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Soldado and the 6 million fee

9:31 pm
Soldado and the 6 million fee.

The story so far. Once upon a time there was a football club called Valencia who had a goalscorer called Soldado.

Valencia had a president who did his best to cut costs but time came for him to leave so he made sure his friends all got long contracts and left to let a new guy take over.

This new president wanted to raise money so he decided he could sell his striker and put a €30 million price on his head. He told all the football club fans Soldado will not be sold for under €30 million.

With €6 million agents fees as well, naturally nobody was interested. Clubs talked but but it was not until Tottingham came along and said we'll buy him that the new president could talk to anybody.

He said I'll waive the agents €6 million fees, we'll include them in the price so Mr Baldini, who had been sent by Tottingham to speak to the player and the president, talked with the agent of Soldado. The agent said Soldado wants to leave and he wants to come to Spurs so off Mr Baldini went to see the president.

He told the president and that Soldado wanted to move to Tottingham and Soldado also told the president. This pleased the president because he need €14 million to balance his books and some money for new players.

Mr Baldini said I will give you €26 million + €4 million later when Soldado has done some things for us. That includes the agents €6 million so you will get your €30 million. The president however wanted all his money now or 2 payments not over 5 years as Mr Baldini wanted.

The Valencia board were meeting the following day so the president said he will ask them then.

Mr Baldini later said to the president I will pay you €24 million + €2 million extras but no €6 million agents fees.

The president said no, you will pay all the €30 million and how I want it, you can come back to me when you agree to this before 3 August.

Mr Baldini said no I won't and left to go home to Tottingham.

Will president rue his decision, he still has to find €14 million from somewhere and nobody will give in to his demands.

Time will tell.

So boys and girls this all hinges on €6 million agents fees.

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