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Rose, Eriksen, Pochettino, Moura

1:16 pm

Rose, Eriksen, Pochettino, Moura


Danny Rose is now set to stay at Spurs according to reports in all the media, surprising that given there wasn't a chance of him leaving anyway. Journalists showing they don't understand football again, just writing.

The England international is part of our homegrown and club-trained players, if he went it affects our UEFA Champions League squad and it affects the non-homegrown players we can pick.

For that reason alone there is no chance of him going anywhere as we can now not address that issue until January, when we are unlikely to want to see him leave if we are still in the Champions League anyway, or more likely next summer.

"If I'm here past Friday, which I'm expecting to be, which will be great, I'm looking forward to seeing what we can achieve at the end of the season. Me and the manager have had a conversation over the phone, as well as two one-hour meetings over the last couple of weeks."
Journalists got that one wrong, they have also been trying to make an issue out of Christian Eriksen and after suggesting Barcelona and Real Madrid, then turned to PSG, who can't actually afford to buy players at the moment. They need to sell to conform to Financial Fair Play.

Mauricio Pochettino was asked what the key to the win at Old Trafford was and his reply is something all those Twitter fans shouting for money to be spent should take onboard. Other clubs didn't want to release the players we wanted to buy, just as Alderweireld, Dembele and Rose didn't go anywhere.

"I think it's the belief. It's always the belief in the way we work, the trust, the confidence and of course all together trying to fight for one objective.

"Today was clear that we were a team, not only on the pitch but outside it and I think that this week was so good.

"We worked so hard preparing the game and yes it's so important. Of course we have very good players but if we don't show that togetherness it's so difficult to win at a place like Old Trafford."

We have assembled a team, a squad within our financial constraints, constraints some fans simply refuse to believe or understand.

Lucas Moura was thought to be the next big Brazilian when he went to PSG and it didn't work out for him there, so instead of paying £100m like Barcelona did for Ousame Dembele, who has flopped, we picked him up for £25m and look to bring out the player that is in there.

What a bargain if we do, he triples in value immediately then and like it or not you always have to aware of the sale price of any player just in case they decide they want to move on.

This was our team on Monday night.

Lloris £11.8m
Trippier £3.5m Alderweireld £11.5m Vertonghen £9.5m Rose £1m Dier £4m Dembele £15m Alli £5m Eriksen £11.5m Moura £25m Kane £0 Total: £97.8m Pogba cost: £89m

Our policy clearly works. The team is good enough to win trophies and will be added to as and when it becomes possible to get the right players, not just any players.


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Is the Danny Rose story true?

2:30 pm

Is the Danny Rose story true?

It seems a strange fee for Danny Rose being reported

Over on Twitter, @ParisUnited6 have reported that Tottenham Hotspur have set an obligatory £22.44 million (€25m) fee for England left-back Danny Rose.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is said to want a transfer or a season-long loan with an option to purchase after Mauricio Pochettino decided he is not totally committed to the Spurs project and can thus leave.

Rose was considering leaving the club before Pochettino arrived and the Argentinian told him he would turn him into an international left-back, which he did. He improved Rose's game immensely, but in no time at all, it seems the 28-year-old (29 next July) wants to go again.

I pointed out last season that his mentality was all wrong and sure enough, he subsequently came out in the press and talked about depression. It explained his going through the motions performances and the patient Ben Davies was the beneficiary, stepping into his shoes as our number one left-back.

The suggestion is that with the move has been given the go-ahead by the Sports Director of PSG Antero Henrique and his right-hand man Luis Ferrer.

Now if Daniel Levy was demanding at least £70 million (€78m) for Toby Alderweireld, sold Kyle Walker for £50 million (€55.71m), is asking £22.44 million (€25m) for Mousa Dembele with just one year left on his contract and quite rightly demands top prices for players, why would he let Danny Rose go for a pittance in today's market, just £22.44 million (€25m)?

He is under contract until 2021.

Aston Villa wanted £40 million (€44.57m) for just a Championship player!

Rose joined Spurs in 2007 from Leeds United for £1 million (€1.11m) and there is a 10% sell-on profit clause meaning Leeds United would get £2.14 million (€2.38m) from this sale reducing our element to £20.3 million (€22.62m).

It just doesn't sound Daniel Levy like.

Is Rose that much of an unsettling influence?

Are Spurs deciding he has given valued service and are pricing him so that he can get a move?

