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Transfer Talk: Kruse, Pochettino, Llorente

8:30 am

Transfer Talk: Kruse, Pochettino, Llorente


Tottenham have been linked with Max Kruse who is leaving Wolfsburg on a free transfer after they refused to match his wage demands of £3.53 million (€4m) a year.

Bayern Munich has inquired about the German striker, while he has also been linked with Schalke 04, Inter Milam, AS Roma but is edging towards a move to fellow Bundesliga side Eintracht Frankfurt.

Reports from Italy suggest Juventus want Mauricio Pochettino to join them but understand that almost certainly isn't possible. They are also monitoring the situations of Christian Eriksen and Kieran Trippier. They think that will help us let Pochettino go!

Inter Milan are planning to make a move for soon to be free agent Fernando Llorente, although they admit Spurs might still offer him a new contract. I have reported this previously. While journalists can only see we have not activated a one-year extension clause, I fully appreciate that he will look around and see what offers are available.

I would expect him to be looking for at least a two-year contract and that if all the offers are only one-year deals that he might then let the club know he is happy to stay so we could still offer him a new contract.

He has come to everyone's attention with his performances in the Champions League and is interesting a host of clubs around Europe including Athletic Bilbao, Napoli, AC Milan, AS Roma, Marseille and Valencia.

His brother Jesus is his agent and Radio Liss asked him about rumours of a move to Napoli earlier this month.

"When you hear some rumours, there usually is a slight kernel of truth about them. Napoli? We are Juventus fans, but that's an experience we'd enjoy".


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Tactical Nous of Pochettino won the day

6:11 pm

Tactical Nouse Of Pochettino Won The Day


What a fantastic night and it took a tactical change in both games to get us back into this tie, it wasn't all just guts and desire, the coach played a massive part.

Make no mistake, the players believe in the manager and the manager believes in his players.

Ajax totally outplayed us in the first half of both legs.

Trying to build from the back was not working because they pressed us and we simply didn't have enough movement from our midfielders to give the man on the ball passing options. That pressed us back to the goalkeeper and we had the same problem just from deeper on the field giving us an even bigger problem.

Two first halves constitute a hole game where we could not build from the back and were outplayed.

The solution was to play long balls. Now I hear experts, who should know better, telling us we were playing hoof and hope football which simply isn't true. It was tactical change and a necessary one.

Victor WanyamaI don't think is mentally quick enough for top 4 football, but in his defence, he and Eric Dier simply haven't had much football and are not the most mobile of players.

To run off at a tangent, I wonder if Dier will be returned to being a central defender, if we sign more central midfielders, with the emergence of Harry Winks.

Anyway back to the tactical change.

Sissoko can play as the defensive player or as we saw later, Eriksen as a quarter-back playmaker. Therefore, we could play a target man and play off the knockdowns with Son and Moura either side.

That meant we no longer had to play out from the back and that their midfield was too far up the field.

The Ajax manager didn't change his tactics to counteract ours and his team simply didn't know what to do. They left too big a gap between midfield and defence, which we exploited.

Llorente targetted Daley Blind and was winning ball after ball, backing into Blind who made it easy for him. How often did he come in front of Llorente, how often did the defensive midfielder drop in front of him so they could a) give him something to think about and b) compete for the knockdowns.

Llorente was taking balls on the chest and laying them off without really being challenged. One can only assume they didn't see him as a threat, but a lot of our attacks came as a result of initially playing the ball to him and feeing from there.

Pochettino made it a more physical game for the second half of both legs and as they survived the first leg without conceding, they tried the same tactics again. We, however, put the ball into the net and put them under mental pressure.

Two goals in 4 minutes to draw the game level tested their nerve, we won that battle.

Tactically it was fantastic by Pochettino, personnel changes, positional changes, tactical changes. That is exactly what he wants from Tottenham, a susyem, but players who can adapt to different systems.

That is what Sir Alex Ferguson wanted from Manchester United players and his scouting was for players who could handle that, intelligent players.

Congratulations lads.


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Pochettino vs The Cry Babies

8:38 am

Pochettino vs The Cry Babies

Pochettino: "In football, you have two options. To cry, or to see a possibility for another player to step up or to play in a different way. I choose the second option."

Our Argentinian coach has a winning mentality, cry babies don't.

That message he has given there is the message I have been explaining. People don't like to hear they don't understand, but I'm afraid those without a winning mentality simply don't.

They have never experienced it, it is more than just trying to win a football game, it is a whole approach. 99% of you turn up, try your best and hope to win. That is NOT a winning mentality. You are trying to win, you may expect to win if you are in a good team, you may keep winning, but that is NOT a winning mentality.

