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Transfer Talk and Transfer Fees

8:30 am

Transfer Talk and Transfer Fees

Son Heung-min second most valuable Spurs player
Transfer Fees
Everyone shouting about Daniel Levy putting in, low ball offers (which every club does to lower expectation ahead of a negotiation) should note that Tottenham transfer target Giovani Lo Celso is independently valued at below £54.45m.

Real Betis are asking £66.79m

Harry Kane £138.54m 
Heung-min Son £86.76m 
Tanguy N'dombélé £61.59m 
Nicolo Zaniolo £60.97m 
Lucas Moura £57.58m 
Christian Eriksen £54.72m 
Eden Hazard £107.74m

Lyon are asking between £53m and £71m for Tanguy N'dombélé and our opening offer was £44.53m.

For all of you about to rant and rave about Eriksen, his value is because he only has a year left on his contract, if he signs another then his transfer value will shoot up. At the moment, as his contract runs down, he is a depreciating asset.

Ozan Kabak

The news a week ago was that Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Schalke, and Arsenal were all interested in 19-year-old (20 next March) Stuttgart and Turkey defender Ozan Kabak.

The news from Turkey is that Monaco has won the race for his signature and that he is near a €15m (£13.35m - $16.83m) move to AS Monaco.

One o cross off your list.


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Kane and Son

10:09 pm

Two Cracking Players

A few facts for your Tweets tomorrow.

Before we played Everton we were the lowest scorers in the Top 6. I have urged us to improve our finishing and over the last two games the players have knocked in 11 goals. We have improved our goal difference by 9 and now there are only 2 sides who have scored more than, Manchester City 51 goals and 43 goals. We have scored 42 goals.

Everton didn't play a defensive midfielder and had no protection for their defence, which we tore to pieces. We also learned that Andre Gomes isn't a good enough player for us, defensively he was fast asleep for the Dele Alli goal and if you play for Spurs, you must defend as part of our system.

Against Bournemouth today we weren't at our best, yet we still put five past them. Son bagged two more and is on a scoring streak. Unfortunately, we will lose him in January and Erik Lamela will have to step up to the plate once more. I feel his form has dipped a little from his scoring spell.

Harry Kane now has 12 Premier League goals in 1617 minutes. He currently scores a goal every 135 minutes. He has 3 assists and with 31 of his 49 shots having been on target, he has an accurate shot percentage of 63%. That is according to the BBC, according to the Premier League he has had 63 shots. Statistics!

Harry Kane has now scored 120 goals in 172 Premier League games with a further 17 assists and has won Player of the Month 6 times, January, February 2015, March 2016, February, September and December 2017. A barren year for him in 2018!

He has scored 18 headed goals, 72 with his right foot, 29 with his left foot, 17 penalties and 1 free-kick. He has had 659 shots with 300 on target, a Premier League career shooting accuracy of 46%. He has hit the woodwork 20 times and missed 75 big chances

Heung-min Son now has 7 Premier League goals this season and 37 in 113 Premier League games, with a further 16 assists. he has won Player of the Month 2 times, September 2016 and April 2017.

Son has 2 headed goals, 21 with his right foot and 14 with his left foot. The South Korean has had 224 shots with 94 on target a Premier League career shooting accuracy of 42%. He has hit the woodwork 8 times and has missed 18 big chances.

We have two cracking players.

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Why Harry Kane played and not Son

4:30 pm

Why Harry Kane played and not Son


Ok, someone posted on Twitter that Harry Kane should not have started against Newcastle United and that Heung-min Son should have started in his place.

I can see his point and if you are only looking at the situation from a one-game perspective then he has a point, however a coach has to take in a longer term picture and that gives a different perspective.

Hary Kane will have to be managed this season, no doubt about that, but we have a new stadium opening and an important fixture against Liverpool. We need Harry Kane match fit and firing for that game, it is one we and Mauricio Pochettino will be desperate to win.

Prior to that, we have Manchester United away on 27 August, so equally Hary and the team will need to be ready for that game, again isn't going to happen if they are not playing.

