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No Hammers in the office

10:41 am
As I walked into the office today, to my surprise, the two dedicated Hammers were absent. Such a shame. I do wonder though; are they absent because of the abuse they'll surely get from some of the die-hard Yids that work here, or because they're out to shoot Cole for that wonder pass that led to Defoe's opener?

Either way, it's another 3 points in the bag and I'm a happy Lilywhite, although I'm not shouting from the rooftops that we'll finish the season off in one of the Champions League spots. No, I'll leave that little number to the professionals such as Venables and the like.

What I did like from yesterday's game, was that even though it was a scrappy affair, we managed to pull through. As Harry says, we're beginning to look tough. Huddlestone has started putting his boot in and the midfield pairing is evolving into something even creationists couldn't attribute to god.

Talking of midfielders, I can't see how Jenas will get back in the side. Aston Villa are definitely interested, but knowing how Levy goes about his business, I can't see Jermaine leaving on the cheap. I've not heard any figures banded about at the moment, but with the transfer market the way it is at the minute, I could see him going for £10-12 million.

If he is to leave, we'll need to replace him. The Toulouse midfielder, Sissoko looks, from what I've seen of him, Premier League quality. Signing him is another matter though. I do think that Harry will take the plunge into the market again, either by next Tuesday, or in January.

All in all, we've got 9 points from 3 games. I predicted that we would have 8 from 4, so that explains the extent of my knowledge. I won't say that we're top four savvy, but you can't refute the fact that we do look quality.

I can see a comfortable home win coming against the Brummies at the weekend. Oh, there I go, getting over-confident again. The simple fact is that we support a team that can beat Liverpool, humiliate Hull and make West Ham fans not come to the office, yet fail to beat a promoted side at home.

Seriously though, I can see us scoring at least three at home to Birmingham.

Next up, Doncaster. Let's hope some of the other players get a run out.
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