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Spurs Kyle Walker-Peters a tough but impressive debut

9:58 am
Kyle Walker-Peters impressed during the last international break after he was called up for his debut England U18's by manager Neil Dewsnip. 

Spurs Kyle Walker-Peters a tough but impressive debut

England lost that game to Italy 2-0 at the Stadio Giovanni Chiggiato, Caorle but Walker-Peters caught the eye down the right. He linked up well with Connor Mahoney and had to handle the tricks of Italian danger man Simone Minelli.

It was a new experience for the Tottenham youngster are was harder then he thought. It is important for a players development that they get eye openers like this and realise they have to improve to get to the level they want to. How they handle these situations says a lot about their character and Walker-Peters handled it very well.

"Playing with new team-mates was a lot harder than I thought. Obviously, when you are training together, you build a chemistry, then once you get that it becomes easier. 
"The manager has been very encouraging towards me. He likes his full-backs to bomb on, but also to be able to get back and defend. That's the way of a modern full-back. 
"As the game went on, the relationship between me and Connor got better. He knew what I was going to do in terms of overlapping, or he would play it back to me and I would drive inside. 
"I like to get forward a lot and know that I'm fit enough to get back and defend. This season I've already scored once for my club and I tried against Italy to get another but it went wide. 
"I feel really confident on the ball to beat players and I love to create chances for my team. 
"Minelli was a tricky player who can go both ways and use either foot. His movement was good as well but this is what international football is about. It was my first England game and you are coming up against the best of the best. It was a great test for me and I was pleased with my performance. 
"I feel proud and it's nice to make your family feel the same way. Now I want to try and cement my spot in the team - that's my main priority now."

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