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Six of the best, new stadium, coaching, Trippier, NFL...

7:40 am

Six of the best, New Stadium, Coaching, Trippier, NFL...


Six excellent articles well worth a read covering the life of a coach, English players now developing in the Bundesliga, a couple of articles on the new Spurs stadium and one on our tie-up with the NFL, with an article about Kieran Trippier to finish.

Good Reading

A couple of articles to start on coaching, Germany used to develop players who would then come to England, but now there seems to be a trend developing where English players are going abroad to develop their game. It is a welcome trend.

English Players Now Developing in Germany

Inside The Life Of A Coach

For those who read everything on our new stadium, and ahead of our Juventus game, an article from last summer about an Italian company helping the new Spurs stadium build.

Redaelli - Roof, Skywalk and Hanging Restaurant

Another article on the stadium worth a read, especially to those concerned we don't pay the same basic wage as the other top clubs.

Matchday revenue rises from £11m to £50m in the first year

Again on the new Spurs stadium an article about the tie-up with the NFL.

Made for Sharing

An excellent article which is essentially a chat with Kieran Trippier about his poor game against Manchester City, working on the mistakes he made that day and rebuilding his confidence.

ESPN Article: Kieran Trippier


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Six of the best, new stadium, coaching, Trippier, NFL... Six of the best, new stadium, coaching, Trippier, NFL... Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:40 am Rating: 5

London is calling the NFL

10:00 pm

Photo credit to Tottenham Hotspur FC

Eric Dier (he's the bigger one at the back - LOL) met a group of young players from the United States at the Club’s Training Centre on Thursday. They were aged between 12 and 15 and gained selection when they took part in the Tottenham Hotspur America Trophy, which is set to expand into two new states (Houston, Texas and Orlando, Florida) later this year. It has thus far been an annual event in Maryland.

To read a full report follow the link: Dier meets American hopefuls

On Monday 10 April Victor Wanyama met and showed around Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry who had come over for an NFL UK event and to talk to fans on Facebook.

Earlier today with , (Jarvis Landry) 🏈vs ⚽️

We continue to take these opportunities to register our name to the NFL fans in this country and the American public.

Tottenham Hotspur have a growing US fanbase and are one of only three Premier League teams to see an increase in viewing figures. Unlike in previous years the FA Cup semi-final will be screened and broadcast into the maximum number of homes by Fox instead of restricted channel viewing.

There are currently 64 Official Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Clubs across North America and that is more than any other Premier League club. We have Super Club’ partnerships in Tallahassee, Florida, and the Bay Area of California and are visiting the US for the 5th time in 7 years to take part in the International Champions Cup. 

We will play PSG at the Camping World Stadium, Orlando, Florida, AS Roma at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey and Manchester City at the Nissan Stadium, Nashville, Tennessee. At each location we will run our usual coaching programmes as grass roots level. Time for a geography lesson for non-American readers, look closely.

I thought Nashville was a little further south too.

The San Diego Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt told reporter Albert Breer that the next move he could see would be overseas after the NFL’s annual meeting voted 31-1 to allow the LA Raider to move to Las Vegas.

"As chairman of the international committee, we are discussing what the best way is to continue to grow the business internationally and it’s no secret that a subject that’s been floated is one day having a team that’s playing at least their regular season schedule overseas. So that’d be the only thing I’d see in the near future. It’s certainly not imminent.”

Breer writes that the NFL launched the International Series in 2007 with a singular focus on building in London, while quietly setting a 15-year goal of becoming the first North American sports league to base a franchise there. One London game for the first six years became two in 2013, and two in 2013 became three in 2014. This year, the NFL will play four games in London (half of a home schedule) for the first time.

Next year, a dual-purpose stadium the NFL invested in at Tottenham will open; it’s the first one being built overseas for both American football and the British kind. After that, the hope is to eventually get to an eight-game series in London, which could either be the precursor to a club landing there or simply the long-term solution.

To read his full article follow the link: Beyond Vegas, London is calling the NFL 

It goes on to give ideas from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft about how it might work.

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Spurs only one of 3 teams to increase US Viewing Figures

4:18 pm

Only three Premier League clubs have seen their viewing figures rise in the USA from last season, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and West Ham United, the rest have seen their figures drop. Our 3.99% increase may not be massive but it is a step in the right direction ahead of our pre-season trip there in the summer and future NFL games.

