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VIDEO: Spurs vs Man City Highlights and Full game

9:06 am

SPURS vs Man City

A record-breaking supporters' evening last night as 1780 fans turned out to meet in Nashville! 🙌 🇺🇸

Manchester City were certainly up for the game and had 11 chances in the first half against our own 3 and 7 of their chances resulted in a shot on target. Hugo Lloris was certainly the busier of the two goalkeepers.

They scored after 9 minutes from a deflected free-kick that centre-back John Stones headed into the net. He should never have been allowed to do so, it was rather slack defending and right on half time City should have made it two when they missed an open goal.

Dele Alli had the first chance for us that was smothered by their new goalkeeper signed form Benfica, who also had to claw away a Christian Eriksen free-kick that was heading into the top corner. Shortly before half-time Harry Kane was played through and should have scored but instead of lifting the ball over the keeper into an empty net, he put his foot through it and it sailed over the bar.

You can watch the highlight or the full game split i to the two halves in HD at the following link.

Spurs vs Man City

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Spurs game boosting MLS franchise application

11:00 pm

Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City

The Tottenham and Manchester City game in Nashville is being used to support the application for a new MLS franchise in Nashville. That application went in in January and the city is one of 12 vying for 2 places. games like this demonstrate a potential market for the product.

The national team recently played there in front of 47,622 fans write the Tennessean and the organiser of the Spurs game, Charlie Stillitano, revealed that details from Ticketmaster say 45,000 tickets have already been sold and his projection is that a crowd of 60,000 will watch the game. That is based on the number of tickets sold each day on average and projecting that forward to predict a final figure.

"I think it'll be great for the town, and I think it'll be great for us. This market is very Premier League centric and very U.S. Soccer centric. The fans have responded really well to it. 
"I think that Nashville's demonstrated itself as one of those cities that is really a strong market for MLS, This (game) will only reinforce that."

While in Nashville the Tottenham Hotspur team of FA and UEFA_qualified coaches will conduct a Sill Zone event at the Nissan Stadium, Tennessee, Nashville on Friday 28 July at 4pm - 5.30pm (local time). Anyone wishing to book a spot can still do so at the Official Tottenham Hotspur Website.


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Celtic didn't show teams how to beat City

10:30 am
Celtic didn't show teams how to beat City

Chris Sutton got it wrong when he said Celtic showed other teams how to beat Manchester City.

"Looks like Celtic have inspired teams on how to play against Peps men."

Pep Guardiola does not change the way he plays, he played the same way at Barcelona and is trying to teach the same thing at Manchester City who see themselves as the next Barcelona.

Mauricio Pochettino has played and beaten Gurdiola sides, one win and three draws with five defeats. Now that isn't a bad record for a club who had to sell their best players every six months just to survive as opposed to the wealth and talent Barcelona have.

Gaining that victory and those draws was because of the system employed to counter it, not the talent of the players playing them. The how to beat a Guardiola system is therefore known to Pochettino and Brendan Rogers will have looked at those games and seen how it was possible to play them.

Celtic didn't teach others, others taught Celtic.

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Man City reaction

8:30 am

The media were building Manchester City up into something they were not simply because they had Pep Gurdiola in charge.

They had had, as I wrote before the game, the easiest beginning to a season of any club in the Premier League, five of the first six fixtures were against sides who were in the bottom six before this weekend.

Sunderland (20th), Stoke City (19th), West Ham United (18th), Manchester United (6th), Bournemouth (13th), Swansea City (17th) and Tottenham Hotspur (2nd) isn't exactly tough. Position totals 95

Everton (5th), Crystal Palace (8th), Liverpool (4th), Stoke City (19th), Sunderland (20th), Middlesbrough (16th) and Manchester City (1st). There are three teams there expected to be in the top eight. Position totals 73

Argentinian Pab;lo Zabaletta felt the game was a wake-up call for Manchester City.

“It's a wake-up call for who we are and where we are. When you play well and win all the games, people talk too much, and maybe now we can see, and they can see, that we are not invincible. 
“We are human and cannot play well every game. There are always teams that can play better than you, and that happened today."

