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The Gary Neville solution is simple

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Former Manchester United and England right-back Gary Neville, now an expert pundit on Sky Sports, has highlighted the two areas he feels are causing Spurs difficulties, but the solution to both is quite simple.

“I don’t think they should be judged the same as the other sides in the top six. One, is their net spend is £11m. To transform the mess Pochettino’s done in three years from where Spurs were to where they are now is a big job. 
“The second one is why I have a lot of sympathy for them – their average age. It’s the youngest in the division. 
“I’ve loved watching Spurs over the last three years, I think the coach is fantastic. He’ll be sensing they’re a young team, they need education, they need time to grow but they’re a bit timid in these matches. 
“When I watched them at home against Manchester City it was one of the best things I’ve seen. Then they go away from home and that belief and confidence saps from them. 
“They’ve got to mature as young players and develop that belief, because they’re better than what they’re showing away from home. I think there’s still a little bit of time, education, growing to do as a team. 
“But in the next 18 months Pochettino will want them to get to that point where they’re not timid in away games. Go for Liverpool, go for Manchester United, go for Manchester City. They can’t do it at home and then go away and not do it. But I’ve got a little bit of sympathy for them because of those two things.”

Once again a former player, someone who has won eight Premier League titles, three FA Cups, two League Cups, three Community Shields, two UEFA Champions Leagues, one Intercontinental Cup and one FIFA Club World Cup, suggests it is belief that is missing from Spurs.

The small minded can mock belief but it is central to achieving anything in any walk of life. If the mind doesn't think something is possible, then it can't achieve it. Waiting for players to slowly develop a belief system, if they ever do to the level required to be a winner, is nuts, if there is expertise out there to do it faster. There is in the shape of sports psychologists, their job is to instil belief!

I don't understand why you would choose to take the long route when there is a shorter and more effective route to the top.
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The Pochettino formula

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Success can be taught, but to do so you have to educate the brain. People will always revert to default reactions unless they are taught differently, thus someone who in childhood does their homework at the last minute will grow up in adulthood to have the same trait. Equally if they are conscientious as a child they will grow up to be as an adult.

It is easier for the conscientious to be successful than the last minute, possibly fly by night character. A parent has a greater responsibility than many quite realise, you are dictating your child's future by how you develop them, it is after all your responsibility, not a schools to teach your child. Schools give them facts, you mould their future.

Understanding how you think controls what you do can lead to change, otherwise it is the rat race for them with it's levels of perceived success, when in fact what people are doing is working to make someone else rich while they themselves usually remain comfortable at best. You'd accept that that mentality isn't going to make you an industry leader or for want of a better word, a winner.

Tottenham has been that rat race worker. We had a successful period, but we didn't appreciate to be successful on the field there has to be a successful company off the field funding it. We went into decline, just as Manchester United did and rebuilding from there is no easy task. You will recall Manchester United fans wanted Sir Alex Ferguson out as he hadn't done anything in three years. Well he had, he had changed the culture of the club and was building it. 

Tottenham is being built in the same way. Fans calling for Pochettino to go know little of what it takes to be successful, they simply don't understand the importance of the club off the field. In 18 months Pochettino has worked wonders, with the backing of Daniel Levy. It was he who agreed to the ostracising of players to force them out the club, given our history of being unable to move players on.

Players have had to grasp a new mental approach, they have had to adopt the traits of a winner. Now you know as well as I that if you don't believe in something you can not put everything into it, there is always something you hold back. It is one of the key elements of any success formula. A chap called Napoleon Hill interviewed hundreds of successful people to find a formula, from Presidents of the USA to the richest people in the States and points in between. One of the conclusions from this was having a total unwavering belief in what you were doing. If you had that you would find a way to make it happen, but the belief had to be absolutely total, not a shred of doubt as that would put a spanner in the works.

Do Tottenham need players who are rat race workers or do they need industry leaders with total belief?

The answer is pretty obvious. One can perform very well, get good rewards, but not be the top dog, where the other is a leader with everyone below him or her.

The more players we can get together of the 'leader' type the greater our chances of success and the greater chance of us keeping hold of them as a result. Big clubs will always want top quality players so it's a good thing when we hear that they do, what we have to create is an environment where they feel they can achieve at Spurs. having like-minded players is a step towards that and why talent is simply not enough, a talented head is a prerequisite os success.

