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Lamela, Eriksen, Sigurdsson, Kaboul, AVB, Defoe quotes

10:27 am
Argentinian youngster Erik Lamela produced a performance which drew praise last night and tonight's article focuses on what Andros Townsend can learn from that performance to benefit his own game. It will be released at 8pm and follows on from the Lennon article against Everton where we talked about width and creating holes so look out for it.

Reaction from last nights victory over FC Sherrif.

Erik Lamela spoke after the game. "It was very emotional evening because I scored my first goal. I'm very happy about that and very happy that we won as well. We have a very strong squad and it is very competitive. We always want to do well in all the tournaments we play in. All of our players are strong, whatever their position and in that position [right wing] there are two or three players who know the position well. That means that there is a lot of competition and we have to keep on improving. I heard all about what those two [Ricky Villa and Ossie Ardilles] did and it is really inspirational for me. Everyone knows what they did here."

Christian Eriksen said: "Erik [Lamela] is seeing his confidence come back, he was impressive and he's great to play with. Our performance as a team could have been much better. We played against a very defensive side but we tried [to break them down]. We wanted to go through soon as possible and we've achieved that but of course we still want to win our remaining games. It's a competition we want to win. I'm still trying to get used to everyone and everything [at Tottenham]. I think I started really well at the club but after that it went a little bit down now I'm just trying to find space and develop more."

Gylfi Sigurdsson said: "It was just about getting the job done. They had a lot of people behind the ball and sat just outside their box but as soon as we got the goal we felt comfortable and they lost their way. I think their goal towards the end was very unnecessary on our part. Lamela was fantastic today, he looked really good. I'm for him that he got his goal and obviously he won the penalty as well. It was one of those days where it just worked out for him. Hopefully he can continue doing that."

Younès Kaboul said: "At White Hart Lane we've got an amazing atmosphere at each game, especially in Europe because there is a different motivation. I'm happy for each game to have a crowd like we do in Europe. The crowd are the 12th man. It's important for the players to be pushed by the fans all game.
That win puts us in a very comfortable position. I'm very happy with the performance, it was not easy but we did the job. [Lamela] did very well. He is fighting every day in training to get into the team and tonight he was incredible he showed his class like he does every day in training."

Andre Villas-Boas said of Lamela: "We had been waiting for Lamela to have a game like this. We have been patient with him and he has delivered. We saw some signs for what he can do for us and hopefully he can now progress. He is very creative and has no fear to take on his man and beat him. [Scoring] can only help in his confidence."

Andre Villas-Boas said of Defoe: "We are all particularly happy for him. It is a great honour and will stay in time like Martin's and will be very difficult to break. I hope it means this club will continue on this competition in to the later stages to make it even more prestigious for him. We were expectant and glad that it happened today. We were trying to put him through on goal, Erik did very well to create the chance through the penalty and he slotted it home."

Jermain Defoe said: “I saw Martin at half-time and he said ‘keep going, you can do it, you can break the record’ and that calmed me down a bit. It’s crazy how it all happened. I came down the tunnel and he was there, smiling. He wanted me to do it and it’s fantastic. It really means a lot. He’s a legend at this club and to be at the top now, I’m delighted. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s not really sunk in yet. When we got the penalty, I was confident I was going to score. I waited for the goalkeeper to move and I thought ‘I’ll just whip this’ and yes, like I said before, some things are just meant to be.

“I thought Erik was fantastic. It’s not easy for a youngster to come into this country and settle straight away. It takes time. It was a great performance from the first whistle and when he scored his goal, that was brilliant for him.”

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Lamela, Eriksen, Sigurdsson, Kaboul, AVB, Defoe quotes Lamela, Eriksen, Sigurdsson, Kaboul, AVB, Defoe quotes Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:27 am Rating: 5

AVB labels the FA a disgrace

8:00 am
Andre Villas-Boas has been speaking about the farcical FA decision to do nothing and let serious foul play go unpunished thereby saying it is acceptable to gouge a fellow professional.

I talk of course about the Fernando Torres incident when he gouged Jan Vertonghen. AVB has not held back in his views.

“It’s extremely difficult to know where to start.

“Obviously, it is almost a farcical decision. It doesn’t matter to me which player or club is involved.

“Neither do I want to, with my words, put into question Fernando’s integrity; neither their manager’s, in trying to defend what is our position.

