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Bale Agent - Transfer window should be scrapped

7:00 pm
The transfer window irks everyone, possibly except for journalists as despite what fans claim, they love to read every titbit of gossip they can find.

Alan Pardew recently spoke about the window and felt it should close before the season starts, Everton manager Roberto Martinez has expressed the same views, former player Stan Collymore, the list could go on and on.
Bale Agent - Transfer window should be scrapped

Fans want the window closed before a season starts, chairmen want the two linked and an agent we know all about at Tottenham, Jonathan Barnett, told delegates to the Soccerex convention on Tuesday that he felt football should return to the old system and have no transfer windows at all.

"I think I would open it 365 days. It is just not right. Clubs should have the right to buy and sell players, and players should have the right to move when they want. 
"I just think it puts unnecessary pressure on everyone and on everything, and I just think it is unfair. I think it would make a better spectacle, as well, to have transfers all year round. 
"Maybe not (deals) in the last couple of weeks. I don't think the old system was bad at all. It might bring transfer fees down because then people wouldn't be rushed into spending the money they do at the last minute."

The problem is the media love transfer windows and it is the media who bring the money into the game, they want news during the off season, they want football 12 months of the year. With more money in the game and it would seem more temperamental players, there is the possibility it could cause more problems than it solves.

Transfer news was invented by newspapers who had nothing ti talk about once one season had ended and before the next season began, it has proved so popular that when they stopped it for a summer sales went down so for them transfer news was here to stay, it sells papers.

Sky Sports love transfer deadline day, they have turned it into an event, that could still be retained, but would need to be before the first game that's all. To compensate I would open the window as soon as the season had shut, I wouldn't wait for 1 July to open it. That may mean changing player contracts, which currently run from 1 July to 30 June, there is no reason why clubs can't run them from 1 June until 31 May.

The media still get their transfer window, they still get deadline day, we don't get the lull when the season has ended but go straight into transfer window mode and then start as soon as the window closes, we get 12 months a year football coverage.

It that not the best of both worlds with everyone satisfied, well nearly everyone, agents will always want to earn fees all year round and are fighting having their fees capped at the moment.

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