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Why is Jenas in trouble?

12:48 pm
It disgusts me that the F.A. have written to Jermaine Jenas when in fact they should have sent a first class stamped letter to their employee, Mr. Webb, asking him to explain himself.

They have asked Jenas to explain the remarks he made after the loss over the weekend; remarks to the tune of "it was like he (Webb) didn't think" and "it was like he'd already made his mind up when he came out for the second half that he was going to give something".

Will the Football Association never learn? Sure enough, they've tried to put the spotlight on Jenas, making sure that no one talks about their golden boy Howard. But did Jermaine actually say anything wrong? For those that were at the game, as well as those watching it on TV, Jenas' comments were spot on.

Instead of the F.A. making a statement in relation to the disastrous error made by Webb, they've gone and found a scapegoat and in effect done sweet F.A. in relation to how they're going to sort out their refereeing issues.

Written by Warren Askew, Winchmore Hill, London
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