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Spurs pull plug on McGee deal so is Lopez deal dead?

10:30 am


The deal for 22-year-old (23 in September) Pau Lopez from Espanyol looks to be at a stalemate at the moment with the two clubs unable to agree a fee. Having seen him at first hand we ant a reduction in the original price and will be facing paying half a million if we can't agree.

Youngster Like McGee will be returning to parent club Spurs when his loan expires on 30 June.

The 21-year-old (22 in September) was on loan at Peterborough United last season and was magnificent for them. They looked at signing him permanently and then at a second season long loan option, but Tottenham have pulled the plug on any deal until August.

That rather suggests he is going to be needed as the number three at Tottenham next season and thus Lopez returning to the Barcelona based LaLiga side.

Peterborough director of football Barry Fry believes Spurs will sell McGee leaving our third spot open, which would then still have to be filled this summer. His opinion givs hope a Lopez deal may be resurrected.

“Spurs will probably sell McGee, but it won’t be until August, so we’ve moved on and identified somebody else. The Premier League club we’re talking to are waiting to sign a goalkeeper themselves, then it’ll happen.”

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Spurs pull plug on McGee deal so is Lopez deal dead? Spurs pull plug on McGee deal so is Lopez deal dead? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

No to Sturridge, not worth £40m and the genuis of Sol Campbell!

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It seems Tottenham have been negotiating forever to reduce the Pau Lopez fee with Sports Witness giving us regular reports of their favourite topics it seems. The latest from them is that the deal may well be concluded in a week.

Squawka are shouting whether Liverpool will let us sign Daniel Sturridge, we don't want him chaps, he is selfish, doesn't like to pass, doesn't do the donkey work our system requires, is too old for us and is injury prone.In short, he doesn't suit our system. He can't handle the Liverpool high pressing game, why would he handle ours?

The 27-year-old (28 in September) isn't worth anywhere near £40 million. He is only under contract until 2019 and scored just 6 Premier league goals this season. Apart from his calf injury, he has a long-term hip injury.

He missed the first game of the season with it, then he missed games in February with it and then returned and was out with it again in March. Given we haven't seen Eric Lamela since October, we hardly need to spend £40 million on another perennially injured player.

You can't expect Sol Campbell to grasp such a basic concept, not the fact the Toni Kroos isn't for sale. He suggests we sign that type of player, it certainly takes a genius to work out signing a world class passing midfielder would make us better. Thanks for the rocket science Sol, now crawl back under whichever rock you came from under.

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No to Sturridge, not worth £40m and the genuis of Sol Campbell! No to Sturridge, not worth £40m and the genuis of Sol Campbell! Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Pau Lopez looks set to continue on the bench

4:30 pm


Pau Lopez looks set to continue on the bench for Tottenham tomorrow with Michel Vorm still struggling with a knee injury. He has been on the bench for the last two games against Swansea City and Watford after being on the bench earlier in the season against Sunderland. He has also been on the bench for three FA Cup ties and one League Cup tie.

He has played 6 Premier League 2 games since he joined us from Mauricio Pochettino's former side in Spain Espanyol. He signed a season-long loan deal with a permanent move option.

Lopez has also played in an Under-21 friendly for Spain against Norway, plus two more friendlies in the last international break against Denmark and Italy. His one competitive fixture was the UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualification game against Sweden.

You read some articles and it seems some people can't understand he has been signed not just as a third choice, but as someone the club can train to be the number one in the future. Pochettino believes that will happen best under the tutelage of our goalkeeping coach Antonio Jiménez.

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Pau Lopez looks set to continue on the bench Pau Lopez looks set to continue on the bench Reviewed by THBlogNews on 4:30 pm Rating: 5

Vorm Leaving, Pau López joining permanently

12:30 pm


Spanish paper Sport suggest Pau López will be Number 2 at Spurs next season

Mauricio Pochettino is building the future of Tottenham Hotspur while building the present. Daniel Levy and he want sustained success, not a one-off trophy and thus are forward planning. The strategy for both scenarios is different, it isn't a question of build a team to win something and with that success buy players to sustain it.

That is a very expensive option and unless you have the right manager, as Manchester United had with Sir Alex Ferguson, then it can go horribly wrong as we have seen at that club since. Tottenham have bought young talent to develop into a team that stays together and grows together playing a set system.

You see Tottenham now linked with all the best youngsters in the world. We try to sign them but face fierce competition. I reported yesterday Republic of Ireland Under-15 international striker Troy Parrott had agreed to join us and news comes from Spain today that Mauricio Pochettino wants to sign 22-year-old (23 in December) goalkeeper Pau López on a permanent basis.

