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Picture courtesy of Tottenham Hotspur FC
Stadiums: The Challenges and Opportunities is an article from construction news many of you interested in the new stadium build might be interested in reading.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee as there are six chapters:
Mapping The Pipeline
Phasing For Revenue
Funding And Land
Technical Challenges
Importing And Exporting
A Bright Future

Once you have finished that reading it is time for a short video from Sky Sports entitled Spurs New Stadium Latest. This includes images from the Sky Sports helicopter and offers another perspective to the official pictures released by Tottenham Hotspur, often through the official Twitter account.

Euro News have their own aerial video which you can see below. The aerial views from a helicopter were taken on Tuesday (May 30) and show mechanical diggers churning up the old stadium's pitch and demolition of old stands beginning.

The innovative new stadium is being constructed that will enable Spurs to offer the NFL a purpose-built ground in London. The NFL pitch will be permanent with the Premier League pitch above it. The turf pitch will be retractable, sliding away in three sections to be parked underneath the stands during an NFL game.

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A fitting send off for the old stadium, no Sol Campbell!

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Quite rightly former centre-back Sol Campbell has not been invited by the club to the White Hart Lane farewell.

It would not be fitting for someone who stitched the club up to be invited to the final game at the old stadium, which will be against Manchester United on 14th may at 4:30 pm. It wasn't just that he left for Arsenal, it was the way he left that we Spurs fans of that era can't accept.

Campbell predicted Arsenal would beat Spurs at the weekend, rather shows how out of touch he is, Spurs have clearly been the better side for two seasons now.

Ex-Spurs manager George Graham has been invited and he is heavily associated with Arsenal so the snub can clearly be seen to be against Campbell and not Arsenal, if anyone was in any doubt. Graham won the League Cup with us in 1998-99 when we beat Leicester City 1-0.

Spanish boss Juande Ramos, who won the League Cup as our manager in 2007-08 when we beat Chelsea 2-1 after extra-time, has also been invited.

Harry Redknapp, Glenn Hoddle, Terry Venables, David Pleat, Paul Gascoigne and Gareth Bale are all expected to attend.

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Will moving to a reduced capacity help Spurs?

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The performance last night in the Europa League draw with Gent showed that we can actually play at Wembley, perhaps we are getting more used to it.

There have been some suggesting we can't play on a large pitch but several pitches in the Premier League are as large as they are allowed to be. The new White Hart Lane will be a maximum size pitch, just like Manchester City where we usually perform well.

An interesting point is that clubs like West Ham United who move into a bigger stadium struggle with playing there. Is it the size, the pressure, are the opposition more motivated or a combination of factors.

Tottenham are moving into a bigger Wembley for a season, but then we are moving to a smaller stadium, we are moving from, we hope 90,000 to 61,000, so will we be able to cope with the downsizing better than others have coped with upsizing?

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New stadium - Rail link upgrade

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The following article is about the railway track that runs through Northumberland Park. With greater numbers coming to the new stadium when it is finished, all the infrastructure surrounding it has to be improved and this is just another element of that.

Network Rail picks VolkerFitzpatrick for £94m Meridian Water rail link upgrade

VolkerFitzpatrick has bagged the £94m contract to upgrade Network Rail’s West Anglia Main Line through north-east London. Network Rail confirmed it had awarded the contractor the deal for major track upgrade work on the line between Stratford and Edmonton’s Angel Road station.

The work will see VolkerFitzpatrick extend a third track from Stratford to Tottenham Hale and then onto a refurbished Angel Road station to allow the line to handle more services.

The upgrade will improve connectivity to the planned £3.5bn Meridian Water Housing scheme in Edmonton, which is set to deliver 8,000 homes as one of 20 proposed London housing zones.

When completed, the new railway infrastructure will support a four-trains-per-hour service between Stratford and Angel Road.

The third tracking of the line from Stratford to Tottenham Hale will be covered by Network Rail’s Control Period 5 funding settlement.

