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Tottenham Supporters Trust suggestions are unworkable

9:38 am
The Tottenham Supporters Trust are only really interested in Tottenham fans with existing season tickets it would seem if their secretary's recent words are anything to go by.

They have started to use, through secretary Katrina Law, wild and reckless scaremongering as part of a selfish campaign to protect a minority group from increased travel.

"The club would lose it's identity to other North London clubs and Tottenham needs to stay in London."

Utter rubbish, if you are going to suggest we would lose identity to other North London clubs then you have to say the club must remain in North London, which means playing at Arsenal. The alternative is staying at White Hart Lane and having a reduced capacity for several season, pushing up building costs, lengthening the build and reducing the clubs income at the same time. It's not a sensible business option.

There are fans throughout the world who are just as much supporters of the club as the 37,000 odd who turn up for home games.

“You wouldn’t take Buckingham Palace on tour! It would affect business in the area and we wouldn’t want to be associated with a franchise club.”

She wants assurances that the club will stay in north London, and would prefer a move to grounds such as: Wembley, Upton Park, the Olympic Stadium or The Valley (Charlton Athletic).

Wembley has a restriction on the number of events it is allowed to hold so is impossible, West Ham refuse to allow the use of Upton Park and will gut their old ground to prevent us using it as well as refusing to share the Olympic Stadium with us, simply because of who we are. The Valley only holds 27,111 and is far too small.

Three of her options are impossible and the other makes no business sense. The Tottenham Supporters Trust certainly don't have the best interests of the club at heart with wages and transfer budgets determined by club income, as per the Financial Fair Play regulations. Their only workable option reduces our income and no doubt they will still want us signing star players on star wages.

It doesn't matter one jot renting MK Dons for a season to the vast majority. We have to play somewhere and being a nomad within London is no different than being a nomad outside London. She is more concerned with the closed shop season ticket holders having to undertake a 50 mile journey.

Yes I would rather we play at Wembley, but it's impossible, yes I'd rather we play at the Olympic Stadium, but it's impossible so we have to find a venue that is large enough to maximise income during the period, that means as big a stadium as possible.

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