Arsenal have seen an 11.27 drop, Manchester City a 4.09% drop, Manchester United a 17.28% drop, Chelsea a 19.04% drop, Everton a 37.18% drop and Southampton a 37.93% drop.

This year our FA Cup semi-final against London rivals Chelsea will be televised live on the over-the-air FOX network on Saturday, April 22, kick-off at 12:15 pm Eastern Time. This ensures that the game can go into as many households as possible.

The team over at Clubline Football have produced an infographic on the Premier League if it were Americanised, a little different than simply tapping into a rich new market.


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Spurs only one of 3 teams to increase US Viewing Figures Spurs only one of 3 teams to increase US Viewing Figures Reviewed by THBlogNews on 4:18 pm Rating: 5

NBC 45 minute Spurs special to boost our profile

7:00 pm

For those of you with a bit of time on your hands, American broadcaster NBC have made a 45 minute programme about Tottenham Hotspur.

It is just another example of how our American NFL tie-up will help us in our efforts to become the number one supported club in North America. Already we have more supporters clubs than any other Premier League team, we have tie ups with amateur clubs and grass roots football, we have coaching programmes and programmes to teach coaches. We have always been a club that tries to help the grass roots of the game there whenever we visit, unlike some financially bigger clubs who prefer to fly in, take the money and fly out again.

Once we are in the stadium the interest will continue to grow and the sports networks will have a news story to focus on, one that will help to raise our profile. Getting into the homes of Americans on their TV sets is crucial to marketing the club over there, something the 10-year NFL tie-up will achieve.

No doubt their will be a London-based franchise playing their home game at Tottenham Hotspur before that 10-year deal runs out. The first few years are to test the water and see if the local support is there. NFL marketing suggests it is growing and will be at a sustainable level in a few years.

The next 10 years should be very interesting both on and off the field.

You can watch the NBC programme at the Official Spurs Website.

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NBC 45 minute Spurs special to boost our profile NBC 45 minute Spurs special to boost our profile Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Spurs NFL tir-up already having an impact in the States

9:44 am


Daniel Levy was asked back in September by ESPN if Tottenham wanted to host a dedicated London-based franchise and he told them that we did.

“We would welcome very much close co-operation with the NFL and a dedicated team. Obviously a decision is entirely theirs whether they do bring a team to the UK, and where it would be located is something that would be talked about, but yes, we would very much welcome that scenario. 
“We worked together [on the design]because it needed to be viewed as a combined joint soccer and NFL stadium. In fact, the way we designed the whole experience is one side of the stadium is a dedicated soccer entrance and the other side is a dedicated NFL entrance. 
“If it ever got to a stage where the NFL decided it wanted to have a permanent team in London, this stadium could literally be – whatever the team was – their stadium as opposed to an NFL team feeling they’re renting Tottenham’s stadium. 
“Clearly we wouldn’t both be putting all this into this stadium if there wasn’t the prospect of one day a team eventually coming to London, but there are certainly no guarantees that a) a team comes to London and b) they have to use our stadium."

The impact of Spurs having a tie-up with America's number one sport can be seen by the fact that in 2016 Tottenham Hotspur were the most searched for club on Google in the country. That is only going to grow when the stadium is finished and a dedicated surface is used for an NFL game for the first time.

The interest will only help us attract new fans and new commercial opportunities, resulting in greater income aand helping us compete on a more level footing with richer clubs, thus impacting on the football field making us more competitive there. It is all linked and all important.

Football doesn't survive without the commercial side paying for it.

Further Tottenham Hotspur News with over 200 articles and, growing every day, can be found at Tottenham Hotspur News
Spurs NFL tir-up already having an impact in the States Spurs NFL tir-up already having an impact in the States Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:44 am Rating: 5

As a Spurs fan, one can only be optimistic

2:30 pm

The US is Spurs’ biggest market outside the United Kingdom, accounting for about one-third of the club’s overseas trade and our merchandise sale figures grew by 67% in 12 months in the United States alone. TV viewing figures increased for the third straight year, increasing last season by 26%.

For those fans who haven't grasped how important the US fanbase and market is those figures might give some idea, a third of our overseas trade for a new and emerging untapped market.

Mark Waller is a Spurs fan and the NFL executive vice-president of international. He sees a team in London in perhaps 4 or 5 years, long before our 10-year agreement with the NFL ends.

Beating the top teams, challenging for titles and playing in the UEFA Champions League will increase our exposure and is important for American viewers, they take note of Champions League games.