Does Mauricio Pochettino want him gone at all coats this summer?

Is the story true?

If we sell him then that is one less non-homegrown player we can name in our UEFA Champions League squad, it seems very strange that all the talk should be about him now.

Surely if we had decided to sell him there would have been a lot more in the press to keep his name in the frame earlier in the window.

If the story is true you have to wonder what he has said behind the scenes and whether he has waited until our window has shut so that time constraints would mean his price drops?

The issue raises so many questions we don't have the answers to.

It sounds to me that the French are feeding the press the figure they would like to pay rather than the one being asked for.

I'm very sceptical of this.


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Pochettino demands the right mindset

7:29 pm

Mauricio Pochettino demands the right mindset from Toby Alderweireld and Danny Rose

Alderweireld and Rose could leave Spurs

While the press are talking about Tottenham being happy to release Toby Alderweireld, Danny Rose, Mousa Dembele and Fernando Llorente before the European transfer window shuts, he has actually told them to knuckle down and show the right mindset.
He wants each player to realise that they haven't left and that they, therefore, must show 100% commitment to the club regardless of what has happened in the past. Not all players do that, 
Saido Berahino being just one instance, an instance that quite frankly ruined his career. He is now a striker in the Championship for Stoke City.
Pochettino told the media, as reported in the Daily Mail.
"If we have all the squad thinking as individuals rather than as a collective, you cannot succeed. That is the key this season.
"It is human nature that you always look after yourself. But once you cannot change anything, then you need to change your mindset and think about the team.
"I am the boss and if I expect from you to do something, then you need to provide it. You need to show your commitment, from the pitch, from the bench, sometimes from outside. That's what being professional means."
Mousa Dembele is having to be managed as he can not handle a full season now. His fitness problems have slowly got worse, it's why Harry Winks used to replace him regularly until his own injury.
Tottenham are grateful for the service he has shown the club and will not stand in the way of a final payday for him. In the meantime his game time will be carefully controlled, perhaps he will be saved to start against Manchester United and Liverpool and the much-maligned Mousa Sissoko will start against Fulham instead.
We'll see.


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Rose, Onomah and Dembélé

8:30 pm

Rose, Onomah and Dembélé

Danny Rose of interest to PSG?

Danny Rose

The Sun are claiming that French giants PSG are interested in signing 28-year-old (29 next July)  left-back Danny Rose who had an average season last season and who I wrote during the season, didn't seem to have his mind on the job.

As it turned out that was correct, he has since spoken about mental issues in the press which obviously take his focus away from football. The result is a player who looked like he was going through the motions.

Josh Onomah

It was the same situation with 21-year-old (22 next April) Josh Onomah after his breakthrough season, the following year whenever he was seen he appeared to also be going through the motions. Given that a journalist couldn't see that, perhaps it needs a trained eye, instead of a fans eye.

I'll go into that in another article, but a coach watches a game in a different way to a fan, if he is watching in coach mode. We will have to wait and see on the USA tour what affect a season at Aston Villa has had.

Mousa Dembélé

Turkish side Fenerbahçe have made 31-year-old (32 next July) Tottenham and Belgium midfielder Mousa Dembélé a target as they look to further strengthen their squad, suggest reports in Turkey. There are plenty of offers for him on the table, Inter being very interested, but we can't agree on a fee with them.


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Rose highlights greater use of Sports Psychologists needed again

10:00 am

Danny Rose highlights a greater use of Sports Psychologists is needed again

Could a Sports Psychologist have prevented Danny Rose's depression?

The recent Danny Rose interview where he revealed mental health issues, once again demonstrates the importance of mentality in top-level sport.

Seeing a psychologist seemed like a last resort, by then it is too late. You have to first admit you have an issue before you can get help with it, but prevention is better than cure. As a coach, you are taught to look for the root cause and treat that, not the symptom. Don't always tackle a players mistake, tackle why the mistake was made so it doesn't reoccur. You can coach a player how to deal with a mistake, but if the root cause remains they will keep making the mistake or it will manifest itself in a different form.

Regular readers know I have spoken about this for years now and we continue to miss a trick. The margins in top-level sport are very fine and thus every angle should be explored to get that edge over your competition.

Sports psychology isn't tapped into as it should be. Spurs could gain an advantage by using them with all players as part of their weekly training and to assess potential transfer targets mentality.

