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Neil Custis Wants Modric

6:14 pm
The Sun's jouralist, Neil Custis, who I respected up until I read his article in today's Sun (Manchester United want to sign Luka Modric), really should learn to research his stories a little better, instead of pouring his masters words onto the canvas.

"Modric signed for Spurs from Dinamo Zagreb in 2008 after impressing for Croatia in the European Championships."

The keyword in that sentence is "after". Is that poor research or what? Maybe it's been a slow day in the press? Neil Custis obviously has been having one of those days. We all have them, so it's really not his fault that he forgot Daniel Levy brokered a deal with Dinamo Zagreb, BEFORE the 2008 Euro's.

Mr. Custis also forgot to mention that Manchester United are stone-broke. Well, I say he failed to mention it, but in fact, towards the end of his article, he alluded to as much by insinuating that Michael Carrick could be a part of the deal that takes The Modfather to Old Trafford.

Neil; maybe you should take some pointers off of your brother in future.

The thing that does worry me, is that Neil Custis is fairly close with his master, Sir Alex Ferguson. I also know that it's about this time of the year in which the top journo's get together with their favoured bosses, for an analysis of the season thus far. It's also the time of year in which Fergie labels his prime targets to Custis and other reporters; knowing all to well that the Geordie and others, will report on the players Fergie would like to sign. Both know what this kind of reporting will do, and both realise that it could be effective.

I personally think they're both forgetting that Tottenham Hotspur are run by a certain Daniel Levy. Custis mentions a possible £25 million fee for Luka Modric. Obviously, he wasn't around on the day Levy skinned United for just over £31 million for an ageing striker.

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