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Snippets Janssen, N'Koudou, Saliba, Alderweireld, Edwards, Onomah

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Snippets Janssen, N'Koudou,Saliba, Alderweireld, Edwards, Onomah


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Marcus Edwards is not at training, he is looking for a new club. His recent interview did suggest he still hasn't sorted his mentality out yet. He was still blaming others and not taking responsibility for his own failure to progress. That shouts that he still feels he is entitled as opposed to having to fight for a place by working hard, constantly improving and taking a chance when it is offered.

Josh Onomah, the other youngster with mentality problems and is also not training. He is also looking for another club. His attitude was patently obvious when he seemed to be going through the motions for us. He wasn't of course but that shouted that he had stopped improving and thought he had made it.

This is a huge problem when youngsters get more money than most people earn, the motivation goes, they feel they can go through the motions or believe they have the skill so just need to train, rather than constantly strive to improve. That constant striving and doing what it takes to achieve it is what a winning mentality is all about.

Those with a winning mentality understand and can see the difference, those without one don't see it, they think trying to win games is a winning mentality, it isn't.

This is why people like Alisdair Gold and his fellow journalists simply don't know what they are talking about when they try and venture into coaching areas and matters.

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou and Vincent Janssen again are both not training, they are looking for new clubs.

Anderlecht can't possibly afford anywhere near the wages Janssen is on at Tottenham and although he has turned down Mexican side Monterrey, they are still pursuing him so it isn't impossible he could still go there. They are the biggest side in Mexico and are watched more than teams in the MLS.

Spurs are struggling to shift N'Koudou, again, because of his wages, nobody wants to pay anywhere near what he is on and he clearly doesn't want to drop his wages too much. He has put money over his career and that too shows you a lack of a winning mentality.

Tottenham have outbid Arsenal for William Saliba because we do not want to loan him back to Saint-Étienne, while Arsenal would. They can't agree on how to pay for him while we wish to tie up a deal in a day for him.

Arsenal have apparently now matched our offer. We will speak with Saliba today and outline our plans for him and the project we are engaged in. If he wants to join us and we are convinced he wants to join us, then we will have a meeting with Saint-Étienne and push hard to sign him quickly so he can join pre-season training.

Our offer does not include a loan back whereas Arsenal's does.

Roma cannot afford Toby Alderweireld as I speculated earlier in a previous article. They wanted him for £10.79 million (€12m - $13.53m), under half his release fee and we want the full amount.

The contract offer to him has been removed after his meeting with Pochettino and Levy yesterday and his desire to leave. He will either depart or run down his contract as a squad player.

If he stays, this will be his third season on low wages, having refused our offer each season. He has cost himself £9.88 million (€11.02m - $12.42m) so far and another £4.94 million (€5.51m - $6.21m) next season, if he stays.

That's a grand total of £14.62 million (€16.31m - $18.38m) plus bonuses for being greedy. He was a cheap purchase, he cost us £14 million (€15.62m - $17.60m) in total so we have certainly had our money's worth out of him.


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The Importance of selling Georges-Kevin N'Koudou

10:30 am

The Importance of selling Georges-Kevin N'Koudou

It's important for Spurs to tie up the sale of Georges-Kevin N'Koudou quickly

Transfer Talk

The importance of selling Georges-Kevin N'Koudou can't be overstated.

If Fenerbahçe Sporting Director Damien Comolli, who is in London negotiating now, can reach an agreement over a fee for 23-year-old (24 next February) French winger Georges-Kevin N'Koudou and perhaps for 24-year-old (25 next June) Dutch international striker Vincent Janssen, then Spurs will have created a space to sign a non-homegrown player.

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou, who has an unsuccessful loan spell at Burnley last season while Vincent Janssen broke his leg when on loan at Turkish Super Lig side Fenerbahçe.

Currently, we have our full quota and thus need to move a, or some, non-homegrown players out before we can bring signings in.

I have spoken before about preparing yourself for a transfer window. You can't make early signings if you have no available slots, otherwise buying clubs can then hold you to ransom over fees, knowing you are forced to sell or have someone ineligible to play in the Premier League.

Fans call for players to be paid high wages, the problem with that is that you then limit who you can sell players to, most clubs would want to pay players deemed a failure at Spurs lower wages, which makes selling them extremely difficult.


