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Graham Roberts Christmas Presents

2:30 pm
Gary Roberts, through his charity, has a couple of Christmas presents available which you can find on Twitter so if you want any you'll need to direct message him to place your bid. Just 17 days left to Christmas after today.

Special limited edition unique aluminium Etched print of 84 UEFA CUP o1 to 25 authenticated DM bids for my charity

legendary hamper featuring signed ossie, Ricky & graham prints legends signed champagne legends signed ball perfect gift Spurs fan DM bid

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Graham Roberts impressed and excited by Dele Alli

10:30 am
Graham Roberts impressed and excited by Dele Alli

Man of the Match Dele Alli completed more sprints (71) than any other player in the North London Derby and averaged 8.18km/h, also the highest.

The former players, coaches, former managers, media experts all raved about the 
performance of a 19-year-old kid who bossed the North London Derby. Some people were questioning why he was picked in the England squad, today he showed them why in a high profile game because he is that good.

I asked at the time what do the likes of Ross Barkley have that he doesn't, answer, nothing.

Another good performance from the boys today, great experiencing my first north London derby

You do the Delli Alli and you tuuuurn around..... That's what it's all about... Ohhhhh Delli Alli

Former skipper and now Spurs Ambassador Graham Roberts took to Twitter to praise the performance he saw from Spurs today. I for one am always keen to hear the views of former players who have been there and done it, and done it successfully.

Poch deserves full credit myself included never saw in that position him and the core of the team with

Also you became a Spurs player today terrific fight heart spirit.

Last mention to the fans out sung them from start to finish

I have seen some incredible players at the Lane but I have to say not been as excited for a long time about a kid this age

Proud of everyone of them today we should have won but a very young side and in what a player so much positivity

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Miller and Roberts Hall of Fame Dinner

10:30 am
Following on from an excellent radio interview Paul Miller ad Graham Roberts will be together again for a dinner to induct them into the Tottenham Hotspur Hall of Fame.

If you want to attend the event visit you'll find details at the bottom of what used to be called a poster and is now upgraded to an Infographic. That's progress.

Two whole hearted players I think we can say from an era where tackles where allowed and you didn't fall over at the touch of a feather.


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Excellent Miller and Roberts Interview

5:00 pm
Alan Brazil (Tottenham Hotspur) and Ray Parlour (Arsenal) on the talkSPORT breakfast show had among their guests two former Tottenham Hotspur centre-backs, Paul Miller and Graham Roberts.

Excellent Miller and Roberts Interview

It was an amusing opening to the interview which you can listen to at the link below, they are introduced after 13.10 minutes and asked about Diego Costa to start with. Both felt they would have had him sent off inside 20 minutes and carried on from the previous guest who said for some strikers you just kick them to stop them.

It's lovely to hear the little stories ex-players tell about the games they played in and the antics of players, all things that the crowd don't hear or see and thus are unaware of happening. Get inside a players head and you can put him off his game, if he is bust half concentrating on chatting to you he may react slower to an opportunity, you may well have done your job without even touching the ball.

I must say I have to agree, I can see dele Alli overtaking other midfield players and making the England Euro 2016 squad. At MK Dons he was thought to be the next Steven Gerrard, his natural successor, which is why Liverpool tried to buy him, but as we know Pochettino insisted we get him and not to lose out. His judgement was backed, he impressed the pros in training and is now doing so whatever position he is played in.

Roy Hodgson is taking note and if he continues in the manner in which he has started the season then he is a must. The plan to ease him in this season has already been thrown out the window because of his ability. He is a serious player and fits the old adage, if you are good enough, you are old enough.

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The Twitter catch-up

5:00 pm
Plenty of Tottenham fans are not on Twitter and I don't blame you it can be very time-consuming if you let it so I'll bring you a Twitter catch-up that involves our players, former players, and a youth player you may not have heard of yet.

Eric Lamela - "Happy to see you again my friend and get our first win, thanks for your shirt."

Younes Kaboul - "Hermano! I was very happy to see you too Coco. Have a good season."

Ben Davies - "Great feeling to get the win yesterday. Now time to kick on from here!"

Bradley Friedel - "Great results for Bayern, Dortmund...can Wolfsburg and Schalke keep pace with them???  Very entertaining again!"

THBNSays (That's me folks) - "Yes but what about Spurs Bradley!"

Bradley Friedel - "Great win for Spurs and great goal by Ryan Mason!!!"

Dele Alli - "Good win today! Happy to get my first start as well"

I'm happy to help promote good causes so if you want to support special needs children and I can tell you from first-hand experience it is incredibly worthwhile, then get in touch with Graham Roberts.

