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How to negotiate - Daniel Levy (Soldado) style

10:00 pm
Good evening folks.

The Soldado affair has dragged on with fans after every scrap of Tottenham news. The series of articles I have produced for you have taken a different angle than the usual blogs, I have sought the views of the local press (who know everything, as you'll know if you have been reading these articles) and brough you what we have been up to as they tell it.

I hope you have found them a refreashing change from the norm and almost with regret I bring you, what is probably the last instalment, the Levy/Salvo negotiations.

Both parties can come out of this saga saying they got what they wanted but in truth there was only one winner, there was only ever going to be one winner.

Tottenham's tough guy negotiator Daniel Levy had his price and his top price, he'd pay the €30 million (£25.76m) Valencia wanted but, he would only pay it in the way he wanted.

Valencia president Amadeo Salvo though he was tough, I'll make him pay the way I want. The poor deluded man, this was Daniel Levy you were dealing with, a mere apprentice has got no chance.

So how did Levy out manouver the young upstart.

Well it wasn't that difficult in reality. Remember Valencia were in a financial mess if this deal didn't go through. They needed €14 million (£12.03m) for tax purposes by 3 August plus €3 million (2.62m) to buy a replacement, Helder Postiga from Real Zaragoza, so ideally Salvo wanted €17 million (£14.84m) by Friday 2 August.

Now our bid to meet their asking price was €26 million (£22.44m) + €4 million (3.45m) in easily achievable extras over the term of Soldado's contract, which included the €6 million (£5.18m) agents fees for Salvo's arch enemy, Alberto Toldrá.

Levy is giving the guy what he wants but he doesn't say yes, he makes doubting noises, says he'll ask his board and that he wants it in two payments, 2 x 15 or a 20 + 10.

Baldini informs Daniel Levy, so what does Levy do, he has Salvo back peddling faster in panic than you or I can run forwards.

Under Spanish tax law if you meet a release clause, in this case €30 million (£25.76m), you pay no tax and no VAT.

Under our initial offer Valencia would pay Toldra his €6 million (£5.18m) agents fee and pocket €24 million (£20.71m). That would leave Valencia €21 million (£18.33m) in profit having bought a replacement for €3 million (£2.62m) and reduced their wage bill by €0.5 million (£436,444).

Valencia get the €14 million for tax, balance their books and come out €7 million (£6.11m) in profit. Good business.

Levy wasn't going to wait for the following days board meeting so that night he changed our offer. You want to play tough with me, Daniel Levy, OK try this for size then junior, we'll pay you €24 million (£20.71m) + €2 million (1.73m) extras.

That would now mean a VAT bill of 21% and a tax bill of 30% for Valencia.

I'll use the whole amount (€26m) for some rough calculations, you accountants can figure out the exact amounts. The revised offer meant a VAT bill of €5.46 million (£4.71m) and tax bill of €6.16 million (£5.31m) after taking off the VAT, plus €6 million (£5.18m) agents fees to pay.

€26 less €5.46 less €6.16 less €6 = €8.38 million (£7.23m).

Now take off €3 million (£2.62m) for Postiga and you are left with €5.38 million (£4.70m).

Valencia needed €14 million (£12.03m) by 3 August to solve a tax crisis and balance their books remember, because if they don't they could be barred from European competition by the Spanish FA. They would be up the creek without a paddle if this deal didn't go through.

You can sort your tax, balance your books, pay for a striker and be €7 million (£6.11m) in profit or you can be €8.62 million (£7.52m) short.

It's your choice Mr Salvo, don't let me hurry you though.

Cue Salvo backtracking fast. Yes Mr Levy we'll get a deal done Mr Levy, right away Mr Levy.

Suddenly he wants to negotiate. His public bravado is just that, a show to save face. We go back to the original agreement and discuss how it is to be paid and this is how it ended.

The agreement reached is that Spurs pay an initial fee of €12 million (£10.47m) and €6 million (£5.31m) a year for 3 years, not the two payments the young pup was insisting upon.

Salvo can still claim he has got his €30 million (£25.76m) and save face but as I've said before, he wasn't going to get it how he wanted it, Levy would pay the way Levy wanted to pay.

Daniel Levy reputation intack, sees off another contender and walks off into the sunset, with a smile.