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Turkish News - Terms agreed for Georges-Kévin Nkoudou

6:49 pm

Turkish News - Terms agreed for Georges-Kévin Nkoudou

Is Georges-Kevin N'Koudou

Georges-Kévin Nkoudou

Damien Comolli is the new Sporting Director at Turkish club Fenerbahçe and he has immediately gone back to Tottenham for players.

Fenerbahçe have agreed terms with 23-year-old (24 next February) Georges-Kévin Nkoudou, who spent last season on loan at Burnley.

They are also trying to sign 24-year-old (25 next June) striker Vincent Janssen on another season-long loan deal.

Fenerbahçe are chasing injury prone 28-year-old (29 in September) Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge who is thought to be available for £13.18 million (€15m). Inter Milan and Sevilla are said to be the only other two clubs interested in him.


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Has N'Koudou shown Pochettino enough in training to stay?

12:30 pm

What is the future of Georges-Kevin N'Koudou at Tottenham under Mauricio Pochettino?

Vincent Janssen looked dead and buried as a Spurs player but has changed his mentality on the training pitch and now looks set to stay. Mousa Dembele was put on the bench for a season and had to change his mentality.

To play for Pochettino is very simple, you have to totally buy into his method of very hard work, meticulous training as to where to be on the pitch, how to move off the ball, how to block passing channels, how to press and learn what every other player is doing as well. In short you need to have an intelligent footballing brain and an ability to take direction in.

If a player wants to be the best he can be then he has to put everything into training every day, not just go through the motions putting in 90% to maintain a level. That isn't the mentality of a winning team, thus it isn't a component you want in your squad.

As a coach you set a standard and everyone MUST abide by that standard. My school represented Kent in the nationals and during practice nights or lunchtime class tournaments I always maintained I don't care about an individuals ability, just give me players who will work hard. As a sweeper and someone who stayed at the back who could read a game, I gave direction and with a responsive team we were able to consistently beat teams with more skillful players.

If you have a player who is skilled and works hard then you have a player who can go a long way. The same principle applies in professional sport. It is the dedication and graft off the field that allows on the field performances like we see from Harry Kane, Dele Alli or Harry Winks this season.

A coach can see if you are giving it 100% every day to improve themselves, you have to show him you can be trusted. All players DO NOT put in that basic requirement of 100%. Georges-Kevin N'Koudou was open and honest about it in the same way Mousa Dembele was after Pochettino's first season.

Winners do not make excuses, they take responsibility so the quotes in L'Equipe from N'Koudou were refreshing and endorsed that.

 “I was the problem. Of course it was difficult not to play, especially for someone like me who loves football, but there comes a time when you need to stop making excuses. I spoke about it with my family. I learnt what I was missing. I wasn’t strong enough mentally. 
“I was nearly like a child, in a cocoon. I had it easy. I found a lot of answers here, especially thanks to Moussa Dembélé, who told me: “You have the talent, you have everything, but you need to work hard here”. When I dribble past someone, he didn’t cheer, but when I pressed hard, he would tell me “That’s it, that’s good!”
“And when the best player you’ve played with, a guy who has everything, both feet, the physicality, the technique, tells you that, you listen. After that, a lot of people helped me: Rose, Walker, Kane and others. And my two big brothers Moussa Sissoko and Hugo Lloris.
“I want to impose myself, yes. I know I can.”

How much has he improved his mentality towards training? Only Pochettino can tell us that one and I guess we'll see in the summer if he believes the talent N'Koudou has will come out next season.

There is always someone else, so you either have the right mentality to strive to improve and work at 100% or you are replaced with someone else who wants it more than you do. Success or failure on a personal level is totally down to the individual, nobody else is to blame.

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N'Koudou - I wasn’t strong enough mentally

11:16 am

N'Koudou understands he has been the problem

Player after player has spoken about mentality this season yet still some supporters can't understand it is not just the basis that creates a players skill in the first place, but what keeps talking them to the next level. With the right mentality Cristiano Ronaldo would not have put in the work he did at Manchester United and Gareth Bale wouldn't have improved himself like he did at Tottenham.

Harry Kane admits he wouldn't be the player he is now without his mental attitude, it has been a hard slog to get where he is.

Players don't just suddenly wake up one day and there is a new piece of skill in their repertoire, they have to have the mental determination to knuckle down and learn something new, to experiment, not just go through the steps and do what they always do, as Mousa Dembele used to do.

It is to Dembele that Georges-Kevin N'Koudou has turned to for advice as well as his family he told the Evening Standard.

