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Soldado tweets Mind The Gap

9:35 am

SPURS 2 Arsenal 0

A tweet by a Roberto Soldado, not the Roberto Soldado reminded me of his time at Spurs and how a negative mentality got the better of him.

He may not have scored the goals we would have liked, but he took to us and we took to him. Clearly he had quality and his crosses were pinpoint but when your confidence is shot then it is a devil of a job to get it back again, unless you change your environment.

It's that mentality thing again, mentally positive and positive things happen, you start to achieve the things you want to achieve, negative thoughts, a negative mindset and negative things happen, everything seems harder and you enter a downward spiral.

If you don't believe you are going to score then you'll look for a way out, like the pass Roberto Soldado made sideways against Fiorentina in the UEFA Europa League. Wth just the goalkeeper he fluffed a sideways pass for an open goal tap-in.

A golfer gets the yips, and while I only played darts for fun, I got the hips. Literally, and I do mean literally, I could let go of the dart. I'd go through the throwing action but I'd still have the dart in my hand at the end. I knew the dart wasn't going to go where I wanted it to and a mental block meant I simply couldn't let go of it, I'd have several attempts and still be holding it.

In the end I had to tell myself it didn't matter where the dart went just to get myself to release it and over the weeks I had to build from there. That shows the power of the mind, it can physically stop you doing something if you have a negative mindset.

To think that doesn't apply to football and individual footballers is simply stupid, it does. Bernard Langer, a famous German golfer, a former member of the Ryder Cup team and major winner got the yips. He couldn't put, he couldn't hit the ball, he knew it wasn't going to go in the hole. Eric Bristow a multiple world champion darts player in the 70's and 80's, mentor of the best player the sport has ever seen, Phil Taylor got dartitus (same as yips) in 1986.

It happens in top level sport.

Last season we simply gave up, before that we were losing heavily because players didn't want to play, we were awful. A game against a top team was a game to dread, now it's a game to look forward to.

Our mentality is improving all the time and I have to say so is the fans generally. Fans help an environment and I'll go on record once again in praising our away fans because they help create that environment when we are away from home. It is important for the players that there is a loyal group there that they can go to and thank for their very vocal support. They know they are not alone and that helps a positive mental attitude so tremendous credit to all you travellers.

Even the home games are becoming noisier, that will be important at Wembley next season, the players are going to need that support with the opposition raising their game.

Spaniard Roberto Soldado always enjoyed our support throughout his torrid time and he has spoken many times how he appreciated that. His bond with us is still there and he still tweets his support for the club. Top man.

Yes COYS! Vamos!

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Soldado surprised by the Spurs fans

1:35 pm

Roberto Soldado, now at Villarreal in Spain) was not a success in English football unfortunately. He was a proven goalscorer brought by Andre Villas-Boas as one of the summer seven that included, Christian Eriksen, Erik Lamela, Nacer Chadli (now WBA), Paulinho (now Guangzhou Evergrande, China), Etienne Capoue (now Watford) and Vlad Chiriches (now Napoli).

The comparisons with Vincent Janssen are there. Both used to work tirelessly chasing the ball and gained fan support as a result. Both, however, didn't and don't get into the box and goalscoring positions enough. Neither created or create chances for themselves, although Janssen is now starting to get one or two shots away. Perhaps what Pochettino has been saying to him about developing his game is getting through.

The difficulty is getting into a negative mindset and hiding in games, not hiding from the ball, but unconsciously hiding from scoring opportunities, afterall you can't miss a chance you don't have. Both to an extent have hidden behind work rate.

Pochettino cites belief as the most important aspect of football

Having returned from a cruciate ligament injury recently, Soldado spoke to Mediterraneo de Periodico (follow the link to read the full article, you'll need to translate it of course) who asked him about his time in England at Tottenham Hotspur.

Question - How has the Soldier evolved from a few years ago and the present one?

“Since I left the Premier League, I’ve changed my way of thinking, and now I see things a different way. I thought I would go to Tottenham to enjoy myself, but that wasn’t the case. The truth is that it was really hard, especially when Villas-Boas left, who was the manager who brought me there.

