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Tom Carroll, the new Tom Huddlestone

5:00 pm
Tom Carroll, the new Tom Huddlestone

Tom Carroll signed a new contract at Tottenham in 2011 at the same time as Jake Livermore. Midfielder Livermore departed for Hull City at the beginning of 2013–14 on a season-long loan, along with Tom Huddlestone. He signed permanently at the end of that season.

Tom Huddlestone seems like a player with no motivation, talented, but happy to plod along, not rock the boat and not improve his game. Mousa Dembele was the same until Pochettino forced him to either get his mentality right or leave. Dembele has improved as a result and was ranked one of the best midfielders in Europe, Huddlestone was playing in the Championship. He should be a better player than that.

Tom Carroll is similar. He has ability, he has strengthened up so physicality doesn't look the issue it once did, but would you say he is motivated or drifting along like Huddlestone? Where is the player who can stamp his mark on a game, the player who can take control of it. That is what he has to do, at the moment all he does is look pretty.

Every time I see him I think the aesthetic of his pass is more important than the pass itself. Presumably, he has taken on board the technical aspect of passing a  ball and honed the body positioning to make telling passes. What does he do though? Does he do any more than Huddlestone used to, he probably does less, he probably does less than Livermore used to as well. He is a player who needs a kick up the backside.

His contract ran out in 2016 (all contracts run from 1 July to 30 June each season) but Tottenham had a one-year extension option which has been activated. He will be a free agent next summer if a suitable offer doesn't come in for him this summer. He adds to the home-grown in the squad and provides cover.

It is almost as if he doesn't believe in himself, as if he knows his place and is not motivated enough to change it. Everyone is not Dele Alli, but he showed what you must do, make an impact when you get an opportunity. What impact has Tom Carroll made whenever he has played?

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Huddlestone, AVB, Bale

8:30 am
Tom Huddlestone has taken to Twitter to clarify comments he feels the newspapers have twisted.

"Would like to thank the Spurs fans, staff and players for the wonderful 8yrs I have spent there. Have some amazing memories that I will cherish and keep with me forever. A new chapter In my career is about to start and I'm very excited and can't wait to get started! Feel mis-quoted, enjoyed my season with AVB and my whole time with spurs. If you read the quotes you get a clear picture, not the headline."

Tom mentioned to the papers that he felt he was forced out the door, well to an extent that is probably true. Spurs did really have to force Tom out the door, he spoke to many clubs but never signed for any of them.

I hope he does well at Hull, at least he has given himself a chance to be seen by Hodgson and a chance of getting picked for the World Cup next summer.

Andre Villas-Boas has given a wake up call to those fans with their heads buried in the sand. Gareth Bale doesn't speak to him and Spurs may have to force Gareth to stay against his will.

"For the games against Palace, Tbilisi and Swansea, he will not be in line to threaten to come back. We will have to see how he returns today from [international duty with] Wales, and assess if the pain in his foot has stopped troubling his progress to return into first-team training. Our idea is to count on Gareth. I have told you lots and lots of times.

"Speculation has arisen with the player because of the quality that he has and the season that he had, the amazing moments of individual brilliance. Ideally, we would like the player to continue belonging to Tottenham. We are aware that Real Madrid are interested. It doesn't mean that we are willing to negotiate.

Villas-Boas confirmed decisions over the future of Bale would be made in discussion with chairman Daniel Levy and technical director Franco Baldini. "Everyone is involved, whatever the decision we take – including those from last season onwards," he said. "We explain to the clubs that have asked for him that the player is our player."

Our idea is to count on Gareth.

"Speculation has aroused with the player because of the quality that he has and the season he had last season, the amazing moments of individual brilliance. Ideally, we'd like the player to continue belonging to Tottenham.

"We can speak to the players regarding their ambitions and we can explain to them that at certain stages players are under contract and have the responsibility towards their clubs. And we as club, or the chairman as the person who controls the club, has to defend their own interest."

He was asked if Spurs are a one man team and he responded by implying that all major teams have one key figure. "You take Messi and Ronaldo out of Barcelona and Real Madrid, you see how many points they have."

When asked about Bale's state of mind: "His mental state nobody knows because the player doesn't speak. The only thing that we are able to see – or you are able to see – is the player arriving in and out of the training ground." When asked to clarify what he believed Bale's mental state to be, Villas-Boas simply replied: "It's fine, it's fine."