Sports science rules the games, so let's lead the way in mental science, make ourselves a magnet for every player that wants to be the best they can be.

Marcus Edwards wants to leave because he thinks he should be playing now, yet as the Norwich City boss said, he has mentality issues, his attitude isn't right. Like Sterling he arrives late which demonstrates a lack of commitment. How many of you are late for your holiday flights?

None I suspect because it is too important to you, arriving late for training demonstrates the same and that is unprofessional. More than that it suggests a selfish streak and a streak where the individual doesn't listen to or respect those in authority.

How many people regularly turn up late for a job they love? It's the people who are unhappy in their job who turn up late regularly because they don't care.

Why let things get to that stage, why not have weekly session with a sports psychologist to improve the mentality of all players. Of course, mentally strong players like Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Harry Kane strive to be the best they can be without their use, but those players are not the norm. They get to the top of the tree by wanting to improve every day.

I can improve, I can learn, I can get better is a far better mentality than I should be playing, it's not fair, it's not my fault.

In his interview, Danny Rose looks to blame everyone else, it comes across strongly that he blames the club. Perhaps, had he been having weekly sessions with a sports psychologist things might have turned out differently, they certainly would not have been any worse.


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Shaw plus cash for Rose could be a good deal

5:00 pm


The Daily Mirror and Daily Star are taking a guess that Manchester United will offer 22-year-old (23 next July) Luke Shaw plus cash for 27-year-old (28 next January) Danny Rose in the winter transfer window.

Well that is a long way away and the situation mid-season may well mean that a deal can not be done, it is just too disruptive to a season. Come the summer though and it may well be a different matter. I can certainly see the deal being done.

Mauricio Pochettino worked with Luke Shaw at Southampton, he turned him into an England international and like many a player taken out of the Pochettino system, he hasn't flourished elsewhere. Danny Rose ants a bigger salary and we have to increase our commercial income before we can start paying all our 'stars' the top level of our pay structure, we simply don't have the income of other clubs to be able to do it.

We have to be very smart in evolving the team and yes, sometimes that does mean selling a star to being in a replacement. As I reported during the summer, we didn't want to buy Ryan Sessegnon during the summer, we wanted to wait until next year when he has had another season under his belt. he is a long-term prospect and his capture, for me, if it happens would put question marks over Ben Davies.

He has progressed since Rose has been out but if Manchester United offered Luke Shaw and he was over all his injuries and we were sure he was fit, then a deal for Danny Rose might not be a bad idea.

Yes Rose is good, but so was Luke Shaw before him. If Pochettino can revive the player he was then Shaw is 5 years younger than Rose and at their best there isn't much between them. A fit and firing Luke Shaw wouldn't weaken our team so a younger player plus cash makes good sense.

What would Rose command, at least the £54 million (€59.06m - AUS$88.29m - US$70.44m) including add-ons that Kyle Walker cost and Luke Shaw with all his problems may be half that. If we can pick up a player plus £20 million (€21.87m - AUS$32.70m - US$26.09m) it has to e given serious consideration.

What we from the outside don't know is how his injury problems have affected him, but we'll do our homework on that by January.


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In demand Rose staying at Spurs

10:30 am


We hear that Manchester United want to renew interest in Danny Rose while our press have decided that Inter Milan are interested and the Italian press report what our press say. There are also stories that Chelsea want to offer £40 million for him, which as Kyle Walker went for £54 million plus add-ons I believe and not the £45 million City are suggesting, that figure will not be entertained.

There doesn't seem to be original news from the Italian press of Inter interest so that may just be our press throwing their name at any story, I did recently point out how we had been linked to 12 of their players. They seem to be a standard name to throw at a story now they have Chinese ownership.

Tottenham have no intention of selling any players Mauricio Pochettino wants, it was his decision to let Kyle Walker go, he wasn't sold out underneath him by Daniel Levy as those with an agenda would have you believe.

We have the national press running stories that his price at the bookies has been slashed, clearly not understanding that that is how a bookmaker makes his money. People seeing a shortening of the odds jump on and when it doesn't happen they lose. It is common in next manager markets, you have a succession of dramatic price reductions, they can't and aren't all right.

It is coming to something when professional journalists have to resort to writing about bookmakers odds changing instead of investigating the story and writing about that, often, no doubt, that is because there is no story and the same media have just invented it. I'm not saying that has happened here but we all know it does.