The Tottenham brand is growing and our exposure is growing, we are constantly in the news making us an attractive sponsorship vehicle and that is going to increase when we have the new stadium and the media interest that will generate. Then we have the NFL games and more media exposure.

Our side on the field are developing and the brand of football produced against Manchester City was quite thrilling. As a Spurs fan, one can only be optimistic.

As a Spurs fan, one can only be optimistic As a Spurs fan, one can only be optimistic Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

Unique experience for NFL games

11:00 pm
The difference in height between the football pitch and the NFL pitch will be 5'6" (1,685m)
Image and mining of information from the construction experts and enthusiasts at Skyscraper City.

I understand from them that the front row will be about 10' (3.048m) above the NFL pitch so the view isn't obscured with the number of people on the sidelines.

I don't know whether you have watched an American Football game but where we have a dugout they sit on the outskirts of the pitch and have around 50 to a team, including staff, then there is the TV crews etc so plenty of sideline activity.

I would assume that the experience inside the new White Hart Lane will b different from American grounds where the crowd appear to be a long way from the pitch. and of course the view form the Sky Lounge will be unique.

You can see the stadium in relation to the sliding pitch, that splits into three before it slides under the stand.


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Mew Stadium, NFL involved in the bigger picture

12:30 pm


Mark Waller (left) joins Daniel Levy at the site of Spurs' new ground which will open in two years' time
Daniel Levy and Mark Waller, NFL executive vice-president for international

While some websites belittle the NFL link and failing to see the bigger picture past two games a year (much like those who can't see our fans behaviour causes violence), I have looked at the matter from a marketing and club advancement angle.

Clearly it is significant for our future, clubs want to get into the massive American market and we are teaming up with the nation's number one sport. Seems a clever approach to me as the bigger our fanbase, the bigger our appeal, the more money we can get in from sponsors. Look at Chelsea finishing 10th to our 3rd, yet their reported Nike deal is double ours. have you asked yourself why? It is because they have a greater reach. We have to establish ourselves in the upper echelons of the game and that takes money.

If we can use the NFL to make us thr  number one followed club in America that will only help. Currently, while we have more supporters clubs, the ESPN website viewing figures tell a different story. 12.7% click on Manchester United stories, 2.7% click on Tottenham Hotspur stories.

Obviously we are building a stadium to house American football because we have been in discussions with them over a London franchise, we wouldn't be building it otherwise and the NFL wouldn't be taking an active interest in the stadium construction.

Daniel Levy revealed that two delegations of NFL executives have been to see the new construction and they will no doubt have held talks with the club. The NFL are said to be 'very involved' with the project. Mark Waller is the NFL Executive Vice-President International and he was encouraged by the progress.

"It is encouraging to see the new stadium starting to take shape and it certainly whets the appetite for our games here. 
"Our relationship with the club and the Tottenham community is a very important part of our future plans in the UK. We are excited to see the full regeneration plan come to fruition as a key part of creating a great experience for our teams and fans."

Daniel Levy told Spurs TV that it was important the NFL bought into the construction process.

"We're going into detail about all the areas we are sharing. They are very involved in absolute detail of every aspect of this stadium. 
"It's very important that they buy into the construction process. They really engaged, and now we have regular weekly meetings."

This is just why players have to buy into what Mauricio Pochettino wants. If you buy into something it is yours, you feel ownership of something, part of something and you'll fight harder. The same psychology applies off the pitch so these weekly meeting Levy talks about help cement and build upon our relationship with the NFL.

As we construct the stadium, we construct the NFL relationship with the aim of constructing a huge American fan base and sponsorship deals that could dwarf others.

Mew Stadium, NFL involved in the bigger picture Mew Stadium, NFL involved in the bigger picture Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

UK NFL boss Mark Waller is a Spurs fan, he hates Arsenal

11:00 pm
I have written many a time about the importance of the NFL deal we signed and the fact that we are building a stadium that is designed to house a specialist NFL pitch without having to close rows of seating so the crowd can see the game.

You simply do not go to the expense of building a stadium if you have not already discussed a long-term relationship, in this case, a permanent franchise at White Hart Lane. It is nieve to expect us to have done anything less and we will know exactly where we stand in relation to that London franchise. Daniel Levy is an astute businessman, not a gambling fool. The stadium isn't being built just to accommodate 20 NFL over the next 10 years.

The NFL is beamed into millions of American homes and it can only help our name recognition if those games are beamed from our stadium. It also opens the way for huge commercial deals as well as the potential to increase our fanbase cementing us as the number one English premier League team in North America. That is the potential and that is what we are working to achieve.