“I think the FA has made a decision almost a joke. It looks incredible.

“How can you see the images, pretty clear, and come out without punishment, on something (which) overtakes all professional behaviour?

“I think the decision is a disgrace. If the committee can’t solve such clear images I don’t think it sets out a good first example and we’re not asking nobody to retract themselves; the player to retract themselves.

“That would not be fair.

“This is a competition and in the end they came up with what they thought was fair for that.

“We don’t want Fernando suspended because it can make them weaker, because their bench is so strong, but I think the FA has lost all opportunity to put some sense into the images everybody saw.

“I’m extremely grateful for ex-refs to be able to enlighten people a little bit more, though I think most of you guys saw the incident as something that is not tolerable in football.”

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AVB labels the FA a disgrace AVB labels the FA a disgrace Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 am Rating: 5

Huddlestone, AVB, Bale

8:30 am
Tom Huddlestone has taken to Twitter to clarify comments he feels the newspapers have twisted.

"Would like to thank the Spurs fans, staff and players for the wonderful 8yrs I have spent there. Have some amazing memories that I will cherish and keep with me forever. A new chapter In my career is about to start and I'm very excited and can't wait to get started! Feel mis-quoted, enjoyed my season with AVB and my whole time with spurs. If you read the quotes you get a clear picture, not the headline."

Tom mentioned to the papers that he felt he was forced out the door, well to an extent that is probably true. Spurs did really have to force Tom out the door, he spoke to many clubs but never signed for any of them.

I hope he does well at Hull, at least he has given himself a chance to be seen by Hodgson and a chance of getting picked for the World Cup next summer.

Andre Villas-Boas has given a wake up call to those fans with their heads buried in the sand. Gareth Bale doesn't speak to him and Spurs may have to force Gareth to stay against his will.

"For the games against Palace, Tbilisi and Swansea, he will not be in line to threaten to come back. We will have to see how he returns today from [international duty with] Wales, and assess if the pain in his foot has stopped troubling his progress to return into first-team training. Our idea is to count on Gareth. I have told you lots and lots of times.

"Speculation has arisen with the player because of the quality that he has and the season that he had, the amazing moments of individual brilliance. Ideally, we would like the player to continue belonging to Tottenham. We are aware that Real Madrid are interested. It doesn't mean that we are willing to negotiate.

Villas-Boas confirmed decisions over the future of Bale would be made in discussion with chairman Daniel Levy and technical director Franco Baldini. "Everyone is involved, whatever the decision we take – including those from last season onwards," he said. "We explain to the clubs that have asked for him that the player is our player."

Our idea is to count on Gareth.

"Speculation has aroused with the player because of the quality that he has and the season he had last season, the amazing moments of individual brilliance. Ideally, we'd like the player to continue belonging to Tottenham.

"We can speak to the players regarding their ambitions and we can explain to them that at certain stages players are under contract and have the responsibility towards their clubs. And we as club, or the chairman as the person who controls the club, has to defend their own interest."

He was asked if Spurs are a one man team and he responded by implying that all major teams have one key figure. "You take Messi and Ronaldo out of Barcelona and Real Madrid, you see how many points they have."

When asked about Bale's state of mind: "His mental state nobody knows because the player doesn't speak. The only thing that we are able to see – or you are able to see – is the player arriving in and out of the training ground." When asked to clarify what he believed Bale's mental state to be, Villas-Boas simply replied: "It's fine, it's fine."

So basically he won't be 'fit' until after the transfer window shuts on September 2, surprise surprise. People read what they want to read into these things but the situation has been pretty obvious for weeks. Personally I naturally want Bale to stay and if he is still here at the end of the window he will knuckle down and give 100% of that I have no doubt, however this situation has happened many times before with many clubs. Mystery injuries suddenly appear as an excuse but most fans see through these things in this day and age.

The smokescreen of a painful foot isn't fooling many, it's patently obvious that Bale decided he wasn't playing for Spurs and wasn't training with everyone else in case he got injured and scuppered a move. It's a disgraceful way to behave, but it's common and he is doing himself no favours. If you sat down at the start of the window and wrote a script of how a saga will go, you would have written all this.

The big point for me was Hong Kong. A massive Asian market the club wants to promote itself in and where was Gareth Bale? Not one photo opportunity in a Spurs shirt for the number one marketing tool in football who basically had nothing better to do and against South China he even stayed in the changing rooms.

