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I have just started trialling a football betting system whereby I first spend a good few hours researching which games to focus on. This is generally the part of any tipsters work the punter doesn't see and doesn't appreciate. It isn't simply a case of thinking that looks good and that looks good, the way most people bet and the reason most people lose.

I have made money for several years now during the football season and as soon as form settles down I'll be using my tried and trusted method as well. The problem for most people having a bet is that they try to win a fortune in one go, they want the big win every time, which means a lot of losing and a lot of disappointment.

Winning from the bookmaker is all about being selective, not being too greedy, not throwing in that extra team. It sound obvious, but if you cut down the number of losers you have you'll increase your profits. Don't have too many bets.

If you want to win big, then you are going to have to shell out big stakes in the first place and the only way you should do that is if you have built yourself up a betting bank. Money management is as much a part of betting as business is a part of football. It is business that is building a new Spurs stadium, not football.

Betting money should NEVER be mixed with your other income. It should always be entirely separate and be used for nothing other than your betting. You should never go and have a celebratory beer or two with it. You need to get into the habit and starting and keeping a separate betting bank, perhaps in Betfair or Betdaq..

Once you have built a bank and you have a system that works, that you can religiously stick to, then and only then, should you start to draw an income from your betting bank. If you can bet in a controlled way then you can win regularly and if you use a percentage of your betting bank or use a staking system such as the one professionals use, then you increase your chances of success over the long term.

I am currently trialling a system where I combine the Over 1.5 and Over 2.5 goal markets in 8 trebles. As long as all three games have at least 2 goals then the bet gives a return, when all three games have 3 goals then it shows a healthy profit.

The idea being we either have a nice win or we regulate our losses rather than lose the whole stake, which of course can still happen. Any system is going to have ;losing days, it is how it fares over the longer term that matters.

To date results to a £10 daily stake show a profit, the running total is in brackets. Any losses are in red of course. Two days where all three games had 3 goals has set me off on a good start. There are more than three games that qualify each days but some have to be weeded out for poor prices or simply no prices.

01 Sept - Lost -£10 (£43.96)
31 Aug - No Football Bets
30 Aug - 24.26 (£53.96)
29 Aug - 27.68 (£29.70)
28 Aug - £1.30 + £3.92 = £2.62

The football games that have made it into the system test today are:

3.00pm Russia Division 2 - FC Solyaris Moscow vs FK Pskov 747
5.00pm Russia Division 2 - Dinamo St Petersburg vs FK Dolgoprudny
7.30pm Belgium Second Division  - Lierse vs Oud-Heverlee Leuven
The maximum potential return today is £39.76 - £29.76 profit. We'll see how we get on.

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