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Spurs Achilles heel struck in the Champions League Final

12:30 pm

Spurs Achilles heel struck in the Champions League Final


The dust has settled on our UEFA Champions League final defeat to Liverpool 2-0.

It was a defeat we didn't deserve, but then again we didn't deserve to win either.

The handball was dodgy, giving it didn't comply with the current rules, but the new rules that come into affect this season and Sadio Mane was offside for the second goal but presumably deemed not to be interfering with play in an opponents penalty box!

Officials simply don't understand the game of football, you at times wonder whether any of them have actually played the game at all.

Anyway, we didn't perform, we were very poor in front of goal, continually making the wrong choice of pass, coupled with poor movement.

If I were to single out one reason why we lost, it would again be movement. We showed it in the semi-final when Ajax were by far the better team and 3-0 up on us on aggregate.

I'm not picking on this individual player, it just demonstrates my point.

In the second half, after Harry Winks had gone off, Jan Vertonghen had the ball halfway between our penalty box and the halfway line in plenty of space. While he could see Danny Rose there was a Liverpool playing covering the passing angle.

What did Danny Rose do?

Nothing. he didn't move, had he dropped back two or three yards towards his goal, Jan would have had a passing option. That was the same with other players going forward, they weren't moving in midfield to give Jan options.

This is why you see us keep passing between Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld or even back to Hugo Lloris. Our movement isn't good enough when we have the ball at the back, thus our build-up play can be ponderous.

When Harry Winks is in the side he comes to receive the ball and is moving their players about. However, we need more than one doing this and it is an area we need to work on on the training ground.

It affects too many of our games, that are rolling the ball to each other too slow.

These are not new problems, I have highlighted them before on several occasions, but they were in evidence when it mattered most on the big occasion.


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Why Spurs Fans Should Support Chelsea

7:30 pm

Why Spurs Fans Should Support Chelsea


As much as we dislike them, Tottenham fans should be hoping for a Chelsea victory tonight.

They play Arsenal in an all London UEFA Europa League final in Baku for some absurd reason.

Why, because we hate Arsenal? No, well maybe just a little, but because UEFA Champions League football is vital to any club in the transfer market.

Today, Champions League football is what every player wants, money, for most, is a secondary priority. Look at Manchester United, they are having to throw ridiculous money at a 19-year-old to even get him to consider joining them because they are a Europa League side and he has just played in a Champions League semifinal.

Personally, I do not believe for one minute he has any intention of joining them, money is tempting of course, but I'm sure his agent is simply using United to get an increaee in wages offer from Barcelona.

Their off isn't the best, Juventus offered more and realistically the player is choosing between the Italians and the Spanish.

Arsenal can't afford to go down the route of throwing money at players, several seasons of not qualifying for the Champions League are taking their toll, they are having to look for bargains. Any player will wait to see if a Champions League club comes in for them before they sign for a Europa League side.

We had years of that at Tottenham, we had players agreeing to sign for us, then waiting to see if a Champions League side came in for them, which they always did it seemed.

There is a huge money difference but the transfer pull is massive too. With Tottenham being in the final and already in Europe's premier competition once again next season, together with Chelsea, if Arsenal lose their final they will continue to be on a downward financial spiral and that affects the players you can attract and bring into a club.

To keep them down, Spurs fans need Chelsea to win the Europa League final.

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Clubs like West Ham, Newcastle, Everton to be excluded from the Champions League

8:30 am

The Top 21 Champions League Teams to Qualify For Following Years Competition Making Premier League Finishing Position Irrelevant

The last time the major clubs talked about forming their own breakaway league, the European Cup was restructured to form the Champions League to guarantee them plenty of big European nights and to almost guarantee them entry into the competition.

With recent talk of a breakaway league again so the elite can just play the big money-spinning games, UEFA has had to look at restructuring the Champions League to try and appease them again.

Documents have been leaked and obtained by the New York Times that show how UEFA and the few elite clubs they have hatched a plan with, propose to restructure Europe's premier competition specifically for the elite clubs. The rest are to be left behind.

If you support Everton, Leicester City, West Ham United, Newcastle United and a host of clubs in their position, time is running out to secure Champions League football. If a club doesn't get in in 2024, then they may never get in so being in a financial position to do so is of paramount importance to a clubs future.