“Furthermore, my family suffered a lot because the change was very sudden, especially when it came to the climate and the language.”

Question - Did something positive would come of the experience in England?

"We must recognize that there is a lot of difference between how football is experienced in the Premier League and in the Spanish League. In England there is much more passion; In Spain we are light years away. But above all, what surprised me the Premier League was the respect that fans have with footballers and coaches."

Question - Can you give an example?

“I remember that we lost 5-0 at home against Liverpool, and when we went to our cars, our fans applauded us, cheered us and also asked us for autographs. In Spain, you would have to wait two hours so that no one would reproach you of anything”.

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Flop Soldado was better than 29 West Ham striker signungs

6:00 am


Jake Saunders is a freelance sports writer and he comes out with some excellent stats on Twitter, take a look at these below.

Roberto Soldado was not a roaring success at Tottenham. The Spanish international goalscorer couldn't adapt his game and lost all confidence in front of goal. Still as the statistics below suggest, he was still a better striker then 29 of West Ham's recent striker signings.

Roberto Soldado scored more goals for Tottenham (16) than 29 out of 32 of these strikers did for West Ham.

That should cheer a few of you up on the way to work. Thanks for that Jake, I did enjoy that one.


Flop Soldado was better than 29 West Ham striker signungs Flop Soldado was better than 29 West Ham striker signungs Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:00 am Rating: 5

6live Spurs games announced including Man U, Chelsea, Man City, Saints

9:30 pm
Roberto Soldado is clearly still keeping an eye on Tottenham.

😁⚽️ 1-1

Our games selected for Sky Sports live TV coverage are:

Sunday 11 December
2.15pm Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 28 December
7.45pm Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports)

Sunday 1 January
1.30pm Watford v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 4 January
8pm Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Saturday 14 January
12.30pm Tottenham Hotspur v West Bromwich Albion (Sky Sports)

Saturday 21 January
5.30pm Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur (BT Sport)

6live Spurs games announced including Man U, Chelsea, Man City, Saints 6live Spurs games announced including Man U, Chelsea, Man City, Saints Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:30 pm Rating: 5

Freund and Soldado offer their congratulations

9:30 pm
Freund and Soldado offer their congratulations Freund and Soldado offer their congratulations Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:30 pm Rating: 5

Soldado out for 6 months, clubs chasing 15yo

9:35 am


Villarreal may well be in the market for a striker now as 31-year-old former Tottenham Hotspur striker Roberto Soldado has suffered a cruciate ligament injury and will be out for at least 6 months. He suffered the injury in a pre-season friendly against Porto and will undergo surgery soon before he begins the long recovery process. I hope he makes a full recovery resumes his secondary striker role ahead of schedule.

Arsenal U18 coach Kwame Ampadu's son Ethan became Exeter City's younger ever player tonight:15yrs, 10mths & won MOTM

He is being tracked by Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United apparently. No doubt there will be a few more watching him as well, ourselves perhaps, no news that David Pleat has watched him yet.

He qualifies for both England and Wales. He was an England Under-15 international, now he is a Wales Under-16 international. The sought after youngster played as a centre-back while on his school holidays. His League Two side Exeter beat Championship side Brentford 1-0 in the FA Cup.

Soldado out for 6 months, clubs chasing 15yo Soldado out for 6 months, clubs chasing 15yo Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:35 am Rating: 5

VIDEO: Soldado La Liga debut & why he's a hit in Spain

11:58 am
An article from an Englishman abroad, a Scunthorpe lad who went to Spain on holiday and didn't come back. Here he has penned a piece on Roberto Soldado, the striker it didn't work out for at Tottenham but who is still, unusually, held in high regard by the fans.
Yahoo Sport

On his league debut for Villarreal it takes him 31 minutes to score, Villarreal are in yellow, Betis in the green and while stripes. There is no commentary, just the crowd to enjoy, a very good way to watch and game and not be swayed by commentators opinions, you tend to see a lot more with your own eyes without the commentary distraction.