I'll say it again, winning is a by-product of having a winning mentality.

A winning mentality is how you mentally approach your sport. You never miss a training session.

I once walked 10 miles to a coaching course as I felt it would improve my game, I once walked 24 miles to take a coaching session with equipment.

You do whatever it takes.

You never miss a training session, you are never late for a training session, training is too important, it's where you improve. If there is something you specifically want to work on, you do extra by yourself. You turn up early or stay late.

I would turn up 30 minutes before anyone else before a game to do my own practice so I wasn't starting cold, I was already tuned in and yes, while on the field I wanted to win, intensely. You avoided me after the game if we lost. I was a bear with a sore head working out why we lost.

That is a winning mentality.

Not having a laugh and a joke, forgotten almost instantly. That is someone trying to win, but don't confuse that with a winning mentality because it simply isn't one and 99% have that.

Crying that the club are not doing things the way clubs with more money are doing things isn't a winning mentality, don't confuse it with one.

Crying because we are not changing our long-term plan to panic buy for a few weeks or ignoring the fact we have midfielders returning, isn't a winning mentality, don't confuse it with one.

We are embarked on a path, if you are a supporter then you should be supporting that path, understanding it and looking beyond your tired and outdated agendas.

For one fan yesterday to try and tell me we haven't improved on the pitch is quite unbelievable.


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My take on the Pochettino job speculation

12:56 pm

My take on the Pochettino to United job speculation

I have a total disdain for reporters, a dishonest bunch paid to be dishonest and write dishonest stories simply to sell papers, advertising space and get people to click on articles.

I have had chats with editors and quite frankly they don't understand football, take the breakaway European Super League idea that they all ran with. As I pointed out in an article and pointed out to one of them, no layer playing in that competition would be allowed to play international football, they would not be allowed to compete in a European Championship or a World Cup.


Because a breakaway league would not be recognised by UEFA or FIFA and would not be under their banner and only players playing in UEFA or FIFA endorsed competitions can take part in a FIFA World Cup or a UEFA European Championships.

That means a good proportion of the players would not want to play in a breakaway league and it also means that many sponsorship deals would be breached, they would all, in fact, have to be renegotiated.

It was not a minor issue, the factors against it ever taking place are huge, yet you had editors and it seems almost all reporters totally unaware of them.

The deputy head of FIFA came out and confirmed any player would not be eligible to play international 2 days after I had pointed this out to the editor of Football.London.

A journalist is merely a professional writer writing about his/her hobby, he/she is not a coach, has had no coaching training, does not therefore really know about tactics, does not know about psychology and the mental side of the game. MOst it seems are money orientated and believe the only way to approach the game is spend, spend, spend, thus any club failing to do so is failing.

They seem to think that managers think like them, I can tell you they don't, well not the ones who can actually coach like Pochettino.

How many clubs who can't spend improve what they have?

List them out.

Tottenham have undoubtedly improved under Pochettino.

He is something I have been shouting for, for years, a coach who can coach and improve players, improve the mentality at the club, something most fans didn't pay enough attention to. I remember writing about Harry Kane and how we needed players with his mentality, how Adebayor could learn off him, how he was an example to the youngsters.

This was in his first full season, not an after the event view.

As a coach I look at body language, I look at how a player reacts on the field and off it. You can glean an insight into mentality that way, it's why I keep advocating that we should use psychologists and sports psychologists to assess potential transfer targets and work with the players we have bought. Mentality is everything in top level sport.

That leads us back to Pochettino. He is a professional and loyal man. He only left Southampton because they changed chairman and changed the project, they refused in January to give him assurances that his squad would not be sold so he left at the end of the season, had he received them he would have stayed.

Pochettino was employed to turn this club around, both on the field and off the field. As Gary Neville pointed out yesterday, if you do not have the off the field matters sorted correctly, you can not have success on the field.

Gary pointed out that United had gone backwards off the field in the last 7 years and had been overtaken by Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham. The scouting, recruitment of the right type of player was superior. he pointed out United think having 64 scouts makes them better, but it doesn't, there is nobody n overall control of scouting, it's a bit of a mess.

Sir Alex Ferguson said that to have a successful team on the field you must first have a successful club off the field, you must have a successful business. The business pays for the club.

United meed sorting out administratively off the field, yet are the people who have taken the club backwards in 7 years the people to do that?

