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Titbits - Modric, Vorm, Benteke

8:30 am

Tottenham Titbits - Luka Modric, Michel Vorm and Christian Benteke


Marca claim that Luka Modric will commit his future to Real Madrid with the return of Zinidine Zidane and sign a new contract to take him until 2021. He currently has a year left on his deal and is constantly linked with Inter Milan, but then their name is thown at every story.

Michel Vorm is leaving Tottenham and heading back to Swansea City on a free transfer. he has been overtaken as number two to Hugo Lloris by the form and improvement of Argentine Paulo Gazzaniga. Vorm has been a good servant to the club since he joined us for £3.5 million (€3.97m) in the summer of 2014.

Christian Benteke made the wrong move joining Crystal Palace and it is no surprise to me that he has been a total flop. He is a one trick pony, he needs crosses, in the air he is great. Andros Townsend likes to cut inside and shoot himself, as we at Spurs know and Wilfried Zaha likes to do it himself too.

Their full-backs don't get forward to provide crosses either so how was he going to get supplied?

He has now lost all confidence and is a shadow of the player he was at Aston Villa. His temperament doesn't help, he went missing in the Cup Final against Arsenal for them when things weren't going Aston Villa's way.

Daft as it may sound, he could be a back-up striker for Harry Kane. He doesn't have the one-touch skilful football no, but he does have the battering ram aerial threat which gives us an alternative option.

With Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen at the club, if Toby stays, there are other Belgians so with confidence boosted and as a proven goalscorer in the Premier League, he could be a cheap option

The Times reports the 28-year-old (29 in September) is set to go to China for £15 million, while others report he is refusing to leave Crystal Palace and wants to remain in the Premier League.

Fernando Llorente has shown his worth as an aerial target when things aren't going for us, he could be an option if all else fails in attempts to bring in another striker and it would leave our transfer kitty intact to strengthen the midfield and defence with high-quality players.


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Vorm Leaving, Pau López joining permanently

12:30 pm


Spanish paper Sport suggest Pau López will be Number 2 at Spurs next season

Mauricio Pochettino is building the future of Tottenham Hotspur while building the present. Daniel Levy and he want sustained success, not a one-off trophy and thus are forward planning. The strategy for both scenarios is different, it isn't a question of build a team to win something and with that success buy players to sustain it.

That is a very expensive option and unless you have the right manager, as Manchester United had with Sir Alex Ferguson, then it can go horribly wrong as we have seen at that club since. Tottenham have bought young talent to develop into a team that stays together and grows together playing a set system.

You see Tottenham now linked with all the best youngsters in the world. We try to sign them but face fierce competition. I reported yesterday Republic of Ireland Under-15 international striker Troy Parrott had agreed to join us and news comes from Spain today that Mauricio Pochettino wants to sign 22-year-old (23 in December) goalkeeper Pau López on a permanent basis.

Sport is a Barcelona-based specialist newspaper focusing, as it's name suggests, on Sport and is the third largest Sport publication behind Madrid-based Marca and As. They are reporting that Spurs have agreed to pay the £5.96 million (€7m - AUS$9.77m - US$7.46m).

López was signed as third choice goalkeeper, a status he readily accepted to work with and learn from one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Our coaching staff have been very happy with his progress while on loan and will activate his permanent deal clause in the summer. Pochettino made it clear to the youngster before he signed for Spurs that if he proves himself he will have a long-term future at the club and that he will not get a lot of game time immediately.

Although he had played in LaLiga with some success, he was not ready for action in the Premier League, there was still an awful lot of development needed to his game. In time he will take over from Michel Vorm as number two and fight for a first team place. That was the objective put to him and that remains the case today.

The paper go on to suggest that Michel Vorm will be leaving Spurs and that López, the 1.89m (6ft 2in) Spanish Under-21 international who has also played one game for a Catalan side against the Basque Country, will take over as number two next season.

33-year-old (24 in October) Dutchman Vorm signed a new contract in December to stay at Spurs until 2018 so he could perhaps be becoming our number three. We'll see.

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Vorm enjoying the big club life

1:39 pm

After an indifferent start to his time at Spurs Michel Vorm has settled down t become a reliable understudy to captain Hugo Lloris. No longer is there apprehension when you see his name on the teamsheet.

Michel signed from Swansea because he wanted to see what it was like to be a part of a big club, he said at the time and the fact that he has signed an extension shows he must be enjoying the experience.

