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Spurs find a hero

11:04 am
Tottenham found a new hero for the day at Southampton, Steven Davies. No not the snooker star of the 80's who dominated the game but the Southampton midfielder with as much confidence in front of goal as Roberto Soldado.

Spurs have got to be happy with a draw from a game that we should really have lost. We started well but as if often the case with us, we pass the ball around, look pretty and intricate but don't actually play any balls that create anything when around the box.

Yet another defensive mistake, this time from a player who hasn't looked up to scratch this season, Ben Davies. Just as Jan Vertonghen did in a previous game, Chelsea was it, he tried to shield the ball deep in our own area instead of simply clearing it to safety as he should have done.

There is a time to play football and a time to hoof it, this was the latter. Too many times this season defenders have tried to be too clever and shield the ball, occasionally it works but it's simply not worth the risk. We have conceded at least 3 goals this season in the Premier League doing it and dropped points as a result.

Eric Dier's crossing was a big plus, he not only put in the cross for Lamala to score off his arm but played another memorable cross in the second half. It curled right into the danger zone but nobody was near getting their head on it with both players in the box making the same run. Had Eriksen made the cross people would be talking about it more, at least the BT experts saw it as a superb ball.

The pass for our second goal was also from the right hand side yet we attacked most down the left, despite looking more dangerous down the right. Ben Davies does not have the speed required to play the overlapping fill-back role and when he had the chance he would stop and pass the ball back inside. I hope he improves but his lack of pace is a worry in our system. It was also his mistake, heading the ball into a dangerous area, for the second goal. His header should have gone towards the halfway line not inside to a Southampton player in central midfield. We didn't recover from it.

We ended the game with 4 centre-backs in defence but were grateful to the other Davies, Steven for missing 3 glorious chances, he more than anyone secured us a point. Southampton created far more than we did all game and when we had our spells we created little, 2 shots on target, 2 goals. Two shots on target is simply not enough, especially the way we defend.

There is a lot of work to do pre-season to embed the system into the players. During the season there is little chance to change things with games coming thick and fast so pre-season Pochettino will be looking to tighten us defensively.

We have to be happy with a point and keeping our noses in front in the race for Europa League football next season.

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