Pochettino was brought in at Spurs to build the club off the field and thus has input into structure, into coaching, into recruitment. He understood a new stadium to generate the income that arrives commercially as a result (not just from spectators) will help the lub then compete financially at the top table.

He knew until then we had to develop our own conveyor belt of talent and that sales would largely pay for purchases, thus it was important to have improved the players you sell on.

Pochettino, with a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a club to his philosophy, bought into the project to turn Tottenham from a perennial Europa League team to a team consistently competing for and then winning trophies at the top table.

The stated aim was to build the club to compete financially and in footballing terms with the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid, the very best. Some of our own fans laugh at that goal and even suggest we shouldn't even try.

That is what long-term goals are all about, having something to strive for that you break down into smaller goals and grow towards the main aim. We are on the way, we are a long way from the final goal but clearly are progressing towards it.

The question now is does Pochettino throw away what he is building part way through a project to start at another club?

Money orientated journalists and media simply assume he will. Papers like the Sun and the Times even have written stating Pochettino wants to leave for United. That isn't what Pochettino has said and in 2 hours they have not gleaned that information from him or his coaching staff, they have simply made it up.


Because it is what they would do and they assume a manager acts as they would act, they don't. It is blatantly dishonest.

Pochettino has turned down United before, he has turned down Real Madrid, he has said he does not want the Argentina job yet and has consistently said he is very happy at Tottenham, despite dishonest journalists trying to claim a non-existant rift because for reasons beyond their comprehension Spurs didn't buy last summer.

Spurs didn't buy because clubs were not buying our players and thus we have no squad places available and particularly no non-homegrown places available. Vincent Janssen hasn't even got a squad number and refused to go on loan. Georges-Kevin N'Koudou does not play, Juan Foyth can't be picked for the Champions League squad because we have too many non club trained or non association trained players.

How many players do we have to sell, therefore, before we can buy any more non-homegrown players like Anthony Martial? Don't expect much in January, movement will happen in the summer but you can see the reporting from journalists now when Spurs don't buy in January can't you.

Micky Hazard and Graham Roberts are ex-Spurs players, they still know people at the club, they know more about what is happening in the club and more about how the club works and the aims of people within the club than fans do, although not according to some of the idiotic element that follows Spurs, they know far more!

Both these guys tell you Pochettino isn't going anywhere.

So who are you going to believe, ex-players, club ambassadors or dishonest journalists with an agenda?

Pochettino himelf continually states, as he always has done, that he is perfectly happy at Spurs and that the Spurs project is different to the United, City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea projects. Our financial situation dictates we do things differently.

I guess it depends if you are a supporter who focuses only on money or whether you can see a bigger picture.


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25 players, 40/50 staff, fans, board, all together working for one objective!

10:00 am

25 players, 40/50 staff, fans, board, all together working for one objective!

"The only way to success is if we are 25 players, 40/50 staff, fans, board, all together working for one objective, to win games. I am so open to fix problems, I don't want anyone upset, not happy. 

"It's so clear the rules, it's so clear my message, I promise I will fix it if someone is not happy to be here for the next five months until the transfer window opens again. 

"All players that are going to be here need to feel part of the team can help the team anytime the manager will demand. And full commitment.

There are quite a few fans who need to take on board that message.

"The only way to success is if we are 25 players, 40/50 staff, fans, board, all together working for one objective, to win games."

Twitter full of abuse, daft ideas of stadium walkouts, the agenda-driven blame game being played, so the players, not at their best, simply go out and beat Newcastle to record three points and a good start to the season.

Now is the time for everyone to be on the same page, to get behind the team, stop the moaning nonsense and create a positive atmosphere around our club.

Erik Lamela and Harry Winks revealed on their Instagram accounts that they were back training with the squad and that has been confirmed by Pochettino who also says Josh Onomah is also training, although is behind the others in his preparation.

I was surprised nobody asked at the press conference how Lucas Moura was, he had an ice pack on his inner thigh when he was substituted against Newcastle. It was a precaution but I would have thought it would have been worth finding out.

As it was, one presumes he comes under the 'all are fit' banner, even if they are not match fit. They have to think they are fit doesn't really tell us much. 

Dier is over his cramp as you would expect and Moura is over the groin issue.

Cameron Carter-Vickers and Juan Foyth are both still out and Son Heung-min has departed for the Asian Games. Victor Wanyama was going gym work earlier in the week so remains out too.

My XI against Fulham:

I would expect Dembele to be removed for Sissoko after 60 minutes or if Sissoko plays, Dembele to come on, but not before the hour mark.