“I feel respected by the squad and I’m the oldest in the group as well, so that’s special in the way that you try to help the younger lads - not only the goalkeepers, but also the outfield players in achieving big things. 
"To keep Hugo sharp too - I think that goes very well. The respect that I get from the staff and the connection I’ve got with everybody, especially with (goalkeeping coach) Toni Jimenez and the other goalkeepers – that makes me very happy. 
“It’s special (to sign a new contract). When you come here you have expectations but you don’t really know what’s going to happen, although over the years I think I’ve done well on every level in the club and I think it’s very important for me to see how it is to be at a big club. 
“The fact that I can extend my contract here is very positive. I’m very happy here, my family is very happy and I’ve got a lot of respect for the staff and the players. To be honest, I can’t name a negative point.”

You can read his full comments at the Official Spurs Website.

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Michel Vorm - Twitter Reaction

8:40 am

Michel Vorm was perhaps the Tottenham Man of the Match last night as he produced a string of saves to deny Liverpool further goals. He is showing those who saw his first couple of performances and labelled him as useless forever that sometimes you have to change an opinion with new evidence.

As James Forster says on Twitter below, he never complains, he just gets on with his job and both his last couple of games have been good. Quite why someone was trying to claim to me he had gone backwards since joining Spurs and was useless, they couldn't have been watching him play this season. he has played 3 Premier League games and let in 1 goal, played 5 games in total and let in 3.

You have to question fans who don't support the club, the team and get their opinions so out of kilter with reality. It is a question of having an open mind or a closed mind. You'll generally get further in life and have a happier life if you have an open mind.

We have had a 30 something as our second choice goalkeeper for a while now and with performances like Vorm has been putting in this season, we have the time to develop Pau Lopez. Brad Friedel was still playing at 40 and became our oldest player ever to appear in a competitive match beating Jimmy Cantrell's record set against Birmingham City in 1922.

At 33 Vorm is a relative spring chicken. Cantrell remains the oldest outfield player to play a competitive match, he was just short of his 40th birthday so it doesn't look like a record that will ever be beaten.

Vorm has been brilliant this season. Never moans, just gets on with it and puts in a top performance when asked. So much respect for him.

How good was Vorm tonight?! He made some fantastic saves. My man of the match 👍

Vorm's been robbed of that MOTM award.

Well done Michel Vorm. Brilliant tonight.

Vorm has been massively not at all bad

Vorm has been brilliant tbf

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Lloris 22.22% success rate

7:00 pm

Captain and goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has faced 58 penalties in his career and saved 8 of them against Sergio Agüero (Manchester City), Mark Noble (West Ham United), Steve Sidwell (Fulham) and Jason Puncheon (Crystal Palace).

The 29-year-old (30 in December) French national captain has faced 18 penalties while playing for Spurs, saving 4 and letting in 14, a 22.22% success rate. His career success rate is 13.79%.

Our number two, 32-year-old (33 in 3 days) Dutch international Michel Vorm, has faced 2 penalties for Spurs and both have been scored from. James Milner scored for Liverpool earlier in the Premier League and Jerónimo Barrales scored for Asteras Tripolis in the Europa League.

Over his career Vorm has also saved 8 penalties and let in 27, a total of 35 faced and a career success rate of 22.86%.

Number three, 21-year-old (22 in December) Spanish Under-21 goalkeeper Pau López, has faced 10 penalties in his short career and has saved 1 of them, a 10% success rate.

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Little we can do about the gap

11:00 pm


As expected the huge gap in the corner where parts of White Hart Lane have been demolished are causing problems.

Goalkeeper Michel Vorm has conformed that the wind does indeed come whistling through the gap between the North and East stands and does make a significant difference to the ball.

This is making life more difficult for Lloris and Vorm and indeed our defenders who are all having to adapt. It is just another factor that is making this one of our toughest season. We have Champions League football, a top four place to maintain, two different sizes of pitch and playing surface, two different stadiums and the wind factor as well.

"It's one of those things that you can't do anything about. We need to concentrate on our own game and not think about the hole (in the stand). But for me, as a goalkeeper, the wind is just horrible."

I thought this would be more of an issue than fans realised, there is little we can do about it but adapt and of course it is the same for the opposition.