While some will no doubt panic, I'll wait serenely to see what unfolds, there is little point doing anything else really, it doesn't affect events, so why get all hot and bothered. In my view nothing will happen, the 27-year-old (28 next July) will remain at Spurs.


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André Silva and Danny Rose

5:00 pm


Tottenham Hotspur scouted striker André Silva  has joined AC Milan who have now signed Franck Kessié, Mateo Musacchio, and Ricardo Rodriguez, all players at one time linked with moves to Spurs.

The 21-year-old (22 in November) Portuguese international striker (he has 8 full international caps scoring 7 goals) has joined the Italians from Porto on a 5-year deal.
Sky Sports are reporting that 26-year-old (27 in July) Danny Rose has agreed to move to Manchester United after speaking with Jose Mourinho personally. I would be surprised if Tottenham gave him permission to do that. This comes after a very strange radio interview where he implied Tottenham players could move on if silverware isn't won.

Although he was speaking in general,. it isn't something you talk about unless you are considering that yourself. There seems to be a little disloyalty in the ranks if the press are anything to go by. We have heard that no stars Mauricio Pochettino wants to keep will be sold, we'll see if players try to force their way out.

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Do the medical staff have questions to answer?

9:00 pm

Yet another injury setback. Argentinian winger Erik Lamela has been out for far longer than he should have been with what was said to be a minor hip complaint last October keeping him out for the rest of the season. Now Danny Rose will miss the start of next season.

He was injured at the end of January and it was though he would be out a few weeks, then we were told he would likley return at the beginning of April, then that was delayed and now we hear he needs an operation which will disrupt his pre-season training.

One has to ask questions why seemingly minor injuries drag on. can the problems not be detected sooner? Did we choose the correct course of treatment or should be have looked at surgery sooner?

I am no doctor, I can't answer those questions but in an effort to improve every aspect of the club questions should be continually asked and improvements sought.

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Walker, Rose, Alli, Dier as good as Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso, Busquets

7:00 pm

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola needs no introduction after his exploits at Barcelona and then guiding Bayern Munich to success. Now he has the task of rebuilding Manchester City and he wants to build it with an English identity.

The Spaniard compared four Spurs players, Kyle Walker, Danny Rose, Dele Alli and Eric Dier to the famous four, Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, and Sergio Busquets, saying the English players were on the same level.

“From my experience in Spain and Germany and now here, you cannot imagine how good the young players here are. Like I could not imagine the generation of Lampard, (Michael) Carrick, Scholes, (John) Terry, Gerrard, (Rio) Ferdinand, they had the talent to do something more. 
“As a spectator, I don’t understand. For example, compare it with Spain who always talk about the generation of Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, (Sergio) Busquets. 
“Those English players are of the same level. So you ask yourself, why not? Walker, Rose, Alli, (Eric) Dier, John Stones, Raheem, they are top. The quality is there and they have the quality at U19 and U21 too. The talent is there, I have no doubts about that. They need to make that step.”

Recent news has suggested that Guardiola has now turned his attention away from Danny Rose to 23-year-old (24 in June) Schalke 04 and Bosnia left-back Sead Kolasinac, no doubt having been told there is absolutely no chance of signing Danny Rose.

Danny Rose off Man City radar?

Rose has already expressed his desire to stay at Spurs at least until the end of his contract and is as close as any player to Pochettino, something the Spurs players all joke about. Equally Kyle Walker has an affinity with the club, while Alli and Dier are loving being part of a young talented group of players getting on so well and working in an environment where they are improving as players under the direction of a top coach.

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Walker, Rose, Alli, Dier as good as Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso, Busquets Walker, Rose, Alli, Dier as good as Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso, Busquets Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Kökcü, Suso, Tolisso news plus news that affects Danny Rose

5:00 pm


Tottenham Hotspur and Everton have been chasing the signature of 18-year-old (20 in August) Ozancan Kökcü, but the Feyenoord youngster has decided to join Turkish side Bursapor in the summer.

The young attacking midfielder hails from Azebaijan but has dual nationality, he can represent Turkey as well. He has been play in the Under-19 Eredivisie so was clearly one we were looking at for the future.

Italian outlet  Calciomercato are once again reporting the Tottenham Hotspur interest in 23-year-old (24 in November) Spanish Under-21 right winger Suso currently playing in Serie A at AC Milan. These are regular reports we keep getting which suggest he is high on our list of potential purchases. He wears the Mercurial Vapor XI FG - Radiation Flare, which is a football boot by his shoe sponsor, none other than our new kit sponsor Nike. We do get linked to a lot of their clients don't we.