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25 players, 40/50 staff, fans, board, all together working for one objective! 25 players, 40/50 staff, fans, board, all together working for one objective! Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:00 am Rating: 5

Pochettino demands the right mindset

7:29 pm

Mauricio Pochettino demands the right mindset from Toby Alderweireld and Danny Rose

Alderweireld and Rose could leave Spurs

While the press are talking about Tottenham being happy to release Toby Alderweireld, Danny Rose, Mousa Dembele and Fernando Llorente before the European transfer window shuts, he has actually told them to knuckle down and show the right mindset.
He wants each player to realise that they haven't left and that they, therefore, must show 100% commitment to the club regardless of what has happened in the past. Not all players do that, 
Saido Berahino being just one instance, an instance that quite frankly ruined his career. He is now a striker in the Championship for Stoke City.
Pochettino told the media, as reported in the Daily Mail.
"If we have all the squad thinking as individuals rather than as a collective, you cannot succeed. That is the key this season.
"It is human nature that you always look after yourself. But once you cannot change anything, then you need to change your mindset and think about the team.
"I am the boss and if I expect from you to do something, then you need to provide it. You need to show your commitment, from the pitch, from the bench, sometimes from outside. That's what being professional means."
Mousa Dembele is having to be managed as he can not handle a full season now. His fitness problems have slowly got worse, it's why Harry Winks used to replace him regularly until his own injury.
Tottenham are grateful for the service he has shown the club and will not stand in the way of a final payday for him. In the meantime his game time will be carefully controlled, perhaps he will be saved to start against Manchester United and Liverpool and the much-maligned Mousa Sissoko will start against Fulham instead.
We'll see.


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From castigating Levy to eulogising Pochettino

8:00 pm

From castigating Levy to eulogising Pochettino

Both Levy and Pochettino are disappointed by the stadium delay.

There is a love in going on at the moment with Spurs fans and Mauricio Pochettino.

For one set of fans, every little problem is the fault of Daniel Levy and not Mauricio Pochettino. Take the transfer window.

It was pretty obvious that we were only interested in our top targets during the window and not in 3rd/4th/5th choices, yet fans were screaming for a signing, any signing.

Who is blamed, Daniel Levy, not the man who has told Levy not to buy anyone other than his top targets, which clubs simply didn't want to release to us.

A little bit of understanding goes a long way.

The club are not stupid. They let Mauricio Pochettino tell the media club messages, like the latest one over the stadium delays.

The usual section blames Levy when the constructors we employed to manage the project, MACE, are the ones responsible for the delay.

"We all feel disappointed of course with the announcement from the club this week. I feel so sorry for myself first of all, for our fans, the players, everyone, and of course for our chairman. 
"He tried with the board and everyone who is involved with building the new stadium to arrive on time. It’s been a massive effort. 
"We feel it every day, that effort. That we cannot deliver for the Liverpool game is massively disappointing for everyone. I understand that. But the first to be disappointed is Daniel [Levy]. 
"Our job is to try to help, to be positive, to adapt ourselves in the moment that we are going to play in our stadium. But now we’re still going to play a few games more – Liverpool and Cardiff, that is sure. 
"We hope we can finish all the work in that moment and start to play in our new home. If it’s not possible I think we’re going to try to give our best to try in the end to win games, to show good performance, being positive. 
“We need to be all together. My message last week was that message. We need our fans to understand that it’s a massive, huge project that will be [there] forever for them and the club. If it’s not possible for different things that it not in our hands, the most important thing is to be positive. 
"Of course I understand the problems about the tickets, the money and everything, and I feel sorry for them. I want to say thank you and apologise. We’re going to try to reward them by winning games. It’s the only way we can add and can pay all the effort they are doing and they are going to do for the club."

Some are eulogising him over these comments, but what did they expect him to say. He will have had a word with the Spurs PR team and the message to be put across in this weeks press conference.

He has said what I would have expected him to say, expected any manager to say in the same situation quite frankly.

Nice to hear it but let's not go overboard. It seems to be one extreme or the other at the moment with our fans.

We remain positive is his overriding message, my overriding stance and message this summer too.


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Poch reiterates Spurs have to do things differently

8:00 pm

Poch reiterates Spurs have to do things differently


Mauricio Pochettino has once again reiterated that Spurs have a different project which is the result of having a substantially smaller financial income than the Top 6 rivals.

Ben Pearce Tweeted:
"I am here to win". But he reiterates it's unfair to compare a club that's invested heavily in its infrastructure with others who are spending big on their squads: "Everything is different. We are competing in the same race but with a different car."