“I spoke about it with my family. I learnt what I was missing. I wasn’t strong enough mentally. I was nearly like a child, in a cocoon. I had it easy. 
“I found a lot of answers here, especially thanks to Mousa Dembélé, who told me: ‘You have the talent, you have everything, but you need to work hard here’. 
“When I dribble past someone, he didn’t cheer, but when I pressed hard, he would tell me ‘That’s it, that’s good!’ 
“And when the best player you’ve played with, a guy who has everything, both feet, the physicality, the technique, tells you that, you listen. After that, a lot of people helped me: Rose, Walker, Kane and others. And my two big brothers Moussa Sissoko and Hugo Lloris.”

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Thauvin for N'Koudou?

3:09 pm


RMC Sport is a private French-Monégasque radio station broadcasting from France with studios in Paris and Monte Carlo. They have reported that  Tottenham have renewed our interest in Newcastle United flop Florian Thauvin, now at Olympique de Marseille.

The 24-year-old (25 next January) former French Under-21 winger was the subject of interest from us before he joined Newcastle United (then in the Premier League) on 19 August 2015 when he signed a five-year deal, for a reported fee of £15 million (€17.93m - AUS$25.48m - US$19.19m).

On 31 January 2016, Newcastle United announced Thauvin would return to Olympique de Marseille on loan for the rest of the season. In July last year, Thauvin held talks with Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez and the pair agreed on another season-long loan at the French club. There is a clause in that loan deal that gives Olympique de Marseille the option to make the deal permanent this summer for £9.8 million (€11.71m - AUS$16.64m - US$12.54m).

Pochettinio is reported to have asked the opinion of Marcelo Bielsa, whose style of play has influenced Pochettino tremendously. Bielsa once claimed Thauvin was one of the best players he had ever worked with when he was head coach of Olympique de Marseille.

RMC report Spanish side Valencia and Italian side Inter Milan are both interested in him and they we have spoken to his entourage to sound out the idea of a move back to England. Current Olympique de Marseilles coach Franck Passi would like to keep him but perhaps we have a carrot in Georges-Kevin N'Koudou.

Do we keep him, have we decided he doesn't have the desire to turn potential into ability? If we decide to let him leave then returning him to the Mediterranean coast club in exchange for Thauvin could be an option.

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Who in their right mind would keep Sissoko?

7:00 pm


Soccer Souls have shown their complete lack of understanding of the game again by suggesting that Mauricio Pochettino should give more chances to Moussa Sissoko, who clearly doesn't want to be at Spurs, Vincent Janssen, who started against Watford and missed an absolute sitter and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou who isn't good enough for a team in second place in the Premier League.

Why would you want to weaken your team by picking Moussa Sissoko, who has offered virtually nothing and whose agent is to have talks with the club to devise an exit strategy for his client? There is absolutely no point in trying to develop a player you don't want.

The author suggests Moussa Sissoko DESERVES another year a Tottenham, he or she must be the only person on the planet who does. He hasn't shown the technical skill needed to play our passing game. As we are paying a fee for each season he is with the club it makes far more sense to offload him for £17 million and get our money back. There are better players than him out there.

Vincent Janssen has flopped in the manner in which Roberto Soldado flopped and sentiment has no place in football. The fans like him because he works hard, but the bottom line is it is his job to score goals, that is the criteria he must be judged on. One goal from open play in a season is not a reason to keep a player.

If a player can't show you something in a whole season, then if you want to win trophies you have to send them packing and bring in someone else. Yes they may take time to settle but they can't do worse than offer you no goal threat in the manner than Janssen does.

The third player we bought for the future I'm sure. We knew he wasn't the finished article when we bought him, which could be argued of Janssen too. The website says he is expected to be sent out on loan next season which is complete rubbish. Pochettino doesn't send out first team players he wants on loan, he only sends out those the club can attach a compulsory purchase clause to that gets activated after a set number of games. We loan out players to get rid of them, not to develop them for us.

Pochettino has also made it clear in several press conferences that he feels young players are better served staying at Tottenham to learn his good habits rather than go on loan to another club and pick up their bad habits. That has been the policy since he arrived with youngsters.

Unless he is showing something in training, in which case he would be getting more cameo appearances, then as a coach you have to make a tough call.  The website say N'Koudou will probably come good in the next few years, for which there isn't any evidence.