That shouted loud and clear I don't want to promote Spurs because I'm not going to be here, unless of course you want to believe our marketing department and PR departments are totally incompetent.

His silence is simply a way of not alienating fans in case he is still here in which case you will see quotes of "I never wanted to leave," I guarantee it. I hope he is still here but I'm a bit too experienced not to know that everything is not rosy in the garden.

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AVB, Chadli, Dawson, Bale, Soldado, Parker & Tottenham Foundation

6:40 pm
AVB - Chadli and transfers.

"We will continue to do our market and we have not stopped yet, for sure.

"Chadli’s a player we’ve been following for quite some time and we managed to strike a deal in the last few days.

"He’s a player who is extremely versatile and can play in several positions up front.

"We look forward to having him on board with us."

- - - - - - - - -

Reports in Spain say Franco Baldini was meeting with Alberto Toldra, Roberto Soldado's agent, today.

- - - - - - - - - 

Michael Dawson has been speaking to Sky Sports about Gareth Bale.

"All you can do is concentrate individually as a team. Gaz is a Tottenham player and the manager has come out and said he's staying, and that's great news.

"To do what Gaz did last year was sensational, with some of the goals he scored and the points he won for us. He helped us to get to 72 points and I'm sure he'll be doing that again next year.

"Gaz is a great lad, he keeps his head down and the way he has been playing, he is going to have speculation. His performances in recent years have been brilliant and that's what happens.

"He'll concentrate and do what he does for Tottenham, and hopefully keep scoring goals."

- - - - - - - - - 

West Ham co-owner David Sullivan admits the club would love to bring Tottenham midfielder Scott Parker back to the club.

Sullivan said on Twitter he "would love to have Scott Parker back if there is room on the wage bill".

"We need goalscorers not defenders".

"We are happy with the rest of the team all we need now is pace and goals."

The players have got to be quick enough to catch up with the balls they hoof up field to Andy Carroll in traditional Sam Allardyce style.

The new West Ham style - hoof it and see. Bobby Moore would be proud. Whatever happened to the West Ham academy.

- - - - - - - - - 

The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and the National Literacy Trust’s Premier League Reading Stars programme joined forces to take more than 180 lucky school children on a stadium tour of White Hart Lane as part of a campaign to encourage children to read.

The pupils, aged between nine and 13, had two storytelling sessions with two children’s authors, Bali Rai and Dan Freedman, who have both written children’s series on football.

Freedman said: "Premier League Reading brings football and reading together and as the author of the Jamie Johnson series it's a real privilege to be involved in today’s event at Tottenham Hotspur.

"I grew up in East Finchley and went to watch my first ever game of football with my dad at White Hart Lane when I was three years old.

"To come back and chat with local school kids about football stories will be just about perfect."

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AVB, Chadli, Dawson, Bale, Soldado, Parker & Tottenham Foundation AVB, Chadli, Dawson, Bale, Soldado, Parker & Tottenham Foundation Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:40 pm Rating: 5

One bout under AVB's belt, bring on bout number two

10:30 pm
A year is a devil of a long time in the life of a Premier League football manager, none more so than our own AVB.

Hounded out of Chelsea by old men unwilling to change. The press were having a field day, punch after punch rained down on him. Abramovich stopped the fight and declared AVB the loser. The young pretender went away to lick his wounds. Daniel Levy saw his opportunity. One mistake doesn't suddenly mean a loss of ability, he just needed someone to have faith in him.

Joe Lewis wanted Harry Redknapp out, so Levy was in a strong position, a man of quality was available cheap. Unfortunately England didn't play ball and wouldn't pay the compensation to take Harry from us, so appointed a dinosaur on cheap wages to take the nation's football backwards. Never mind, a guy regarded as one of the best up and coming managers in world football was available and whilst Chelsea paid £15.5 million to get him, he was available on a free to Daniel, just the sort of deal he likes.

Out with the old, in with the new. A new young man with ambition, with vitality and a vision that matched our own, to build a dynasty of success based around youth.

Optimism abounded, a new world class training facility, a new season dawned, a new approach, new ideas, a new mentality, the no excuse culture was born. Time for his first bout.