Kane is not going to get fir sitting on a bench or doing training, he needs match sharpness and from what I see it takes him a while to get that sharpness. Remember he has scored no goals in August despite having had 44 shots prior to the Newcastle United opening day victory.

Pochettino knows him better than any fan. A fan looks at a game a time and says he is unfit he shouldn't be playing, a coach has a different agenda, different goals. Understanding those helps you understand why certain things happen.

The side were disjointed, the intricate passing was going astray, plenty of passes were going astray. The side simply haven't had a pre-season together to iron things out, to get back on the same wavelength. It takes time and the start of the season is being used for that.

We rotate full-backs anyway so I'd expect to see Trippier added in the next game. You can't play too many unfit players in one game, hence the runner in Moura we had around Kane as opposed to Dele who moved wider.

Spurs New Dawn - an article that looks forward to understand this transfer window and what the future holds for Tottenham Hotspur. 
65 out of 70 trophies
Chelsea and Liverpool in Spurs' sights 
The goal vs the trophy

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Kane has a bond with England, do the rest?

10:30 am

Kane has a bond with England, do the rest?

Harry Kane has the same passion playing for his country that Maradona had

Harry Kane

"Diego Maradona or Ossie Ardiles, players of that kind, loved to play for their country, that's something special and it's a bond that Harry has been able to generate with England," said Mauricio Pochettino in a recent interview.

The question is, do the rest of the players feel the same? If they don't then they are not going to perform at their optimum.

If Raheem Stirling has that burning desire to play for his country, then why does he perform do poorly, so regularly and why couldn't he even be bothered to turn up to a training session on time, couldn't even turn up on time to catch a plane?

How many planes have you missed when going on your holidays?

Clearly, whatever he says, he heart is not in playing for his country, for him it appears to be more about kudos.

"He loves Tottenham but he has a real passion for England. People are talking to me about Harry, he's already the best scorer in the world, he's not just a play finisher, he's an influential player who reads matches and can adapt to different tactics and alignments. full player."


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Pochettino, Harry Kane and Luka Modrić

8:00 pm

Pochettino, Harry Kane and Luka Modrić

Kane celebrates scoring twice against Tunisia

Harry Kane

“My boy! He scored twice, I’m so proud. Unbelievable, I watched in my hotel room and when he scored in the last minute I was running around like an England fan. I probably celebrated more than Tottenham goals as I have to be different as manager."

Those are the words of Mauricio Pochettino when Harry Kane was playing for England in the opening game of their World Cup campaign against Tunisia.

Luka Modrić

THBN-Luka- Modrić
A suggestion Lika  Modrić could be on his way back to Spurs

When questioned on Twitter where the information came from Jules Tottenham Bevis claimed to have had a text from a journalist and also claimed research, but could offer no resources that were researched.

It is a big claim and it would surely be in the Spanish press, however, Spurs would have asked Real Madrid to keep it quiet if it did have legs, that's how we operate.

It comes from Don Balon, a standing joke who make up stories all the time, but Jules Tottenham Bevis also claims the information doesn't come from them.

May I suggest you have a read of the Yahoo story, it's funny.


THBN Catchup - 5 Recent Articles

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The revenue increase funding Kane wages

12:30 pm

The revenue increase that's funding Kane's wage rise

Harry Kane benefitting from Spurs revenue increase

Figures are taken from the Tottenham Hotspur Official Website.


Revenue for the year ended 30 June 2016 was at a record level of £209.8m, an increase of 7% on the prior year (2015: £196.4m)

Premier League gate receipts were £22.2m (2015: £22.3m)

The Club reached the round of 16 of the UEFA Europa League (2015: round of 32) resulting in gate receipts and prize money of £18.7m (2015: £7.1m).


Revenue for the year ended 30 June 2017 was at a record level of £306.3m (2016: £209.8m).

Premier League gate receipts were £19.0m (2016: £22.2m).

The Club participated in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League and the round of 32 of the UEFA Europa League (2016: round of 16 of UEFA Europa League) resulting in gate receipts and prize money of £44.6m (2016: £18.7m).