NFL executive vice-chairman international Mark Waller says London is on track to have its own NFL franchise in just six more years.

"The fan base is big enough and passionate enough that it can support a franchise. 
"I felt in 2007 it was always a 15-year journey. I think we're on track to deliver that. I fundamentally believe we will deliver that. 
"We are in a unique position as a sport because of the way our season is structured - we only play one game a week. It's not something other American sports could do."
Mark Waller is the driving force in the UK for American Football, it is his role to expand the fanbase. It just so happens that he is a Tottenham fan and hates Arsenal as he told the Washington Post in 2014.

“I do fundamentally believe the deep-rooted divisive passion of U.K. soccer is unlike almost any other sports passion I’ve seen. It’s a very different passion in the U.K.; passion for soccer is actually passion for a team. I love Tottenham and I hate Arsenal."
While it will not have an impact on any deals made it certainly isn't going to be a hindrance.



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UK NFL boss Mark Waller is a Spurs fan, he hates Arsenal UK NFL boss Mark Waller is a Spurs fan, he hates Arsenal Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:00 pm Rating: 5

NFL Franchise home ground determines success or failure

9:55 pm
Anyone with an inkling of how to grow a fan base for a new sport will tell you it has to be taken to the people before you can bring the people to it.

Some seem to have forgotten that basic, but then it doesn't fit with the anti-Spurs Levy out rhetoric does it. The NFL want a London franchise, but only when the fanbase has been trebled in London. It is common sense to take it to different areas to attract new people and hopefully get them hooked.

The NFL chief charged with growing the fanbase over here has made it clear previously that while several venues will be used during that growing process. What is important is the long-term future of a London NFL franchise and that will require a specialist base. It is inconceivable that the long-term future has not already been discussed, we wouldn't be building a specialist facility if it hadn't.

Lower league football clubs have to put in a lot of work in their local community, they don't simply operate at their home ground and that's it. Building an American football fanbase is the same principle, currently they are going into the community (boroughs of London) to build before drawing them to one regular location when big enough. To grow you have to market incessantly. 

The aim is to constantly stay top-of-mind so that your team is the entertainment of choice for people. The best people to catch are school children as these are the grass roots in future fans terms. The cradle to grave fan is the ideal so if you can get local children into a stadium and treat them as if they are special then you have the chance to draw them in. Market to the family and you fill more seats, market to children and the parents have to come along too.

It makes sense therefore to tour London during the growing phase to place your product in front of as many as possible. Even though the NFL have just had a game at Wembley they took the opportunity to visit Tottenham and reassociate our name with the game.

While some want to bury their heads and yell failure because it suits their closed minds. The fact is playing in different locations is common sense marketing until the sport is big enough for a home of its own. What matters is that Spurs secure that, only that will determine whether Levy has been successful or not with this venture.

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NFL Franchise home ground determines success or failure NFL Franchise home ground determines success or failure Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:55 pm Rating: 5

A round of games abroad will happen

10:21 am
To revisit the interview by Tottenham Hotspur Executive Director Donna-Maria Cullen with Sports Pro ahead of our visit to play the MLS All-Stars in Denver we'll take a look at Richard Scudamore's favourite subject, playing Premier League games abroad.
Sports Pro - The NFL deal is going to see new games coming to the new stadium from 2018. On the flip side of that do you think there is value in the possibility of competitive league games abroad? What is your opinion on the Premier League’s ‘39th game’ concept?
Donna-Maria Cullen - I think there would have to be a lot more agreement worked out on that and then it would have to have agreement from all the clubs so I’m not sure where that one will pan out. At the moment US fans of EPL certainly get to see the teams a lot because all of the top teams are looking to play in the US and we’ve now got the players moving between the two countries which is another angle. So I think we’ll get the dual interest and then hopefully the broadcast, and then it’s a case of fans travelling and enjoying the matches when they do come.
You mention NFL, which obviously has been greeted on both sides of the pond with great excitement, and I smile because we are starting to get NFL over this side and the Americans are starting to get the EPL over on their side. So it’s almost like we’re switching an interest in sport and being able to engage with both. So again that’s hugely exciting for the club and that’s received coverage across every US state given the spread of NFL teams across the country. So again that’s another aspect where I think we’re probably on the radar more than other clubs over there at the moment.