Mauricio Pochettino is instilling that in the youthful squad he has assembled, you can see it clearly in the players, they believe and the result is they are surprising a few people. I would suggest that this is the first manager that Daniel Levy has had total faith in, no accident give the extensive background research we did on his football, his character, his philosophy, his life. The signs of backing are consistently there, the fact we hear less about Levy is a result of having faith in the man in the hot seat. With total faith, Levy can just let him get on with it almost.

For those who feel Levy has meddled too much you need to appreciate that he has a burning desire for Tottenham to win trophies and as such has a vision of how things should be done. When you have that total belief trusting someone else isn't easy, they have different ideas and see things being done in a different way. Whatever path is taken though it always has to lead back to the Levy vision of success which is through generating our own talent. A conveyor belt of youth players is more sustainable than purchasing players unless you have the financial backing and that requires off the field success.

You listen to Pochettino and everything is no excuses, we have to face challenges. We have heard the same message from him after the Qarabag game head of the Chelsea clash. Complaining about a lack of time between games doesn't change anything and it puts doubt in players minds, if he is worried by it then I am too. The result is you perform to your expectations, if you expect it to be a problem it will be a problem, you won't perform at your optimum. Focus on the challenge and you will.

“I am happy that a big club want our players – this is because they show they are a top player with top performances. It is good when they are linked. 
“But Harry, like Hugo Lloris, wants to stay here. He is one of the best players and he is very happy. He wants to grow up with us and try the next few years to try for the top four and win titles with Tottenham. This is his challenge. 
“We are through to the next round and this was our objective. 
“The objective is gone now. We will make sure we will arrive in a good condition to play Chelsea. We have a strong squad and a strong mentality, with the maturity. 
“It is true we arrive maybe not in the best condition to compete in the right way but respect to our medical staff for what they do – they will work during the flight and (on Friday) we have a day off. On Saturday we will assess.”

Gary Neville was a supremely successful footballer at Manchester United, he knows how a successful club operates and what it takes from an individual point of view to be successful as a player. He is now one of the top, if not the top, pundit on TV. Farr too many of them just give us waffle, we want to know what is going wrong and why or what is going right and why.

He provides that on TV and he provided more of it in his recent column in the Telegraph.

"Fans should be going to matches thinking they are getting some level of value. One measure of that is players who care for the badge, the shirt, who run around an awful lot, who look as if they hurt when the fans hurt. And a manager who is giving opportunities to the club’s own talent, making them dream. 
"Tottenham fans now can walk to the game thinking: ‘Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Eric Dier – they are young English lads; I could be that player one day.’ Pochettino is looking after English players a lot more than many of his Premier League counterparts. It sickens me to think a coach could come to work in this country and start out believing English players are no good."

He discussed in that article the mental change in Tottenham players he now sees turning up for international duty, there is a desire there now there wasn't before. Player express themselves where before they were more in the background, don't make waves and I'll stay here, a do everything to please approach. If you have total confidence you express yourself, Pochettino is giving the players that belief.

It is early days yet, these are the beginnings, some players will kick-on, some won't, some transfers will be successful, some won't. All the while the system, the philosophy won't change, you buy into that and handle the pressures thrown at you, especially the mental ones when you are not playing, or you leave for a comfort zone elsewhere.

Tottenham is no longer a comfort zone, it a challenging zone. Pochettino will embrace those who embrace a challenge. Changing some of our fans from a losing mentality to a winning one is an even bigger task, changing limiting ingrained beliefs takes courage. Not everyone has it in them to do it. Do you?

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Spurs players didn't care for the club

9:00 pm

Tim Sherwood knew it and it was evident to anyone with an ounce of knowledge about the all important mental side of the game, some Spurs players didn't care about the club at all.
Those views have been echoed by the top pundit of TV Gary Neville during his regular spot on Monday Night Football. After Spurs fantastic win against Manchester City at the weekend, he discussed how Pochettino was changing Spurs and bringing a work which to the game it has rarely seen before.

I have written many a time we have to work on the brain, we have to mentally assess players before we buy them to establish whether they have the winning mentality that makes players want to improve everyday, Neville feels Spurs have had players with the wrong attitude. Attitude has nothing to do with talent, talent is ten a penny and he once again reinforces the point that the mental side of the game is basically the be all and end all.