Hopefully, the analogy will help some understand, although unsurprisingly someone immediately asked:

How long will players like Kane Alli Eriksen etc wait until we get a new car?

That shows the worry some have, but our financial situation compared to the other Top 6 is what it is, no amount of grumbling and whining is going to change that.

Only time for our income to grow, while remembering that the income of the other Top 6 contenders is also rising.

1 or 2 years, then order the driver to stop and jump in a Ferrari not Spurs Ford Fiesta!! Even if it has a nice garage.....

The chap goes on to say:

It’s difficult to be positive if your looking long term!!

Of course, if you don't have a garage to park your Ferrari in then it won't remain a quality Ferrari for long.

For his second comment, the exact opposite is true.

Itis why we are building the club.

Some fans seem to think we are already there and expect us to act as if we are at the promised land, but as Pochettino's comments show, we are not there yet.

As a reminder:
Spurs Income £306m - wages £126m
Arsenal Income £427m - wages £199m
Manchester United Income £581m - wage bill £263m
Manchester City Income £473m - wage bill £264m
Chelsea wage bill £221m
Liverpool wage bill £208m

The clubs with the two biggest wage bills finished 1st and 2nd and we have a stadium to pay for out of our income, none of our rivals do, which of course means they can divert more to wages.

We are closing the gap slowly. We increase revenue, so do they so we only actually are closing the gap by some £25m a year.

Revenue from the new stadium will make a difference, we may just catch Chelsea and Liverpool for income, although we still won't be able to match on wages.

It isn't going to be plain sailing.

25/26 Premier League Titles won by clubs than a bigger wage bill than us.
All but a few FA Cups and League Cups won by those with a larger wage bill than us.

Do teams with smaller wage bills win regularly?
NO they don't.
Do they remain at the top of the table competing for a Champions League place?
NO they do not.

So do you want Spurs to win regularly or not?

If you do, you support what Spurs are doing, if you don't, you don't.

We have a long way to go, it's a long road and people should be enjoying the journey, it's inexplicable that they aren't. And totally inexplicable that they want to toss it all out of the window!

I make no apologies for understanding what the club are doing or for understanding the reasons behind the transfer window. We have retained a very good squad that is better than a whole host of our fans believe.


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Poch reiterates Spurs have to do things differently Poch reiterates Spurs have to do things differently Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 pm Rating: 5

What does Pochettino do with disrespectful Alderweireld?

8:00 pm

What does Pochettino do with disrespectful Alderweireld?

can Pochettino and Alderweireld sort out their differences or did Alderweireld take it too far?

Transfer Talk

Mauricio Pochettino has a dilemma and it surrounds the future of centre-back Toby Alderweireld.

Nobody doubts he is high quality, but it isn't as simple as he is an excellent defender so he must be kept. Publicly he has been Tweeting public relations stuff for the fans, all very meaningless.

Behind the scenes, however, as reported before several times, he has burnt his bridges with Pochettino and therefore the club.

He has demanded a wage that nobody thinks he is worth. You pay high wages for strikers who score goals, you don't pay it for aging centre-backs, not unless you have money to throw around and Spurs don't.

Any fan who thinks we do had better read my article on wages: Wage Bill Realities That Dictate Football

ITK from COYS forum via Spurs Community.

"Only wants to stay as nobody wants to pay him what he thinks he is worth, in addition, he needs a change of attitude if he does stay as he acted very disrespectfully to Poch, not over finances, but can't/won't reveal unless he goes. He did not act professionally and if it was me there would be no way back, but I'm not Poch."

Now Alderweireld has been saying that his exclusion from the playing side at Tottenham was unjustified, but as the information above shows, it is entirely justified. It also suggests he is not remorseful and he wants to leave.

Pochettino likes a happy environment and doesn't want players in it who upset that environment, it is part of building a successful side.

Pochettino has a history of ostracising players who fall out of line and if a player has been disrespectful to the extent that Toby appears to have been then there is a lot of work to do. Nobody likes to work with someone they don't like or don't want to work with. You would be the same at work yourself.

How this will play out we'll have to wait and see, but if he goes, it will be down to Pochettino, not Daniel Levy.


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What does Pochettino do with disrespectful Alderweireld? What does Pochettino do with disrespectful Alderweireld? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 pm Rating: 5

Pochettino's difficulty in the transfer market

8:00 pm

Pochettino's difficulty in the transfer market

THBN Transfer Talk

Transfer Talk

Spurs have acquired some good habits in the transfer market over these past few years. Daniel Levy has managed to outmanoeuvre our wealthier rivals by spending wisely while funding the building of a magnificent new stadium.