Sport is a Barcelona-based specialist newspaper focusing, as it's name suggests, on Sport and is the third largest Sport publication behind Madrid-based Marca and As. They are reporting that Spurs have agreed to pay the £5.96 million (€7m - AUS$9.77m - US$7.46m).

López was signed as third choice goalkeeper, a status he readily accepted to work with and learn from one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Our coaching staff have been very happy with his progress while on loan and will activate his permanent deal clause in the summer. Pochettino made it clear to the youngster before he signed for Spurs that if he proves himself he will have a long-term future at the club and that he will not get a lot of game time immediately.

Although he had played in LaLiga with some success, he was not ready for action in the Premier League, there was still an awful lot of development needed to his game. In time he will take over from Michel Vorm as number two and fight for a first team place. That was the objective put to him and that remains the case today.

The paper go on to suggest that Michel Vorm will be leaving Spurs and that López, the 1.89m (6ft 2in) Spanish Under-21 international who has also played one game for a Catalan side against the Basque Country, will take over as number two next season.

33-year-old (24 in October) Dutchman Vorm signed a new contract in December to stay at Spurs until 2018 so he could perhaps be becoming our number three. We'll see.

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LaLiga sides enquire about Lopez

5:00 pm


Pau Lopez was signed as a number three and he was fully aware of the when agreeing to join. He felt it was the best move for his development to train with one of the world's best goalkeepers in Hugo Lloris.

Spanish publication Diario Sport are reporting that several clubs in Spain want to bring him back to Spain and have enquired about the 21-year-olds (22 in a few days) potential future in London.

The keeper arrived at White Hart Larne on deadline day for a season-long loan fee of £510,246 (€600,000 - AUS$863,125 - US$644,253). Spurs have a £5.96 million (€7m - AUS$10.08m - US$7.52m) purchase option on him and Mauricio Pochettino is said to be a big admirer of the young keeper. If we decide not to sign him after a season then we have to pay an additional £425,391 (€500,000 - AUS$719,271 - US$537,700) in compensation.

Pochettino sees him as the future and he is rated by goalkeeping coach Toni Jimenez so with keepers maturing later than outfield players, Spurs now have a potential future goalkeeper number one training with us. Planning ahead, common sense.

Spanish newspaper Sport say that Pochettino wants to keep monitoring Lopez's development at White Hart Lane before making a final decision on his future in the summer.

LaLiga sides enquire about Lopez LaLiga sides enquire about Lopez Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5

Lopez signed as part of a strategy

7:45 am

After Pau Lopez played another game for the Under-23 side there seems to be a lack of understanding surrounding our new third choice goalkeeper. He has come to Spurs to learn from one of the world's best in Hugo Lloris and from experienced Dutch international Michel Vorm.

The comics over at HITC, not known for their football acumen, suggest he was a panic buy! Pochettino had been tracking him and identified him as a potential future number one. We have been scouring the market for such a player, preparing and planning for the future. To suggest he is a panic buy suggest Pochettino hasn't a long-term plan and is making it up as he goes.

They suggest the signing is a waste of time for Lopez because he was number one at Espanyol, which isn't true. He was number one last season, he was not going to be number one this season, they bought a 30-year-old Spanish international to take over the number one slot and Lopez was told he would be number two.

At that point he chose to leave. he is a way short of being ready for top level first team action according to regular reports and he has come to Spurs to improve his game and potentially have a career path that makes him the number one keeper at a top club. That is a golden opportunity. It is having a career path, having a plan to follow, you get nowhere in life without a plan.

Fear of failure holds people back, if you don't ask that girl out someone else will. Fear has to be faced and taken on to succeed. Lopez is taking on that fear of failure and backing himself to prove to the club he should be signed permanently.

"Firstly, I would like to explain that it was my personal decision alone to leave the club. Manager Quique Sanchez Flores and the board reiterated me many times that they did not wish for me to leave, but I took the decision, as I considered it was the right time. 
"Secondly, as a personal decision, I had to consider which path I had to follow after some uncertain weeks. When (the Tottenham) door was opened I thought it was a good opportunity to keep my development as I believe it will enhance my professional career and allow me to give my best."

Far from a panic buy, it is a calculated one that is part of a strategy by player and club.