"Pochettino's team at Southampton was really good in transition, hunting for the ball and then springing forward quickly. At Southampton, Pochettino inherited a good bunch of players in terms of talent and work ethic. He absolutely didn't at Tottenham. A lot of them, you couldn't get them out of there quick enough. 
"Pochettino teams work damn hard and that's not something that Tottenham have always done. He had a bunch of players who had a poor work ethic, a poor attitude and didn't have a lot of care for the club. 
"He's now got a bunch of players who have the core ingredients of what you need. Tottenham fans probably like their coach more and they like their players more. 
"They might not be as good as some Tottenham teams but at least the foundations are back in place to grow from. 
"I like what's happening and I like the way they are going. Things are happening that are right. The foundations of the house are now being put in place."
The 'foundations are back in place to grow from'. A key phrase and one that all supporters should take note of. We have assessed, moved players out od the club and brought in fresh ones that fit the bill, next comes the building process. Improvement and success have to be built brick by brick and watching it being built makes for a happy time for Spurs fans at the moment.

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Spurs improvement - The game is afoot Watson

12:30 pm
Spurs improvement - The game is afoot Watson

Gary Neville is probably the best pundit of TV and he can see change is afoot at Tottenham. The former England and Manchester United right-back played at the very top of the game and knows what it takes to win, not just football matches, but trophies including 8 Premier League titles and 2 UEFA Champions League trophies.

He has always felt Tottenham were a soft touch, play entertaining, skillful football, but would always cave in and concede. Now though he is seeing the changes taking place at Spurs that most of is fans can see. Pochettino has clearly been the right man chosen by Daniel Levy and his board, installing as he is the right culture at Spurs.

The club needed changing, it needed a winning mentality brought into the club, it was tried with Andre Villas-Boas and failed, Mauricio Pochettino though has clearly made a significant difference already.

From a porous defence, we now have the joint best defence in the Premier League and the hardest working team. we have outrun our opponents in 40 of the 45 Premier League games under Pochettino/

"When he went into that club he will not have enjoyed what he saw. I think what he's had to do in the last 12 to 18 months is knock the house down and try to rebuild it again. If you look at what he's done, he's transformed the team and definitely got a better bunch of lads.

"With Tottenham, the average age is 23 which is the youngest in the league and he's not just transforming a team there, he's transforming a culture. It's a culture of being a bit flimsy. You'd never say they were the hardest-working team in the league. You'd say they're a bit weak and he's trying to transform that.
"It looks to me like Daniel Levy is approaching things a bit differently. He's rid himself of Franco Baldini and he's going with Pochettino and his backroom staff.
"They're going with a more balanced approach and there are certainly signs now that Pochettino is having an effect. I don't think he's got the best team in the world and I don't think they'll finish in the top four. But you just have to look at the work ethic in winning the ball back."
Tottenham have been going a bit under the radar because of the young age of the team, nobody expects us to achieve anything, not even a section of our fans, some of whom have already given up and calling for change. The win against Manchester City and not just a win, but a thumping should have made people think again. 
One win doesn't make a season, but our own fans were suggesting a two and four-goal thrashing, complaining we were resting players for a game we would lose. Three points in the Premier League was always going to be more important than a League Cup tie whoever the opponents were. Last season we battered Arsenal at White Hart Lane and on Thursday what was primarily a second team battered an Arsenal side that was a former first-team.
I said before the game we have a squad, we have to use the squad and we have ti trust the players. Fazio had a bad game, well Toby Alderweireld gave away a penalty against Stoke City which transformed the game and cost us points, should he have never played again? Jan Vertonghen has had a bad game, should he not play again, both have been brilliant generally at the heart of the joint best defence in the league. 
People do tend to overreact when they need to look at the bigger picture. Take trophies, teams with money win trophies in all league in Europe now, if you do not manage a team with money you have little chance of winning something as a manager. According to the logic of our 'designer label' fans, those who believe in names only, that means all those managers are useless including Pochettino.
The most important ingredient is not what you have won with money, but finding the right man, for the right job, at the right time, in the right club. If those elements come together then you can build success.
You begin by assessing what you have firsthand, not simply rely on other people's opinions, instill a method of how you want to play and a club ethic, such as how you train, how you behave, how you think, then you can weed out those you don't think fit your vision and bring in those who do. They then need time to develop, to fully understand a system before everything will totally come together.
We are not at the end of a process, we are still near the beginning, we have only just transformed the squad into the image Pochettino wants. The game against Man City shows that when played right these tactics work, this system works. This should be a season for all fans just to sit back and enjoy watching the club develop on the road to where we want to be.
There are many Sherlock Holmes quotes that can be applied to the current changes taking place at Tottenham, l'll settle on 'the game is afoot', it sums everything up nicely.

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Daniel Levy must change Tottenham

4:30 pm
Mauricio Pochettino has revealed that one of the goals upon his appointment was to change the mentality at Tottenham, which is the same aim that Andre Villas-Boas had but failed to achieve.