French daily newspaper L’Equipe once again and this time they are claiming that our North London rivals Arsenal have joined the race for 22-year-old (23 in August) Lyon central midfielder Corentin Tolisso, who has notched 11 goals and has 5 assists in 37 games (6 goals and 3 assists in 25 Ligue 1 games).

Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport have reported that Manchester City are looking to hijack the AC Milan deal for 23-year-old (24 in June) Schalke 04 defender Sead Kolasinac. Why is this significant?

Because the Bosnian ia a left-back and the move for him by Manchester City would indicate that they are not confident of getting Danny Rose, despite what our sensationalist press might have the gullible believe. He is under contract until 2017 and will come considerably cheaper than Rose.

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BooM as Betfair say, £10 to £1,000 Challenge 2 WON giving £12.87 onto Bet 3.

Gamble responsibly, do not bet with money you can not afford to lose and seek help if you have a problem.

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Walker and Rose have no need to move

11:33 am


Thanks to the old eye injury flaring up again it has been a few days since my post in which I highlighted the wolf in sheeps clothing suggesting Harry Winks was the only successful product of our academy.

Over here we are pro instead of anti Spurs and I prefer to look at the overall picture and matters in context, rather than out of context simply to bash the club I love.

Take the Manchester City story. Pep Guardiola wants Kyle Walker and Danny Rose, but in all honesty there was little chance of him getting either and according to reports in the Sun, has now switched target, having had no joy trying to convince the pair their future lies away from White Hart Lane.

Tottenham have an English based side, a rarity among top sides. The rest seem to play a maximum of two and fill their quota with players who just sit on the bench or are youngsters unlikely to ever get more than the odd game. Sides like Manchester City are constantly looking for home grown bench warmers.

At Tottenham Walker and Rose are first choice, their position is established, they are in the England team because of Mauricio Pochettino's coaching. He has proven to the pair he can develop their game and shown the pair that Tottenham can compete for trophies and titles.

Playing at Wembley is a pull for any player so a season of it and then a magnificent new stadium gives further reason to stay where they are. Both have expressed a desire to stay publicly, both are happy and with a group of young friends. Both also have a feeling for the club that made them England regulars.

Moving offers no guarantees. There is no guarantee of a starting slot, no guarantee they will get on with the coach or like his methods, no guarantee the pair could carry out his instructions or play in the manner which he would like.

Yes they would get more money, but money for top footballers is only a consideration if all other desires are met. Anyone who has taken teacher training or a coaching course should be able to tell you about a hierarchy of needs being met. The need for the pair to move simply isn't there at the moment.

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Spurs could sell Danny Rose to Shanghai SIPG for £60m

2:30 pm


Spurs have been offered £60m for Danny Rose

Shanghai SIPG boss Andre Villas-Boas recently offered Spurs £60m (€70.47m - AUS$98.29m - US$75.01m) for 26-year-old (27 in July) left-back Danny Rose according to The Sun.

The 1.74m (5ft 8 1⁄2in) Doncaster born England international, he now has 12 caps, has developed tremendously under Mauricio Pochettino who vowed to him he would make hi an England international. When he was first called up Mauricio Pochettino called him into his office and told him the club were letting him go, before revealing the real reason so the two do share a friendly working relationship.

Tottenham have told Manchester United, Manchester City and PSG that Rose is not for sale, but persistent rumours fly around that Mauricio Pochettino would be happy to be reunited with Luke Shaw.

I don't that Danny Rose would be interested in a move to China at this stage of his career and a World Cup not that far away. Harry Kane has turned down all offers choosing football over money. From a club perspective, Pochettino would have to consider whether selling Rose for £60 million and buying Luke Shaw for say £12 million would be a good piece of business.

Luke Shaw was regarded as one of the best attacking left-backs when at Southampton under the Argentinian and the difference in transfer fees, Shaw only has one year left on his contract this summer, would give Pochettino a healthy £45 million or more to spend strengthening the squad.

Would such a scenario be the right move or should we hang on to Rose?

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Rose injury is a concern

12:30 pm

Rose could be out for weeks and Spurs have 6 fixtures in February

The tackle didn't look too bad, OK Danny Rose clattered his foot into the studs of Billy Jones boot and these days with boots more like slippers, so pain was expected. The concern was he immediately called for a substitution and he could hardly stand on it when he first got up.