Don't mess with our Daniel.

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Fight Night - Toldrá (Soldado) vs Salvo (Valencia)

7:00 pm
Good evening fight fans, some of you are probably to young to remember that, anyway it's rather appropriate to what you are about to read, as you'll see in due course.

In the blue corner we have players agent Alberto Toldrá and in the red corner Amadeo Salvo. Now let's have a good clean fight gentlemen, fat chance of that.

First though if you missed the delayed article (which should have gone out last night) then you might want to catch up with that first and share it on your social media outlets, this article adds a bit more for you into the mix (opens in a new window): Valencia & Soldado - The media posturing

There is actually a history of Valencia players forcing a move from the club once they have become the star of the side, Jordi Alba and Pedja Mijatovic to name but two.

As with every club, fans expect their heros to stay and be loyal, which today quite frankly is just pie in the sky. Times have changed, money rules in all walks of life, players move and they move for money.

Where is the money, well it's in the Champions League or the Premier League, which of course has had a large influx of money in the form of bumper TV deals, remember the American NBC company more than trebled what ESPN were paying.

Roberto Soldado has been offered a double your money move and exposure to a worldwide audience, the Premier League being the most watched league all around the world. Not much of a choice to make really.

Soldado played for Real Madrid as a youngster and they don't sign rubbish, he is a good player, but do you know who he joined from? Valencia. He left when he was just 14, then returned there to replace David Villa, which wasn't a popular with the fans, and now might be leaving again.

He has spent 3 seasons back at Valencia and for the first two didn't have the full support of the fans, they only embraced him last season when he banged in the goals, so the tie to Valencia is probably not that strong.

The marketing at Valencia centres around Soldado, but by all accounts he is just a nice guy and not full of charisma, and as such he is not an ideal marketing tool. Valencia want Valencia people and charismatic ones at that.

Now if you have read the article I linked to above, you'll know the situation is, we'll make all the right noises to keep everyone happy but this is not an ideal arrangement. Both sides would be happy to end it or at least that is the impression everything points towards, as you'll see in a minute.

OK now we get to the nitty-gritty.

Alberto Toldrá, Soldado's agent and Amadeo Salvo, Valencia president, do not get on and that weak working relationship has virtually evaporated completely.

The former president, Manuel Llorente, was a well liked figure in and around Valencia. He build up a close circle of friends that consisted of players, Valencia's business partners, agents (including Toldrá , local journalists, radio stations (who both had access to everything that goes on at the club) club employees and former presidents. All in all a close knit happy circle.

Along comes a new guy and this happy circle, who had such a close relationship with the former president, were now out in the cold effectively. On top of that he defeated one of the circle to get the presidency. The new guy would have to build his own circle, he is not a part of this close knit one.

Now put yourself in his shoes, do you a) try to take over a network of friend that already exists, very difficult or b) break it up and put your stamp on things?

If you are in a group and the life and soul of that group leaves, the group is not the same and you wish it was like it was before, that is not conducive to an easy ride for a new guy.

What did Amadeo Salvo do?

Well he told one of this circle, a Valencia player David Albelda, that he would not be retained. Who is his agent? You guessed it, another one of the close knit group, Alberto Toldrá.

Toldrá and Salvo are now in opposite camps and the agent now wants his star man, Soldado, out of Valencia. They will lose their goalscorer, their captain, their star and their marketing 'poster boy'.

But there is more. Toldrá has been negotiating with Liverpool to get Valencia's star academy player out to them and he has already sent the other academy players he represents to Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid.

Guess what route Salvo feels the best way forward for Valencia? Yep the academy and bringing players through.

Are you starting to get the picture, these two don't like each other and one is basically doing his best to screw the other.

Soldado has not been at the club since Salvo took over on 5 July 2013 but is due back tomorrow for the start of pre-season.

Do you think Toldrá wants Soldado to stay at the club, you're bloody right he doesn't so remember that when you read the quotes.

Valencia fans see themselves as the third best team in Spain, indeed someone left a comment to that affect in an earlier article and statistically they are right, it is something they are fiercely proud of, just as Spurs fans are proud of our history. They see themselves as better than Athletico Madrid.

Now remember that as you read Soldado's words to the media:

“My hope is to remain a Valencia player."