Mauricio Pochettino has created an environment where the players are happy and happy players produce better results, they work harder. The result, well he and his staff have improved individual players no end. He has created a whole stack of England players as a result.

Pochettino gets the best out of a player he can see potential in and new arrivals have to relearn parts of the game, like Lucas Moura having to learn and improve the off the ball defensive side of his game, in order to earn a starting position.

That makes bringing players in difficult. They can not upset the happy atmosphere, so they can't have an ego that is bigger than the team, not think they have a divine right to a starting berth. Thus bringing in a better quality of player still has to be done with an emphasis on the player's character. They need adaptability, a willingness to learn and the humility to fit into the group dynamic.

Crowd-pleasing transfer are not what Tottenham require, all this rubbish talk of a marquee signing to make a statement. That is just an illusion of progress, Spurs require actual progress. 

That will mean young players with the potential to improve, but perhaps players who are at a higher level already than previous transfers, someone like 18-year-old Ajax captain Matthijs de Light or 19-year-old Borussia Dortmund midfielder Christian Pulisic.

Singing the right player will be much more important than signing a marquee, in other words, name, player.
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Kane has a bond with England, do the rest?

10:30 am

Kane has a bond with England, do the rest?

Harry Kane has the same passion playing for his country that Maradona had

Harry Kane

"Diego Maradona or Ossie Ardiles, players of that kind, loved to play for their country, that's something special and it's a bond that Harry has been able to generate with England," said Mauricio Pochettino in a recent interview.

The question is, do the rest of the players feel the same? If they don't then they are not going to perform at their optimum.

If Raheem Stirling has that burning desire to play for his country, then why does he perform do poorly, so regularly and why couldn't he even be bothered to turn up to a training session on time, couldn't even turn up on time to catch a plane?

How many planes have you missed when going on your holidays?

Clearly, whatever he says, he heart is not in playing for his country, for him it appears to be more about kudos.

"He loves Tottenham but he has a real passion for England. People are talking to me about Harry, he's already the best scorer in the world, he's not just a play finisher, he's an influential player who reads matches and can adapt to different tactics and alignments. full player."


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Kane has a bond with England, do the rest? Kane has a bond with England, do the rest? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Pochettino, Harry Kane and Luka Modrić

8:00 pm

Pochettino, Harry Kane and Luka Modrić

Kane celebrates scoring twice against Tunisia

Harry Kane

“My boy! He scored twice, I’m so proud. Unbelievable, I watched in my hotel room and when he scored in the last minute I was running around like an England fan. I probably celebrated more than Tottenham goals as I have to be different as manager."

Those are the words of Mauricio Pochettino when Harry Kane was playing for England in the opening game of their World Cup campaign against Tunisia.

Luka Modrić

THBN-Luka- Modrić
A suggestion Lika  Modrić could be on his way back to Spurs

When questioned on Twitter where the information came from Jules Tottenham Bevis claimed to have had a text from a journalist and also claimed research, but could offer no resources that were researched.

It is a big claim and it would surely be in the Spanish press, however, Spurs would have asked Real Madrid to keep it quiet if it did have legs, that's how we operate.

It comes from Don Balon, a standing joke who make up stories all the time, but Jules Tottenham Bevis also claims the information doesn't come from them.

May I suggest you have a read of the Yahoo story, it's funny.


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Mexico coach shows Pochettino the way

3:00 pm

Mexico coach shows Pochettino the way

Mexico coach shows Pochettino the way

Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio, showed Mauricio Pochettino the way forward for Tottenham yesterday.

Mexico put it an excellent display against Germany and were giving them all sorts of problems on the counter-attack. The fully deserved their 1-0 victory.

Their manager believes in Sports Science and particularly in sports psychology and positive thinking. He is interested in what goes on in a players brain and has his players playing without fear. he uses it as part of his training and has his players watch documentaries.

It will have played a significant part in Mexico's first ever win over the Germans. Let's not forget the tactic though that limited Toni Kroos to only 13 completed passes in the attacking half of the field.

It for me is another example of why we at Spurs MUST embrace psychologists and there are specialist sports psychologists. It is an up-tapped sphere when it comes to football, it's used by other sports and top athletes and is an edge we should gain, particularly as we develop youngsters.

Being the leading exponents any youngster with the ambition to be the next Ronaldo or Bale (that is what a winning mentality is, not just winning football games) would want to come to Spurs then.

That would mean cheaper deals for the club, we wouldn't have to throw money at players as we'd be giving them something far more valuable and a supply of the very best talent. It would be cheap to set up, but the benefits absolutely enormous. It's a no-brainer quite frankly.