Revenue increased during this period by £98.5m and will have increased again with a good Champions League campaign. This season Spurs earned from just prize money and the TV pool for our European campaign, £52.8m, an increase of £12.74m.

Gate receipts need to be added to that figure. In two years we have gone from £18.7 million to over £53m.

Commercial and corporate revenue was up £5.9m for the final season at White Hart Lane too.

Plenty of the anti-Levy fans mock, but the message of the last few years is you can't spend money you don't have and that you don't gamble on future money coming in. Thus you increase revenue to increase wages and bring in better players.

A £98.5m increase in revenue is significant and it was pointed out that when the new stadium was built it would be a game changer for Tottenham.

Well that stadium is virtually here, revenue is way up and we have seen Harry Kane sign a huge new pay deal, one we simply could not have afforded earlier. This common sense approach we happy clappers take is clearly the right one.

Wages are 42% of turnover, 42% of £98.5m is £41.37m, thus this is the money available to increase the wage budget. With income to rise again, 42% of that rise will be available too, but those figures won't be available to us until next year.

As income rises so can wages. As Sir Alex Ferguson said on a TV programme, you have to have a successful business off the field first, before you can have success on the field. Money brings success.

Take a look at Aston Villa, they were above us when Daniel Levy took over, where are they now? In the Championship in huge financial difficulty, why because their finances haven't been managed very well, because they do not have a successful business off the pitch, at least not as successful as ours.

The clubs have gone in different directions. How many years will it take them to recover? The anti-Levy crowd says this will never happen to us, well no it won't with Daniel Levy continually building the club in a sustainable way, rather than the gamble everything, gamble the clubs financial future approach to win one trophy. If you destroy the club in the process you have kicked yourself in the teeth.

Where are Wigan Athletic, they won something, how did it help their future?

It is time the anti-Levy smattering changed their tune and understood that regular trophy winning is better than one-off trophy winning, that a sustainable growth future is better than gambling with your future.

We found the right manager for the project, he has transformed us on the field and we now look to build on that and secure our first trophy for a while.

The future isn't orange, it's blue and white.


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Kane signs a new deal

8:06 pm

Harry Kane Signs A New Deal

Harry Kane Signs For Hugo Boss

Harry Kane has signed a new deal, not at Tottenham but with top fashion house Hugo Boss in the lead up to the 2018 World Cup.

The Spurs and England striker linked up with Brazil and Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho, German and PSG winger Julian Draxler and Spanish and Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata to launch the Hugo Boss Parfum Soccer Campaign.

Source: The Sun

Spurs Tried To Sign Patrick Kluivert

Justin Kluivert: ”I’m not renewing my contract at Ajax. The decreasing morale, lack of confidence and trying to sell me to Tottenham without me knowing. I heard about that at the last minute.”

Another young striker we tried to sign last summer without success. He decided he didn't want to join Tottenham and as his comments show, it was nothing to do with the package that was offered to him. Spurs asked to include him in the Sanchez deal and Ajax were open to the discussion, but alas, it was not to be.

Some agenda driven fans were blaming Levy not offering enough, Kluivert shows these opinions were not based on fact and were flatly wrong.


Tottenham Very Close To Barcelona Signing

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Kane and Alli worth €362m, Alderweireld going?

3:15 pm

Harry Kane and Dele Alli are now worth €362m

Spurs duo Harry Kane and Dele Alli now worth €362m

Always fun to have a look at the CIES Football Observatory figures and they have calculated the gap between what was paid for a player and what they are worth now, in the 5 major European leagues, Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.

Two of them are from Tottenham, so why are fans complaining out our transfer policy?
1. H. Kane 🦁— €198m (+€198m) 2. L. Messi 🇦🇷—€197m (+€197m) 3. D. Alli 🦁—€171m (€+164m) 4. A. Griezmann 🇫🇷—€158m (+€128m) 5. P. Dybala 🇦🇷—€155m (+€115m)

Whether you agree with it or not is pretty irrelevant. We simply don't have the money other clubs have and have to cut our cloth accordingly. Most fans would agree that we are doing rather a good job of it under Mauricio Pochettino.