So basically he won't be 'fit' until after the transfer window shuts on September 2, surprise surprise. People read what they want to read into these things but the situation has been pretty obvious for weeks. Personally I naturally want Bale to stay and if he is still here at the end of the window he will knuckle down and give 100% of that I have no doubt, however this situation has happened many times before with many clubs. Mystery injuries suddenly appear as an excuse but most fans see through these things in this day and age.

The smokescreen of a painful foot isn't fooling many, it's patently obvious that Bale decided he wasn't playing for Spurs and wasn't training with everyone else in case he got injured and scuppered a move. It's a disgraceful way to behave, but it's common and he is doing himself no favours. If you sat down at the start of the window and wrote a script of how a saga will go, you would have written all this.

The big point for me was Hong Kong. A massive Asian market the club wants to promote itself in and where was Gareth Bale? Not one photo opportunity in a Spurs shirt for the number one marketing tool in football who basically had nothing better to do and against South China he even stayed in the changing rooms.

That shouted loud and clear I don't want to promote Spurs because I'm not going to be here, unless of course you want to believe our marketing department and PR departments are totally incompetent.

His silence is simply a way of not alienating fans in case he is still here in which case you will see quotes of "I never wanted to leave," I guarantee it. I hope he is still here but I'm a bit too experienced not to know that everything is not rosy in the garden.

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Tom Huddlestone speaking about his move to Hull City

9:34 pm
Tom Huddlestone has been speaking to the club after his £5.25 million move to Hull City.

“These are obviously very exciting times for the club and for me,” said Huddlestone.

“Hopefully I can come here, cement my place in the starting eleven and do well for the club.

“There were a few teams interested in signing me, but I had the chance to speak to Steve Bruce. I liked his ideas, the role he saw for me within the team and how he wants the team to play. Speaking to the manager here was the thing that made my mind up to come here really.

“The main objective here is totally different to what it is at Tottenham. Here, I think if we finish 15th or 16th we will see it as a good season because our main objective is to stay in the division and then build on that in the future.

“Hopefully I can bring a bit of experience to the side. I’m fairly comfortable on the ball and have a good passing range which is probably the strongest part of my game.”

“I’ll be ready to train on Thursday and then we’ll see what the manager decides to do,” said Huddlestone.

“Games don’t come much bigger than Chelsea away, especially with Mourinho’s return and everything else that goes with it.”

He hopes playing regularly he'll be able to catch Roy Hodgson's eye.

“If I can play regularly in the Premier League it can help,” added Huddlestone.

“I think after six or seven games for Tottenham last season, Roy Hodgson put me back in the England squad which was a bonus in itself.

“So if I can play a full season here, play well with the team playing well I don’t see why it can’t happen again.”

Best of luck Tom.

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Atsu, Parker, Huddlestone, Livermore, Carroll, Townsend, Damiao, Rami, Defoe, Sigurdsson

10:16 am
Christian Atsu the Porto winger who played under Andre Villas-Boas is once again being mentioned as a target. That lovely journalistic phrase that has no source and with information the journalist wouldn't know anyway is used, "Spurs are weighing up a move." So some journalist knows what is being discussed behind closed doors at White Hart Lane does he? Sounds like pure guesswork, make enough guesses and some must be right.

Hull City are in advanced talks with Tom Huddlestone over a £5 million move. Don't get your hopes up folks, Huddlestone has had advanced talks for over a year with half a dozen clubs and never puts pen to paper. He is not on big wages but lacks any ambition. He is the anonymous employee who never misses a day, does a dead end job and never complains, he just does it and thinks the company thinks the world of him for doing it. Hull are trying to tempt him though by taking Jake Livermore on loan so he'll have a buddy alongside him!

Championship side Watford who narrowly missed promotion last year and have started well this year, want highly-rated midfielder Tom Carroll on loan. I would have thought a Premier League loan would get him the game time he needs to develop.

Once again QPR want Scott Parker but wages remain the issue. Parker doesn't really want to leave but he would be so far down the pecking order he'd never play in a World Cup year. Their have been reports that he would be speaking with Roy Hodgson to see if playing in the Championship would damage his chances of going to the World Cup so only if he gets the right answers would he go. If negotiations are heavily underway perhaps he has received those assurances. However there are reports that Fulham have now entered the fray which would be a more sensible move for him.