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VIDEO: Soldado La Liga debut & why he's a hit in Spain VIDEO: Soldado La Liga debut & why he's a hit in Spain Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:58 am Rating: 5

Spurs scouted Valencia right wing

8:00 am

Last season Tottenham regularly sent scouts to watch Valencia right winger Sofiane Feghouli. He is currently the subject of transfer negotiations between Valencia and Turkish side Fenerbahçe , who seemed to have spoken to a high number of players this window as they build a squad. Feghouli is a 25-year-old (26 in December) Algerian international who Valencia want £7.04-million (€10m) for.
Turkish Football

Achievement in achieved through a strong mind and the motivation to do whatever it takes to succeed. If you don't have that motivation it doesn't mean you can't succeed, but the trouble really hits home when you have problems. If you are not mentally right to deal with them then matters don't improve and that's when the excuses start coming out. Winners don't make excuses, they do what has to be done to change things.

Footballers love to make excuses because most are not born with the burning desire of Gareth Bale or Cristiano Ronaldo, they can acquire it, but football lags behind other sports in this respect. There seems to be a spate of excuse making, Spurs in my view, let Soldado down, as he did himself, by not turning to a sports psychologist to solve his confidence issue.

The link shows Soldado citing confidence as the reason he didn't succeed at Tottenham which is an honest frank admission rather than looking for an excuse about not being able to adapt, which is just another way of saying it wasn't prepared to do what it took change my game.
London 24

It didn't take rocket science to see what was wrong with Soldado and what needed to be done to solve the problem which is why the Mauricio Pochettino press conference was disappointing, it could and should have been avoided.
"I don't know" isn't good enough

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Video & report of Soldado debut

8:00 am
Roberto Soldado made his debut for Villarreal in a friendly against Sporting of Portugal. He played 45 minutes and was fouled for what the Spanish side felt was a penalty, but nothing was given.

You can watch a brief video of his debut here: Soldado debut

For a report on the game you can visit this link: Soldado debut

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Video & report of Soldado debut Video & report of Soldado debut Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 am Rating: 5

"I don't know" isn't good enough

9:00 am

Mauricio Pochettino was asked why it didn't work out for Roberto Soldado at Spurs and his answer shows why Spurs are still in the dark ages in some respects.
"I don't know. Football is not mathematics. Sometimes there are a lot of reasons that are difficult to explain. I think it wasn't easy for him to adapt his game in England at Tottenham."
This reason it didn't work is pretty obvious, he totally lost confidence. It training he was smashing them in apparently but under the pressure of a game he went to pieces. That is mental, plain and simple.

Quite frankly it is scandalous that the club pay £26-million, although in the end it was more like £21-million and not do everything possible to make that asset a success, it wouldn't happen in any other major business. It shouldn't happen at Tottenham, especially if we want to nurture young talent. We have to prove that when a player hits a mental stumbling block we can help them get over it, not simply leave it to them and keep our fingers crossed they can work it out for themselves, that is amateurish.

Top level sport uses sports psychologists, football is a mental game, there are hundreds of players with similar ability, what separates them is their mental ability. We have failed Soldado and we are failing Lamela because of our reluctance to catch up with other sports and have the guts to lead the way in out own.

As a club we are trying to provide the players with the best of everything so they have the greatest chance of being a success, except we forget about the main component, the head. Yes we are working at improving the mentality, yes that is working with many players, but we have to do more to help those that it isn't working for. All strikers have barren spells so we should have methods of dealing with it that are successful, clearly we don't have one and should explore the mental avenue.

What if, as it should, it makes a difference to a player, you simply map it out across all players and you have quickly, easily and cheaply improved a whole group of players, a team, a squad, a club and you make us more attractive to other players because we would be leading the way, providing assistance others pay lip service too.

Brain training is the next frontier of football coaching, we should be at the forefront of that and not waiting for other to implement it so we can just play catch up again. If we can't compete financially then we have to compete in other areas and any area we can steal a march on our competition helps to close the gap.

I'm a Pochettino fan, I back what he is doing at Tottenham, but 'I don't know' isn't good enough, especially when the answer is so obvious and so easy to implement.