Which was followed a week later by:

“I have a contract with Valencia and intend to fulfil it. I am enjoying myself playing for Valencia. I feel honoured that a club like Atletico is interested, it is a great team. I see friends succeed in other leagues. Germany and England is attractive and we all would like to enjoy that.”

So he is honoured for a club the fans don't like and consider to be a lesser team, to be interested in him and he even says they are a great team, yet he is your captain, your star, your clubs marketing man.

All is not well in the pond is it, but he won't force a move remember!

Well he's not doing a bad job of undermining the president is he, egged on by Toldrá no doubt. The guy couldn't have written it better himself.

Soldado may not have come out and said publicly that he wants to leave, but put yourself in the fans shoes, what are they thinking? This guy is only after money, he wants to leave because they'll pay him more, he's got no loyalty etc.

Not much good as a marketing tool anymore is he when he is turning the fans against him. The guy is doing what he can to get out, even though he has hardly done anything. The little he has done is highly effective.

The Valencia coach, Miroslav Đukić, had these words for the press:

"Soldado is a professional player. If he stays, I am sure he will give his best. There is a lot of speculation about Roberto, but the fact is he continues to be our player and we count on him.

"Piatti is still our player, for now. I have to get the best out of all I have available. We want Soldado to lead our project, but if it isn't so, the club continues to be great. We need goals. Paco (Alcacer) cannot have that burden. In the press you can say whatever it doesn't affect me. I only care about what happens on the pitch."

Not quite the same as AVB's Gareth Bale is not leaving at any price and we are negotiating a new contract quotes is it.

Toldrá is winning the fight but Salvo is going to get every last drop out of Soldado he can. There seems little future for him at Valencia anymore. Liverpool or Spurs seems the only question.

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Valencia & Soldado - the media posturing

7:30 am
This article was due last night, it was scheduled to auto publish so I must have made a mistake along the way, apologies, but it's here now.

In the world of football only a fool believes what a player, a manager, a chairman, s president says. What he must always to is think for himself, read and ask himself what does it really mean? Put a quote in context and ask yourself, does he mean that or is he just saying that as a bit of public relations to appease supporters or for a bit of posturing with another club.

Take a look at the Soldado situation. We had a word with him last summer and he was open to a move then but nothing happened. Our interest renewed and amid plenty of media speculation about a potential £18 million (€20.89m) bid, these was his quote on 6 June to the local media.

“It is clear for me that I want to stay here and help Valencia return to the Champions League, where we deserve to be,” Soldado told Valencian newspaper Super Deporte.

“That is despite the fact that we have not achieved our aim of doing that this season.”

The press all came out with headlines Soldado wants to stay in Spain. Now I read those headlines and saw them for what they were, simply a bit of PR (public relations) for the fans. I didn't believe a word of it, he was an important figure at the club simply making the right media noises, nothing more, the words had no real meaning behind them, it was just trotting out a standard line basically. had Valencia qualified for the Champions league then the situation might have been different but they lost out on the last day like ourselves and finished fifth.

A player must always have a fall back position, an exit strategy if you like. If a deal happens he can say the club need the money I didn't really want to go. If a deal doesn't happen he can say I never wanted to leave.

These were his quotes on 14 June:

"Atletico Madrid's interest in me? I'm so glad about it. I've a deal with Valencia and I want to respect my contract. Future out of Spain? I like Premier League and Bundesliga, are important championships, in which every player would like to play"

OK so what happened to I want to stay at Valencia? Eight days later and he is delighted someone else is interested and touts his name to two leagues. Now that shouts I want out of here but he can't tell the fans that just in case nothing happens.

Events move on and we place a bid. Plenty of posturing about €30 million but the €6 million agents fees are not made public so fans actually don't know the real situation.

Franco Baldini chats with the players agent Alberto Toldrá, himself a former player, and a £3 million (€3.5m) salary is quickly agreed in principle. Happy with that and having had assurances that Soldado wants to move to Spurs, and why wouldn't he when it doubles his salary, Baldini talks with the Valencia president Amadeo Salvo.

A report on that can be found here (opens in a new window): Soldado - Valencia board to discuss Spurs offer tomorrow

Now whilst his predecessor tried to cut costs, Salvo tries to raise money. Valencia need £12.06 million (€14m) to balance the books and Soldado is basically the only player who can raise substantial money. Sell him and they will also need to buy a replacement.