The New York Times has obtained documents that show only one proposal, as opposed to the smokescreen of several options that UEFA and the elite clubs suggest there are.

The plan is to give 28 places to major leagues and 4 to the other 55 national federations, starting in 2024.

The top 21 teams in the UEFA Champions League will automatically qualify for the competition the following year, making their domestic league finishing position totally irrelevant.

The Champions League will effectively become the breakaway European League. It is structured to ensure clubs inclusion.

The elite Spanish clubs and the Italians are pushing this proposal hard suggesting it gives them fiscal security. Of course, this proposal will just deepen the spending power of the elite, guaranteeing them more income than the remainder of their national league teams.

Football has long been all about money, those that have it win trophies, those that don't, don't, except in the rare circumstance. Perhaps Spurs fans can now understand why qualifying for the competition and being at the top table is so important. We have to do all we can to be an elite club, for our own future and for the chance of winning trophies in the future.

Spanish league president Javier Tebas is a vocal critic of the plans and he spoke to the New York Times after the meeting last week when these plans were presented to the national leagues.

“We cannot accept that these are just plans and proposals for an open discussion with stakeholders about the future of professional football. In reality, we were presented with a concrete project developed by UEFA in full cooperation with a small group of rich and powerful European clubs to reform European club competitions after 2024 in a format that could destroy domestic competitions and the sporting and financial sustainability of the vast majority of clubs in Europe.

"We are open for a constructive dialogue to reform European football together with other stakeholders, but if this is the project on the table, then the margins for negotiations are very limited.”

UEFA wants to see 4 groups of 8 teams, thus guaranteeing more money-spinning games. The top 4 in each group would then go through to the next stage.

Dutch teams, Portuguese, Belgian and Eastern European teams would have to play in a second-tier competition. The second division would have 32 teams and the third division 64 teams. There would be promotion and relegation, but the money in the top division would ensure that the financially bigger clubs would have an advantage over those from the second tier. Only 4 places each season would be available for promotion/relegation.

These plans would reduce the importance of domestic leagues and leave the smaller or even medium-sized clubs with little chance of breaking into the elite and competing.

This restructuring are for clubs with money and the corporate business that support them. Football has not been about the football fan since before the start of the Premier League. 

The proposal is to begin the new restructured UEFA Champions League in 2024. 

It would allow the elite clubs to concentrate on the Champions League and it's money and play a second XI in their domestic competitions. You would protect your star players, give them adequate rest and tailor team selection to providing the best team for European nights, anything else becomes secondary. Even winning the league would be pretty meaningless in terms of qualifying for Europe.

Bernard Caiazzo is the owner of the French team St.-Étienne and he has suggested investors are pulling out of potentially investing in clubs because of the uncertainty surrounding these proposals, as well as the potential impact they would have on fans.

“The objective of football is to give happiness to fans, and to give happiness is to have a chance of winning."

He suggested that investors would not want to invest when European competition was a closed shop, understandably so. What would be in it for them if success is unachievable and European competition almost impossible?


We at Spurs have a chairman who has his finger on the pulse and is building the club so it has a future and is not reliant on the now illegal funding of owners, who under FFP cannot fund the purchase of players or their wages. 

Money is the reality of football, anything else is a fantasy. Everything is about increasing income to pay for the best to win trophies regularly and thus building the club to that end is the responsible course to take, anything else could condemn a club to a bleak future.

We have a stadium that is the envy of everyone, why, because it generated around £800,000 a game in catering, hospitality etc. The Sun reported that Manchester United are lucky if they received £150,000 a game.

Of course, they make their money through sponsorship deals, where the lead the way be a country mile in the Premier League.

It has been said often, the new stadium is a game changer for Spurs. Arsenal didn't generate that sort of income when they build theirs, they were not as forward-thinking as our chairman.

Daniel Levy deserves our praise for seeing where football was going and preparing this club to be at the top table. Only when the idiots who complain about him can see that will they realize how their view would send this club backward.

This is why I have no time for these people, they simply don't understand the realities of football today and the future, which any chairman must always have his eye upon.

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To Dare Is To Do

10:21 am

To Dare Is To Do

Well, here we are after 5 years, still marching forward, despite our detractors, some of them, our own fans!

