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One served an apprenticeship, one did not

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Norwich City boss Chris Hughton was on Spurs' backroom staff from 1993 to 2007 after retiring. He was an excellent right back you could rely on to give 100% which he did between 1977 and 1990 when he joined West Ham United initially on loan before a free transfer.

Chris Houghton Spurs FA Cup winner
Houghton a Spurs Cup winner
He played and picked up winners medals in the 1981 FA cup and the 1982 FA Cup as well as the 1984 UEFA Cup. He picked up runner-up medals in the 1982 League Cup and the 1987 FA Cup. A stalwart who played 398 games scoring 98 goals. During his career, mainly with us, he picked up 53 international caps for the Republic of Ireland.

He is fondly remembered by Spurs fans and like Steve Perryman someone you remember as a Spurs player you'd pick every week.

In June 1993 he coached our Under 21's and from 1999 the reserve side. In 2001 he was coaching the first team and seemed to be a fixture at the club. He was a caretaker manager twice and worked with 10 different Spurs managers, Ray Clemence, Doug Livermore, Osvaldo Ardiles, Gerry Francis, Christian Gross, George Graham, Glenn Hoddle, David Pleat, Jacques Santini and Martin Jol.

He was dismissed with Martin Jol in 2007 on that infamous night.

His apprenticeship is somewhat different to that of Tim Sherwood who as a novice has been thrust into a top job to see the club through to the summer when he role will be reassessed.

"Tim has gone in and taken over a top quality team and time will tell with Tim" said Houghton.

"He was there [at Spurs] as a player when I was a coach and he has certainly started well with a talented squad."

"For every person it is different. My apprenticeship was a far longer period. I spent something like 14 years as a coach before going to Newcastle and then into management.

"That allowed me to gain the experience on different aspects of coaching and seeing how other managers worked and their methods and that helped me immensely when I took the first step into management.

"I think there are some who are capable of making that step earlier, but for me, the longer period of time suited me.

"You do have to pull yourself away as a manager at times and maybe not get as close to the players as you can do as a coach.

"You have to make those tough decisions at the end of the week when it comes to games or a player's future."

Three Points is a Must

Sherwood expects a tough game at Carrow Road. It certainly was tough last year as Gareth Bale rescued a point for us with a solo effort from the half way line after a Sandro tackle in the centre-circle.

Tim Sherwood Spurs manager
Sherwood has Spurs attacking more
"Everyone chooses a different way to play.

"Norwich are desperate for points. They might not come out and be expansive against us but we have to approach every game differently.

"Newcastle in our last away performance was a bit different. Newcastle came out with their expectant crowd up there and tried to play against us. We might come up against a different type but we are not sure yet, we will have to wait and see."

"They have taken some big scalps at Carrow Road and done very well. I think it is important we respect what they have got. We are expecting a tough game. They have made some signings and have got some good players. Hopefully we can second guess their team and get ourselves prepared."

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