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Video: Vorm vs Liverpool

2:30 pm
Michel Vorm was the Tottenham Man of the Match, which will silence a few fans who still suggets they panic every time the see his name of the teamsheet. That is a fine example of people forming an opinion and being blind to anything else.

Someone on Twitter was trying to tell me he had got worse since he joined us, when in fact he has improved. He, as he showed against Inter Milan,  now comes off his line and plays as a sweeper keeper, something he didn't do before.

Against Liverpool he proved his worth as a backup keeper and he did the same at Everton when making a one-on-one safe there that earned us a points. His display against Liverpool earned us another point.

Below is his individual highlight video vs Liverpool.

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Stick or Twist?

6:00 am


It didn't take the Daily Mail long to suggest we were stepping up interest in Pau Lopez immediately they heard Hugo Lloris will be out for a month, however, they then offered no information to back their headline up, merely repeated the already known story.

I recall writing pieces on fatigue and how they cause muscle injuries. Hugo Lloris got to the final of the European Championships and needed a rest after. he came into the season not having had enough rest and not yet match fit. It was hoped his ability would see him through, however he was at fault for the Everton goal.

Even waiting for a potential flick the goalkeeper must know he can cover the corner the ball is initially heading to. On most occasions there is no flick and on most occasions a save is made. With the player having his back to goal any flick could only have continued the trajectory of the ball and Lloris hadn't sufficiently covered the post or he wasn't fit enough to get across there with his usual aplomb.

It doesn't seem to be a happy hunting ground, he suffered a concussion there in 2013 and insisting he was alright to continue playing, something he later admitted was a mistake. That led to a change in the laws to protect players from themselves in future.

 He appeared to injure himself in the European Championship Final before Portugal scored, he then hasn't had enough rest and hasn't had enough pre-season training to get himself match fit. We saw the England Euro players were below par, all not yet match fit easing their way into the season. We saw Jan Vertonghen off the pace after only a week training.

We have renewed discussions for Georges-Kevin N'Koudou who isn't doing any ball work and is very limited in what training he can do. You can see that he isn't going to be fit if we buy him and that has to be taken into account when discussing price, so the original deal can't stand.

What do we do now? Michel Vorm is pressed into service and it is heartening that the sweeping side of his goalkeeping has improved. he saved our bacon at Everton, I don't think we would have come back from 2-0 down at half-time.

Presumably Luke McGee is our number three and we'll now see him on the bench against Crystal Palace. Perhaps that demonstrates why we need a third goalkeeper, if anything happened to Vorm we would have a young untried and presumably nervous goalkeeper, which isn't going to inspire the confidence of those in front of him.

That could lead to the defence being more nervous which in turn leads to panic, mistakes and more opportunities conceded, making it harder to win games. Subconsciously our two defensive midfielders will want to make sure of their defending which has a knock-on effect on our attacking play.

Do we step up efforts to sign Pau Lopez, if he is the man we have decided we want to develop into our next number one? We may have to dip into our coffers to sign him, our hand may have been forced a little, or do we simply take a chance that everything will be alright?

Plenty for Pochettino to ponder so early in the season.

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Michel Vorm

7:00 pm
Michel Vorm takes a fair amount of stick from Spurs fans, a genuine keeper who showed his worth after a disastrous backpass had caught the unfit Vertonghem out. That left young Everton winger Gerard Deulofeu, although he was playing as a striker in the absense of Romelu Lukaku in this game, free with a one-on-one against Michel Vorm.

The Dutchman kept us in the game just before half-time when we were already 1-0 down. The hamstring strain to Lloris wasn't bad, he jogged off, it was a prevention substitution and if he misses any games it should only be one. I would expect him to be available next week.

Credit where credit is due.

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The feelgood factor

7:00 pm
The feelgood factor

Michel Vorm spoke after the Inter Milan game, which Spurs won 6-1. It was a performance that showed some superb movement at times and was encouraging from our passing point of view, from how well Vincent Janssen slotted in and from the performance of individuals.

Vorm himself looked far more at ease with the sweeper keeper role coming out several times to kick or head away. Ryan Mason, although his detractors won't admit it, looked more like his old self. He was taking shots at one end as a forward running midfielder and making crucial tackles in our own area. One or two wayward passes, but it was much more the Mason we first saw.

It was only a friendly but it was a good workout against decent opposition. The feel good factor it gives the squad can only be a plus for the opening Premier League game as Vorm pointed out after the game.