How long do you wait for a player to improve? We waited 2 season for Lamela to show something and we have hardly seen him this season either. You can't keep too many players like that in the squad.

It is not the role of a football coach to make a success of everybody, only of the team. Sometimes you have to let a player go so he can develop at his own pace elsewhere, even then, as a better player he may still not be good enough to be in a squad challenging for Premier League titles each season.

You have to set a standard and it is up to the player to improve to reach that standard, some simply don't have the internal motivation and drive to be the player we might want them to be. In that case you let them go.

Mentality is everything in top level sport and clogging a squad up with Mr Average players who haven't shown the application needed at the highest level is madness, a road to continued failure.

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In the £10 to £1,000 Challenge I have set myself stands at £52.50

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Nantes want N'Koudou

6:43 am


N'Koudouhas yet to make his mark at Spurs

There seem to be many people, especially journalists for our national newspapers, that don't realise why a player is bought and that to play the way Mauricio Pochettino wants a player to play takes time to learn.

Speculation has started that Georges-Kevin N'Koudou will return to France in the summer because he has flopped at Spurs. He wasn't bought as the finished article, he was bought to develop and become a better player than when he arrived.

The 21-year-old (22 in a few days) was bought with the future in mind from Marseille and given he has to adapt to the English game and more specifically the Pochettino system, it is no surprise to me that he has hardly figured, I didn't expect him to.

The Daily Mirror are reporting that Lique 1 side Nantes would like to take N'Koudou back to where it all began for him, he made 40 appearances for them before his £1.28 million (€1.5m - AUS$2.1m - US$1.6m) move in June 2015.

He cost Spurs £9.35 million (€10.95m - AUS$15.34m - US$11.7m) on the final day of the transfer window after he had been stuck in a London hotel for a month waiting for Marseille to allow the move amid their financial difficulties and club sale.

Time and time again we hear about players who have struggled at clubs when they have missed pre-season training so judging him is difficult. It is something Pochettino will have to do though by the end of the season.

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Georges-Kevin N'Koudou

5:00 pm

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou attacks the Aston Villa defence

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou joined Spurs for £9.25 million, a reduction from the £11 million agreed at the beginning of the window. That was reduced because Marseille failed to release him and that month affects his preparations, his fitness and the impact on us therefore, for the remainder of the season.

Soccer Souls have given three reason why he should be sent on loan to Roma and tell us that 'Since arriving the White Hart Lane from Marseille in the summer transfer window for £11million, the 21-year-old has played only 36 minutes of Premier League football and started just a League Cup game in all his 11 appearances across all competitions.'

They give the three reasons as:
  1. He won't break into the first-team
  2. He is turning into another Clinton N'jie
  3. Early sign are not encouraging, he is often a sub

He was bought to develop, not be an instant first-team player. cameos are how you bring a young player along so gradually they become less overawed and then start to produce. he has to learn a new system, which takes a side a year to learn in a new country when he doesn't speak the language.

21-year-old (22 in February) is young for a footballer in the Premier League. Not long ago a player would have to be 25 or 26 before he really got a chance over here where results are of paramount importance. We have developed a young policy and are changing that, other clubs now seem to be introducing more youngsters, by design or by accident since our success with them.


It should be remembered that he missed pre-season training, spending a month in a London hotel waiting for Marseille to give the green light amid the clubs sale. marseille refused to let him train so he has to catch up on his fitness and attain the fitness levels that Mauricio Pochettino demands. That takes away from learning the system and exactly how Pochettino wants him to play within that system. To do that he has to learn a new style and new skills, all while not understanding the language his teammates are talking.

We live in a now, now, now society, but that isn't how life is. Just as we are building a stadium, building a club, building a mentality, building a playing style, building a squad, building a youth conveyor belt, we are building players.

Again and again we are seeing players taking at least a couple of months to learn our system well enough to start to play in it. Every signing isn't bought for an immediate impact, we need the now, but we need the future and continual development too. To get value that means buying some players before they have developed, otherwise they simply become too expensive for where we are financially now.

Get off the guys back and give him time.

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Why did N'Koudou not use his pace?

5:00 pm

It was a throwback to the Lennon years, a player with great pace and not once did N'Koudou knock the ball past his man and take him on. he had to keep dropping too deep the get the ball from davies who offered little going forward.

