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We want his kind at The Lane

The Sun reported that Harry's interested in signing Club Brugge defender Vadis Odjidja. The red-top's article wasn't too enlightening either. Apparently, we're lining up a £5 million bid for him.

The Sun got it wrong in saying that he's a defender. Odjidja is a defensive midfielder. Whenever I've seen him play, he's deployed just in front of the back four and he's fairly adequate at getting stuck into the oppositions face and break up play.

He's strong for his age (20), although his passing could improve and he's quick. From what I've seen of him, he needs to mentally toughen up a bit, but that'll come with time. The lad's built like the proverbial brick-house; the trick is to get him to act like one.

If there's any truth in this story and we do end up bringing Odjidja in, he could become a success. I say 'could', because he's not a great traveller. He moved to Hamburg last year and had a bit of a bad time adjusting to life in Germany. Martin Jol didn't play him either, which, didn't really help the lads confidence.

He's by no means the finished article, but I would value him at £5 million on the few occasions I've seen him play.

If we had the cash, I would go all out for Moussa Sissoko. I've had the pleasure of seeing him in action a lot this season and although his team, Toulouse, aren't playing that well, he's been in great form. If France beat Ireland in the World-Cup play-off, expect this lad to shine at the World Cup.

Last I read, Toulouse wanted £18 million for him. If he does as expected at the World Cup, his fee could rise considerably.
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