Mexico showed how to play when you have won the ball back, they went straight for goal and quickly, too often we will win the ball back and look around wondering what to do with it. We end up playing sideways and basically starting from scratch, slowly, allowing the opposition to get back.

What a threat we would be if we attacked with the pace they attack, but with a better choice of pass we would get from Christian Eriksen. Our system is about evolving and this is an element that could make us deadly and feared.

Will we see it next season?


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More chances for Foyth this season Poch tells Spanish press

9:15 am

Big things expected of Juan Foyth

Pochettino has high hopes for young centre-back Juan Foyth

He looked still short of the standard required but with plenty of potential when he turned out in the Cup competitions last season. A few passing errors, positional and playing errors are only to be expected when a player is learning his craft in a new country.

He recovered several situations where he had got himself in difficulty and won the ball back after a passing error so it would have been a good learning experience. Clearly, he will have improved since then and it sounds as though Pochettino thinks so too, the way he spoke about him in an interview in Spain.

A big thank you to:
 16 hours ago

La Liga writer. Can be found at  over the summer months.

He has translated a Mauricio Pochettino interview where he talks about young 20-year-old (21 next January) Argentinian centre-back Juan Foyth.

"When we signed him we knew it'd be difficult to offer regular football. What we wanted was him to adapt to English football without any pressure on his shoulders.

"First he needed to learn the language and then adapt to another culture and, of course, a different style of football. He's played in some cup games and he did very well. He's shown an incredible maturity. For me, he's got a lot of potential and has a great attitude.

"He's a central defender who possesses enormous quality. I hope next season he can provide a lot more to the team and that he can play more often so that he keeps developing.

"That's our objective, that he keeps improving step by step, that he can secure a place in the squad and can become an important player for us. I believe in him 100%."


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ITK suggests there was never a chance of Pochettino leaving

6:00 pm

ITK (and common sense) suggests there was never a chance of Pochettino leaving

Never a chance of Pochettino leaving the project at Spurs

Pre-Champions League

There was a lot of talk of Zinidine Zidane being sacked before Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions League for a third consecutive time. Any club contemplating a change would sound out potential suitors to see if there is a chance they would be willing to come.

The latest ITK from Spurs Community is that Real Madrid approached Pochettino before he signed his new contract so the Argentinian had clearly turned them down prior to putting pen to paper after a meeting with Daniel Levy.



The ITK once again reinforces yet again the fact that Pochettino intends to be here for a long time and create something special. Few managers get the chance to do something like this in their lives and to have a relationship with a chairman who is backing you to do it.

Fans incorrectly think Levy doesn't back Pochettino, but he does in so many ways, be it freezing out players, loaning out players we used to insist on selling or buying better and better players with greater and greater potential.

Building a dynasty is a process, it is something we evolve with. When we can afford higher quality youngsters we will buy them, but we can't just spend what we don't have. Pochettino knows that and is happy to work with those guidelines.

That is evidenced by him signing a new contract with the full knowledge of Real Madrid interest.


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Pochettino sets 5 day limit

4:35 pm

Pochettino 5 day limit, Dutch winger, Italian striker and a Spanish poll

Dutch Winger

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf have reported that Tottenham are closely monitoring 20-year-old (21 in October) PSV winger Steven Bergwijn. They suggest the Dutchman will fetch a fee of between €15-20m.

Tottenham regularly sends scouts to Dutch and Belgian football, Rob Mackenzie went every week and regularly did three countries across a busy weekend of football. These were two countries we identified where there might be some value in signing players rather than paying higher prices elsewhere. The French league was another league we targetted, hence our chief scout being an expert in French football.

We have taken a special interest in Bergwijn since January and have had him watched most games.

Italian Striker

Spurs have been following 23-year-old (24 in August) Domenico Berardi for years now and their chairman has mentioned Spurs as a club who are following him. Five goals and two assists from 33 games last season suggests his stock has fallen and his price tag fallen substantially as a result.

News From Spain

Barcelona identified Christian Eriksen as a possible Iniesta replacement (he has gone to China for a payday before he retires), however, Daniel Levy's €190m valuation has put them off, that's around £166/7 million.

The Sport newspaper had a poll, 9000 took part and they have voted for Eriksen to be signed over anyone else which demonstrates the stature he has with opposition fans and clubs in Europe.

Again in Spain and this time Marca newspaper, who are obsessed with Mauricio Pochettino. Now they are suggesting the Spurs boss has set himself a 5-day limit to decide his future.