He kept turning back and playing the possession game. He was ineffective and will learn more from that game than he did against Gillingham. The 21-year-old (22 next February) Frenchman was always going to need time to get fit after having no pre-season and then would have to adjust to our style of play and the greater physicality and speed of the Premier League, after only just having broken into the French league.

It is unfortunate a slip deep in our own half from him led to Liverpool scoring the first goal. We have to forget his age and say this is the level we want you playing at. It is up to him to work to play to that level, if you lower your standards to accommodate a player then you lower the standards of the whole team.

This is why I reaffirm that football is a ruthless game where you do not accept second best. You acknowledge it and work on improving each day. That sound simply but without the right mentality is impossible to do, hence players like N'jie stagnate. Yes he was injured but the the remaining half of the season he was fit he wasn't showing Pochettino enough where you have to show it, in training. Do that and you'll get your chance.

The plan was for Moussa Sissoko to play but a 3-game ban put paid to that so N'Koudou was drafted in. He took part in some decent passing football from us. We were creating outside the box, Janssen was playing some lovely touches, but the next leg of the play was then not up to the level of the approach play.

There is ability there in N'Koudou clearly and in Pochettino we have the right man to tease it out.

Why did N'Koudou not use his pace? Why did N'Koudou not use his pace? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5

N'koudou will be used as an impact sub

12:30 pm

Georges-Kevin N'koudou arrived at Tottenham after spending a month in a hotel and not training, thus when he did eventually join us he had not had a pre-season and that has affected better players than him at clubs.

Not speaking any English doesn't help his situation, you can't integrate easily if you don't know what everyone is saying. The bond players have helps them perform for one another so the quicker he can learn the language the better.

"He's not 100 per cent at the level we want him. He's very young and he needs to work a lot to arrive at his best. It's true that for the way we want to use him now, it's perfect for him to be on the bench and make an impact as he did against CSKA. 
"I'm very positive on the injured players. I need to assess them tomorrow, but I'm very positive. Today, they are all at the same level, with Harry [Kane] a bit behind. We are very positive on them. 
"He's [Kane] very positive. The scan was very positive and the expectation is that he can be available before we expect."

N'koudou will be used as an impact sub N'koudou will be used as an impact sub Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

N'Koudou confirms initial promise

10:30 am
N'Koudou confirms initial promise

One pleasing aspect from the game last night was the confirmation of initial thoughts after the Gillingham game when I suggested that Georges-Kevin N'Koudou looked a better prospect than Clinton Njie after only 30 minutes of football. I think his performance last night confirmed that.

When he came on against CSKA he immediately skipped past players and caused them problems, plus his pace was allowing him to sprint back and cover when we were in danger of being over;loaded. His display was highly encouraging and he looks a certainty to start the next League Cup tie against Liverpool now.

His pace is a weapon that we can bring on in games in the second half to exploit space, tired minds and tired legs.

"We tried to find more mobility in our offensive position. It is for that reason we changed Vincent for N'Koudou, to have more pace down the sides."

N'Koudou confirms initial promise N'Koudou confirms initial promise Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

N'Koudou already looks better than Njie

10:30 am

Vincent Janssen was determined to join Tottenham, he turned down Wolfsburg and PSG, West Ham and others insisting he wanted to join Mauricio Pochettino. It seems he was not the only player with his heart set on a move to Spurs.

Flying winger Georges-Kevin N'Koudou spent weeks in a London hotel room to force through his move to Tottenham. There were a lot of red herrings around the transfer with the usual misplaced blame game by the anti-Spurs set with our own supporters.

The problem was always at the Marseille end as anyone who followed the local French press would know. Now N'Koudou's former teammates at Marseille have revealed that he told them he was leaving if the manager was staying. The manager stayed and M'Koudou's agent arranged the Spurs move which Marseille tried to stall to force him to stay. His answer to that it seems was to travel to London and stay there.

In his brief appearance in the League Cup victory against Gillingham, he arguably showed more in 30 minutes than Clinton Njie showed in his time at Spurs. Njie played one cross from the right to lay on a goal and N'Koudou played a very similar ball when we broke from a Gillingham corner.

To me he looks a better prospect with more about his game than simply speed. It will be good to see him against stronger opposition when he is more match fit, perhaps against Liverpool in the next round.

N'Koudou already looks better than Njie N'Koudou already looks better than Njie Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Lopez, N'Koudou

9:00 pm


The photo above shows why we had to have a change of mentality at Tottenham, a group of players who generally were not winners, who went through the motions of doing what they always did. As a player at a Top 4 club you should be striving to improve your game all the time.