Round One saw AVB saw gentle sparring, a no lose approach which saw forwards taken off for defensive players to protect what we had. Things did not go to plan, the opposition spotted our weakness and kept grabbing late points.

Round Two brought a change of approach. Hanging on was dispensed with, a subtle shift in Bale's role pushing him wider and further forward brought greater belief and the results started to flow.

Round Three saw more of the same, a period on top, picking off opponents as we went about our work.

Round Four again saw AVB make a tactical change, Bale was given a free role, the gamble that his attacking would outweigh the defensive problems it would create. A period of adjustment.

Round Five and we receive a blow, Sandro falls injured, we have to regroup and eek out points.

Round Six and we went for the knock out, racking up the points the end of the bout was in sight.

Round Seven and we started to tie up, tension, fear allowed opponents back in.

Round Eight and it's tight, we are fight on guts, it'll come down to a points decision. Alas it doesn't go our way.

His first bout for us and a narrow points defeat but there was promise, something to work on. The coach knows his boxer now and is working areas to take him to the next level.

Bring on bout number two.

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One bout under AVB's belt, bring on bout number two One bout under AVB's belt, bring on bout number two Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 pm Rating: 5

AVB an egg and chips man

7:26 pm
AVB visits Herne Bay in Kent for egg and chips and an ice cream. He was spotted with fellow Spurs staff in Café Reculver.

Reculver is a village and coastal resort about 3 miles (5 km) east of Herne Bay here in the South East. He was there with assistant coaches Jose Mario Rocha and Daniel Sousa.

Well the 35-year-old popped into the King Ethelbert pub at Reculver, but after a quick glance at the menu opted instead for some egg and chips at the nearby Café Reculver.

Man after my own heart.

The Arsenal manager, Elwyn Morris, didn't even recognise him! "It was a surprise. They sat down and a guy said to me 'do you know who that is?'

"I said 'no, I'm really busy' as I just thought they were three Spanish fellas. They were sitting there very quiet.

"Then I realised who he was so I asked if I could have a photo."

AVB suggested he bring over two waitresses to be included in the photo but they didn't want to.

Morris said: "The girls were so busy, but really I think they were shy.

"They were lovely people. Very friendly and they enjoyed the food. They said thanks very much before they went off.

"There was no pretentiousness with them. They were really pleasant and didn't mind anyone coming up to them. Really lovely guys.

"All the guys up the pub are big Tottenham fans so I gave them plenty of stick about him coming to my place, what with me being an Arsenal supporter. There was some banter going on."

When asked if he told AVB who he supports he said: "I thought it was best to keep that to myself."

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AVB an egg and chips man AVB an egg and chips man Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:26 pm Rating: 5

Can Spurs afford £36,500 for Daniao

2:41 pm
Tottenham's number one striker target, Leandro Damiao, has been offered just £36,500 a week wages by Napoli to replace the departing Edinson Canani.

Corriere dello Sport report that Damiao has been offered a 5 year deal by the Italian club, with a salary of £1.9 million (€2.21 million) a season, which equates to just £36,500 (€42,395) a week, well within Spurs wage structure.

The fee agreed between Brazilian side Internacional and Napoli, is said to be £18 million (€20.91 million).

"We have been in talks with Internacional before, for quite some time. Last summer, also. It hasn't been possible so I think it's finished" were AVB's words in January, which hardly any Spurs fans believed and sure enough we tried again this window.

Supposedly we had walked away, but do you ever walk away from your number one target if there is still a chance of signing them.

The cat and mouse game with Internacional looked set to run into August, when Daniel Levy is expected to go in late to try and secure the player for a fee more to Spurs valuation. Are Napoli forcing his hand somewhat now though?

Does Levy sit back and hope nothing can be agreed with Napoli or is Champions League the important factor here. Should Daniel Levy let the players representatives know Spurs will pay £50-60,000 
(€58-69,673 ) a week, or do they already know that, we don't know, but surely we have offered more than £36,500 (€42,395) wages.

Will Damiao take a lower wage to play in the Champions League, is that what's important to him, or does he tell Internacional I want to join Tottenham, sort a fee out.

David Villa has gone to Athletico Madrid for a small fee, is it now to be Leandro Damiao to Napoli for small wages? Our two main summer targets playing elsewhere.

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Can Spurs afford £36,500 for Daniao Can Spurs afford £36,500 for Daniao Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:41 pm Rating: 5
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