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BBC FiveLive Commentator, Alan Green - Tottenham Hotspur Blog News....few days off becoming a ripe plum.

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What is this guy's problem? For instance, I don't know how some of you feel about the way Capello informs the players (who will be starting) 2 hours before the game, but I have heard a great deal of professional players state that it really doesn't/shouldn't matter if the team-sheet is given to the player 5 minutes or 5 hours before kick-off.

Alan Green:"I don’t get this business of telling his players what the team will be barely before they step on the coach to the venue. What meaning does pre-match training have if individuals don’t know if they’ll be playing together? And this is particularly relevant for a specialist position such as goalkeeper."

Let's say Rob Green got injured and the sub keeper had only 2-3 minutes to prepare himself for the match. Does the fact that he's only got 2-3 minutes to prepare himself mentally and physically, mean that he won't put in a good performance? Please, do me a favour and look into the game we call football, before making your lame-duck comments Mr. Green.

All the players are kept on their toes if nothing has been finalised about the team selection. The only cert start in all of this is Steven Gerrard, who is the captain.

Let's flip this comment 360.

If Capello names the side to play against Algeria (this Friday) on Wednesday, what does that do to the morale of the players that aren't selected?

Do you think they'll be bothered? They should be bothered, for they are professional footballers, but we all know life doesn't work like that.

Capello's assistant, Franco Baldini, has stated that there is a possibility that certain cliques may form in the camp between the starting 11 and the rest of the players.

Do we really want this happening?

Oh and one final point. Please Alan, keep your opinions about Johannesburg to yourself.

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