“I think it's a great win. We dominated almost the whole game and scored some very good goals so I think we can be very pleased for all the guys. It's good for everyone to be honest, a very good result. We played two good games in Australia last week but with a different result and now we've played well, scored good goals and everybody took part in this game so that's very positive. Obviously we're almost at the start of the Premier League so I think it couldn't be better. 
“The good thing is that we know what we want, we know how we want to play so the only thing we can do is improve and get stronger physically and mentally for the first game against Everton. You also know that the Premier League is totally different to the friendlies in pre-season so even though we're happy about this result I think next week it's totally different so we're just going to work hard like we always do and make sure everybody is ready to get a good result at Everton."

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Vorm to Celtic

5:00 pm


Vorm to Celtic

There are plenty of people talking about the future of Michel Vorm and suggestions on Twitter that his former boss wants him at Celtic. Brendan Rogers rates Vorm highly. He likes to play passing football and he wants a keeper who is comfortable on the ball. Vorm fits that bill.

Brendan Rogers managed Swansea City played their passing game and Vorm was good with the ball at his feet. There is nothing concrete to report, only rumours flying around. Michel Vorm wanted to try himself at a big club he said upon leaving Swansea and it isn't known how he feels about his role as number two to Hugo Lloris.

Does he want to play more regularly? Against Inter was the best we have seen him play the sweeper role. He has always seemed reluctant to come out of his box or off his line before, yet against Inter he was out the box several times.

We have bid for Espanyol keeper Pau Lopez, who apparently wants to join us. Will we have a change of reserve keeper in the last couple of weeks of the window? Not all goalkeepers take to the Premier League so you would have to be very sure of a keeper to bring him in as number two with no experience. Vorm provides that.

Is there anything in this rumour? Will Vorm fancy European football and being number one again? Can Celtic afford his wages? Does Pochettino want to keep Vorm? We know no players he wants are going to be sold.

We'll find out in the next three weeks. His comments after the Inter win firmly suggested he would be remaining at Tottenham. His whole tone seemed to say he was at Spurs nxt season for me.

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Vorm staying at Spurs he says

10:30 am
Speaking to the Dutch press Michel Vorm feels he has made the grade at Tottenham and played his part in a successful season.

Vorm staying at Spurs he says

He also told them that it is his intention to stay a third year at Tottenham as he feels appreciated at the club and feels he keeps Hugo Lloris on his toes.
"You grow into it [reserve goalkeeper]. No more weekly goaltending last season was something new, I had best get used. At one point, you know what is involved and maybe it sounds weird, despite my role as a reserve I feel everyone very much appreciated me at Spurs.

"I'll also say that I too have a stake in the clubs success. In preparation for games I help keep Lloris sharp and of course I make sure I'm ready when my chance comes.

"With a very young and inexperienced team to perform until the last moment remains incredibly satisfying. Pochettino and his staff were there for the second season in a row and managed to convey their vision for the players. The manager is fanatical, under him trained very hard and intense. You can see that reflected in the way of playing: football with a lot of forward pressure. Tottenham has been one of the best footballing teams in the Premier League."

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Palace defeat raised a few issues

8:00 am
There were a few issues that came to light in the defeat to Crystal Palace, although we played well enough to have won the game, we were ultimately undone. 

It was always going to happen and will do every now and then, that Michel Vorm and the defence are not as one. A long punt upfield caused havoc in our defence and Walker headed back to Vorm who had come into no-mans land. He has partially come out in case the striker got the ball but it did mean Walker's header then went over him towards the net. Presumably, that means Walker or the defenders didn't receive a call. He scrambled back to save the day.

The defence have to have total confidence in their keeper and the communication between them has to be excellent, just as in any other area of the field, everybody needs to know what each other is doing, it causes confusion at the back when they don't. In a separate incident, the ball flashed across our 6-yard box from a corner with suggestions that Vorm should have collected the ball. He possibly could have done, but if you give him the benefit of doubt and say he could see there was no striker anywhere near the ball, then it was safe to simply let it run out of harms way.

We then move onto Danny Rose who was excellent going forward but was making some rash decisions in defence. As for the goal, his cross-field ball was inexplicable. He is left footed which means if he hits the ball with his instep it will curl to the right, Walker, who he was aiming for, was to his left. He would have had to hit the ball perfectly for the ball to go straight, but his body was in the wrong position to do so, the ball was coming at him from the wrong angle for the pass he attempted. His execution was 30 to 40 yards out.