There is a new reality in town. A reality that Spurs now challenge for trophies regularly, not something a while host of Spurs fans are used to. We can talk about the game being dominated by money now and fans, therefore, assuming, incorrectly, that an owner can buy success. That used to be the case, now the club has to generate its own money to spend.

Once you accept that fact, once you accept you ant long term success and you don't try to run before you can walk, then you can build something significant.

It takes a vision and then you work out the steps to achieve that vision. The success formula discovered by Napoleon Hill and written in his book Think And Grow Rich maps it out.

Daniel Levy had a vision for Spurs, it is bigger than fans vision of our future, it is longer than our fans vision of the future and this is where the two cause problems. Daniel Levy is not working towards the limited vision of a section of fans, but the vision of a bigger picture that will achieve the limited vision along the way.

Our chairman has stated that we want to, one day, challenge Barcelona and Real Madrid in the financial stakes and be at their level on the field, consistently winning trophies, both domestic and European.

So many of our fans can't fathom that, see it as impossible and argue that we shouldn't even try. What has ever been achieved by not trying?

How can you discover new things, go to new places, if you don't push yourself?

In his latest press conference, Mauricio Pochettino responded to a question about his first meeting with Daniel Levy and their shared vision for the future. Both had visions they molded into one.

The club has to generate money to compete financially.
The club has to develop to be constantly challenging for all the top trophies.

The two are linked, money the club generates pays the wages and transfer fees, which coupled with a youth development path produces the players.

In an ideal world, the club could go out and buy top quality finished articles of a world-class, not just international class standard. We don't live in an ideal world. Manchester City didn't have a whole host of money to spend last summer, that had to comply with FFP and are still under investigation for illegally funding themselves through corrupt sponsorship deals that the owner paid.

Barcelona couldn't afford Eriksen last summer, having vastly overpaid for Coutinho when they bought him. Real Madrid is no longer full of galacticos.

The Sun wrote that Spurs new stadium is generating £800,000 per game in catering, beer sales, fine dining etc and that there is more to be added. They compared that with Manchester United whose wage bill has been bigger than our total income. They generate £150,000 a match if they are very lucky.

It takes vision to build a stadium that can maximise the financial revenue it can generate to finance the team. Manchester United have a greater income because they have far more sponsorship deals than any other Premier League club and large ones too. That isn't something we can achieve overnight. We have to grow the image on the club on the world stage first, we have to start winning trophies and being at the business end of the UEFA Champions League regularly.

Our first Champions League semifinal is a significant step in our development. Again, in his press conference Mauricio Pochettino referred to how open he is to the new emotions the occasion will bring. It is a new experience for him, he is looking forward to the feelings, the emotion and to learn from it.

It is the same for the players. It is a challenge and you face challenges head-on, you don't shy away, complaining or making excuses before or after the event. You learn from it.

Will our fans learn from it? No, many won't, many are not at that level yet.

Ajax have been underestimated by teams this season, they have played open games against them and been hurt by their goalscoring ability. I don't see us falling into that trap. Tight and cagey with 1 goal in it perhaps.

To Dare Is To Do.

Daniel Levy dares to dream and puts that dream into action. Aborting the bigger dream to aim for a lesser dream is not the way to achieve the bigger dream, you lose sight of it, it takes longer to get there.

Winning the FA Cup or League Cup will not get us closer to Real Madrid and Barcelona, aiming for them and building the club to compete with them will being those domestic trophies along the way.

The people suggesting we are going backwards are displaying a limiting restraining belief, failure is their watchword. To Dare Is To Do doesn't apply to them, they haven't embraced it, they Don't Dare so Don't Do.

Think about it.


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Spurs in line for a good Champions League

10:00 am

Spurs in line for a good Champions League


The UEFA Champions League will soon be upon us and the draw takes place at 5pm UK time today.

Spurs are in Pot 2 so we can't be drawn against Manchester United (UK), Borussia Dortmund (Germany), Porto (Portugal), Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine), Benfica (Portugal), Napoli (Italy) or Roma (Italy).

That I feel makes a significant difference to last year when we were in Pot 3. If you look at who is in Pot 3 and Pot 4 I don't think we will get an overly tough draw, regardless of who we get in Pot 1.

We can't be drawn against Liverpool from Pot 3 either so that just leaves 7 others.