Rose tried to hobble it off but sat back down and the trainer came on. He had a quick word and then helped him limp off the pitch. It wasn't his foot, but his knee that was causing the problem and given he injured that knee against Manchester City, Mauricio Pochettino was concerned. He spoke to ESPN correspondent Dan Kilpatrick after the game.

Poch on Rose: "Danny we will assess tomorrow. In a tackle he twisted his knee. I cannot say more, we need to look at it tomorrow."

I understand Rose will undergo tests on Wednesday. He left the game in a leg brace once again but revealed to a supporter that the injury wasn't too bad.

We can ill afford to be without Rose, although fortunately we have Ben Davies back from injury now and available to deputise. That means Kevin Wimmer would play in a back three should we revert to that again. This was precisely why Wimmer was the right choice ahead of Davies against Manchester City in our last Premier League game.

A knee injury is going to take a little time to clear up and my initial thoughts are that he will miss the next game. 


The next round of the FA Cup and that takes place between 17 and 20 February. Will the UEFA Europa League take precedent over the FA Cup?

I'd expect Davies to play against Middlesbrough on Saturday and against Gent in the UEFA Europa League. That would give Rose time to recover, play against Liverpool at Anfield, Fulham in the FA Cup between the UEFA Europa League ties and against Stoke City.

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Wimmer was the obvious choice to replace Vertonghen

6:00 am

Wimmer was the obvious choice to replace Vertonghen

Kevin Wimmer stepped in for Jan Vertonghen successfully and I seem to have been in the minority in believing he would step in for him again instead of Ben Davies.

Fans and journalists alike don't seem to look at the bigger picture. As a coach you have to. Danny Rose simply can't play every game, he needs a rest. He left the Etihad stadium on Saturday in a leg brace!

He is OK by the way, he was moving around freely on the plane to Barcelona. The point is though, we try to rotate our full-backs when there are two games a week because they get a lot of work. If Ben Davies were playing at centre-back, he would be able to cover for left-back and as we saw against Chelsea, Kevin Wimmer is no left-back.

It made much more sense to draft him in and have Ben Davies play in the FA Cup, cover for Rose and in February play in the UEFA Europa League. We get the best from both players instead of stretching our squad to perhaps breaking point.

Last season when Wimmer came in our defence he played 16 games for Vertonghen and we conceded 14 goals, 5 of those against Borussia Dortmund. He does tend to get booked too much and usually in the first half. On Saturday it was very early in the game and he was taken off at half-time.

“It’s not the first time I had this situation. I train every day and learn a lot from the other guys, from Toby and Jan especially. I always try to look at what they do and when I get my chances, I try to copy them a little bit. Of course I try to do my best but it’s not easy when you don’t play every week. You always have to be ready as a footballer — and I am. 
“It’s not a good feeling when any of our players are injured, especially if it’s a bad injury. Jan is a strong guy, his mind is strong and he is always positive. Everyone hopes he will be back soon. With Toby, too, I think the injury is not too bad but it’s never good when such important players get injured. 
“A few weeks ago when we had two days off, I went to Cologne to see friends because I’m still in touch with them. I had a very good time there but this caused a problem because I was seen there and there were some discussions. But there was never a point when I thought about leaving. I feel very comfortable here and I never thought about going back to Germany.”

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Walker and Rose showing Spurs loyalty

8:30 am


They are an envied pair of full-backs Kyle Walker and Danny Rose, other clubs would love them and the two Manchester clubs have been linked by the press but there is nothing in the stories.

Kyle Walker says it is horrible to play against Danny Rose in training.
"He's horrible to play against, I can't stand it. He's always around you, he does not give you a moment's rest."
Danny Rose also talked about training to Sky and briefly described how the pair push each other on, he Rose, trying to match Walker and Walker no doubt doing the same. It's a healthy rivalry to have.
"It still carries on today. The gaffer never puts us on the same side in training but it's good for me. He's bigger than me, stronger than me, I have to think outside the box to stop him. 
"For me he's the best full-back in the league. I don't tell him this but [for games] I think, 'I've got to do better than Walks'. I look at what he's done - how many crosses he's put in, how many sprints he's made and try to match him."
You listen to them both and they are great mates who both want to stay at Tottenham. Danny Rose said hopefully he will still be here in 2021 and Kyle Walker would like to return to Sheffield United at the end of his career to help them as they showed great faith in him at the start of his career.