Valencia then need to sell him but they need to get the best price possible so they announce they won't sell for less than his buy out figure.

Spurs bid €26 million (£22.33m) + €4 million (£3.45) in easily achievable extras. Now remember there is €6 million (£5.17m) in agents fees to include in the deal. The €30 million (£25.85m) was originally to exclude those and then include those when Valencia realised nobody would be interested at an inflated €36 million (£31.02m). Spurs offer included the agents fees.

Valencia would get the money they wanted, everyone would be happy right? Wrong. Salvo is not happy with the payment structure he wants just two payments, one balances the books this year, one balances them next year. Spurs however had offered payments over the five years of Saldado's contract. So the fee isn't a problem at all it's the payment structure stopping a deal.

You can read about that here (opens in new window): Valencia stand firm over Soldado

Quite frankly insisting on two payments is unrealistic, yes it's great for Valencia but no club is going to commit €10-15 million (£8.6-13m) of next seasons transfer budget, they'd be leaving the cupboard bare and shooting themselves in the foot. No good business at all so it's clear Salvo will have to compromise somewhere.

Before the Valencia board get a chance to discuss the offer Spurs change it, they reduce the offer to €24 million (£20.68m) + €2 million (£1.72m) extras but not to include the agents fees, Valencia would have to pay them

So Valencia's choice is simple, €30 million (£25.85m) or €26 million (£22.40m) and a bill for €6 million (£5.17m) agents fees.

In the first deal Valencia get a profit of €24 million (£20.68m) and in the second deal €20 million (£17.23m).

The Valencia board meet and want to accept, Salvo doesn't and neither does he like Spurs hard ball tactics as he is being out manouvered. By not accepting and indicating he'd like to discuss it, he lost €4 million (£3.45m) on the deal. He had been expecting Spurs to bow to his wishes as had the local press.

You can read a piece about that here (opens in a new window): Soldado and the 6 million fee

So Salvo had to speak to the press and this was his posturing to them:

"Soldado can go if he wants - for €30 million and under our conditions," Salvo said at a club press conference.

"Valencia never had any intention of selling Soldado. If he goes then it is because the €30 million figure has been met, not a cent less or a cent more.

"The buying club will also have to accept Valencia's conditions of payment also.

"We agreed to meet Tottenham again to discuss the ways of paying and we did that because we understood that his buy-out clause would be met.

"Speaking about ways that deals are paid is normal and this will be done in a way that suits the financial department of Valencia and not that of any other clubs.

"We listened to him and we said what we have always said - that the price is €30m, then the boy himself can decide if he leaves and that the conditions of pay are what they are."

Once again we have a bit of PR. Now he is telling the media the player is not for sale, when he is, that Valencia don't want to sell him, when they do and puts the blame on Soldado's plate saying he'll have to tell the club he wants to leave, which he already has.

It's merely a face saving exercise so he can say later if the deal goes through he was tough and got the best deal for Valencia or if it doesn't that we never wanted to sell him in the first place.

It's all in fact rubbish.

Valencia midfielder Bernat is reported over here as having said: "

They are negotiating now. I wish him the best, he must decide. We know he has had very good seasons in Valencia, he has given us so much.

"If he stays we know he will help a lot because he scores many goals and that's good for the team; if he leaves I wish him the best."

Now that implies he is leaving and the players know he is leaving, but what he actually said, translated by the Spanish and not Google translate, was:

"Soldado has been an important player and I wish him well no matter what. I don't know if he wants to leave, it's between him and the club. I don't want to enter into that."

In actual fact all very non-committal.

Now Soldado is Valencia's star, there marketing is based around him so they would need a new star at the club to replace him. They have been looking round for a replacement although the names being mentioned command to big a salary for Valencia to be comfortable with, Chicarito (Man U) €7 million (£6.04m) salary for instance, Osvaldo (Roma) and Fred (Fluminense).

Affordable and reportedly lined up as a replacement for Soldado is Hélder Postiga (Real Zaragoza) whose salary is currently €1 million (£862,351) which is €19,230 (£16,583) a week. Soldado remember would be doubling his salary to €3.5 million (£3m) moving to Spurs, no surprise that he really wants to go.