Lopez signed as part of a strategy Lopez signed as part of a strategy Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:45 am Rating: 5

Pau Lopez

11:00 pm

Pau Lopez said on Twitter shortly after he signed for us that it was a dream to play in this country.

"I have dreamed of playing in England since I was a kid, but I could not imagine I could play with a team like Spurs". 

WEll that dream took another step forward today as he made his first start for Tottenham in the Under-23 Premier League 2 game against Arsenal, which we lost 2-0 after being reduced to 10 men. The game was a stalemate at 0-0 at half-time but we always faced an uphill battle with 10 men.

We were 1-0 down at the time before Owens, our centre-half was shown a red for a challenge preventing an Arsenal player from bursting through our defence.

We controlled the game in the first-half and Arsenal took over in the second period to run out winners.

Pau Lopez Pau Lopez Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:00 pm Rating: 5

The Three Amigos

8:30 am

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

We now have The Three Amigos at White Hart Lane, Hugo Lloris, the undisputed number one, Michel Vorm, who has improved his game since being at Spurs, not significantly regressed as some Twitter bod tried yo tell me, and our new Spaniard Pau Lopez, the sort of name you expect to see in a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.

Our new number three is highly regarded by Mauricio Pochettino and he fits in with out policy of finding and signing the next generation of players so we develop a conveyor belt of talent. It is an ambitious project, but one that Pochettino seems on top of.

He may only be here on a season-long loan but the purchase option means if he progresses in the season he is here he has the chance to develop into our future number one. That is clearly the plan, it is up to Lopez to learn all he can this season.

That will take the right mentality, the fact that he was determined to leave Espanyol to come to Tottenham, in the same way Janssen wanted to come to the club augurs well. Clearly there is a drive there. He'll develop if he is motivated to do so and all he has said seems to imply he is motivated to learn and improve his game. He has two international goalkeepers to help him.

Our skipper welcomed him on the official site.

“I know a bit about him already as he played in LaLiga last season for Espanyol and he’s a young keeper with a lot of quality. We will try to make him comfortable on the pitch and off the pitch. 
"It’s important to make him feel quite settled within the squad – it’s a new experience for him outside his country and I think it’s good for Michel (Vorm), for me and for Toni (Jimenez) too. He will train with us and he will help us to continue our improvement.”

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Lopez, N'Koudou

9:00 pm


The photo above shows why we had to have a change of mentality at Tottenham, a group of players who generally were not winners, who went through the motions of doing what they always did. As a player at a Top 4 club you should be striving to improve your game all the time.

Mauricio Pochettino has certainly worked his wonders with some of the squad and we now have a squad stronger than when the window started. This should be an exciting season and one that certainly has a positive feel to it.

Pau Lopez is away on Spanish Under-21 duty at the moment but if you want the lowdown on our third choice keeper and future number one is he progresses how we hope, then the link below to the official Spurs website with an article from our former striker Terry Gibson will give you an insight.

If you want the lowdown on our new signing from France, Georges-Kevin N'Koudou then again the official Spurs website is the place to go for a view from Damien Degorre, a respected journalist with French newspaper L'Equipe.

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LOPEZ Deal Complete

9:00 pm


Spanish newspaper Marca are reporting that the deal for Tottenham to sign goalkeeper Pau Lopez is complete and pending an announcement.

Lopez has been called up into the Spanish Under-21 squad to face San Marino and Sweden by coach Albert Celades.

Espanyol are close to signing a second goalkeeper. New manager Quique Sánchez Flores, formerely at Watford, has already signed 30-year-old (31 next February) Spaniard Roberto Jiménez Gago to be his new number one.

Lopez has been insisting he wants to be given the chance to develop his game at Tottenham after Mauricio Pochettino phoned him to lay out his vision for the goalkeepers future. Espanyol sporting director Angel Gomez, has confirmed they have been looking for a replacement. As soon as they have a confirmed signing, whether announced or not, then Lopez can be announced as a Spurs player.

It is clear he is being signed to develop into our future number one and will join the club as the number three initially.

LOPEZ Deal Complete LOPEZ Deal Complete Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:00 pm Rating: 5

Pau Lopez could be announced today

9:46 am


Pau Lopez could be announced today

Sky Sports were telling us yesterday that an agreement had not been reached between Tottenham and Espanyol for young goalkeeper Pau Lopez.

The news from Spain, from Catalan based newspaper Sport, Espanyol are a Catalan-based club, has been that a verbal agreement had been reached and that Lopez had started clearing out his locker. The main non Catalan-based newspaper in Spain, Marca, who are Madrid based, were suggesting that a deal had not been struck, that Espanyol didn't want to lose Lopez and were not particularly keen on a loan deal.