THBN - Playing a round of games abroad is a pet subject of Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore. It is a subject he revisits time and time again, eventually clubs will be worn down and it will happen, just as clubs selling live and or recorded games over the Internet will happen.

The Premier League is the biggest league in the world, it is the most watched and the one everyone wants to watch. The market determines, through viewing figures, what they want to watch and TV companies follow those figures to determine what to show, the Premier League continues to grow, the tripling of the TV deal in America shows there is growth in the market there and there is vast interest in Asia and China.

A round of games played abroad would bring the game closer to the fans and would be a marketing dream, because of that it will one day happen, but we are not there yet. What fans in this country want and what the relatively few who attend the stadiums want will not deter Scudamore from pursuing a bigger picture.

Most sides these days have foreign owners who would rise in the eyes of fans in their own countries if they brought their clubs to play a competitive game to them. With Financial Fair Play kicking in clubs need to increase their revenue, never ha it been so important. At Tottenham we are playing catch up, we have a stadium to build and have a business plan going forward that positions ourselves alongside America's biggest sport. The prospect for commercial deals when that kicks in is huge. Manchester United has a massive American shirt sponsorship deal with Chevrolet, in terms of commercial deals that is the tip of the iceberg.

If Scudamore were to get his way where would these games be played, would the clubs have a choice where they play? Would all games go to Asia one season and America the next, perhaps Australia a third year? Would the Chinese market be explored?

If you believe it is bound to happen in the future then a club must position itself now, it must be increasing it's fan base in areas the game is likely to travel to. Wherever games are played they will be sold out, that isn't an issue, but engaging with local fans and commercial partners is, to that end a club needs the largest reach possible as that generates larger commercial deals.

Larger commercial deals mean more money and more money means a better team. Whether fans over here like it or not money talks and the money it generates will make it happen, the money hungry clubs will make sure of it.

A round of games abroad will happen A round of games abroad will happen Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:21 am Rating: 5

Excitement at Spurs

7:00 pm
In football money talks, if you have it you win things if you don't you don't, it really is that simple.

Dutch coach Louis van Gaal has spent more in one year as Manchester United manager than Ajax have spent on players since they were founded on 18 March 1900; 115 years ago. The model at Old Trafford is to mirror Real Madrid and try to create their own Galacticos squad, not only to be the dominant force in the Premier League but to commercially dominate and pay for the enterprise.

Matching that will be a tough exercise but we shouldn't just roll over and accept it. We have to build through our own strategy, at our own pace, within our own capabilities. We have to work out a way of changing that potential dominance or the top four will just keep pulling away, they are pulling away from Liverpool who are richer than ourselves.

Tottenham are trying a two-pronged approach, one they are trying to change their own financial position and two they have devised a clear strategy of developing youth. Developing youth in itself is perhaps not a recipe to break into the financial dominance club and steal their trophies but developing youth that are expected to become top bracket players may be possible.

This window Tottenham have clearly targeted the top young talent, not yet the superstars of the game but players you would expect the very top clubs to be interested in. Barcelona have drawn up a list of the next big things, they scout and chase the ones they want. Our very own 16-year-old (17 in December) Englishman Marcus Edwards in on that list.

It is pointless us trying to compete to sign the best players, we simply can't afford the wages. Why come to Tottenham and earn £70,000-a-week when you can go to another club and earn £150,000-a-week? Why sign for Spurs when there are five clubs is a stronger financial position to win things than when you can go to an Italian, French or German club where there is perhaps only one club you are challenging.

We will be signing players the top clubs though not good enough to sign, sending our wage bill above the Financial Fair Play limit. It's a fantasy some fans with a chip on their shoulder over Chelsea and Manchester City cling to, but it simply isn't possible.

Success takes vision. We were a broke mid table team, we have climbed above our then competition and taken ourselves within touching distance of the top. The stadium was and is our key to joining the group moving faster forward than the rest. Tottenham didn't ask for legal objection after legal objection, hurdles that have to be overcome while negotiations to potentially propel us to another level took place with the NFL.

Until the day we can financially compete then we have to cut our cloth, we have to make the sum of the whole greater than the sum of the parts to challenge. In a nutshell, that is why Pochettino is here, to put in place a system, to build the club to produce the star names.

AtlĂ©tico Madrid sells players every year, yet when it comes together as it did a couple of seasons ago they won La Liga and nearly won the UEFA Champions League. They buy and improve players, what is so wrong with Tottenham doing the same if that is where we financially are?