Baldini has done his bit which was to discuss with the player and make our offer to Valencia. Stories circulating now that Soldado has made it clear he wants to join Spurs and asks Salvo to be reasonable over the fee, some suggesting a formal transfer request might happen, but that is merely idle speculation.

The players agent has told the local press he will not force a move, so he won't be handing in a transfer request. The Valencia players report back for the start of their pre-season on Saturday so naturally he is not going to burn his bridges but he wants to come and double his wages with us, who wouldn't. He can't join any other club without our knowledge as we have a first refusal agreement with Valencia, anybody makes a move for him we have to be told.

We want him, he wants us, Valencia want the money. The offer is on the table, the local press say Salvo will not change his stance. However that is over the fee, not the instalments. He is not going to get two payments, he'll get one that solves their financial problems this year and there will be room for discussion on future instalments, but not to the extent of his current demands.

It's a game of poker the money men will have to solve now but the deal is not dead, just have to find an acceptable payment plan for both parties. My guess is that that will happen and happen soon.

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Valencia stand firm over Soldado - no negotiations today

6:31 pm
The Valencia president Amadeo Salvo, has been speaking to the local media about the negotiations for the proposed transfer of Roberto Soldado to Tottenham, which have broken down over the fee.

Salvo is insisting on €30 million (£25.76m) in two payments with no add-ons, either €15 million (£12.89m) up front + €15 million later or €20 million (£17.18m) now + €10 million (£8.59m).

At the moment Spurs are not happy with that having offered €26 million (£22.33m) and add-ons, which they changed late in the day, no figures but apparently reduced the up front fee and increased the add-ons.

As with many transfers negotiations there is a lot of posturing and this smacks of hard ball negotiating. Salvo has also publicly stated he won't sell for under €30 million so he has backed himself into a corner with the fans.

Things are further complicated by the fact that Valencia have just signed striker Kevin Gameiro from PSG on a 5 year contract. Also to take into consideration is that Valencia are in need of €14 million (£12.03m) to balance their budget. the rest available to buy replacements so the extra  €4 million seems to be a big deal for them.

Some websites are reporting that negotiation will or have resumed today between the two clubs but that is not the case. Unless Spurs come up with the €30 million, the transfer will not happen, that is the firm message from local journalists. There are unconfirmed reports that Baldini has in fact left Valencia.

Salvo has been speaking to the local media today.

"Valencia never wanted to sell Soldado. Either the clause is paid or he stays.

"Soldado was never for sale. For us it is fundamental. If he leaves it is because of the contract and the players' wants.

"There is no negotiation. We never had any intention of selling Soldado.

"Soldado brought an offer and that means he wants to leave.

"We sat down with Baldini and listened to his offer, but we repeated the same message.

"Soldado is a very important player for us. There is no reason that this should damage his reputation.

"Until the 3rd of August we are willing to listen. After that we will hear no one.

"The negotiations for Soldado is a topic exclusively about non-compliance of the contract and the players' desires."

So basically he is saying Valencia are happy to sell at the right price, Soldado has made it clear he wants to leave, we have negotiated with Tottenham but we are not negotiating now.

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Soldado wage agreed £58,000 a week

9:21 am
Just a few more snippets from the story we broke last night over the Valencia board meeting to discuss the Spurs bid for Soldado, who looks to have chosen Spurs over Liverpool. The story for anyone who missed it:

Soldado - Valencia board to discuss Spurs offer tomorrow

Over the Spanish radio and the Spanish press today is the news we brought you last night, that formal negotiations were taking place and our offer would be discussed by Valencia at a board meeting today at noon. The board meeting had already been arranged so our offer was added to the agenda.

There have been reports of Liverpool making an offer and Spurs trumping it. At this time for Valencia and Soldado, Spurs is the probably destination.

Additional reports say our Technical Director Franco Baldini and Alberto Toldra, the players agent, (pictured meeting  right) agreed a wage of £3 million (€3.5m) a year which equates to £57,789 a week. There will of course be bonuses to take the figure higher depending upon the club and his performances.

Spanish paper AS report today that Soldado 'will almost certainly be a Tottenham player as of Tuesday' with a deal 'on the point of being finalised.'