That to me suggest these two have that rare commodity today in football, loyalty. It helps that you are working under a great coach with a brand new stadium on the horizon and a young bunch of mates who all get along.


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The coach wasn't selecting the team

7:00 pm


Danny Rose and Kyle Walker have been interviewed by Sky Sports and both are very happy at Spurs. They have developed as Academy rivals at Sheffield United and Leeds United to the best pairing of full-backs in the Premier League, envied by many.

There was a very interesting comment from Danny Rose that raises question marks about team selection before Mauricio Pochettino took over. He explained his decision to take a loan spell at Sunderland and suggested he was only getting games at Spurs when other players decided they didn't want to play, not the coach picking the team.

"That was a great experience for me. AVB [Andre Villas-Boas] had taken over here and before that it was Harry's last season. 
"My mind was made up that I had to get out of Tottenham and go somewhere to play. I didn't think I could take another season of playing only when certain people decided they didn't want to play in certain games."

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Walker and Rose an integral part of Spurs

8:30 am



Both Kyle Walker and Danny Rose have improved under the guidance of former Argentinian centre-back Mauricio Pochettino. Both are now the first choice full-backs for England and thought by many to be the best full-back pairing in the Premier League.

It seems that Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho agree a report in the Sun suggests that both Manchester City and Manchester United would like to sign them.

Danny Rose has been linked with City for over a year but has a fantastic relationship with Pochettino, who told him he would make him an England international. Rose owes Pochettino a lot and they seem inseparable to teammates. The noises from manchester are that he is Pep Guardiola's number one target.

Jose Mourino is very keen on signing both but Tottenham will not want to sell either of them and offers will be rebuffed. If either player wants to leave and that looks unlikely, they will have to ask to leave the club or force their way out.

The story is from the gutter press of course and may have little or no truth in it, we certainly know Manchester City are interested in Rose, but as for the rest it sounds like plausible invention. Tottenham would have to replace both players and they are an integral part of the team. Manchester United have finished below us for the last few years and Daniel Levy doesn't like to sell to rivals, most clubs don't.

The chances created statistic supports the importance of Walker who has played 323 more minutes in the Premier League than Rose.

Most chances created by defenders in the Premier League this season 
  • Nathaniel Clyne (30) - 1,800 minutes - 0 goals, 2 assists
  • Kyle Walker (28) - 1,637 minutes - 0 goals, 4 assists
  • Patrick van Aanholt (27) - 1,603 minutes - 3 goals, 1 assist
Danny Rose has played 1,315 minutes, scored 2 goals and has 3 assists in the Premier League

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Don't mess with Danny Rose, leave him where he is

8:30 am

I can never understand why people want to change what works. We have arguably the best two full-backs in the Premier League because of the way we play, not in spite of it.

I read a piece on a forum asking the question, should Danny Rose be moved further forward and if we need a stay at home left-back pick Ben Davies. That would mean entirely changing our system, what for?

Our system works because inverted wingers can attack inside pulling the full-back in and leaving the space outside for Rose to attack. If Rose were further forward with a full-back behind him, then he would be marked more often and less effective. He was a winger we have converted into a left-back.

We broke several times at speed against Burnley, once again demonstrating you don't need flying wingers to counter-attack swiftly. We did the same against Hull City and Swansea City, indeed Harry Kane scored a goal that was largely created by first-time passing, not the slower running with the ball.

what is this fixation with traditional wingers people have, we don't have the aerial ability to play with traditional wingers, our crosses have to be along the floor, which Walker and Rose provide plenty of. I see no reason to drastically change what works and the assumption thta if you push Rose further forward he will be more dangerous is probably false.

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Man City to sign Amavi,not Rose in January.

8:30 am


I hear that 22-year-old (23 next March) Aston Villa left-back Jordan Amavi will be joining Manchester City in January as a replacement for Gael Clichy whose days are numbered.

Pep Guardiola has money to spend and there was speculation over the weekend in the press that he would move for England left-back Danny Rose but that does not seem to be the case.

There were reports in November that Amavi was not looking to leave Aston Villa amid interest from Liverpool and French side Marseille, Manchester City it seems is a different proposition.

Man City to sign Amavi,not Rose in January. Man City to sign Amavi,not Rose in January. Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5
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