I'm looking to raise money for my charity for special needs children to send on holiday I will have 50 signed legends shirts

The first 50 people who would donate £200 per shirt will get one each and it will help send a school on holiday to the algarve

If interested in the spurs legends shirts please DM me it's a great cause for special needs children

Back in August one of our youngsters retweeted a graphic, the idea of which is used in coaching in all sports as well as the personal development field. Those who don't want to engage call it rubbish and don't progress themselves, those that embrace the idea progress while the first group call it luck or that they were given a chance. You make your own luck and create your own chances in sport, in life.

Samuel Shashoua (Player for Tottenham Hotpsur U-18 side) - He retweeted the Iceburg graphic, reinforcing the fact the right attitude achieves success, not charity or excuses

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Former players Hazard & Roberts think Marsh talks rubbish

12:30 pm

Hazard & Roberts think Marsh talks rubbish

Rodney Marsh values Harry Kane at £100-million in today's ridiculously inflated transfer market.
“People took it all out of proportion but what I said at the time was that in the current market when people are paying £62.5 million for Angel Di Maria, then Harry Kane’s value in the current market is £100 million. 
“I’m even more convinced now and in a couple of years people will say, ‘remember what Marshy said a couple of years ago, well he was dead right wasn’t he!'”
Former talented midfielder Micky Hazard on the other hand, says March talks nothing but nonsense.

Rodney never talks anything but rubbish, Be Quiet Rodders

Former captain Graham Roberts believes Harry Kane has no intention of leaving Tottenham, he loves the club too much, are we going to see a throwback where a player stays at one club? It would be nice.

Rodney Marsh talking a lot of rubbish as usual will be a Spurs legend and that will mean more to him than any move away.

Roberts if course tweeted that Adebayor was going to sit out the remaining year of his contract and low and behold what is he doing, but just that.

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NjiƩ, Berahino, Twitter

7:00 pm

Clinton NjiĆ© had his medical yesterday and there are reports that Saido Berahino has already taken part of his medical (these would have been the basic checks) should a deal eventually be finalised. He is the next one in the pipeline being dealt with.

Discussions have already taken place with his representatives and terms in principle agreed. We have to agree a fee with WBA and then the remaining part of his medical and nail down the details of a contract. Berahino decided a while ago he would be happy to come to Spurs but has waited around to see if Manchester City or Manchester United formed up any interest, that hasn't happened and the deal with us is progressing.

Over in France the PR machine has got to work claiming the offer from Spurs was just too good to turn down. It's the usual rubbish to suggest to fans the club have got a great deal and didn't have any choice etc etc etc. Nothing announced but NjiƩ posted on Instagram, as I'm sure you all know, that he has signed for Spurs.

Jimmy Bullard writes that Javier Hernandez would be an ideal strike partner for Harry Kane, which seems strange as we only play one striker. We have Clinton NjiƩ as a backup striker and are stuck with Adebayor at the moment as he is refusing to leave his London home to play football in the Midlands, just goes to show he has no real interest in playing football just collecting a wage packet for doing as little as possible.

Why would Pochettino want a poisonous character like that around a youthful squad, no wonder he is being kept away from the senior team to do his basic fitness work.

This afternoon on the Twittersphere

Good luck to the lads tomorrow Big energy needed COYS

On another note disappointed Ade is just sitting his contract outI don't feel it is right whenspent so much time not playing last few years

have loaned young defender Connor Ogilvie to Teddy Sheringham's Stevenage for one month.

Now just waiting for Erik Lamela to announce the sale of Emmanuel Adebayor to Aston Villa too.

Tottenham had until 12:00pm today to register Clinton N'Jie in time to play versus Stoke on Saturday.

Well done to U15s, who beat Singapore U15s in the first game of the Lion City Cup.

Interesting Tweet from Tottenham ambassador Graham Roberts about Emmanuel Adebayor just sitting collecting his money in the same way Heurelho Gomes did and Benoit Assou-Ekotto, rather shows where their values lie and why I bang on about mentally assessing players before we buy them, it isn't rocket science.

Further Tottenham Reading
Managing a loanee is a big responsibility
Youth high on the agenda

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News - Sterling, King, Roberts, Ranieri, Otamendi, Schneiderlin, Chiriches

10:30 am
A few quick pieces of football news featuring Raheem Sterling, Rodney Marsh, Ledley King, Graham Roberts, Claudio Ranieri, Nicholas Otamendi and Morgan Schneiderlin.

