool is a nice example of that, with what Brendan Rodgers is doing right now."
 If we get our man I for one will be delighted, proven with youth, a winner who plays attractive football, fits Spurs like a glove.

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