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Can we start to believe?

5:22 pm
Do the players believe?
After our superb win on Tuesday, BBC Fivelive commentator and presenter, Darren Fletcher, made the following statement:

"I truly believe that after tonight's amazing win against the European Champions, these Tottenham Hotspur players can begin to believe that they are good enough, not only in progressing further in the Champions League, but also believing in themselves so as to take this form into their Premier League fixtures. These players have come of age."

I do hope he's right. The word "hope" has to come into it, for as all die hard Spurs fans know and realise, our beloved club has a way of coming back and biting us in the unmentionables.

Fortunately, Luka Modric doesn't see it my way.

"They will look at us more seriously than before. Maybe they didn’t take us so seriously before. But after the games against Inter Milan and FC Twente I think they have to look at us differently. I said after Twente that we can play with anyone in Europe and we showed that against the champions. We need to be proud but also need to keep going like this and progress in our game and we should be fine. Our main target before was to go through in the group and we are close to that now."

Being Spurs through and through, I have always believed, much to the entertainment of my fellow Arsenal loving friends. When we signed Jurgen Klinsmann, I believed. Before 'Lasagna-Gate', I believed. When we beat City up at Eastlands last season, I still believed.

Thing is, Darren Fletcher has hit the nail on the head. It doesn't matter if we, as supporters, believe. It's the belief of the players that counts. I hope they can take a step back and say to themselves, "We have just beaten the Champions League holders. We can accomplish anything".

Talking about Tuesday's game, I think we shouldn't get too carried away. Gareth Bale played amazingly well, but instead of giving him all the credit, I think some has to go to Rafael Benitez. The Spanish waiter experienced what Bale had done to them in the previous game, therefore, one would have thought that Benitez, apparently being a statistic guru, would have prepared his side so as not to grant Gareth the time and space needed for him to flourish. Fortunately for us, that never happened. Forget there being a taxi for the apparent amazing Brazilian right-back, Hasan's Tottenham Minicab Service would have been sufficient for Maicon.

Next up; Bolton away at the Reebok on Saturday. Can we wear the Investec shirts for that one guv?

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Transfer Window Latest!

9:54 am
Right then, what does the internet have in store for us today?  Same old rubbish really, although there was a bit of news that caught my attention.

Manchester City's Togo and former Arsenal striker, Emmanuel Adebayor, has been linked with a loan move to us.  Now, I'm no genius, but this is the same Manchester City that declined Craig Bellamy a move to us a couple of weeks ago, right?

talkSPORT have gone crazy over the rumour that Harry Redknapp is about to sign the player.  The tabloid-style radio station has even discussed his contract, stating Tottenham Hotspur have agreed to cover half the players wages.

Utter rubbish.

We can also forget Klaas-Jan Huntelaar signing for us.  He's made the move to yet another league.  If he can cut it in the Bundesliga, I'll take back everything I've said about him.  Can't see it myself frankly, therefore, expect him to be included in the vast list of players to be linked to us next season.

"At the end of his career, Huntelaar could be an interpreter - Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany...." - TonyRich

The Sun's Ian McGarry was asked last night on the BBC FiveLive Monday Night Club which players Harry is likely to sign.  He didn't mention any names, but it was obvious that he was alluding to Rossi, although he did say that there's very little chance of getting him.

What are we left with? Scott Parker, surely?

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