Former talented Fulham, QPR, Manchester City and Tampa Bay Rowdies striker Rodney Marsh is not impressed with the Sterling fee, the game has gone a little crazy.

Sterling 18 goals in 3 years Kane 23 goals in 6 months !!! QED
Based on Sterling valuation, I'm. upping Harry Kane to £120 mill

Hats off to Manchester City's transfer team. Liverpool wanted £50 million, Man City have haggled them down to £49 million. Bargain.

Raheem Sterling will be a starter for Manchester City you would expect and not be a player just sat on the bench to fulfill a home grown quota, especially on £200,000-a-week (US$310,130 - AUS$417,824 - €279,057). His former club Queens Park Rangers had a 20% sell-on clause inserted when they sold him to Liverpool and so will collect £9.8 million (US$15.19m - AUS$20.47m - €13.67m).

Tottenham players past and present, Kyle Walker, Jermaine Jenas, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Jermain Defoe, were there to celebrate the wedding of Ledley King and long-term partner Amy Kavanagh. My congratulations to the happy couple.

Congrats to on his wedding a top man and Spurs legend forever.

Claudio Ranieri is the number one choice to take over as Leicester City ahead of Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill.

Valencia centre-back Nicholas Otamendi is likely to join Manchester United despite the efforts of Chelsea to sign the 27-year-old. Otamendi was at the Copa America with Argentina and has since been on holiday. He now needs to sort out his future and begin pre-season training.

Manchester United look as though they are still going to sign Morgan Schneiderlin so he'll be one of a group of midfielders instead of a game every week. That will scupper our chances, Southampton want a lot of money, but that hasn't stopped United before.

Finally as we all know by now Galatasaray have lost their marbles and have pout in an offer for Romanian Vlad Chiriches, even going so far as to offer a five-year deal. It's not just I who loves this Tweet, former Tottenham winger Darren 'Sicknote' Anderton has retweeted it.

The deal to take Chiriches to Galatasary is £3.6m I reckon if Spurs can offer Galatasary £4m to take him, they'll accept

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Former players Roberts & Archibald not impressed

9:10 am
Former captain and centre-back Graham Roberts has always seemed like a down to earth guy who obviously loves football and Tottenham but appreciates the fans as well. He doesn't feed PR talk on his Twitter account but speaks honestly.

There are many bad things to come out of Twitter but it has it's good points as well and honest assessments from former players who know the game inside out, both on and off the field, are a part of the good. Ex football players are football fans just like us and so when they are not impressed with what they see then you know the players aren't good enough.

Too often the second team are looking poor, they are playing together each week and but for rare moments look like a bunch on individuals rather than a team. Roberts was not impressed with what he saw last night.

Graham Roberts ‏@GrahamRoberts4  10 hours ago
we are very lucky that we have Lloris the best goalie in the world . Dier was good Kane very good but you can't win games with 3 players

Steve Archibald, who felt we were very poor against Nottingham Forest reserves isn't impressed with out new centre-back signing Federico Fazio, or at least he wasn't last night. For me that's because he is having to try and do Vlad Chiriches job as well as his own and he can't shine in a situation like that as Michael Dawson found out.

Steve Archibald ‏@SteveArchibald812 hours ago
Fazio, ball watching like a school kid, didnt know where the striker was !

Steve Archibald ‏@SteveArchibald812 hours ago
Fazio, looks to me like he punching above his weight, hope im wrong !

It will be vital that we buy a new centre-back in January or bring in DeAndre Yedlin or get Kyle Walker back so Eric Dier can be freed to play in the middle and Chiriches let go. Continuing to play him is just going to reduce his value further and further.

Ryan Fredericks ‏@RyanFredericks_12 hours ago
Harry, Harry Kanee.. Harry Harry Kanee!!!

Quite why some Spurs fans say Harry Kane should be sold is a mystery, he is developing and looks far more likely to score a goal than Roberto Soldado, who simply doesn't fit our system. The statistic last night that he didn't touch the ball once in the opposition penalty box is simply not good enough.

He is a mile away from coming good at Tottenham and has along with Paulinho and Chiriches proved to be money wasted. Who was responsible for picking these signings has some questions to answer. Daniel Levy does the deals but he isn't the one making the assessments.

I have said fr a long time now we need to become world leaders at assessing players and especially their mental attitude. If we don't we will continue to buy duds and only find out when it is too late and we are stuck with them, unable to get rid of them, unless it is at a huge loss.

Everything may not be right on the pitch but it's also not right off it too.

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