QPR also want Andros Townsend back but surely he also would want to play in the Premier League. He is unlikely to get much game time at Tottenham being behind Bale, Lennon, Chadli and Sigurdsson, with possibly another to come. His future at Spurs depends upon the system AVB wants to play when Sandro is fit or Capoue is confirmed, will it still be 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3? If it's the later we are likely to sign another striker and his days are numbered. Clearly the spell at QPR last season brought him along and he would surely do a job for a Premier League team, having shown up well in pre-season cameos.

According to French sports daily L'Equipe, Zenit St. Petersburg have offered Internacional £21.47 million (€25m) for Leandro Damiao which meets club president Giovanni Luigi's inflated valuation.

Andre Villas Boas has declared that Jermain Defoe and Gylfi Sigurdsson will not be sold this summer, according to SkySports. Adebayor is the striker the club are desperate to shift, universally disliked it seems the club want shot of him.

Tottenham Hotspur have reportedly turned to Valencia's £9.5 million (€11.06m) rated defender Adil Rami in our search for a new centre-half. Toby Alderweireld is also continually talked about but ITK suggests we rejected him early in the window as having a major weakness in his game.

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Capoue, Huddlestone, Cambridge 0 Spurs 5

8:30 am
The president of Ligue 1 club Toulouse, Olivier Sadran, in an interview with French radio station RMC suggested their 24 year-old defensive midfielder Etienne Capoue would be joining Spurs.
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Last night's article (opens in new window): What does Soldado offer looks a at what we can expect from our new striker
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When asked about the potential of a move to White Hart Lane for the player, Sadran said of the versatile French international, "He will go there."

Reports suggest talks are taking place today on a 4 year deal for around £8.6 million (€10m) + £2 million (€1.72m) add-ons.

Capoue's salary in 2012 was £814,518 (€948,000) which is £15,663 (€18,229) a week. Even doubling that would still only leave him on around £31,000 (€36,080) a week, well within our budget. Standing at 6' 2" (1.89 m) he can also provide cover as a central defender, a position we are short in.

His signing could spell the end for Tom Huddlestone. Cardiff City has a bid for Capoue accepted 2 weeks ago so could now firm up their interest in Huddlestone instead who would be surplus to requirements at Spurs this season. We could expect to recoup £5 million (€5.82m) of Capoue's fee if Huddlestone joined Cardiff.

A young Spurs team played a game away at Cambridge City and beat them 5-0 last night with goals from Bentaleb, Falque 2, Fredericks and Ceballas.

Tottenham XI: Miles, Fredericks, Ward, Ball, Stewart, McEvoy, Coulhurst, Ceballas, Falque, Bentaleb, Lamerias.
Subs: Vigouroux, Gallifinco, McEnett, D McQueen, A McQueen.

Cambridge 0 Spurs 1 - Bentaleb makes no mistake with a great effort from distance that Barrett can do nothing about.
Cambridge 0 Spurs 2 - Shaquile Coulhurst chests a ball down into the path of Yago Falque and he fires home from the edge of the penalty area with a low drive.
Cambridge 0 Spurs 3 - A speculative long range effort from full-back Ryan Fredericks deceives Zac Barrett and ends up in the back of the net
Cambridge 0 Spurs 4 - Falque makes it 4-0 with a close range effort.
Cambridge 0 Spurs 5 - Ceballas curls a superb effort into the top corner leaving City’s substitute keeper Enol Ordonez no chance.

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Two Spurs players close in on exits

8:27 am
Two players closing in on their exits from the club, one in a permanent move and one that quite frankly has little affect on us, on loan.

Tom Huddlestone with several options it seems is set to join Sunderland if the reports are to be believed. A player can at any stage simply change his mind of course but Sunderland have made an offer which has been accepted by Spurs.

No figure has been revealed but Daniel Levy is thought to want £5 million (€5.8 million) and certain section of the media, like the Daily Star, have assumed this to be the figure agreed.

Sunderland however have a history of low bids for our players so it would not surprise at all if in fact a lower figure had been agreed to aid the sale of the player.

Spurs need to sell not only to reduce the wage bill but also to raise funds to assist in the purchase of new players, having already splashed out £17.24 million (€20 million) on Paulinho.

Lee Cattermole spends so much time missing through suspension for Sunderland that Huddlestone will be an important addition for them. He has the passing ability many would love to possess and playing regularly will help his fitness levels, something that became a problem after his lengthy injury absence.

