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West Ham Radio Ad

11:32 am
The lads in the office have put on talkSPORT so as to listen to all the fans calling for either 4-4-2, Capello's head, or both to be tossed into the bin.

Today has been a strange kind of day. There's only one thing we're all talking about. Yeah, you guessed it; the new and fantastic West Ham radio ad!

For those that don't listen to talkSPORT, it's the red-top of footballing radio stations. The ads mirror the quality, therefore you can image the London based fans amazement when the West Ham ad came on.

"New manager, new players and more excitement". That was just a snippet of the ad that caught my ear. To my astonishment, West Ham have actually thought it prudent to release a radio ad that (if one can read between the lines) asks football and (more embarrassingly) West Ham supporters to buy their new season ticket.

I had to look over at my calendar. Nope, not 1st April.

How desperate must a club be if they are willing to sacrifice their self esteem and image so as to entice would-be football supporters to watch a side that so very nearly went down?

The ad sounds like it was recorded in a circus to. Now I know the two David's have their roots firmly planted in the marketing of porn, but come off it!

If you're English, chances are, you're feeling down right about now. Do yourself a favour and turn over to talkSPORT. Listening to the ad will raise your spirits!

Also, if you're in that part of the world, go and watch Dagenham & Redbridge. You'll be greatly entertained and their fans are top notch to.

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