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Henry: Shut Up!

2:10 pm
Life at the moment couldn't get any better. The few Spurs fans that are in the office are still trying to wake up from the 9 - 1 dream. Yes, that's nine, one.

Trust an Arsenal fan, Steve, to come over and try and spoil it all.

"Henry said that he thought about quitting after the Ireland match on Friday as it got to him", said Steve.

I couldn't help think what a pathetic statement that was from the former Arsenal striker.

"I nearly quit" isn't a far cry from a recent lottery winner coming out in the press and saying that "I nearly gave all my winnings away to charity".

Is Henry out to rub the Irish fans noses in it or what?

Do us a favour mate; next time you think about quitting, do what Nike tell you to do and 'just do it'.

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