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MCFC v THFC - Do Spurs Have What The Supporters Don't?

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Do Spurs Have What The Supporters Don't?

It's been a while, have to rest my eye and change the theme to support Adsense again, not something I'm good at I have to say. Anyway, I keep dipping into Twitter and the place is full of failure mentalities.

A post asked which Bournemouth players we should try to sign.

My answer was none. Callum Wilson is too old, as is Joshua King and neither would want to play second fiddle to Harry Kane anyway.

The others, quite frankly, are not good enough for where we are now. We are not the club we were 30 or 40 years ago, nor are we the same club we were 5 years ago.

We have more money now, we have a new stadium that will bring in more money. No we don't have the budget of Man City, Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc., but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be trying to sign the best young talent in the world.

We tried to sign Anthony Martial, none of those Bournemouth players are at his level, we tried to sign Matthijs de Ligt, none of them are at that level. We didn't succeed, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

Leicester City didn't win the Premier League because they listened to everyone who said they couldn't do it. Our own fans are saying we shouldn't try and sign top players, that is a failure mentality, we will win nothing adopting that approach.

We go into a game tonight few expected us to still be in. How many of our supporters actually thought we could win the first leg, which we did without Harry Kane who had departed to Fabian Delph's deliberate stamp on his ankle.

This second Tweet shows the failure mentality of our supporters again.

You aim high to achieve something lesser before you succeed in the big prize. What you don't do is limit your ambition to something smaller or you'll never grow enough. Success is not the end, it is just one step towards something higher, regular success, a Premier League title or a Champions League.

A winning mentality believes you can win anything, that it is possible on your day. The aim is to have as many of those days as you can while you continue to build.

Manchester City are not invincible. They have played us twice at our place this season and scored one goal.

You win by creating the right environment to achieve success. The club are providing that with the facilities, the manager and the players are growing, learning. The fans though are left behind, too many still expect failure, too many create an atmosphere of failure, they should be creating an environment of success, but them not everyone has that winning mentality.

Liverpool beat Man City in last years Champions League and reached the final, they were nowhere near the team they are this season and indeed Spurs were a better side. We blew it in 2 minutes against Juventus in both legs.

For some insane reason, few of our fans gave us a chance against Borussia Dortmund. They overrated the opposition because statistically, we were the 53% favourites.

We might not be the favourites against City, but we have our noses in front and we are one good performance away from the semi-finals where Ajax await.

It will be a nervous night, how we deal with those nerves will be critical. We have to learn to thrive on pressure, to turn the butterflies in your stomach into performance. Trouble is, there are 11 stomachs.

The job of the coach is too weed out those who can't handle the pressure and replace them with those who can. It's the only way we'll win things. Players can learn, but that does not mean all will learn, it depends upon their mental makeup.

It is a game we need players to stand up and be counted, talk of dropping Hugo Lloris is plain stupid, he has won a World Cup. It is these big games you want and need those who have experienced the greatest pressure and those who you think can.

Tottenham can get through tonight so let's all enjoy the anticipation and the game.


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VIDEO: First Half, Second Half and Highlights

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If like me you didn't get to see the game this week or if you want to see it again, perhaps you were there and want to see the televised version, then the following links are for you.

First Half
Second Half
BBC Match of the Day Highlights and Extended Highlights

The result keeps us second for the moment, Manchester City didn't gain any ground, Liverpool lost, which leaves Arsenal able to go above us if the win today. Chelsea look as if they are going to open up a bigger gap ahead of their next clash with Liverpool at Anfield.

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Lloris save 17% more shots than Bravo

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The stats above would suggest Hugo Lloris is going to be busy and statistics show that the more shots you have the more goals you score, percentage wise. They also show that the closer you have those shots the more likelihood there is of a goal.

manchester City have scored 41 goals, we have scored 43 and yet we take a lot of shots from outside the box, more than most. The game against City may be an opportunity for a goal from distance for us because 14 of the last 22 shots that Bravo has faced have gone in.

If you were Pochettino, would you be telling Dele Alli, Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen to pepper him with shots on Saturday?

You only have to look at the statistic above to know there is a difference in ability between the two keepers on Saturday, in the Premier League arena at least.

Former Manchester United keeper Fabien Barhtez was unsure Lloris would be able to handle the Premier league, not being the type of keeper who has total command of his penalty area in the way Barthez did with total commitment. We see Lloris come for balls and not get there still.

Timing and anticipation are required to rise above the pack and Lloris has those skills in abundance. he may be a quiet man, but there is a steely determination about Lloris I find and he managed the mental side well. His concentration is excellent and that allied with his anticipation and reactions allows him to be in the right place at the right time.

That makes the actual saving a touch easier. It is those small elements that add up to make a diference in any player.

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Lloris save 17% more shots than Bravo Lloris save 17% more shots than Bravo Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:00 am Rating: 5
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