That throw in led to their goal, it was the root cause. He does a lot of good work but at times he makes the wrong decisions, doing so when you are under no pressure can, as we have saw, lead to a goal. The same happened to Nabil Bentaleb at Old Trafford.

Talking of Bentaleb, he was the biggest worry in the game. Defensively there wasn't a problem, even when we took Dembele off and played with one defensive midfielder defending wasn't the issue.

Last season Pochettino asked him to work on his passing and I highlighted it before the game. There were quite a few instances during the game when he didn't know what to do with the ball, several times he received it just beyond the half way line and couldn't find a pass, The result he resorted to trying to ping long balls. Switching play is part and parcel of the role, but that happens quickly. It shouldn't be a slow decision, not a last resort decision. Players were making moves for him, sometimes you have to play a ball to receive it straight back as you draw an opponent out of position and create a hole for someone to exploit. Benteleb seemed reluctant to play a forward ball that could be bounced straight back to him.

He looked short of what we require. That may have been ring rustiness although players have to perform when they come in and take their chance. He passing and decision making were suspect and he'll need to work on them.

The defeat leaves us challenging on two fronts, the defeat will hopefully give everyone a kick and remind them games have to be won, they aren't given.



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7th start for more confident Vorm

8:54 am


With an injury to club captain Hugo Lloris, Michel Vorm will play his second game in a row against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup, barring a freak injury in the warm-up.

Tottenham take on Palace and Emmanuel Adebayor on Sunday at 3 pm GMT, one of three FA Cup ties scheduled, Blackburn Rovers vs West Ham United and Chelsea vs Manchester City being the other two.

The 32-year-old (33 in October) Dutch international spoke with the club website, just as he did before the Colchester tie.

"We have a big group of players, everybody is so competitive and every game you are involved in is a joy. Playing matches is always great and the FA Cup is something special, so that only adds to the occasion. 
"Hopefully we can make it through to the next round because it's a very special competition and we want to do well in it."

He was asked before the Colchester tie: We saw squad rotation come into play at Leicester in our FA Cup replay last week (won 2-0 with Vorm in goal). How well do you think it worked?

"The strength of the squad at the moment is such that we can make changes but it doesn’t really hurt us. We’re playing so well, everybody knows their jobs very well and I know mine so full compliments to the staff. I work very well with Toni Jimenez (Goalkeeping Coach) and Hugo every day to prepare for games and you want to see results, so to have kept a clean sheet and seen us score twice last week meant everybody was happy."

Vorm has played 6 games and conceded 7 goals, keeping 1 clean sheet. he has played 3 FA Cup ties, 1 UEFA Europa League tie, 1 Premier League game and 1 League Cup tie.

  • 18 Feb Fiorentina (a) Draw 1-1 Europa League Round of 32 1st leg
  • 30 Jan Colchester United (a) Won 4-1 FA cup 4th Round
  • 20 Jan Leicester City (a) Won 2-0 FA Cup 3rd Round Replay
  • 10 Jan Leicester City (h) Draw 2-2 FA Cup 3rd Round
  • 23 Sept Arsenal (h) Lost 1-2 League Cup 3rd Round
  • 08 Aug Manchester United (a) Lost 1-0 Premier League
He is looking a safer pair of hands now than he did when he arrived. He, like Lloris when he first arrived, was making a mistake a game and didn't look very comfortable with the sweeper keeper role. he is a traditional stay at home keeper controlling his box. Now though he seems more confident in his role and was unlucky to concede during the week. Travelling backwards is the most difficult skill for a keeper and with the ball spinning into the top corner he had little chance.

he'll need to be on top of his game with a fired up Adebayor undoubtedly out to put one over on us.



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7th start for more confident Vorm 7th start for more confident Vorm Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:54 am Rating: 5

Vorm ready for Colchester

4:30 pm
Michel Vorm has had to be patient to get games for us and is the subject for discussion on Friday at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) as Utrecht try to get their percentage sell on fee out of Swansea for his transfer to us.

The Dutch international has not always looked secure between the sticks for us which can't inspire the defence with confidence. While Hugo Lloris rushed out to sweep up, Michel Vorm doesn't so the defence have to play in a different way, not an ideal scenario. Defenders have to have complete faith in their keeper and his performance against Leicester City was perhaps a step up on his performances so far.

