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"Harry will go all out to get Joe Cole"

2:47 pm
Football agent, Barry Silkman, made that outrageous statement on Five Live.

When asked if he had any information to share on the matter, the agent didn't comment. He did go on to say, "I know Harry loves Joey Cole and he'll do whatever it takes to take him to Spurs."

Harry's been looking for a left sided player that can slot into his midfield and Cole can be that player."

Now, if this story is even half accurate, I'd be happy. Knowing Barry though, it's best to believe less than half of what comes out of his mouth.

One of the other pundits on the show questioned Joe Cole's fitness, stating that he's still recovering from his injury.

Recovering or not, I hope Harry snaps him up if he is to become available, although I can't see Chelsea letting him go.
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