Couple his passing with a tackle success rate of 67% he will certainly add something to the Sunderland squad.

He won't have time to feel lonely though as the clubs meet in the pre-season Barclays Asia Trophy, previously won by Tottenham in 2009, taking place in Hong Kong.

The second player playing his football elsewhere next season is 26 year-old South African centre-back Bongani Khumalo, who has never seemed to figure in the plans at White Hart Lane.

He spent last season on loan at PAOK in Greece and looks to be heading on another loan deal, this time to Championship side Ipswich Town.

He has been training with the Tractor Boys and played in their 2-1 pre-season friendly win over Crawley Town.

Mick McCarthy said, "I was pleased with Bongani. He's very quick and athletic. I thought he did okay. I'm pleased with him.

"We're not looking to buy or sign him, we're looking at a possible loan deal."

Since signing from Sunsport in 2011 the former South African captain has had loan spells at Preston and Reading before his spell in Greece.

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Tom Huddlestone's Humdinger!

9:26 am
Tom Huddlestone's Humdinger! Tom Huddlestone's Humdinger! Reviewed by PoshSpur on 9:26 am Rating: 5

Redknapp: "I like Brown"

8:26 am
So then, Harry likes Celtic's combative midfielder, Scott Brown.

Has anyone seen this guy in action? I've been told that he's a Sgt. Wilson type player; the type that wears his heart on his sleeve and takes no prisoners.

I thought Tom Huddlestone had a great game and with a few more games under his belt, could build a great understanding with Wilson Palacios.

If Jenas is to be sold to Villa and by the looks of things, they need him, then bringing in a midfielder in the Palacios mold wouldn't be a bad bit of business.

Brown's definitely on Harry's radar. Could be one to watch?

On another note, wasn't it a shock to see both Keano and Defoe starting the match yesterday?
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Which 3 players will sign?

12:45 pm
So then, the end of season rumpus is once again on us and it looks as though our manager has started the merry go round all on his own.

He's said that he'll need approximately £30 million to spend on the 3 players he's identified to really push on our squad. But he'll also have to sell around 4 players.

Let's begin with the players that will be leaving. We believe that Darren Bent & Tom Huddlestone will be sold to Villa in a deal that will bring Gareth Barry to Spurs. But of course, this relies on whether Barry want to move to us in the first instance.

David Bentley will also be moved on, but I can't see which side in the Premier League will take him on?

We can see Alan Hutton being the forth player moved on by Harry. Rangers are making all the right noises in an attempt to get him back and now that they've won the league, the transfer fee shouldn't be to much of a problem, although forget us making a profit on him, or even recouping what we shelled out for him.

When it comes to the players Harry wants in, expect him to bust a gut in getting Glen Johnson & Peter Crouch.

If Hutton & Bent do depart, the above two are exactly what Harry will want.

If the Barry deal doesn't come off, and to be honest, we can't see it happening, then expect us to go for Muntari.

Yes we've all read that he's not interested in leaving Inter, but we also remember reading in July 2008 that a certain Roman Pavlyuchenko wanted to sign for a Champions League side only and wasn't at all interested in Tottenham Hotspur.

To sum up, we believe that Glen Johnson, Peter Crouch & Sulley Muntari or Gareth Barry are the players Harry Redknapp has in mind.

With Modric playing well on the left, and with Gareth Bale as another left wing option, we can't see Harry trying to fill in that spot.
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Harry's Signings

7:30 pm
Regardless of what some media sources are stating, I feel that Harry won't go out "guns blazing" in an attempt to sign a whole host of new talent.

I have said for a while now that I believe a deal was struck in January with Middlesbrough to bring Downing to Spurs in the close season.

I also believe the news that we are discussing a deal with Inter to sign Sulley Muntari.

Harry Redknapp may move Darren Bent & Jermaine Jenas on, but I have a feeling that David Bentley and Tom Huddlestone will remain at the club.

If Bent does leave, I can see Harry attempting to sign a replacement, but don't expect Blackburn's Santa Cruz to be that player, or anyone of that ilk.
To be honest with you, I personally believe that Downing & Muntari will be the only two players that we will sign this summer.

Maybe that's a good thing. After so many seasons in which we seem to buy a new side, let's hope for a summer of settlement and continuity.

Written by Jamie Stevenson of Palmers Green, London

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