Mauricio Pochettino has certainly worked his wonders with some of the squad and we now have a squad stronger than when the window started. This should be an exciting season and one that certainly has a positive feel to it.

Pau Lopez is away on Spanish Under-21 duty at the moment but if you want the lowdown on our third choice keeper and future number one is he progresses how we hope, then the link below to the official Spurs website with an article from our former striker Terry Gibson will give you an insight.

If you want the lowdown on our new signing from France, Georges-Kevin N'Koudou then again the official Spurs website is the place to go for a view from Damien Degorre, a respected journalist with French newspaper L'Equipe.

Lopez, N'Koudou Lopez, N'Koudou Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:00 pm Rating: 5

Spurs seek and get permission

5:00 pm


For Kevin Georges_N'Koudou to train Tottenham have had to seek the permission of Marseille, as he is still a Marseille player, even though to all intensive purposes they have sold him. He is already budgeted as sold and the previous president Vincent Lebrune had to guarantee certain player sales before the end of the window, Michy Batshuayi being another one.

Now from the out side we can only report what the French are saying and the impression is that, while their are changes in management, as we knew was going to happen, at Marseille, this transfer has to go through. The arguments have all been over payment structure and we have secured a reduction in fee because the player isn't fit, he hasn't been training with Marseille.

Gym work, running, non ball work does not get you match fit, it merely maintains a level of fitness from which you need a pre-season to get yourself fully fit. You can see that from our first game against Everton when the players who had only had two weeks training were poor, they weren't yet match fit.

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou is in the same boat, he now needs his pre-season and a few cameo appearances to get fit, the trouble is the season has started and there are no friendly games, Under-21 games are nothing like senior team games so even they can only take him so far.

French paper L'Equipe inform us thta N'Koudou is doing ball-free work to begin to build his fitness levels since Wednesday and that N'Koudou has already signed a contract.

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N'Koudou, CNBC, Tielemans, Balotelli,

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The deal for 21-year-old (22 next February) Marseille winger Georges-Kevin N'Koudou is once again expected to go through. He isn't a player many Spurs fans know much about having had only one season in the French league. This article from Get French Football News will give you an insight into his strengths and weaknesses.

US PL TV viewership Game Week 1 on CNBC - Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur 376,000 which is 26,000 more than the Manchester City game.

Tottenham linked Youri Tielemans, the 19-year-old (20 next May) attacking midfielder with Anderlecht has said the stories that Jose Mourinho have phoned him are a lie. "Mourinho has never called me. It's a lie." That didn't stop our press suggesting it, they do love a bit of fiction to create a story.

According to reports in Italy Jose Mourinho has recommended Mario Balotelli to drop down a division to rebuild his career. A player with plenty of talent but not the mentality to go with it. If ever there was an example of how talent is simply not enough, then he demonstrates it. You can survive when all is going well, but as soon as it isn't you become a liability. His game has gone to pieces and he is struggling to find a club who will take him.

The Sun inform us that Jose Mourinho has strong links with Championship side Wolves because his close friend and agent Jorge Mendes has sold 20% of his company, Gestifute, to the Wolves new owners, the Chinese investment firm Fosun International. Gestifute own part of the economic rights to Tottenham target Rafa Silva.

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Stupid comments from ex Arsenal Diaby

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Former Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby has come up with some stupid comments about teammate Georges-Kevin N'Koudou.

"It’s a matter of ownership. We would like to have him back with us because last year he showed tremendous things. It’s a bit unfortunate. 
‘I never saw this [at Arsenal]. It’s a shame he’s young but he needs to train. The sooner this is done, the better for him."

He is owned by Marseille, there is nothing stopping him training with Marseille, they are the ones who have prevented him training, not Tottenham. The latest reports suggest a deal has been agreed and Clinton Njie will be going in the other direction.

Get French Football have a nice article on the strengths and weaknesses of Georges-Kevin N'Koudou.
  1. Clinton N'Jie will join Marseille on loan with an obligatory €7m buy clause & a 50% sell-on fee from Tottenham Hotspur. (L'Équipe)

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Everton game shows Levy is right over N'Koudou

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The performance of Kane and the European Championship players rather backs up the point I was making about Georges-Kevin N'Koudou being unfit and in effect faulty goods. A comment asked on an article about this point asked whether Harry Kane was faulty goods having had only 2 weeks training.