Valencia president, Amadeo Salvo  said: "The two clubs have spoken and Valencia made it clear that they wanted 30 million euros. Tottenham's mission is to get the player as cheaply as possible, while ours is to receive 30 million [euros]. There's not much room for manoeuvre. For a deal to take place two things have to happen: the player has to want to go and they [Spurs] need to pay what Valencia demand. The board will study the situation."

The deal hinges on the add-ons apparently which Valencia want guaranteed so it meets their €30 million (£25.76m) figure. We have offered £22.33 million (€26m) plus add-ons to take it the £25.76 million (€30m) that Salvo wants.

The local press have a very good working relationship with the club and are informed of what goes on quickly, hence news on Soldado comes out fast, as it did last night.

Tottenham are currently in Honk Kong where Andre Villas-Boas has confirmed that Spurs are interest in Soldado, but took a slightly different view over negotiations than the Spanish press, playing it low key.

"At the moment, he's just one of the players we are interested in," said Villas-Boas at a press conference in Hong Kong.

"It's not a lie to anybody that we've been looking for a striker to strengthen our squad and to have more strength in depth.

"Roberto is one of the players we have been following and his career speaks for itself. He's a great striker.

"But there isn't a deal being struck at the moment, it's just interest and conversations."

Not quite what the Valencia president says, nor the local press. The fact that Baldini was out there shows this is no idle gossip and that a genuine attempt is being made to secure his services.

We await the result of their board meeting. It may mean further discussion and trying to reach an agreement over the add-ons though. Amadeo Salvo is in the same mold as Daniel Levy, he's a tough negotiator.

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Soldado £20 million, a better buy than Benteke?

8:39 am
Reports are suggesting that Tottenham will make a renewed effort to sign Roberto Soldado after an initial bid of £17 million (€19.71m) was turned down by Valencia.

According to Spanish daily El Confidencial, Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas is keen on Soldado who scored 24 times in 35 La Liga games last season to further demonstrate his lethal finishing.

The figure usually mentioned by the press is £20 million (€23.19m) and yes yet again that is the figure being suggested we will, or have depending upon who you believe, increase our bid to. It is believed Valencia are holding out for £25 million (€28.95m) for the Spanish international though.

Valencia president Amadeo Salvo has made his stance and wants as much as he can. "The English team knows the situation. Valencia needs money. But we don't have to sell our best player" he says. Make your mind up, selling other players won't bring in the cash, sounds like PR for the fans and posturing.

It has been no secret that Spurs have been after two new strikers and with Christian Benteke being all the talk at the moment Soldado has rather been the forgotten man. Soldado however has a proven track record in top flight football over time, so would arguable a better choice than gambling on Benteke, if the club were to choose only one striker.

Six goals in 11 internationals, 59 goals in 101 Valencia games (24 in 35 last season) and 29 in 60 for Getafe. The former Real Madrid players strike rate is impressive.

The Sun report that Benteke is meeting Lambert in what they feel will be 'an explosive showdown,' sounds like something out of a Western.

Six goals for his country in 14 internationals and his only season in top flight football produced 19 goals in 34 games.

Aston Villa and Valencia want the same figure, £25 million (€28.95m), so in a straight fight which one would you choose?

The possible impending arrival of both arrival might possibly depend on offloading Emmanuel 'I'll play when I want a contract' Adebayor, but he seems reluctant to go to Turkey with wages being a stumbling block for Fenerbahce unsurprisingly.

It seems unlikely that given Spurs were trying to buy both Leandro Damiao and David Villa,they would suddenly change tack and only sign Benteke, who has now it seems worked his way up the potentials and possibles list to the top with others falling by the wayside.

Far more likely that two strikers are being worked upon with little news being leaked, personally I'm expecting Levy to go back in for Damiao on the final day of the transfer window if he hasn't already secured two strikers. Bale, Benteke, Soldado, not a bad front three, as 4-3-3 looks like being the new system for the coming season.

AVB wants his players in place ready for the season, Levy wants players at his price. With only a month to go before the first game against Palace, when we will get behind whoever is wearing the jersey, it looks as if Levy is doing what he can to make the Andre Villas-Boas wish come true.

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Soldado £20 million, a better buy than Benteke? Soldado £20 million, a better buy than Benteke? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:39 am Rating: 5
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