It really is an exciting time for Tottenham right now, the next five seasons we may still be financially where we are in the scheme of things, the Tottenham name has to grow, the brand has to be built further, the NFL tie-up will help that and in turn lead to commercial deals which in turn allow us to start competing financially and therefore on the pitch.

Until such time we have to try and build something to challenge, we have improving players, Rose, Bentaleb, Dier, Kane, Chadli, the team will improve as our players do. Trying to buy the best young talent around and developing it is the next best thing to buying the stars we can't afford.

Grasp what we are trying to do, grasp why we have to do it and you grasp excitement, you grasp hope, you grasp a future.

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Excitement at Spurs Excitement at Spurs Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Winks, Bentaleb, Alderweireld, NFL, New Stadium

12:30 pm
It was quite a week in the life of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and true supporters can't fail to have been pleased with it. I recall a programme That Was The Week That Was, I don't remember the content, but the title seems to sum up our week.

The potential for the future is massive, both off the field, which of course then upgrades on the field and on the field where a young hungry squad who can grow and improve together is being built.

Harry Winks signs a new contract, a three-year deal with the option of another year, Nabil Bentaleb signs a new five-year deal until 2020, the protracted transfer of Belgian centre-back Toby Alderwereld was finally completed, the announcement of an NFL agreement and a fantastic new stadium with the potential to secure an American football team in the future.

Harry Winks is just is just 19 (20 in February) and Glasgow Rangers are keen to take him to the pressure atmosphere of Ibrox, where despite playing in the Championship they fill the 51,082 stadia and have a massive travelling support. The expectation there is huge, it is a must win club and exactly the mentality we want our player involved with. The other plus is Mark Warburton is the new manager there this season, last season he was at Brentford and Mauricio Pochettino was delighted with the work he did with Alex Pritchard on loan there for the season.

Nabil Bentaleb was never going anywhere despite the press attempting to create stories and suggest clubs chasing him. Privately they all knew he loves Spurs and wanted to stay at Spurs. His wage demands were high to begin with, on a par with the best midfielders in the league I believe. He is not quite at that level yet but has the potential to develop into a significant player for us.

It speaks volumes that Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea get talked about as the clubs chasing our youngsters. Some fans may not appreciate how good these guys are or how good they can become, but the big money boys clearly do. We should take heart from that plus the fact they want to remain and be a part of something that is happening at Tottenham.

Toby Alderweireld was a bit of an on-off transfer in the press. Bottom line was he wanted to join Tottenham. Saints fans don't like it built it is a fact of life we are the bigger club and we pinch other clubs players just as bigger clubs than ourselves pinch our players at the moment. Until we can change our finances and take us financially into the big league we will always be a stepping stone club.

For that reason buying established players is always a danger as if they have an excellent season the bigger clubs then want to take them and we have to change things and search for a replacement again. That is not easy, as we have seen, so building from youth at least gives us the chance of producing a happy group of players with a true bond with the club, which is a pull to stay, rather than not ties and being easy to jump ship.

We have the announcement of a new 61,000 seater stadium retaining the single tier at one end to help keep the fans close to the action and create that all important atmosphere. A slide out football pitch will be at the usual height with an artificial pitch below so that spectator views are not restricted in the front row seats with benches of coaches, broadcaster, players and all the paraphernalia surrounding American football.

At Wembley and other stadiums, they have to not use the seats nearest the action as nobody can see anything past all the bodies. A stadium purpose built with that in mind gives us a unique selling point for the NFL and if the atmosphere is great at The Lane then the teams and the broadcasters are going to love it. That will draw them back and you would hope that a new deal is penned before the 10-year period is up.

The potential for the exposure it gives to the Tottenham Hotspur name, the brand, in America is huge, it is the number one sport and aligning ourselves with the NFL could be marketing dynamite. The supporter who sits in his seat at White Hart Lane may not care about the fans around the world, some do of course, but they are equally as important if not more so. The fan base is vital to gaining big commercial deals. A company only wants to associate with us for what they can get out of it, they want access to our fan base, they want their brand in front of them.

Growing our fan base, therefore, grows our marketability. America is a new world of rich pickings, gaining exposure before everyone else, just as Manchester United did in Japan where they are huge, means everyone is playing catch-up Being associated with the best gives you authority in the eyes of your audience, it's why we agreed to play with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and AC Milan. It's a golden opportunity and they want us to play because we have that touch of glamour about us thanks to our history.

It has been quite a week for Tottenham, the excitement is returning to The Lane.

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