Marca claims that Real Madrid have approached Mauricio Pochettino through a friend who acts as his agent, yet former Spurs captain Graham Roberts, who is still involved with the club on match days, and others tell us that Mauricio Pochettino doesn't have an agent, he conducts all negotiations himself.

He negotiates for his coaching staff as well and I'm sure I remember he himself saying he did all his own negotiations. That casts a different light on the Marca story and as Real Madrid's mouthpiece, it seems to be the same tactics they employed to get Gareth Bale and Luka Modric.

They again suggest (today) there is an agreement between Pochettino and Levy to let him join Real Madrid, something Pochettino himself has denied to the Spanish press.


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New Spurs Kit Picture, Pavard, Real Madrid want Pochettino

6:30 pm

Real Madrid Wants Pochettino, Spurs New Away Kit and Benjamin Pavard Fee

Just signed a new contract, but that won't deter Real Madrid, the compensation package might

Mauricio Pochettino

Spanish national daily sports newspaper Marca, who focus on the day-to-day activities of Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid and Rayo Vallecano, writes that UEFA Champions League winners Real Madrid has long identified Mauricio Pochettino as their number one candidate to take over from the departing Zinidine Zidane.

Spurs Away Kit

It is May, some Spurs fans are complaining that we have not released a new kit yet when others have, but this was found for sale in Crete and looks like next season's new away kit.

Found on sale in Crete, is this the new Spurs away shirt?

Benjamin Pavard

French news outlet L'Equipe are suggesting that German side VfB Stuttgart want £43.84 million (€50m) plus for 22-year-old (23 next March) Spurs-linked French international (he has 4 full caps) central defender Benjamin Pavard.

Under contract until 2021, he is right-footed, can play right-back or as a defensive midfielder so has the versatility Pochettino likes. Young Dutchman Matthijs de Ligt remains the first choice option though.


Walker-Peters, Dembele, Lemar
Ødegaard NOT putting Spurs on Red Alert
Eriksen, Thauvin, Dawson, Dembele
Transfer Talk - The Mousa Dembele Replacements
Inter To Speak To Spurs For Dembele

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Man United won't pay Alderweireld wage demands

9:54 am

Man United won't pay Alderweireld wage demands


The world and his wife now know that Mauricio Pochettino has signed a new 5-year contract. There was never any doubt of that, despite all the rubbish written in the press by the fiction writers who call themselves journalists.

"Daniel and I have spoken at length about our aspirations for this football club. We both share the same philosophies to achieve long-term, sustainable success". Those were the words of Mauricio Pochettino and the most important word there is sustainable.

That tells us the existing policy continues, gambling is not an option, everything is done within our financial means, we grow as our income grows, we evolve, not revolutionalise.

A mountain was made out of a molehill because Pochettino knows who we are negotiating with, negotiations that have been going on way before the season ended. It is no secret that we want Anthony Martial and Matthijs de Ligt, both I understand want to join Spurs.

Money isn't an issue for Martial, de Ligt's fee could go sky high, too high for us, if all the top clubs start putting in bids. There is a determination to get him though.

Toby Alderweireld us demanding too much money for his age. The word is that Manchester United will not pay him the wages he is asking, nor will anyone else. Barcelona are said to have offered £22m for him last summer, his value would have come down since then.

If nobody is going to pay his wage demands then he either has to lower those demands or lower them and renegotiate with Spurs. Our offer is still on the table for him, but it is somewhere around £50,000-a-week lower than his current stance. Time will tell what is going to happen.

He has been injured for 223 days over the last three seasons, missing 46 games across all competitions for Tottenham and Southampton reports Spurs Stats Man on Twitter. That's an example that his negotiating position isn't as strong as he possibly thinks it is.

Isco is undoubtedly being targetted and André Gomes has been a long-term target who Barcelona are now willing to sell. The problem there is they always want a buyback clause, which we will not entertain. If we are in for him again it would be no surprise.

We are also looking at a wide man, well, an inverted winger with Malcolm a target and of course Ryan Sessegnon.

Those names should keep all fans happy. That is the market we are looking at, the quality of player we are looking at. The situation at Spurs has been totally misrepresented by these professional journalists and gullible fans have fallen for it.

In keeping with Spurs policy of having players sign new deals each season to give them wages increases and maintain maximum transfer value on them, Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen, Jan Vertonghen, Dele Alli, Eric Dier, Heung-min Son, Hugo Lloris, Kieran Trippier and Ben Davies are all expected to sign new contracts this summer.


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