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Spurs to engage with the community on US trip

9:00 pm
USA star DeAndre Yedlin is a player fans in the US take note of. When you read reports and look around the web during games there are plenty who have an opinion of him.

There is no doubt that he will help Tottenham market itself in the emerging American market, raising awareness of Tottenham Hotspur and continuing to grow our brand over there. There will be changes in years to come as to how we watch football, it will eventually be freely available on the internet via subscription, thus the more fans you have the more income a club will generate. This is what the bigger clubs want.

The Premier League are discussing the issue at the moment, clubs want to be able to screen all games live to a worldwide audience, it will eventually happen, there is too much money involved for the clubs for it not to happen. Maximising a worldwide fanbase is essential in preparation for that day. The club that engages with it's fans and uses them to promote the club will, in new markets, have a huge advantage.

Think for a moment. When a web site or blog posts an article you generally read it and forget about it, you may leave a comment but the most important element, the element that actually promotes awareness of the club, is generally left out and that is sharing.

In parts of Asia, India, China, America there are huge untapped markets that if all supporters did their bit and shared, posted links to, tweeted etc would see raised awareness levels. If information is freely available about a club and there is plenty of it from a variety of sources, then an individual is more likely to take an interest in that club than any other. Of course, that is not the only factor but it is a factor that the fans themselves control and at present no club makes use of the vast resource of the fanbase that they have at their fingertips.

Recently we visited Malaysia and Sydney, the first time we had been in Australia for 30 years, 70,000 turned out, but it is America where we are making bigger efforts so it is always nice to read an American perspective of Tottenham.

In the build up to the MLS All-Star fixture in Colorado one American site I have read said we have the most ardent and passionate fanbase in the English Premier League and that that was no secret in the UK. Nice words, people like to belong to a tribe, it makes them feel a part of something, in football it engenders a feeling of ownership.

We are portrayed as not being a club who simply fly in for the money and fly out again but immerse ourselves in the Denver community while we are there. Here is th schedule of events surrounding the game.

Monday 6pm: Welcome party at Three Lions Pub. Supporters will be able to meet and share in the excitement of the week ahead.
Tuesday 10am: Open training session at Dick Sporting Goods Park (autograph session following). This will be a surreal experience for fans to get up close and personal with their favorite Tottenham players.
Tuesday 2:30pm: Toy drive for Colorado Children’s Hospital. Supporters can deliver gifts alongside some of the players. This is a unique experience that will allow some fans to give back alongside Tottenham players. This is certainly a very special experience.
Tuesday 7pm: Supporters Club evening. Spurs guests Brad Friedel and Ledley King at the Blake Street Tavern, preceded by a supporter march from Skyline Park. This offers a chance to all Spurs supporters to gather and enjoy a night with two club legends, as well as giving fans the chance to get loud and sing songs on the march to Skyline Park.
Wednesday 9am: 5-a-side soccer tournament at DSG Park. For supporters and partners, brought together by THFC and Under Armour. This is a rare opportunity to play a little soccer on the DSG Park before the main game takes place later that night. If you fancy a kick about before the match, this is the cant-miss event for you.
Wednesday 7:15pm: Kick off of the 2015 MLS All-Star Game. David Villa, Steven Gerrard, Kaka, Andrea Pirlo and many other soccer stars from the MLS will descend on DSG Park Wednesday night to take on Tottenham in what promises to be a match full of excitement.
Tottenham have over 40 Official Supporters Clubs, more than any other Premier League club and 26 of those will be present in Denver for the game. Tottenham now have a dedicated section for USA fans and Colorado has a sizeable Spurs support, their website can be found here.

We have been to the States in 2010, 2012, 2014 and shortly 2015 as well. This televised game will be another small step in our ongoing marketing efforts.

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The 'jealous of Chelsea' minority

12:30 pm
I wrote a recent article surrounding wages and once again we have our two sets of supporters coming out to speak, one jealous of Chelsea wanting Spurs to be totally reliant on a sugar daddy, which Financial Fair Play rules were brought in to prevent and the larger second group who understand the club has to be built to produce the income to produce the team.

It's a mirror of society and the 'I want it now' world we live in, whereas in the past you used to save up for something you wanted.

There are positive people and negative people, positive people are successful, negative people are not. I recall someone leaving a comment to an article that we were not Leeds United and they were right we are not, Leeds United were finishing higher than us in the table and got to the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League by spending money they didn't have.

We were mid-table nobodies finishing 12th in 200/01 while Leeds United took out loans against future Champions League revenue, unfortunately, they didn't qualify, had to play in the UEFA Europa League the following season and couldn't pay their loans. They had to start selling players, Rio Ferdinand went to manchester United and the loans killed the club. That was 15 years ago and they haven't recovered.