There will always be players who want more, always players who will move on, it's part and parcel of football. We have seen that when a player has decided to leave that Pochettino puts him on the back burner. He no longer is a first choice as his replacement needs to settle into a rhythm.

Kyle Walker lost his place to Kieran Trippier and his performances went down when he no longer had that total commitment, Danny Rose hasn't recovered his place since injury and when he has played, again the total commitment doesn't seem to be there.

Reports from Belgium, where Toby Alderweireld is away with the national team, suggest contract negotiations have broken down and Spurs have decided to let Alderweireld leave. He is after one last pay day and we will not be breaking our wage structure to keep him.

We can't. If we did then every other player would demand similar increases and our finances would become stretched. We are improving because we are a well run club with a manager who improves players.

Davinson Sanchez has been bought and is learning his craft alongside the experienced Jan Vertonghen. A decent defender, there is still improvement to come. He now appears to be the first choice ahead of Alderweireld. Fitness may just be a smoke screen.

If he wants 180,000-a-week, good luck to him getting it. Someone will pay it, it won't be us. We move on.


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Salah, not Kane for Real Madrid and Marcus Edwards attitude improvement

1:08 pm

Mohamed Salah, not Kane for Real Madrid and Marcus Edwards attitude is improving

Mohamed Salah and not Harry Kane a Real Madrid target this summer

The Norwich Evening News have an update on 19-year-old (20 in December) Tottenham loanee Marcus Edwards.

While fans were calling for his inclusion at Spurs, when clearly he wasn't ready and all the problems of getting him to sign a new contract, presumably because he felt he should be playing at a higher level immediately, Tottenham sent him out on loan to Norwich City in January.

It was hoped that his attitude would improve at the Championship side where he would have to fight for a first team starting berth.

However, his attitude wasn't good and then another injury, he seems to get a few, has meant he hasn't even made his debut yet. In January, Norwich City Head Coach Daniel Farke told Edwards to grow up and the suggestion now is that he has started to heed that advice.

Just as Mousa Dembele had to change his attitude when Mauricio Pochettino left him on the bench for a season, so Edwards has had to change his.

Farke told his local paper:

“Our squad is not too big and at the moment without [German defensive midfielder] Tom Trbyull we have 21 outfield players available. So he is an option. 
“In general, he has improved a lot, in terms of his attitude, but he can still grow up a bit more and also we have to work on strengthening his body to help his endurance and power. 
“The last two weeks he was able to do proper training with us. He is not far away, not an option for this next game [today vs. Nottingham Forest], because it is a bit too early and he has to improve a bit in some topics. 
“At the latest, after the next international break but he might be involved before then.”

If he is starting to change his attitude and appreciate he doesn't have a god given right to a first team spot,then his career will start taking an upward step.

His size has undoubtedly hindered him as he could easily be eased off the ball by a more physical player the last time I saw him. He can't be judged playing against his own age group and that football is basically free from tackling, a bit like a Manchester City Chelsea game!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish publication Dario Gol report that Real Madrid are showing serious interest in signing Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah as part of their summer overhaul.

Philippe Coutinho showed that if one of the major clubs come calling a player wants to leave. We have seen it with Modric and Bale, now it is Liverpool's turn again it seems.

The Spanish rate Salah at £71.59m, which is somewhat cheaper than the £200m that it would cost for Harry Kane. Salah is having a great season, Kane is having his third consecutive great season.

When will the unsettling process start for Liverpool?


Further Reading

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Spurs all time top 10 goalscorers and percentage scoring charts

9:31 am


Jimmy Greaves sits top of the scoring and percentage charts, but Harry Kane is climbing all the time

Spurs-all-time-top-10-goalscorers- Jimmy-Greaves

A look at the Spurs all time top 10 goalscorers list, who is on it , the different positions they player, their percentage scoring rates, time at the club and general pieces of information.

We will start the Spurs all time top 10 goalscorers list with a look at quite simply who has scored the most goals.