The majority of the remaining funding will come from Transport for London, with the Department for Transport and Enfield and Haringey councils also contributing.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “We can confirm that VolkerFitzpatrick is the main contractor for the work to deliver upgrades to the West Anglia Main Line between Stratford and Angel Road.

“The programme is still being finalised and more details will be released in due course.”

The project is expected to be completed in spring 2018 and will coincide with the completion of the multi-million-pound redevelopment of Angel Road station.

VolkerFitzpatrick worked alongside Network Rail and consultant Atkins to put together a feasibility report and initial design for the separate Angel Road station improvement project.

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A shrewd piece of ttranfer business

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Really wish we done what Spurs are doing with their ground ūüė≠ūüė≠

You can certainly start to see the scale of the new stadium, now ha several floors are in place.


Our transfer strategy is to buy young players who will increase in value. All players generally move on so we look to make a profit on the purchase to sale price.

It seems hat Daniel Levy has made some signings who fall into his bracket, seven in fact, the cranes being used for the construction of the stadium. Spurs didn't hire the cranes, we bought them outright for £6.09 million, £870,000 each.

Now there is a shortage of these big construction cranes and there are none available for hire. Obviously when they are hired it can be for lengthy periods so the situation isn't going to ease anytime soon.

With steel prices trebling in the last year, the Sun tell us, and expected to continue to rise, it is believed that Daniel Levy will make £500,000 profit selling each of these lifters, that's £3.5 million profit. 

Not a bad bit of transfer business.


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New Stadium - 1 Video 32 Photos

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If you want to see a video taken by a supporter on Saturday of the new stadium then head over to YouTube and watch the unlisted video there.

Another set of photos from Skyscraper City with some lovely shots looking down.

They showed the new seating trial during the worldwide TV coverage of the game, 140 countries except England.

You can find a further 28 images from Saturday by following the link - New Stadium Pictures

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New Stadium and Match Day Photos

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Time is running down and Tottenham have started testing the new seats in the new stadium as you can see in the picture above. I believe this is the first of a series of test for different seats, presumably from different manufacturers.

The chaps at Skyscraper City tell us these are BOX SEATS so for further information follow the link. Box Seats.

The end of the season may seem a long way away, but the time we move out of White Hart Lane is now only 12 home Premier League games away.

Harry Kane has scored two or more goals at the stadium on 8 occasions now, only bettered by Robbie Keane.

Pictures of Match Day from NeilCarter at Skyscraper City which I recommend you check for construction news if you like the minutia of construction.

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Will WHL station and walkway be ready for 2018/19 season?

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The White Hart Lane station and the walkway from station to stadium are expected to both be complete by August 2018. We plan to work with a hotel chain for the new hotel that is expected to open in 2019 although no names are being given out at the moment. 

At least that is the official line, but that requires the cooperation of Transport for London and personally I would be surprised if the walkway was ready for the 2018/19 season. 

As with any building project, the weather will play its part. If it is a wet winter that will have a knock-on effect on the building work I would have thought, I'm sure builders could tell us more.

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New stadium: Cement and that missing Raker

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Well while there is very little transfer activity we'll improve your DIY skills next time you're putting up a new stadium in the back garden for the misses.

I don't remember using one of these to level out the concrete when I was helping do my Dad's drive, a plank of wood did the trick. Mind you, it would take a while if you did the new Spurs stadium using a plank of wood.

Our new found friends the Rakers have been getting in the news lately, one mysteriously disappeared under the cover of darkness you might say. Take a look at the two shots below, now you see it, yellow, now you don't, blue. 

This was perhaps a faulty batch of concrete is the general assessment from the many onlookers to this build. Apparently a small sample of each batch of concrete is subjected to tests. A dollop (it's a technical term for anyone who has watched the 1992 film My Cousin Vinnie) is placed in a cube and for starters tested for surface hardness, a crush test to see how much pressure it can take and water ingress, in other words how much water gets into the concrete, which any defect would maximise.

It has been a brilliant piece of PR from the club to have cameras and a live feed of the build. People are tuning in from all over the world to watch.

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