It is a thankless task being a backup goalkeeper, you have to be ready for every game knowing you are probably not going to play, but the number one could pull a muscle or get injured during a warm up any minute. You, therefore, have to train as if you are going to play which mentally is tough to do, some outfield players can't handle it, Adebayor for one.

He played in the last round, you would expect him to play in this round as well, a game that would be his fifth of the season. Vorm has given an interview to the Official Website which you can read by following the link.



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Vorm ready for Colchester Vorm ready for Colchester Reviewed by THBlogNews on 4:30 pm Rating: 5

Vorm stories are interesting

9:00 pm
Vorm stories are interesting

The Michel Vorm stories that Everton are interested and have him on a shortlist of three are interesting. There are plenty of questions to answer. Tim Howard is the number one in poor form at Everton, would a new keeper be replacing him or a backup keeper.

Given Howards injury record a backup keeper would hardly play, rather the same as we have at Spurs. Tottenham bought Vorm after he had lost his place at Swansea and he hasn't really fitted in at the club. His style of goalkeeping isn't in keeping with our requirements. Hugo Lloris is a sweeper keeper whereas Vorm is the traditional stay at home goalkeeper, a shot stopper as opposed to an all-round goalkeeper.

He isn't getting much of a look in because when he does he either makes a mistake or quite frankly looks as if he is going to make a mistake at any time. He does not inspire confidence and, therefore, can't inspire confidence in front of him in his defenders, rather crucial for a goalkeeper.

If he decided to leave it wouldn't be a disappointing loss, there has to be many keepers who could fulfil his role equally as well. Certainly you would not want him as the long term number one, his style doesn't suit our style. That isn';t to say he is a nad keeper, he just doesn't suit our style of play and changing the ingrained habits of a goalkeeper is a lot harder than changing the habits of an outfield player. A stay at home keeper will always be a stay at home keeper.

To me he is a poorer version of Brad Friedel. he was a top goalkeeper who served us well and didn't let us down, Vorm just doesn't give that vibe.

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Vorm stories are interesting Vorm stories are interesting Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:00 pm Rating: 5

Tottenham scouting new goalkeeper

8:30 pm
The goalkeeping situation at Tottenham is currently that Spurs will not sell 28-year-old (29 in December) French international captain Hugo Lloris at any price.

Tottenham number two is 31-year-old (32 in October) Dutch international Michel Vorm, 44-year-old USA international and now Spurs US Ambassador Brad Friedel has retired, 23-year-old former Scottish Under-21 goalkeeper Jordan Archer has been released (looks like joining Millwall) while 19-year-old (20 in September) former England Under-17 keeper Luke McGee is arguable too young and inexperienced.

That all leaves Spurs needing a number three and making contingency plans jut incase things change with Lloris. We have had scouts busy in Holland, Spain and Belgium and it's in the latter of those three countries where we have been keeping tabs on a goalkeeper to fill the number three position.

A Spurs scout attended the Anderlecht vs Club Brugges game and while scouting 19-year-old striker Obbu Oulare also watched 23-year-old (24 in April) Australian international goalkeeper Mat Ryan.

We watched him play in December against Standard Liege, in the UEFA Europa League and made regularly scouting trips during the Belgian Pro League including the Club Brugge vs Charleroi in March.

Would he be a number three or would he challenge Michel Vorm for the number two slot. With the club looking at developing youth it makes sense to develop a young keeper so regardless of what happens with Lloris you would think the club would want to hang on to Vorm for the experience he can pass on. He isn't ready for the Premier League yet but what will the goalkeeping position be next summer or in 2 years and would he be ready to take over then, that's what Pochettino has to prepare for.

Liverpool are also known to be interested in the 1.81 m (5ft 11 1⁄2in) stopper and have been heavily linked with a move while Ryan himself has said he would be happy to step up to the next level should the opportunity arise. In November he signed a new four-year deal with Club Brugge.

His strengths are excellent distribution with both hands and feet, good reaction speed and he is positionally sound. His major weakness is slowness in getting down to low shots. He has the modern tendency to punch but does so a little too often, he also needs to work on parrying the ball away from the danger zone as you can see from the video below. On the plus side he does like to command his box, he reminds me a little of Paul Robinson.

We are looking to develop a sweeper keeper in the Lloris mould and Ryan has the youth and potential to possibly develop into one. He has quick reactions and gets back up quickly after making a save. Positionally he gets his angles right and is quick off his line. His distribution is superb and helped him be voted the Belgian Pro League goalkeeper of the year for 2014.