That stance has changed and they are now saying too that a deal has been reached and Lopez will be joining Tottenham in the next few days. Madrid based AS are reporting that a deal could even be announced today.

The deal as you know is a payment of £519,272 (€600,000 - AUS$885,856 - US$677,109) for a season long loan with a buy option of £6.05-million (€7m - AUS$10.33m - US$7.90m). In addition to that there is a compensation clause Espanyol wanted inserted that has been holding up the transfer that Espanyol would prefer didn't happen. The Spanish side have wanted and now got a small compensation fee clause if Tottenham do not take up the buy option at the end of the season.

That was the final hurdle to a deal that should now go through. The news from Spain is that Espanyol have now given up hope of holding on to Lopez and have been searching for a new backup keeper.

Pau Lopez could be announced today Pau Lopez could be announced today Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:46 am Rating: 5

Lopez Update

2:58 pm


An update on the Pau Lopez singing with contradictory reports from Catalan and non-Catalan newspapers. Espanyol are a Barcelona based club, firmly in the Catalonian region.

It is a Catalan based newspaper that has said that the deal for Lopez to join Tottenham has been done, Madrid based newspapers say it hasn't.

Lopez is joining Tottenham as our number three. he is young and has much to learn but feels he'll learn more from one of the worlds best keepers in the environment at Tottenham than sitting on the bench at Espanyol. Either way he is going to be training and not playing much, better then to train with better players in better facilities, especially if that club see you as a future number one.

In the same way that Vincent Janssen did, he has cleared out his personal locker, not everything yet and is awaiting the official clearance, contracts need to be drawn up, to travel to London. Tottenham are trying to get the deal done today so he can fly in later for a medical asap.

This all comes from a Catalan-based newspaper, when the Madrid based non-Catalan newspaper has to say isn't of much concern.

Lopez Update Lopez Update Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:58 pm Rating: 5

Video: Pau Lopez 9th in Top 10 young keepers

8:30 am


Espanyol have begun their search for a new backup keeper with Pau Lopez set to hold a press conference to say goodbye. He has been pushing for a move since Mauricio Pochettino phoned him to let him know he wanted him to come to Tottenham and learn from Hugo Lloris and Michel Vorm.

His arrival will not necessarily mean the departure of Vorm as Lopez isn't ready for Premier League football yet, We continue to push to get this deal done before we play Crystal Palace, time is ticking though. As we know at Spurs nothing is ever done until it is official so news that he was flying over for a medical would be a boost.

As in every position Pochettino has been looking to secure the future of the club by having youngsters coming through, the conveyor belt of talent we want to put in place. Lopez is a part of that, a player seen as a future number one who can come in and work with the two keepers we have to build his game ready for the day he can take over.

He is coming here because he will now be the number two at Espanyol and while he will be number three here, he has the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the world, which in turn will make him a better keeper than learning under a lesser keeper at Espanyol.

The video below will give you a glimpse of him, number 9 in a list of the Top 10 young goalkeepers.

TOP 10 Goalkeepers in the World (U23) ⦁ 2016

10. Ederson Moraes - Benfica
9. Pau Lopez - Espanyol
8. Mattia Perin - Genoa
7. Geronimo Rulli - Real Sociedad
6. Loris Karius - Mainz
5. Sergio Rico - Sevilla
4. Timo Horn - Koln (Cologne)
3. Jack Butland - Stoke City
2. Alphonse Areola - Villarreal
1. Jan Oblak - Atletico Madrid

Video: Pau Lopez 9th in Top 10 young keepers Video: Pau Lopez 9th in Top 10 young keepers Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

Lopez joining Spurs on season loan with buy clause

9:20 pm


Lopez joining Spurs on season loan with buy clause

With Hugo Lloris injured, Pochettino had a decision to make, trust to luck that Vorm doesn't get an injury and untried McGee has to keep goal or step up interest in Espanyol goalkeeper Pau Lopez.

A report fro Spanish daily Sport suggests Lopez is going to join Tottenham on loan. They say a verbal agreement has been reached between the clubs but that it has not been made official yet.

The deal is for a £519,272 (€600,000 - AUS$885,856 - US$677,109) season long loan with a buy option of £6.05-million (€7m - AUS$10.33m - US$7.90m).

Lopez joining Spurs on season loan with buy clause Lopez joining Spurs on season loan with buy clause Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:20 pm Rating: 5
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