Harry Kane banged another one in against Crystal Palace on Sunday to move himself up to joint 7th on the list, level with Len Duquemin, nicknamed The Duke. The HurriKane is now just 4 goals off George Hunt in 6th place.

Spurs-all-time-top-10-goalscorers- Harry-Kane

How many can he realistically overtake this season, George Hunt, Jermain Defoe, the 25 extra goals of Cliff Jones is stretching it a bit. Another prolific season next season and Harry Kane could see himself in 3rd spot.


1 - Jimmy Greaves - 1961-70 - 266 goals in 379 appearances
2 - Bobby Smith - 1955-64 - 208/317
3 - Martin Chivers - 1968-76 - 174/367
4 - Cliff Jones - 1958-68 - 159/378
5 - Jermain Defoe - 2004-2014 - 143/363
6 - George Hunt - 1930-37 - 138/198
7 - Len "The Duke" Duquemin - 1947-57 - 134/307
7= - Harry Kane - 2011- 134/201
9 - Alan Gilzean - 1964-74 - 133/439
10 - Teddy Sheringham - 1992-2003 - 124/277

How does the scoring chart look if we calculate on percentage scoring rate to appearances?


  1. Jimmy Greaves - 70.18%
  2. George Hunt - 69.70% (Inside Forward/Centre Forward)
  3. Harry Kane - 66.67%
  4. Bobby Smith - 65.62%
  5. Martin Chivers - 47.41%
  6. Teddy Sheringham - 44.77%
  7. Len 'The Duke' Duquemin - 43.65% 
  8. Cliff Jones - 42.06% (Left Winger)
  9. Jermain Defoe - 39.39%
  10. Alan Gilzean - 30.30% (Second Striker)

It of course has to be noted the different positions players played and different formations. These days teams generally play with one striker, go back 30 years and there were generally a pair of strikers, although one was the main striker, much in the way Harry Kane and Dele Alli played on many occasions last season.

Alan Gilzean, known as the King of White Hart Lane was a second striker who played much of the time with Martin Chivers, also on the list.

Jermain Defoe made many substitute appearances, he made 94 for us in the Premier League alone so this will impact on his percentage figure and Cliff Jones was considered the best left winger in the world during his day. His scoring rate is therefore quite remarkable.


Further Reading

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Gonzalo Higuain hits back at the TV pundits

9:47 pm

Huguain unhappy with TV pundit criticism

Juventus centre-forward, Gonzalo Higuain, has hit back at the TV critics who are "sitting on a sofa" following our 2-2 draw in the UEFA Champions League last Tuesday.

We have a great chance to qualify for the next round and defy our doubters, but the perennial Italian champions and last season's Champions League runners up won't be taking us lightly. 

Higuain, who scored both Juventus goals and missed a penalty that would have given them a 3-1 lead posted the following on Instagram.
The translation from Italian newspaper Calciomercato reads thus:
"Good morning everybody. It's easy to talk after the game, sitting on a sofa or on a chair. Everything was perfect when we were 2-0 up but judgement changed too quickly after the 2-2. We don't care about the noise, we'll go to London to qualify for the next stage. I send a big hug to everybody who really loves Juventus."
There are plenty in Italy criticising the forward and plenty of journalists doing so also.

Leading scorers for teams in the Last 16 of the Champions League

Harry Kane comfortably tops the scoring charts for teams left in the UCL when we take into account their domestic leagues, domestic cups and the Champions League. 

He currently leads the European Golden Show race when the coefficients are taken into account.
Leading Scorers
Tottenham Hotspur - Harry Kane (33 goals)
Manchester City - Sergio Agüero (29 goals)
Liverpool - Mohamed Salah (29 goals)
Paris SG - Edinson Cavani (28 goals)
FC Barcelona - Lionel Messi (27 goals)
FC Porto - Vincent Aboubakar (26 goals)
Bayern Munich - Robert Lewandowski (26 goals)
Real Madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo (23 goals)
Juventus F.C - Gonzalo Higuain (20 goals)
FC Shakhtar Donetsk - Facundo Ferreyra (20 goals)
Manchester United - Romelu Lukaku (19 goals)
Sevilla FC - Wissam Ben Yedder (16 goals)
Chelsea F.C - Eden Hazard (15 goals)
Besiktas - Talisca (14 goals)
Roma - Edin Džeko (14 goals)
FC Basel - Ricky van Wolfswinkel (8 goals)


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Would 22 improvements a month help Spurs?

