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A fitting send off for the old stadium, no Sol Campbell!

12:30 pm



Quite rightly former centre-back Sol Campbell has not been invited by the club to the White Hart Lane farewell.

It would not be fitting for someone who stitched the club up to be invited to the final game at the old stadium, which will be against Manchester United on 14th may at 4:30 pm. It wasn't just that he left for Arsenal, it was the way he left that we Spurs fans of that era can't accept.

Campbell predicted Arsenal would beat Spurs at the weekend, rather shows how out of touch he is, Spurs have clearly been the better side for two seasons now.

Ex-Spurs manager George Graham has been invited and he is heavily associated with Arsenal so the snub can clearly be seen to be against Campbell and not Arsenal, if anyone was in any doubt. Graham won the League Cup with us in 1998-99 when we beat Leicester City 1-0.

Spanish boss Juande Ramos, who won the League Cup as our manager in 2007-08 when we beat Chelsea 2-1 after extra-time, has also been invited.

Harry Redknapp, Glenn Hoddle, Terry Venables, David Pleat, Paul Gascoigne and Gareth Bale are all expected to attend.

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A fitting send off for the old stadium, no Sol Campbell! A fitting send off for the old stadium, no Sol Campbell! Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

Impressive WHL record goes on

6:00 pm

Tottenham Hotspur at home this season have certainly made White Hart Lane a fortress in our last season there. The victory over Southampton made it 10 wins on the trot at home.


The two draws came against Liverpool and Leicester City. The result means we remain the only unbeaten team at home in the Premier League. Bradford City in League One are unbeaten at home, they have had 8 wins and 12 draws. Doncaster Rovers in League Two have won 13 and drawn 6, losing none of their home games either. Congratulations to both sides.

Our impressive stats 
Goals: 35 
Conceded: 8 
Clean sheets: 9

Former Arsenal centre-half called our performance outstanding in the first-half and professional in the second. Even former Arsenal striker Alan Smith in commentary has become complimentary about us.

Dele Alli fired home his 14th Premier League goal of the season to double our lead, he has also scored 1 in the UEFA Champions League and 2 in the FA Cup. I think we can safely say he is no one season wonder!
Impressive WHL record goes on Impressive WHL record goes on Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:00 pm Rating: 5

White Kop Lane

11:34 am

What did you make of the Kop-style stand? To be honest, I was fairly annoyed with it at first, but it's definitely begun to grow on me.

I'm no architect, so I can't really comment on the acoustics that the new ground will create, but it looks as though KSS (the projects architects) and Levy are pretty adamant that the noise circulating around the stadium will be ferocious.

Taking a look at the above image, it looks as though they've stuck to their guns and made the stands incredibly close to the pitch, which, as we all know, new stadium designers aren't too fond of.

Does anyone have have the slightest inkling on how long it will take for planning permission of this magnitude to be given? I've heard rumours that it could be anywhere from 3-15 months, which really does narrow it down.

Whatever happens, it looks as though Daniel Levy & Joe Lewis are confident that the new Lane will be finalised by the 2015/2016 season. Let's hope they've counted their pennies, as stadia projects like this one don't come cheap.

Arsenal have never recovered from the £390 million investment in the Emirates stadium. The two clowns that run Liverpool thought about building a new stadium, but then realised the cost and pulled out.

I sort of have faith in Levy though. The guy has proved that he's a shrewd businessman and when the chips are down, he has the nack of turning things around.
White Kop Lane White Kop Lane Reviewed by PoshSpur on 11:34 am Rating: 5
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