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Robbie Keane didn't Travel to Portugal with the Team

6:37 pm
I personally didn't see the headline, but Tommy from COYS as well as other colleagues of mine, told me about the Sky Sports News headline this afternoon which read: Robbie Keane not on the plane to Portugal along with the rest of the Spurs team.

The club say that he's picked up a knock and therefore there's no need for him to travel with the squad to face Benfica in tonight's friendly (live on ESPN at 7:45). I say that the Villa he's looking for isn't located in Portugal.

Some of us at work found a spare second and researched various Aston Villa forums. A few of their apparent trusted ITK's said that Robbie Keane had not renewed the tenancy contract he has with a local agent on his penthouse in Coventry as he expects to move back into it fairly shortly. Can there be anything in that?

Other "In The Know" Midlanders were sure that Keane was spotted at the Villa training ground today. Some, dare I say it, said that they have good information in relation to Reo-Coker being a part of the deal.

As is the case this time of year, the lot of it could be a load of rubbish, although there could also be some truth to the matter.

As regards the transfer of players, if Keane is to go to the Midlands club, I expect the Milner to City deal to be nearing completion. Things seem to be hotting up. If online betting is your thing, I would take a punt on two things; 1.) Blackpool getting relegated and; 2.) Roberto Mancini not being the Manchester City boss come the end of the season.

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