Tottenham from being a broke club have climbed to being the sixth richest club in the country and regularly finishing 5th. The next jump is a bigger one as we don't have the revenue to generate revenue that the others have. A wage bill determines success, the UEFA Champions League is won each season now by a team with one of the top six wage budgets in the competition. The Premier League and UEFA Champions League qualification go to the clubs with the biggest wage bills.

Anzhi Makhachkala was bought by Dagestani billionaire Suleyman Kerimov in January 2011 and he started investing money in the club. In August 2013 he then decided to cut the annual budget by two-thirds. There was a mass fire sale of players and Anzi finished last in the Russian Premier League.

That is the sort of risk the grass is always greener minority want us to embrace, a club that can't support itself without someone pumping their own money in, which new proposals mean they can only do if they don't want a return on it. presumably they would like us to sell our soul as well.

Jealousy is not a becoming trait, what has happened at Chelsea has happened, jealousy won't change that. It's an I want what they have got approach.

Sustainable success is the goal and that means a sustainable club, not reliant on one income stream as so many clubs are with TV money, what happens to them when we have another crash and TV deals get smaller?

Having Tottenham on a sound financial footing is planning for the future, it's the first part of it, next is the building of the stadium, which is underway, building of commercial income and building of a team. All the while the fanbase needs to grow to increase the commercial revenue potential, that is taking place with our concerted effort to grow Tottenham in America particularly. The NFL deal could turn out to be the best deal we have ever signed.

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Bayern Munich worried by Spurs

9:00 am
Derman powerhouses Bayern Munich are having to re-think their strategy to keep up with the big sides in the Premier League and an emerging Tottenham Hotspur.

Football is the end result of off the field activity. A clubs off the field activity markets your brand, brings in sponsors and therefore money, which in turn allows the purchase of a top level team.

Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge now admits it is a must, his club have to go on pre-season tours to boost the club brand. He makes no secret of the fact that pre-season tours are not about football now, are not about preparing for the new season, but are a marketing exercise to boost brand image.

“It’s necessary for Bundesliga clubs to go on trips. England is overtaking us on the left and on the right at the moment, in terms of television revenue as well as marketing and transfer activities. We have got to ensure we don’t lose sight of them and that the Bundesliga is not bled dry by England.”

The German side were about to embark on a tour of China, another potentially huge untapped market. Just look at the destinations of tours and you'll see they are all brand awareness tours, we went to Malaysia, Australia and have a trip to the United States on the back of our NFL and merchandising deals.

Those two deals have the potential, together with the purpose-built new stadium, to take us to the top table off the field and thus the top table on the field. It is commercial deals like the recent Spurs announcements that Rummenigge is referring to. In business, you look at what your competition are doing and what Spurs are doing is significant.

It is no coincidence that Tottenham have been invited to the prestigious pre-season tournament hosted by Bayern Munich. The Audi Cup also sees Real Madrid and AC Milan take part, all names within the game that have a commercial pull and who people want to watch.

To demonstrate how important the commercial side of the game is now, you only have to turn to Germany and Spain. The Germans are looking at start times for games that are suitable for viewing in the far east, particularly Japan because of the influx of Japanese players into the Bundesliga in recent years. In Spain and extra £173 million (US$270m - AUS$367m - €250m) was proposed for Barcelona and Real Madrid to show a game a week and schedule them for viewing in the UK market.

The future looks a very bright on for Tottenham and others are taking note.

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Spurs sign US commercial deal

2:38 pm
Tottenham Hotspur have signed a multi-year licensing deal with Fanatics, a sports merchandise retailer.
The newly signed deal grants Fanatics the licence to sell bespoke apparel and headwear through its online stores in the US and Canada. It will also enable them to sell Spurs’ existing range produced by Under Armour, the club’s technical partner for kit.
Fanatics currently works with a number of professional sport leagues in North America, including the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB). Tottenham Hotspur is the first professional soccer club in Europe to sign a deal with the company and increases our commercial growth in the USA.
Gary Jacobson, the brand licensing manager at Tottenham Hotspur, explained the new markets were important for Spurs growth. 
“Our North American fan-base is hugely important to us and this relationship will give our fans in the region greater access to our product. 
“For a company like Fanatics to come on board is a testament to the growth of our licensing portfolio in North America during recent years as we strive to continue to take club product into new and exciting areas of retail.”
Brian Swallow, the senior vice president for strategy and business development at Fanatics focused on the benefits for Spurs fans.
“With our leading technology platform and production and distribution facilities located strategically throughout the region, Tottenham Hotspur fans will now have easy access to an unparalleled assortment of the latest apparel.”
The deal was brokered by Tottenham Hotspur’s official licensing agent for North America, Fermata Partners. We will play the Major League Soccer (MLS) All-Star Match in Denver, Colorado, on 29th July and our new blue away kit will be going on sale in America on 25th July.

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