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"I don't know" isn't good enough "I don't know" isn't good enough Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:00 am Rating: 5

The deal that was on hold now goes ahead

7:00 pm
You have read elsewhere all the rubbish about Sevilla and Tottenham being rocked by Sevilla pulling out of any Soldado deal while here at Tottenham Hotspur Blog News (THBN) you have quietly been informed his sale to Villarreal is a done deal, that we were just waiting for a replacement to come in.

Villarreal was always the only option for Soldado

Equally while many ponder Aaron Lennon you have quietly been informed that it his off the field behaviour that has led to him being ostracised, that he has burnt all his bridges and that he wants to go to Everton, both in January and now. The popular press have to make stories, create things that are fake for fans to have a drama to read when there is no drama.

No site can get everything right, I certainly don't and when my eyesight goes and this screen is a blur typing mistakes abound. However, I'm delighted that so much is right and that just shows what common sense, a few phone calls, emails and a little bit of digging can do instead of simply supplying a news regurgitation service.

An opinion of the news matters, it's what influences interpretation because let's face it we all see what we want to see, we interpret in a manner that supports our opinion to justify that opinion to ourselves. The difficult thing is to look at matters objectively, don't pretend someone is mustard when they haven't produced performances to back that up.

It is satisfying for me that other blogs have raised their game in the last year, that the content you are being delivered is improving. I don't think there are too many blogs like this one that look at so many aspects of Spurs, that look for new angles and raise issues such as the use of sports psychology or the importance of mentality. Nothing changes if it isn't brought to light and discussed and as a blogger it part of my role to raise those issues, this is not just a news site after all.

Spurs to lose less than £9m on Soldado deal

Well back to the story of the day and that the replacement for Soldado has been confirmed by many a source as coming in, Clinton Njié from Lyon. That has enabled us to agree to the departure back to Spain of Roberto Soldado to sign for the club he has already agreed a deal with, Villarreal.

Awful quality, just met Soldado at Gatwick, asked if he was staying he said he was off to Villareal

The press have been feeding garbage about no fee being agreed about how they wouldn't be able to pay his wages when it is the only club he wanted to join. He had offers, financially better offers, from elsewhere, he was chased by Germans, Turks, Italians, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish but Villarreal is close to his home, that's where he wanted to bring up his young son.

Soldado (pictured above at Gatwick this morning) and Villarreal agreed personal terms a long while ago and a fee with Spurs was agreed also.
"I enjoyed these two years that we share, I wish you well in your new club!! Good luck my friend."
Rgat was a Tweet from Érik Lamela, a Tweet that was hastily removed, we can't have players releasing news to the public, marketing departments around the world would go spare. A press release about news that has already been reported is hardly news and that affects brand exposure.

Are there 50 better players than Lamela in the Premier League?

Roberto Soldado is a quality player, it didn't work out at Tottenham and we failed him buy not providing enough mental assistance, he failed himself by not seeking it. I wish him all the best with his new club and in life, he has conducted himself in the manner of a decent human being, unlike many a footballer who could be named. have nearly 4,000 items to choose from, click 'Shop by Team' rag at the top, then scroll down until you find the Tottenham badge and click that, then you can just shop for the 297 Tottenham related products.

The deal that was on hold now goes ahead The deal that was on hold now goes ahead Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Soldado, Real Madrid & Season Preview

12:30 pm
A selection of articles from Spain, America and the UK that include match reports, tweets, interviews, predictions, a look at misfiring strikers and the club trying to buy Roberto Soldado, Villarreal.

Wales Online are doing a season preview and this article is all about our chances this season. Every prediction I have seen so far puts us in 6th behind Liverpool, what do the Welsh website say?
Wales Online - Tottenham Hotspur Season Preview

If you missed the Real Madrid vs Tottenham Hotspur game then the Telegraph have an as it happened article so you can get a good overview of the game which includes Twitter comments. If you want to start from the beginning of the game instead of the end then scroll to the bottom and work your way upwards.
Telegraph - Real Madrid vs Spurs

It is always a good idea to get more than one perspective of a game especially from people who are not biased Spurs fans. Check another match report from a major news source, The Independant., which includes the after-game interview with Spurs head coach Mauricio Pochettino.
Independent - Real Madrid vs Spurs

Spanish newspaper Marca have published a story, with plenty of videos, about fallen heros that includes Fernando Torres, David Villa, Fernando Llorente, Dani Güiza, Alvaro Negredo, Sergio García and our own misfiring striker Roberto Soldado. We have tried to buy at least two of these, possibly three in addition to Soldado!
Marca - Fallen Heros?