Daniel Levy must change Tottenham

That tells you there is something wrong with the players, which is what Tim Sherwood said about them but fans didn't want to hear.

I have been writing about our weak mentality for a couple of years and nothing has changed. I read that Gary Neville has criticised Spurs mentality so I sought that out to have a listen.

"If we see this now and we have seen this before with Tottenham before at kick-offs. It's as if they are never ready. 
"Just before kick-off now, Danny Rose, Vertonghen talking, Kaboul (captain) looking down at the floor, he's (midfielder) doing some sort of stretch or doing his laces, Dier has just come on late and he is looking the opposite way. 
"How many times are Tottenham, this is a coach who had an alert team, a bright team last season, he's got to affect the culture of the football club, because if you look at this (showing videotape), the kick-offs about to be taken and they're still talking the left-back, I mean look Vertonghen is shocked, Dier's not ready, Rose isn't ready.  
"It's so poor and it's what I think of Tottenham historically, it's what I always think of them, never ready. 
"Weak, weak up here (taps his head), not alert and they have to change that culture. I think Pochettino needs to be given 2 or 3 years to run amok through that club to get rid of that type of attitude."  

Quite why some fans bury their heads in the sand and think mentality plays no part in sport they should sit down and watch the start of that second half, a start the side couldn't recover from. Mentality is everything. I've said it time and time again, you get yourself mentally ready before you cross that white line, not afterwards.

The whole atmosphere around the team is laziness, we'll do things in our own time, we don't have to try hard because we are better than the opposition.

Newcastle would have targeted that start, they would have spoken about Spurs not being ready at the start because, as Gary Neville says, we have seen it before. The performance and that start have nothing to do with skill, everything to do with mentality.

It's simple to say they shouldn't do it or it's easy to stop but why haven't they done it, why if they have been caught out before like this are they doing it again? It's their mentality. It's the same with the play, no urgency, all slow pedestrian, they never look like they are actually trying to win a game of football.

Gary Neville is the best analyst on TV but it doesn't take a genius to see the problem. Pochettino was charged with changing it but in 5 months nothing has changed, the weak mentality is still weak. He revealed this was one of the aims when he was appointed to change the club mentality.

“In pre-season we pushed the players a lot to improve physically, tactically and in their mental condition too. We know that our challenge is to change this mentality and be stronger. This was the challenge from the beginning of the season. 
“When we conceded the goals against Newcastle we tried to fix things in an individual way. We need to improve like a team. 
“This is a period in which we need to be strong and calm, follow our way and work hard because we are sure that this dynamic will change.”

All we fans are getting are meaningless PR words. I went to the website before the game to have a look at what the club were giving out to the fans before the game. We had the regular Ben Davies view, a brief Mauricio Pochettino view telling us, wait for it, shock horror, it will be a tough game.

But then we had Erik Lamela giving his view when everyone knows he isn't going to even be starting the game. He only came on because Aaron Lennon was injured. Why were we not getting the view of someone who were actually going to start, instead of PR words about a collective we when the we talking may not take part?

Spurs TV gives me the impression of a bunch of guys just out to enjoy themselves without a thought for anyone else. They seem to be more interested in being around the club and the players for their own benefit than for the fans. In my view the material that they produce is poor but there have been signs of improvement in that area but I don't think they fully appreciate why they are there.

Lip service and total belief or a passion are totally different things. That tells me that the mentality throughout the club is wrong, not just the players. It's like a cancer and the staff don't even realise they have it too.

In my Spurs Need to Go Mental series back around April time I spoke of continually making tiny little changes that on their own do hardly anything but together, over time, improve the club.

It's the Japanese Kaizen method, continuous incremental improvements introduced by Japanese management. The England rugby team under Sir Clive Woodward used it to win the World Cup but didn't continue with it when he left and have gone downhill since.

The culture throughout the club must change, not just the players.

It is imperative any player we bring in we analyse mentally. We are spending millions on a single purchase and it's incredible to do that without spending peanuts to make those checks through a trained professional. It would happen in business, it should happen in football.

We have catching up to do when it comes to transfer buying, why would any decent player want to come into a lazy culture? Why would any decent player want to stay?

The club is more interested in being nice and being a friend that it is in achieving anything.

I am not a Daniel Levy knocker, I support him and the work he is doing but I have to be honest, club culture comes from the top, it comes from Daniel Levy and the board. They are the ones who must change the club ethos, they have to break down, seek improvements for and implement improvements in the purchasing process.

Everyone is far too happy in their comfort zone and it's about time the club snapped out of it.

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