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Henry: Shut Up!

2:10 pm
Life at the moment couldn't get any better. The few Spurs fans that are in the office are still trying to wake up from the 9 - 1 dream. Yes, that's nine, one.

Trust an Arsenal fan, Steve, to come over and try and spoil it all.

"Henry said that he thought about quitting after the Ireland match on Friday as it got to him", said Steve.

I couldn't help think what a pathetic statement that was from the former Arsenal striker.

"I nearly quit" isn't a far cry from a recent lottery winner coming out in the press and saying that "I nearly gave all my winnings away to charity".

Is Henry out to rub the Irish fans noses in it or what?

Do us a favour mate; next time you think about quitting, do what Nike tell you to do and 'just do it'.

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Henry: Shut Up! Henry: Shut Up! Reviewed by PoshSpur on 2:10 pm Rating: 5

It's probably our fault

9:40 pm
I've just heard the news that Russia have failed to qualify for the World Cup.

I suppose it's our fault for not giving Roman Pavlyuchenko enough playing time? I do wonder what 'the world's greatest manager', Hiddink, will do now (Chelsea anyone)?

Didn't it bug you the way the Dutchman went on last season, telling us all just how good Pavlyuchenko was? In fact, our sub was basically too good for us and we simply couldn't reach his level.

I personally think Roman's found his level; on our bench.

On another note; Come on Ireland!!

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It's probably our fault It's probably our fault Reviewed by PoshSpur on 9:40 pm Rating: 5

Lampard & Gerrard PLC

9:24 pm
Who said that Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard can't play together? After watching tonight's International home tie against Croatia, it's plainly obvious that they can. Both players got two goals apiece as England ran riot against a Croatia team lacking our own stars, The Modfather and Charlie.

Lennon started the match and had an outstanding first half; getting fouled in the box which led to Lampard scoring from the spot for his first and then sending in a peach of a cross onto the head of Gerrard, which put England two up. To be fair, it looked as though the Croatian players didn't know who Azza was. They gave him enough room in the first half to set up shop and make a killing.

Defoe came on in the second half for Heskey, who in my opinion, needs to warm the bench of his sofa, let alone the subs bench. The Villa striker had two great opportunities to score and fluffed the both of them. Given Defoe's form, I could have seen him burying the both of them, but such is life. I don't want to sound too biased, so I must add that Defoe was quiet and quite ineffective. Let's hope he's saving himself for Saturday.

Kranjcar, the poor thing, was in a team that was so inept, that it reminded me of some of the Spurs sides Ramos put out during his final few weeks at the club. Eduardo was rightly booed in the first half, but that didn't stop the cheat from scoring Croatia's only goal. Cheating scum!

If all players were fit, Tottenham's showing for the night could have been 5 players and Croatia may not have conceded 5. This Croatia side is a far cry from the team that bossed England two years ago, or should I say that The Modfather bossed England in that match? He was captain fantastic that night.

I must add that Johnson had a fantastic game. It looks as though the defenders has started to defend. Well done lad.


Roman Pavlyuchenko also got a goal against Wales. Are we going to get a closer look at this lad any time soon?
Lampard & Gerrard PLC Lampard & Gerrard PLC Reviewed by PoshSpur on 9:24 pm Rating: 5
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