Why change when change is not necessary? 
This was the question asked by Tottenham in summer. 
OK so Tottenham tried to sign some players, but only top players who could bring something to the squad. One such target was Anthony Martial who Manchester United simply refused to release. 
Against Tottenham at Old Trafford the Frenchman, who missed out on a squad place at the World Cup, wasn't even in the matchday squad, yet it is claimed they wanted a ridiculous £100 million (€110.3m) for him!
If a side won't release a player you can't sign them. I think a few fans forget this.
Spurs remained the same team, same ambitions. The moment to raise some trophies to the sky has arrived. Pochettino starts again with the same group and the season has begun with three straight wins.
The young squad have twelve months more experience after being eliminated from the UEFA Champions League by Juventus, when quite frankly we should have gone through. We fell to a sucker punch conceding two goals in each tie in quick succession.
THE STAR: Harry Kane - The Tottenham man is one of the top strikers in the world, not just the Premier League. His goalscoring record is phenomenal.
He continually resists all talk over a transfer insisting Tottenham is his club and it's where he wants to stay and win things. He has signed a new contract until 2024 which will see him earn £15.87 million (€17.5m) net per season. 
His goals do all the talking, last year 41 goals in 48 games, including 7 goals in the UEFA Champions League. He picked up the Golden Boot at the World Cup leading England to a semi-final spot.
THE TRAINER: Mauricio Pochettino - He too, like Harry Kane, has resisted the interest of Spanish giants Real Madrid. 
The new Tottenham seems more solid than last year. The game against Manchester United showed so much potential after a sticky first half.
But now is the point where the club needs to start winning trophies and the players are now talking about that as being their goal. 

Tottenham Hotspur 2018-2019: 

GOALKEEPERS - Paulo Gazzaniga, Hugo Lloris, Michel Vorm
DEFENDERS - Toby Alderweireld, Serge Aurier, Ben Davies, Juan Foyth, Danny Rose, Davinson Sanchez, Kieran Trippier, Jan Vertonghen, Kyle Walker-Peters
MIDFIELDERS - Dele Alli, Luke Amos, Mousa Dembelè, Eric Dier, Chtistian Eriksen, Erik Lamela, Lucas Moura, Victor Wanyama, Harry Winks
STRIKERS - Vincent Janssen, Harry Kane, Fernando Llorente, Georges-Kevin N'Koudou, Josh Onomah, Heung-min Son 
MANAGER: Mauricio Pochettino


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Davinson Sanchez free ball players Alderweireld and Vartonghen

5:00 pm



When Son Heung-min scored the opening goal, Toby Alderweireld was quick to congratulate new Colombian centre-back recruit Davinson Sanchez. Mousa Dembélé Eric Dier and Jan Vertonghen, then followed suit.

Sanchez had intercepted a through ball inside our own area before playing the ball forward and launching our counter-attack. Four minutes, 1-0 up and a part in a goal, not a bad start to your career at a new club in Europe.

Sanchez was, at times, marking deadly Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang one-on-one at times and he wasn't found wanting for pace as well as out muscling him.

The fact that Toby Alderweireld mad the most passes and Jan Vertonghen wasn't far behind him shows why Sanchez has been placed in the middle of them, It frees them to play the ball, leaving him to marshal the defence and take care of any central striker. it allows us to maximise the use of our two ball-playing centre-backs.

Davinson Sanchez UEFA Champions League debut
17 Total Passes
71% Pass Completion 6 Clearances 1 Interceptions
1 Block
50% Aerial Duels Won
20% Total Duels Won

Davinson Sanchez's Premier League debut43 Total Passes
87% Pass Completion 
10 Clearances 3 Interceptions
1 Block
40% Aerial Duels Won
20% Total Duels Won


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Stats, Son Heung-Min, Kane, Sanchez

2:30 pm


These Squawka stats differ from the UEFA statistics, why can't everyone use the same criteria. How can the number of shots differ or the amount of possession?

Spurs 3-1 Dortmund FT Shots: 13-10 Pass accuracy: 72%-86% Chances created: 11-6 Possession: 40%-60%

Son Heung-Min has now scored seven goals in nine matches against Borussia Dortmund,more than he has scored against any other side. He should have added to that tally when he found himself central with a good chance.

He turned inside a defender, only had the keeper to beat and ballooned it over the bar after a superb ball from kane, one of several on the night. In another he just didn't have enough pace to stay away from the defender who got back to block his shot.

