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Negredo's in England

2:25 pm

Álvaro Negredo has arrived in England for talks with Hull. If he signs for them by tonight, he might be eligible to play for them in our game against them. And if he signs for them, I'll eat my hat.

Real Madrid have apparently accepted a bid of around £12 million for him.

The tanned Phil Brown was a guest on Sky Sports on Sunday morning. He wore a pink sweater that was wrapped around his neck and sounded pretty confident of signing "the wild animal".

And you all know how it goes; you can see it now, "Negredo scores on his debut!"

PS. Phil, you've got to work on that tan mate, it's fading.
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It looks like Crouch will be joining us

11:40 am
The scenario being played out at the moment with both Harry Redknapp and Jermain Defoe sending love sonnets to Peter Crouch can only mean a deal is on the cards.

I thought we would end up with Crouch, I just didn't think it would be this soon.

Harry himself said that he was after 2 or 3 players that could add class to our current squad. If that statement meant anything at all, can someone please explain to me then, how, and in what way Peter Crouch can accomplish this?

We're apparently waiting on Huntelaar to decide if he wants to join us not. Let's hope Crouch is plan B and the option of signing Huntelaar is plan A.

Hell, I'd even want Negredo, a player that's never played in the Prem, above Crouch.

With all this business about us being linked with strikers, I think it's pretty obvious either Bent, Pavlyuchenko, or both will be on their way.

If we hear another word from Harry on Crouch, expect it to be a done deal.

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Is Harry telling us fibs?

7:34 am
So then, Harry's gone on record and said that he knows nothing about the Negredo deal.

Hmm. I remember him saying the exact same thing when asked about Cudicini.

Still, he could actually be telling the truth. To be honest with you, I hope he is. If the reports that we'll be spending £15+ million on him are accurate, then I'd rather keep the cash in my pocket, or spend it on Huntelaar (that's if he's interested in joining us).

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Alvaro Negredo

3:22 pm
Álvaro Negredo Sánchez, aka Negredo, could be our first signing according to L'Equipe (you can view the article here - but you'll need to know a thing or two about the French language).

What do we know about this player? Well, we know that he's never played for Real Madrid's first-team before. We also know that he'll be 24 in August and that he scores a goal in about every 3 games.

If anyone can shed anymore light on the player that is supposedly signing for us for approximately £16 million, please let all of us know.

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