PepGuardiola said his side were at the beginning of a process and people couldn't expect them to be the finished article in September. It is something the press forget though.

“It’s part of our job - We changed many, many things in the beginning and it’s all part of the process, we can’t always win all of the games so sometimes it can help us to improve. 
“I’m here to do our job and to get better we need to process and analyse what we are doing well and not well. It’s the end of September so you cannot imagine that our team is already done. 
“They have done an amazing performance until now. Still, we are not perfect but the team are fighting until the end and that is the most important thing.”
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Son was the trigger says Jenas

2:30 pm
Jermaine Jenas spoke on Match of the Day about Tottenham's coordinated pressing from the right angles. He emphasised that it had to be a collective thing, if one cog doesn't do it's job then the whole thing falls apart.

I recall an article from an ex Southampton player, Jack Cork I think it was who said Mauricio Pochettino would teach the players at what angle to have their feet when standing on the ground and exactly where to stand, moving players a foot to cut off different passing angles.

A pressing game incorporates that because the idea is to get the player in possession to pass the ball where you want him to pass it and that means eventually into a trap waiting to be sprung so we can pinch the ball back. A press can be reactive but it can also be proactive, forcing your opponent to dance to your tune.

Jenas pointed out that the angles Tottenham were pressing at was forcing Manchester City into corners to make mistakes. He made a very important point. I have spoken before that a player quite apart from knowing his own game must know the game of his teammates. Jenas noticed that no player was looking to see if their teammate was coming to press, they just expected it, they knew they would be there.

Everyone can't just run at the player with the ball, a shape and a defensive stability still has to be maintained which is why players have to hunt in packs. There is little point playing a pressing game on your own, at those times you play a covering role blocking off the passing routes that you can.

A press works when you have a trigger. All players don't just happen to decide to press together, again why you have to know each others game to know when they are instigating a press. Jenas pointed out Son was doing it a lot for Tottenham yesterday, he was the trigger.

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Video: Full Match of the Day programme, Jenas, Wright

12:30 pm


What an incredible statistic, Manchester City have not won a Premier League game they have been behind in at half-time for 21 years since Blackburn in 1995, so all we had to do was be in front and 2-0 up we certainly were.

The came from the commentator on the Match of the Day highlights which saw an interview with Christian Eriksen and after game analysis by ex Spurs midfielder Jermaine Jenas and ex Arsenal striker Ian Wright.

They rolled out one of their statistics that showed Spurs made more high intensity sprints than any other side in a game this season, a testimony to the players fitness under Pochettino.

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Individual video: Hugo Lloris vs Man City

10:30 am


With the outfield players performing wonders against Manchester City perhaps the performance of Hugo Lloris has been slightly overlooked. He still had to make saves, he still have to have his concentration switched on and react to keep us with a clean sheet.

The video below is our captain's individual game yesterday.

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Are you going to take us seriously now?

6:00 am


So now do you believe?

Are we now going to get the credit we deserve from the media and a section of our own fans?

Our boys laid down a marker today that told everyone we are serious title contenders, not contenders for 4th place with the probability of fifth place. We are a far better side than many believe.

Manchester United spent £150-million last summer and another fortune this summer, which according to our cheque book fans should mean they are challenging for the title, yet they drew 1-1 with a Stoke City side we hammered 4-0.

Manchester United lost to Man City and for three quarters of the game we played them off the park. They simply couldn't handle our high pressing game and kept passing the ball back to the goalkeeper, they spent half the game passing the wrong way.

They came into the game really only in the last third when we tired a little, then they had chances and as fans we had a few nervous moments, but seven game have gone now and we haven't conceded a goal from open play yet, that is some achievement.

Our two centre-backs in particular were magnificent and Victor Wanyama had his best game for us, none of the going through the motions stuff he was dishing out at Southampton last season. Gone was the laziness, the slow passing, today he was tuned on to the game, indeed the same can be said about Vertonghen, another usually guilty of the pedestrian pass.

This was a brilliant victory without Harry Kane, Mousa Dembele and for the most part without Eric Dier. We showed we have a squad and Sissoko is a good signing for us

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Video: Pochettino interview

10:30 pm


Mauricio Pochettino thought his players were tremendous today and that it was a very entertaining game for the fans.