Son scored our last goal against Dortmund when we played them in March 2016 in the Round of 16 in the Europa League. he scored our first last night.

Harry Kane has now scored in his last three Champions League games:
⚽️ vs. Monaco (France) ⚽️ vs. CSKA Moscow (Russia) ⚽️ vs. Borussia Dortmund (Germany)

Most goals scored across all competitions in 2017: Messi (39) Cavani (34) Lewandowski (30) Ronaldo (29) Kane (29)

The race for the UEFA Champions League Golden Boot has begun and Harry Kane is the joint leader with this group. All sit on 2 goals.

Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)
Felipe Pardo (Olympiacos)
Edinson Cavani (PSG)
Leo Messi  (Barcelona)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
John Stones (Manchester City)

⚽️⚽️Tuesday Total 28 goals
Wednesday Total 26 goals

New recruit Davinson Sanchez has made a superb start to his Spurs career and already looks at home at the heart of our defence. The Colombian international has made more clearances in each of his first two games, 10 verses Everton and 6 verses Borussia Dortmund, than any of our other defenders.


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Dortmund blame the ref

12:30 pm


The official Twitter account of Borussia Dortmund is blaming the referee for the defeat last night, when in truth both sides could have scored a hatful. It was a very entertaining game, not a cagey stalemate like many a game one has to endure.

Dortmund were brilliant last night, got to be honest at half time I feared the worst, but we were brilliant 2nd half and fully deserved win

I think Micky summed up how many a fan felt at the time, they looked very dangerous and were quality going forward, but you have to defend as well and while we rode our luck at times, we should have been more clinical in front of goal, especially in the second half when we had some glorious chances.

Having said that, Tottenham ended a 12 game unbeaten run for Dortmund last night, currently they sit top of the Bundesliga above Bayern Munich.

Some people just don't like Spurs do they, the folk on Radio 5 Live, who included Phil Neville were saying Harry Kane must leave Spurs to prove he is world class, why? Why can't a club improve, why can't Spurs overtake other clubs by growing?

Harry Kane's game by numbers vs. Borussia Dortmund:
100% aerial duels won 
6 shots 
4 clearances 
4 chances created 
2 take-ons 
2 goals1 assist

While we already regularly finish above Liverpool, they still have more money than we do and can pay higher wages than we do. In 2015/126 they paid over £100m more wages than us, which was basically the difference between our incomes. That approach hasn't worked for them, yet it is the one anti-ENIC and anti_Levy fans call for.

If we did that now, we wouldn't be able to afford to build the stadium, we simply wouldn't be able to afford the loan payments. Which would you rather have right now, an even better team with no new stadium or the current wage structure with the team we have assembled and our transfer policy plus a new stadium?

For any sensible Spurs fan the answer is obvious, one sets us up for future trophies on a regular basis. I fail to see why everyone isn't fully behind what we are doing at Tottenham, it can only be because of a prejudice or because they simply don't understand the football business, it ceased to be just a sport over 40 years ago.


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Serge Aurier - Passionate madman

10:30 am


Serge Aurier gave the doom and gloom merchants a look at what Tottenham have replaced right-back Kyle Walker with and showed them a better footballer, perhaps now they will have more faith in our transfer policy, no I doubt it either.

He slotted in seamlessly on his Spurs debut, as if he had been playing there for seasons and it is to this calibre of player we are looking now, not just anybody to fuel fans obsession for a quick signing, any signing. Patience is a virtue.
Serge Aurier stats 100% take-ons completed 5 crosses 3 interceptions 2 tackles won 1 chance created

Just as Vlad Chiriches dazzled some with a flick over a defender, which the rest of us saw as a disaster waiting to happen, which it duly did, so Serge Aurier gave us a dummy inside our own penalty area. The difference was that the Dortmund player was far enough away for it not to be a risk, Chiriches was total risk.

Some fans thought he had slipped until they saw the replay, others thought it was madness. It took a cool head and an awareness of the situation around him.

He showed skill in tight areas, pace, but often not enough to get past his man and a better defensive awareness than the player he replaced, walker. Kieran Trippier, who will presumably play Saturday will now have to up his game to where it was at the back end of last season.

He celebrated Karry Kane's goal with passion and is sure to become a fans favourite.


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Player, ex-player, Pochettino reaction

9:30 am

Belgian centre-back Toby Alderweireld tweeted what a great night it was and that it was a huge performance from the lads.