Well, the performance of Kane and the Euros boys against Everton answered that question. Until they are properly match fit then yes they are in effect faulty goods. They are not operating to their maximum, they are being eased into match fitness with playing time. You'll remember after the European Under-21 Championships last summer Kane was off colour at the start of last season.

N'Koudou, using Kane as a guideline, would need at least 3 weeks to get fit fir the season if he were signed now. He isn't, therefore, worth his maximum price of £11.11-million and we are doing the right thing offering half that amount, whether Mitchell like it or not.

Eric Dier came off for that reason, not because he was worse than Wanyama, he wasn't, he was performing to the standard we need, but he could only do it for an hour, not 90 minutes.

Hugo Lloris pulled a hamstring. That could have happened at any time but muscle injuries occur more frequently when a player is fatigued, that's why we manage game time. We have a medical team who assess when a player is likely to have an injury and we give them a rest until they come out of the danger one, then they get put back in the firing line.

Every player is different. On one we need to get players up to speed and on the other hand we need people like Vincent Janssen playing to give us the energy and sharpness others are missing. It is a balancing act and during it, you hope to win games, we drew.

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N'Koudou - we all like a good farce

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As we know Georges-Kevin N'Koudou has only been doing gym work and with the season started he hasn't had a pre-season. he isn't going to be fit for a while. There is no point us paying £11.11-million for a player who isn't fit.

Franck Passi is the manager of Marseille and he has revealed that Marseille have budgeted for his sale this window.  The French club need outgoings before they can bring anyone in.

They thought they had a deal that would have netted them a £5.19-million profit, money they could then invest in the squad. Had Marseille had N'Koudou training then the deal may well have gone through by now. As it is he is in a London hotel, not training and getting more unfit as the weeks pass. He is not in the Marseille squad for the Toulouse game, where a player in this country would be playing, unless he were trying to force a move.

Lassana Diarra has been offered to clubs (including ourselves) to try and get him off the wage list despite being made captain. He isn't keen on staying. Everything about Marseille seems to be about saving money and raising money from transfers. If Diarra leaves a loan or free player is expected to come in, that's who their sporting director has been targeting.

They need to male or save money, thus us new terms don't suit them at all, they suit us, which the French press seem to be surprised by. The player isn't the player we tried to buy. It took the French so long to sort Njie out that they are now trying to sell us a player who has only done gym work and has had no pre-season. If he joined he'd have to have one which is going to take a month. You saw the game against Everton and how after 2 weeks the players aren't really ready.

I don't for a minute see a loan deal with purchase option unless it is at a drastically reduced fee, similar to the fee they want to pay for Njie, whose wages we would still have to partially cover. We must still be talking or N'Koudou wouldn't still be in a London hotel. The fact that Njie is training with us and thereby maintaining fitness simply puts us in a stronger position over price.

In effect, with N'Koudou not being fit, he is in effect faulty goods. Marseille can't do anything until they offload players and wages, we are thus in a strong bargaining position which puts more pressure on with each day that passes.

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Would you have the gall to call N'Koudou a 'marquee' signing

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Football Insider tell us a 'marquee signing' is on the brink of collapse and then only report on the Georges-Kevin N'Koudou deal. Hands up how many of you consider N'Koudou a marquee signing?

No hands, no I thought not. We are constantly told these articles are from someone who used to work in the newspaper industry, which isn't something to boast about considering how dishonest the press are.

When you write a player most people have never heard of is a marquee signing you loose all credibility, making mistakes is one thing, we all do that, I do that. I don't mind a creative headline, but perhaps someone can explain how N'Koudou can be considered a marquee signing?

Gareth bale is a marquee signing, Paul Pogba is a marquee signing, players with a high standing in the game, a kid nobody has heard of might be a marquee signing for a league two club, not a Premier League club and especially not one that finishes third.

Unfortunately, this is how our dishonest press operate. They blatantly lie to us, blatantly invent transfer stories, they Blatantly invent non-existent links between clubs so they can peddle us crap stories that any reasonable fan who knows anything about the transfer policy of their club know to be complete codswallop.

Why can't the press operate as decent human beings instead of devious ones?

Would you have the gall to call N'Koudou a 'marquee' signing Would you have the gall to call N'Koudou a 'marquee' signing Reviewed by THBlogNews on 1:30 pm Rating: 5
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