He said that we need to maintain our belief in the way we want to play and have faith. We have set a standard and we have to focus on performances like that every game.

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Video: Post Match Analysis

10:00 pm


Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher gave the after match analysis on a stunning Spurs performance against Manchester City at White Hart Lane.

They felt Tottenham deserved both goals and that Son's pass, his vision was simply superb. Match commentator Gary Neville called it world class.

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Video: Full Match and Highlights

9:02 pm


Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City
Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 2 October 2016
Stadium: White Hart Lane (London)
Referee: A. Marriner

You can see the highlight or a video of each half of our game against Manchester City that left us one point behind them in second place and the only unbeaten team left in the Premier League.

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Spurs were simply better

5:39 pm


Manager Pep Guardiola congratulated Tottenham after the game saying Manchester City lost because Tottenham were the better side and better prepared for the game.

Manchester City wanted to play a pressing game, they knew Tottenham would and Tottenham simply did it better than City he admitted.

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Views are a measure of how far we have come

12:30 pm


Manchester City holding midfielder Fernandinho sees a tough game ahead for his side at White Hart Lane this afternoon.

“It’s going to be very difficult because last year they played very good at home, finished in the first three positions in the league and they have a lot of quality players who run a lot. They don’t have Harry Kane in their team but they have other players who can do the same job. 
"We just need to do our job and play in the same way and of course, try to get the three points. 
“The next game is always the toughest in every season. It’s also the most important because we have learnt from the past so we have to be prepared for what Spurs can do. 
“Before the international break it is always difficult because players might start to think about their national teams already but they have to think about Spurs first. 
“In the Premier League you need to try to win every game if you are going to stay at the top of the table."

Former Manchester City defensive midfielder Dietmar Hamann acts as a pundit for Paddy Power and predicts a draw. Plenty of people seem to be sitting on the fence in this one which just shows how close the game is to call, a measure of how far we have come in such a short space of time under Pochettino.

“Manchester City may have gone on a 10-game winning streak under Pep in all competitions before Wednesday’s draw with Celtic, but Tottenham will take a point out of their clash on Sunday. 
“Tottenham very rarely give too much away – they’ve got the meanest defence this season, and had the joint best along with Manchester City last year. With that in mind both 0-0 and 1-1 look appealing, but at the odds I’d side with a punt on 0-0 and a saver on under 2.5 goals.”
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Janssen could be key for Spurs

11:30 am


Former Gillingham, Millwall, Aston Villa, Celtic, Chelsea, Marseille, Nancy and Red Star Belgrade striker Tony Cascarino is a pundit fot The Times and has given reader his views on the big clash.

“Tottenham can also emulate Celtic by playing diagonal balls forward across the City penalty area, a ploy that brought the Scottish team’s opening goal. 
“City are vulnerable to this and Vincent Janssen, the Tottenham striker, can take advantage. He is good at peeling off centre backs and teeing up team-mates to score.”

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Further pundit views

10:30 am


BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson, a former Liverpool centre-half has given his views on this clash of the Premier League's only two unbeaten teams.

“This is a big game between the top two and I am expecting an entertaining afternoon in north London. I think John Stones will return to the centre of Manchester City's defence after the way Aleksandar Kolarov played against Celtic on Wednesday, and he might be busy. 
“Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino is very impressive in the way he sets his teams up and they are definitely going to test City's back-line, especially Son Heung-min who is flying at the moment. City are not going to go to White Hart Lane and sit back, though. They clearly pose an attacking threat too and, whatever the end result, I am pretty sure there will be a few goals."

Sky Sports pundit and former Tottenham midfielder Jamie Redknapp has also given his views on the game.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how it pans out. Ultimately, I can see this ending up 2-2 – both sides have lots of attacking quality. 
“Spurs have improved since their last big game at White Hart Lane, when they were fortunate to earn a draw with Liverpool. If they can match City in that midfield area, they can get another important result on Sunday – and deny Guardiola a seventh-straight Premier League win.”