7:00 pm

Physical improvement led to playing improvement


It was nice to be back and following on from the Harry Kane mental strength article and the fact Spurs need more winners like him, I thought I'd give you an example of him paying attention to detail and improving every aspect, not just his ability with a ball.

The Independent reported in October 2017 that Kane made a resolution New Year resolution for the beginning of 2017 year and he hired a personal chef to take his nutrition more seriously. His body is the tool of his trade and so his body must be in the best shape it can possibly be nutrition wise for him to have the energy levels to perform as he does and maintain the concentration for 95 minutes. Here is what Kane told the press back then.

“We’ve got a good plan going and it seems to be working. The precise schedule of the meals, relating to training and matches, is important. You could eat healthily all week and then carbs before a game, and that could make your body go into shock because you’re not used to it. So maybe eat higher carbs sometimes, lower other times, making plans around training. 
“When you’re playing Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday there’s not a lot of time to train. So it’s about making those little gains in other ways: Ice baths, stretching, nutrition. That keeps as you as fresh as you can be. It’s a big part of football nowadays.”

Every player makes mistakes, but patterns do emerge. I know many don't lie it but a player I was shouting we should sign 2 years before we did was Eric Dier, he has a habit of making mistakes in big games which lead to goals. It is something he needs to work on, it's a mental thing, he has lapses in concentration.

I'm not suggestion his nutrition isn't good enough or fitness isn't good enough, but concentration is a skill that can be developed and it is an aspect he can improve. It is these fine things that can help to take us to the next level.

If every player in the squad made 2 tiny improvements each month then whatever team we put out would have made 22 improvements from the previous month, over a 9 month season that is 198 tiny improvements, over a year 242 tiny improvements.

Add to that the coaching staff, the medical staff, the commercial operations, transfer dealings, every aspect and you are making positive changes, you are making a difference, you are continually improving as a club, as a team.

Harry Kane hired a chef to make a tiny improvement and it hasn't done him any harm has it. He is an example to every member of staff at the club, off the field as well as on.


Would 22 improvements a month help Spurs? Would 22 improvements a month help Spurs? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Spurs players must follow Harry Kane's example

2:35 pm

Mental toughness - a key element in success

Many have an aversion to Wayne Rooney and will simply dismiss what he says, but on Monday Night Football on Sky TV he, and he is not alone, said he considered Harry Kane to be the best striker in Europe right now.

He did score more goals than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2017 calendar year,he wins the Golden Boot for the second year running, despite missing games injured once again and not scoring in August.

I remember writing a few years back, before he started banging in the goals with such regularity that players could learn a lot from his mental approach. Of course that went over many people's heads, those who don't understand football is won and lost in the head, the feet just do what the head tells them to do.

Rooney revealed no more than a true winner already knows, he hates losing, not just disappointed by it, but hates it. I was the same playing cricket, nobody would come near me or talk to me after the game while I ran it through in my head and figured out what I could have done better and what the team could have done better.

We are only talking 15 minutes, but to be the best you can be at any level, you have to have that element. It is inbuilt, you are a winner and have that extra drive or you are not and can never, therefore, fulfil your full potential.

Harry Kane has the drive to work at every aspect of his game and constantly look to improve it, to add new skills. Gareth Bale had the same, whereas someone like Emmanuel Adebayor, who had the ability, simply didn't have that winning mentality. He was content at the level he had got to and opted for the easy life. That isn't a problem if that is what he wanted to do, But that type of player will not turn us into trophy winners. We have to guard against that. If a player isn't prepared to fight for a place then he isn't for us.