Former Club Brugge sporting director, Arnar Gretarsson doesn't think he will stay at the club much longer with the interest he is starting to attract around Europe.

"I don't see him staying for much longer at Club Brugge. I think he will move to a bigger team, possibly for next season. He definitely has the quality to play in the big three leagues."

The video below shows some of his saves from the 2014/15 season.

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Vorm No1, Yedlin by NY Times, Spurs chasing Arsenal youngster

4:30 pm

Pochettino confirms that Michel Vorm will start tomorrow

Vorm N01, Yedlin by NY Times, Spurs chasing Arsenal youngster

As expected Michel Vorm starts against Sheffield United tomorrow night. In telling Vorm early he has allowed him to relax a little and take some of the worry away from him. As far as the Capital One Cup goes he is the number one.

All goalkeepers make mistakes, even the best, indeed it is probably important that when a player comes into an arena he feels is a big stage that he makes a mistake.

We all learn from our mistakes and the feeling will stay with him, driving him to better performances so that the feeling doesn't become a regular occurrence. How you react to adversity tells you much more about a person than how they react to success.

DeAndre Yedln, by Joining Tottenham Hotspur, Swims Against Tide on U.S. Team

An article by the New York Times might not be seen by Spurs fans over here in the UK and gives a different perspective to the Yedlin story. Buying someone on the back of a World Cup is risky but we watched him also and I for one was hoping we'd get him, he stood out for his age on the biggest stage.

By no means the finished article he has massive potential and a speed that will shock a few in the Premier League. Currently he is away with the US team after a brief training stint with Spurs. He spent New Year's Eve at Harry Kane's house with some homemade food.

“We had pasta and a roast chicken that his missus made. It was fantastic.”
He moved to Spurs because he wanted to get out of his 'bubble' which shows a strong mentality, willing to take on new challenges, which means improving his game each day. That is exactly the kind of mentality I have been suggesting we need in layers over the past year so with that drive I'm sure he'll make a success of it.

Read the full article: DeAndre Yedlin

Liverpool, Spurs, Man City and Everton in for Arsenal starlet Chuba Akpom

Akpom has been with Arsenal since the age of six and he is out of contract at the end of the season. Arsenal have offered him a new three-year deal but as yet it is unsigned.

FC Twente, Borussia Dortmund, Feyenoord, Manchester City, Everton, Liverpool and Tottenham all hope he looks for pastures new.

If you'd like to read a scouting report from a year ago by RWD click the link.

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Time to support Vorm, Lloris had a dodgy start too

2:25 pm
Michel Vorm has been taking a lot of stick for the error which dumped Tottenham Hotspur out of the FA Cup but that is really only part of the story and is a little unfair.

Time to support Vorm, Lloris had a dodgy start too

For a start the game is 90 minutes long and the ten outfield players only mustered one goal between them in that time so you could start apportioning blame there if indeed blame needs to be apportioned. Christian Eriksen gave the ball away in our half and Leicester then created that shooting chance.

When Hugo Lloris arrived at Spurs he was making a mistake a game, some small, some large, often it was a distribution problem.

He played Naughton into trouble I seem to remember in the UEFA Europa League at White Hart Lane when Naughton was at left back, that resulted in a goal, he made an error against maribor, he passed the ball to Man City after 30 seconds. In one of his first games against Panathinaikos he dropped a cross when under no pressure which to me signalled a concentration issue.

Lloris has had to work at his game and improve it to now where he is one of the best, that he has done because of his mentality, because he has worked at improving his game every day. Michel Vorm is in no different a situation. Lloris had to fight to get his number one slot, Vorm now has to fight. he knows he made an error, he knows there are aspects of his game that need work. How he reacts will tell us what sort of keeper he is.

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Vorm said when he signed that he wanted to test himself at a big club before his career ends, now he has that test, now we see what he is made of. One point I would make is watch the highlights again, watch his first save after 20 seconds of the video and ask yourself what you be saying if that were Hugo Lloris making that save? It was a save out of the top drawer and saved Spurs from going 1-0 down. He was going the wrong way and had to dive back the way he had come which is difficult.

A mistake yes but Spurs fans stood behind Lloris during his dodgy start, time to stand behind |Michel Vorm.

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