Villarreal are trying to buy Roberto Soldado so here is an article written by a fan that references Roberto Soldado as it discusses the money angle at the club. The website is aimed at the American market.
Villarreal USA - Wheeling & Dealing

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Soldado, Real Madrid & Season Preview Soldado, Real Madrid & Season Preview Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

Spurs to lose less than £9m on Soldado

8:00 am
Everyone has now caught up with the fact Roberto Soldado is going to join Villarreal but the amazing part of the deal is the limiting of thr loss on him.

Tottenham are reported to be selling Soldado to Villarreal for £11.98 million (€17m) +add-ons. He cost €30m which at the time was £26.22m, with €3m of add-ons included in that fee. Those are unlikely to have been activated so he has cost the club £23.56m (€27m).

There was an initial payment when he was signed and another instalment payment last summer. Valencia had wanted the whole payment upfront and then in two payments but had to settle for an upfront figure with three equal payments for the next three years to make up the €27m figure.

With a €13m initial fee and three further payments of €4m for three years, the total of €27m is reached. The exchange rates have changed since we did the original deal in Euros so we benefit from a better rate now hence the differing pound amounts for the same €4m figures below.

Year 1 - €13m = £11.36m
Year 2 - €4m = £3.19m
Year 3  - €4m = £2.82m
Year 4  - €4m = £2.82m (assuming todays rates)
Total Fee - €27m = £20. 99m

Roberto Soldado will have cost us approximately £21m then and we are going to get £12m plus some add-ons back for a player who basically failed to score anything but penalties. We'll be making a loss of less than a £9m on the Spaniard.

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Spurs to lose less than £9m on Soldado Spurs to lose less than £9m on Soldado Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 am Rating: 5

Villarreal was always the only option for Soldado

5:00 pm
While everyone was trying to tell you Sevilla were likely to sign Roberto Soldado I continued to buck the trend and insisted he would be joining Villarreal, that is the club he has wanted to join all along.

You can see Sevilla towards the bottom left of Spain, Real Sociedad, although not shown is to the right of Bilbao on the coast in the top right hand corner while his former club Valencia are over to the right on the Mediterranean coast.

His agents, Toldra Consulting, are based in Valencia and they are friends with the Villarreal president Fernando Roig. Soldado was born in Valencia. Sevilla is 542km (337 miles) away by air, 656km (408 miles) by road, Real Sociedad is 447kn (278 miles) away by air, 569km (354 miles) by road.

Soldado has a home on Ibiza, which is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea to the right of Valencia. It's the bottom of the three as you can see from the map below.

Former club Valencia are the closer than Real Sociedad or Sevilla to his home on Ibiza and Villarreal, the club he wants to join, is situated just above Valencia, as shown on the more localised map below. Villarreal to Valencia is just 64km (39 miles) by road up the Mediterranean coast.

As reported yesterday he should be signing for them next week with the distance to his home a key factor with a young family. It has been more important than money and it's the reason Sevilla have pulled out of negotiations, he simply doesn't want to go to Sevilla despite having UEFA Champions League football to offer.

He has not been short of offers from the Premier League, Spain, Italy, Turkey or the latest from Benfica in Portugal, yet his mind is made up and he has simply been waiting for Tottenham to organise other departures and potential arrivals before Spurs would let him go. Saido Berahino is said to be signing next week if the Timo Werner talks stall, unless we unexpectedly sign both.

Soldado has conducted himself wonderfully at Spurs and this site certainly wishes him and his family all the best on their return to Spain.

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Villarreal was always the only option for Soldado Villarreal was always the only option for Soldado Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5
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