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Tactical Nous of Pochettino won the day

6:11 pm

Tactical Nouse Of Pochettino Won The Day


What a fantastic night and it took a tactical change in both games to get us back into this tie, it wasn't all just guts and desire, the coach played a massive part.

Make no mistake, the players believe in the manager and the manager believes in his players.

Ajax totally outplayed us in the first half of both legs.

Trying to build from the back was not working because they pressed us and we simply didn't have enough movement from our midfielders to give the man on the ball passing options. That pressed us back to the goalkeeper and we had the same problem just from deeper on the field giving us an even bigger problem.

Two first halves constitute a hole game where we could not build from the back and were outplayed.

The solution was to play long balls. Now I hear experts, who should know better, telling us we were playing hoof and hope football which simply isn't true. It was tactical change and a necessary one.

Victor WanyamaI don't think is mentally quick enough for top 4 football, but in his defence, he and Eric Dier simply haven't had much football and are not the most mobile of players.

To run off at a tangent, I wonder if Dier will be returned to being a central defender, if we sign more central midfielders, with the emergence of Harry Winks.

Anyway back to the tactical change.

Sissoko can play as the defensive player or as we saw later, Eriksen as a quarter-back playmaker. Therefore, we could play a target man and play off the knockdowns with Son and Moura either side.

That meant we no longer had to play out from the back and that their midfield was too far up the field.

The Ajax manager didn't change his tactics to counteract ours and his team simply didn't know what to do. They left too big a gap between midfield and defence, which we exploited.

Llorente targetted Daley Blind and was winning ball after ball, backing into Blind who made it easy for him. How often did he come in front of Llorente, how often did the defensive midfielder drop in front of him so they could a) give him something to think about and b) compete for the knockdowns.

Llorente was taking balls on the chest and laying them off without really being challenged. One can only assume they didn't see him as a threat, but a lot of our attacks came as a result of initially playing the ball to him and feeing from there.

Pochettino made it a more physical game for the second half of both legs and as they survived the first leg without conceding, they tried the same tactics again. We, however, put the ball into the net and put them under mental pressure.

Two goals in 4 minutes to draw the game level tested their nerve, we won that battle.

Tactically it was fantastic by Pochettino, personnel changes, positional changes, tactical changes. That is exactly what he wants from Tottenham, a susyem, but players who can adapt to different systems.

That is what Sir Alex Ferguson wanted from Manchester United players and his scouting was for players who could handle that, intelligent players.

Congratulations lads.


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To Dare Is To Do

10:21 am

To Dare Is To Do

Well, here we are after 5 years, still marching forward, despite our detractors, some of them, our own fans!

There is a new reality in town. A reality that Spurs now challenge for trophies regularly, not something a while host of Spurs fans are used to. We can talk about the game being dominated by money now and fans, therefore, assuming, incorrectly, that an owner can buy success. That used to be the case, now the club has to generate its own money to spend.

Once you accept that fact, once you accept you ant long term success and you don't try to run before you can walk, then you can build something significant.

It takes a vision and then you work out the steps to achieve that vision. The success formula discovered by Napoleon Hill and written in his book Think And Grow Rich maps it out.

Daniel Levy had a vision for Spurs, it is bigger than fans vision of our future, it is longer than our fans vision of the future and this is where the two cause problems. Daniel Levy is not working towards the limited vision of a section of fans, but the vision of a bigger picture that will achieve the limited vision along the way.

Our chairman has stated that we want to, one day, challenge Barcelona and Real Madrid in the financial stakes and be at their level on the field, consistently winning trophies, both domestic and European.

So many of our fans can't fathom that, see it as impossible and argue that we shouldn't even try. What has ever been achieved by not trying?

How can you discover new things, go to new places, if you don't push yourself?

In his latest press conference, Mauricio Pochettino responded to a question about his first meeting with Daniel Levy and their shared vision for the future. Both had visions they molded into one.

The club has to generate money to compete financially.
The club has to develop to be constantly challenging for all the top trophies.

The two are linked, money the club generates pays the wages and transfer fees, which coupled with a youth development path produces the players.

In an ideal world, the club could go out and buy top quality finished articles of a world-class, not just international class standard. We don't live in an ideal world. Manchester City didn't have a whole host of money to spend last summer, that had to comply with FFP and are still under investigation for illegally funding themselves through corrupt sponsorship deals that the owner paid.

Barcelona couldn't afford Eriksen last summer, having vastly overpaid for Coutinho when they bought him. Real Madrid is no longer full of galacticos.

The Sun wrote that Spurs new stadium is generating £800,000 per game in catering, beer sales, fine dining etc and that there is more to be added. They compared that with Manchester United whose wage bill has been bigger than our total income. They generate £150,000 a match if they are very lucky.

It takes vision to build a stadium that can maximise the financial revenue it can generate to finance the team. Manchester United have a greater income because they have far more sponsorship deals than any other Premier League club and large ones too. That isn't something we can achieve overnight. We have to grow the image on the club on the world stage first, we have to start winning trophies and being at the business end of the UEFA Champions League regularly.

Our first Champions League semifinal is a significant step in our development. Again, in his press conference Mauricio Pochettino referred to how open he is to the new emotions the occasion will bring. It is a new experience for him, he is looking forward to the feelings, the emotion and to learn from it.

It is the same for the players. It is a challenge and you face challenges head-on, you don't shy away, complaining or making excuses before or after the event. You learn from it.

Will our fans learn from it? No, many won't, many are not at that level yet.

Ajax have been underestimated by teams this season, they have played open games against them and been hurt by their goalscoring ability. I don't see us falling into that trap. Tight and cagey with 1 goal in it perhaps.

To Dare Is To Do.

Daniel Levy dares to dream and puts that dream into action. Aborting the bigger dream to aim for a lesser dream is not the way to achieve the bigger dream, you lose sight of it, it takes longer to get there.

Winning the FA Cup or League Cup will not get us closer to Real Madrid and Barcelona, aiming for them and building the club to compete with them will being those domestic trophies along the way.

The people suggesting we are going backwards are displaying a limiting restraining belief, failure is their watchword. To Dare Is To Do doesn't apply to them, they haven't embraced it, they Don't Dare so Don't Do.

Think about it.


To Dare Is To Do To Dare Is To Do Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:21 am Rating: 5
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