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Video: Pochettino Pre-game press conference

7:00 pm


The usual pre-game press conference was held today with Mauricio Pochettino asnwers questions for 14 minutes and you can see the whole press conference in the video below.

The game is being screened Sky Sports 1 HD on Sunday at 2.15pm. You can also get it on Sky Go and for radio listeners BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Manchester.

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A chance to show we belong at the top

9:00 pm


A chance to show we belong at the top

Next up is Manchester City at White Hart Lane on Sunday live on Sky Sports 1 from 1.30 with kick-off at 2.15pm.

Moussa Sissoko will face a late fitness test and we may well be welcoming back Eric Dier, Mousa Dembele and Danny Rose with Kyle Walker restored to the team. That will give us fresh legs although Tuesday to Sunday is plenty of time to recover from our midweek exertions.

Paul Merson predicts a 2-2 draw and says Spurs have to be given credit for the tricky start to the season.

"Which City will turn up? My worry with the manager was how he would cope over here. In Spain and Germany the big sides turn up for games and half the time they wipe the floor with the opposition. 
"But what was John Stones doing on the bench against Celtic? Aleksandar Kolarov was at centre-half and then the ball comes in, he misses it like an eight-year-old and they concede a third. 
"I thought Swansea were unlucky last week in the first half against City and they will miss Kevin De Bruyne. 
"I think Spurs will get a result. They are a good team and are also unbeaten. They haven't played great but they have had some tricky games so you have to give them credit."

This is a top of the table clash with the only two unbeaten teams in the Premier League clashing. Man City will b without Kevin De Bruyne and Vincent Kompany, Nolito is banned and Yaya Toure has been banned bu the club. Sergio Agureo has 10 goals in 9 games against us.



Manchester City have had an easy start to the season playing five of the bottom six while Spurs have already had to tackle fourth placed Liverpool, who have beaten both Arsenal and Chelsea, fifth placed Everton and seventh placed Crystal Palace.

This game is the chance to remind everyone we are a top team and that we will be challenging again this season

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Further player and ex-player reaction

5:30 pm
Players, former players have been tweeting and a certain Rio Ferdinand saw something in our performance that is often lost on our supporters, especially those incredibly claiming we didn't play well.

What a performance from the boys!! 👏👏 On to the next one 👊

How was that injury time yesterday, get used to it there's 12 more games like it, Poch has done an amazing job, winning mentality COYS

Coys 👍🏻 massive

HUGE WIN for Spurs!!!

Now that is brave goalkeeping Hugo!!!

Well done boys!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Congratulations and happy birthday

The defence top top class today well done lads Kevin looked like been there years 👏👏👏👏 veryproud

A massive well done to poch @ the squad today fantastic result we are in the race for the title keeping cheering the boys on. COYS

A guy who knows a thing or two about winning trophies and what it takes. far from saying it was a poor Spurs performance like some who clearly don't understand the game, he talks about our composure. It was a thoroughly professional performance and exactly what was required. 

The game is about winning, the fun is in winning, not gun-ho entertainment, there is a time and a place. This is part of the message I have been putting across this season. A winning mentality is about improving every day, it is about giving everything, its is about following a game plan and executing it professionally. That is where the fun come from, taking part for fun is not an option.

Spurs are going to take some stopping now...they looked so composed....that is the element of their performance that impressed me most today

Osvaldo Ardiles lets us know that Rocky Villa is due to be coming over from Argentina at th end of April, let's hope he is witnessing something special.

The bearded man from Las Pampas will be here at the end of April. Hopefully… COYS

MOTM: The team, as always. From a personal point of view, Lamela, creating the winning goal. COYS

We were much the better team all along. Much fitter, much more ideas… Very impressive. One game at the time!. COYS

What a result. What a performance. Big, big congratulations to MP and the boys. COYS

What a great day of football entertainment culminating with fantastic victory

Wednesday yesterday spurs today brilliant class coys,wawaw

We can take a rest from the Premier League for a while now and concentrate on the cup competitions where a few more players like Tom Carroll and perhaps Ryan Mason will get a run out. Nabil Bentaleb, Nacer Chadli, Erik Lamela, a change of full-backs and another cameo from Josh Onomah on the cards.



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