From press comments it would seem that Mauricio Pochettino discusses with players what he can do for them, how he can improve them. The player has to have the desire to want to be the best otherwise the pairing will not work. Winners want to be surrounded by winners, those who are complacent are a weak link and need to be ushered out the door.

There will always be players who leave to win trophies earlier than we can provide them, that is the nature of the beast. No point crying over spilt milk though, you move on, work with what you have and continually look to add the right players, which isn't necessarily a household name player.

We have put ourselves in a position, even though we started the season poorly, where we can challenge for a top four spot again, where we have a tough challenge against Juventus in the UEFA Champions League, with the consolation of having helped our bank balance and a decent looking potential passage in the FA Cup.

This is traditionally the time to gain strength and for performances to go up a notch. That is a hurdle we are still learning to cope with and we need to achieve that to start winning trophies.


PS - Thanks to everyone for their messages of goodwill. My eyes will never be better, but life goes on.
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Player, ex-player, Pochettino reaction

9:30 am

Belgian centre-back Toby Alderweireld tweeted what a great night it was and that it was a huge performance from the lads.

Harry Kane felt it was a huge win to get our UEFA Champions League group started, while both Mousa Dembélbé and Moussa Sissoko were happy with three points, while looking forward to the nxt game at the weekend.

Victor Wanyama was there cheering the boys on and tweeted his encouragement before the game.

What a fantastic performance Proud of these boys and what a player and man is 👌👌👌and and Sanchez were top class

Harry Kane had to play the lone striker role and came off towards the end of the game for Fernando Llorente. By that time we were defending and the Spaniard hardly got a kick, which just shows the difficulty playing that role sometimes. Pochettino was in praise of Kane after the game.

“I think Harry was fantastic. I think the performance of the team was good in terms of being aggressive, fighting and working, we were solid and we didn't concede too many chances for Dortmund. I thought Harry and Son were fantastic."

Cristiano Ronaldo in 2017:  Games: 30 ⚽️ Goals: 29 Harry Kane in 2017:  Games: 27 ⚽️ Goals: 29

Boy I'm gonna enjoy the telly tomorrow now, can't wait to watch the Bake off, only thing worth watching on Thursdays now COYSSSSS

Great team performance tonight against a very good team fantastic atmosphere they said we couldn't win!!

I'm not sure how many were expecting us to get a tesult against such a quality team with a tremendous amount of UEFA Champions League experience. Jermaine Jenas was suggesting before the game that he wasn't confident of Spurs making it through the group, but that he felt happier after the game and I think that is a very true reflection of the situation.

As a presenter he tells it how it is, not hoe you'd like to hear it. Spurs are parhaps a better team than many a fan gives us credit for, but let's not forget we are novices at playing against the top teams in Europe in recent years, well since the inception of the UEFA Champions League.

We took the competition lightly last year to ensure we gave maximum effort in the Premier League and it is important that we finish in the top four again. The signings of Serge Aurier and Davinson Sanchez are important. Both are quality players, one with experience of being at a top club, playing in the top competition and one who is already showing himself to be another superb defender.

Fans must keep faith with the club over transfer policy, we seek these type of players, but we can't just throw cash at them, we don't have it, regardless of what people think. We are not the finished article, we never will be, but if we can continually head in the right direction then the trophies will come.


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Spurs target booed by and Llorente to help Kane

7:12 am


You are never too old to learn or too young and even though Harry Kane has become a top striker he openly admits there is more he can learn and who better to learn from than an experienced World Cup winner.

"Fernando has been a fantastic addition. He’s a guy I can learn a lot from. He won the World Cup, Euros, Serie A and more. It’s a learning curve for me."

We have gone from an inexperienced striker we are trying to improve to an experienced striker who ca improve us. The youngsters will benefit from his experience just as the youngsters benefitted from having Rafael van der Vaart around.

In other news, Tottenham Hotspur summer target, André Gomes was booed by the Barcelona fans when the 24-year-old (25 next July) central midfielder came on as a 77th minute substitute against Espanyol (Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona, commonly known as RCD Espanyol or just Espanyol). Reports from Spain suggest constant booing is getting him down.

That is good new for Tottenham, the club they tried to offload him too to make way for Philippe Coutimho, who they eventually couldn't sign and thus pulled the plug on the Spurs deal. If Barcelona can secure another quality midfielder in the coming windows he could still end up at Spurs, although there will be plenty of suitors for his services.


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Spurs target booed by and Llorente to help Kane Spurs target booed by and Llorente to help Kane Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:12 am Rating: 5

2 Spurs stars in Europe Top 10 MVP - Top 25 list

2:30 pm



Tottenham retain two players in the top ten (Europe Top 10 MVP) of the CIES Football Observatory transfer value rankings this week, Harry Kane and Dele Alli.

An explanation taken from the CIES website tells us that they have undertaken this exercise since 2012 and use a scientific formula that includes 'multiple variables on player performance'. They work by matching historical data on deals and do not include a subjective human element. Since 2013 their accuracy between prediction and actual transfer fee has seen 80% accuracy.

I think you'll agree that is a pretty decent benchmark to place player valuations against. Contract length is taken into account, minutes played, goals scored, age and many other factors. A full explanation can be found here.

Potential Transfer Values Top 12

The values are all in Euros and as you can see Harry Kane in the 6th most valuable player in Europe this week while Dele Alli is the 9th most valuable player.

Europe Top 10 MVP
6th - Harry Kane - £125.61 million (€139.2m - AUS$206.7m - US$163.9m)
9th - Dele Alli -  £99.71 million (€110.5m - AUS$164.08m - US$130.1m)

The figures for numbers 13 to 25 from the Top 5 European Leagues are below.

Gareth Bale has been talked about a lot and he is rated as the 14th moist valuable player in Europe with the press speculating that Real Madrid could use him to raise cash for their top target 18-year-old (19 in December) Kylian Mbappe, who isn't rated in the top 100 players.

Europe Top 25 MVP
14th - Gareth Bale - £75.8 million (€84m - AUS$124.73m - US$98.9m)

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Seri, Sissoko, Barkley, Kane, Georgiou vs Roma video

9:30 am


HITC suggest we should offer Moussa Sissoko as part of a deal for Jean-Michael Seri, a player they might be unable to resist!

Sissoko guy is on £85,000-a-week and won't take a pay drop to leave, are Nice going to offer him that salary, no. End of story, a typical story that doesn't take into account the financial realities of football.

Everton say Ross Barkley is for sale, other reports say Ross Barkley has asked for a move, neither really matter, everyone knows he is leaving and that he wants to come to Tottenham to play under Mauricio Pochettino. Manchester United can be on alert all they like, personally I'm certain he will be a Spurs player by the end of the transfer window.

The comments of Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho demonstrate the stance Tottenham have clearly taken with the players we want to keep, they are not available at any price. You can be sure both clubs have asked about our players and both have received the same response.

“Tottenham is a really good squad if they are able to keep all the players. For me, Kane, now, is one of the best strikers in the world. If I had to buy one striker I would go to Kane. He is a complete striker. 
“He is strong physically, with the ball, without the ball, he fights and he’s strong in the air and acrobatic on the right and the left. He’s a complete player. He’s one of the top strikers in the world. If you go to buy Kane now it would be at least £100m. At least. For me, if I see this price for a striker I know for sure he’s a big striker.”

Young Anthony Georgiou clearly enjoyed his game against Roma and caught the eye of the commentators and many a spectator.

Happy to have debut last night. Disappointing result but amazing experience ⚽️🇺🇸

The club website report the 20-year-old (21 next February) to be a rapid winger who operates down our left flank. The Lewisham born Cypriot youth international is under contract until 2018 and will no doubt be hoping that this tour convinces the club to offer him an extension, if they already haven't. You can see his individual performance in the video below.

Seri, Sissoko, Barkley, Kane, Georgiou vs Roma video Seri, Sissoko, Barkley, Kane, Georgiou vs Roma video Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:30 am Rating: 5
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