Harry Kane felt it was a huge win to get our UEFA Champions League group started, while both Mousa Dembélbé and Moussa Sissoko were happy with three points, while looking forward to the nxt game at the weekend.

Victor Wanyama was there cheering the boys on and tweeted his encouragement before the game.

What a fantastic performance Proud of these boys and what a player and man is 👌👌👌and and Sanchez were top class

Harry Kane had to play the lone striker role and came off towards the end of the game for Fernando Llorente. By that time we were defending and the Spaniard hardly got a kick, which just shows the difficulty playing that role sometimes. Pochettino was in praise of Kane after the game.

“I think Harry was fantastic. I think the performance of the team was good in terms of being aggressive, fighting and working, we were solid and we didn't concede too many chances for Dortmund. I thought Harry and Son were fantastic."

Cristiano Ronaldo in 2017:  Games: 30 ⚽️ Goals: 29 Harry Kane in 2017:  Games: 27 ⚽️ Goals: 29

Boy I'm gonna enjoy the telly tomorrow now, can't wait to watch the Bake off, only thing worth watching on Thursdays now COYSSSSS

Great team performance tonight against a very good team fantastic atmosphere they said we couldn't win!!

I'm not sure how many were expecting us to get a tesult against such a quality team with a tremendous amount of UEFA Champions League experience. Jermaine Jenas was suggesting before the game that he wasn't confident of Spurs making it through the group, but that he felt happier after the game and I think that is a very true reflection of the situation.

As a presenter he tells it how it is, not hoe you'd like to hear it. Spurs are parhaps a better team than many a fan gives us credit for, but let's not forget we are novices at playing against the top teams in Europe in recent years, well since the inception of the UEFA Champions League.

We took the competition lightly last year to ensure we gave maximum effort in the Premier League and it is important that we finish in the top four again. The signings of Serge Aurier and Davinson Sanchez are important. Both are quality players, one with experience of being at a top club, playing in the top competition and one who is already showing himself to be another superb defender.

Fans must keep faith with the club over transfer policy, we seek these type of players, but we can't just throw cash at them, we don't have it, regardless of what people think. We are not the finished article, we never will be, but if we can continually head in the right direction then the trophies will come.


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Tough UCL draw forces Spurs to buy a right-back

10:30 am


Dele Alli will miss first three games of our UEFA Champions League group against Borussia Dortmund at the Westfalenstadion, Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Cypriot qualifiers APOEL at Wembley and current UEFA Champions League holders Real Madrid at Wembley.

Danny Rose is currently out injured and could well miss the opening game, while Erik Lamela is out until October and so will miss the opening two games.

I would suggest the tough draw means it is essential that we buy a ring-back who can play as a wing-back. At the moment we have Kieran Trippier being covered by Kyle Walker -Peters and if Trippier were playing in the UEFA Champions League then he is going to need some rest from the Premier League.

We have Eric Dier but then Victor Wanyama is going to need some rest and if Dier is playing in a three-man defence, then so will he. We couldn't cope in an easier group last season so in a tougher group it is essential we now add further strength to the squad in key positions.

Spurs UEFA Champions League Group H ties

Wed Sept 13 - Borussia Dortmund vs Spurs
Tues Sept 26 - Spurs vs APOEL 
Wed Oct 17 - Spurs vs Real Madrid
Wed Nov 1 - Real Madrid vs Spurs 
Tues Nov 21 - Spurs vs Borussia Dortmund 
Wed Dec 6 - APOEL vs Spurs

our participation in the UEFA Champios League means our youngsters once again get the chance to play in the Under-19 UEFA Youth League, which mirrors the UEFA Champios League. This gives them experience of new sides, new destinations, new styles, travelling to big games and contact with the first team squad, all great preparation and a learning curve for their own professional careers.

These games are all televised and can be obtained by live streams from various sources ahead of watching us in the main competition itself.


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Video: Mauricio Pochettino press conference

11:48 am


Mauricio Pochettino held his pre-game press conference yesterday for the assembled media and as usual, it was just over 7 minutes long. You can see the full public question and answer session in the video below.

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Spurs have a problem at Wembley

2:30 pm

Roger Schmidt, the Bayer Leverkusen coach, is under pressure with his side sitting 10th in the Bundesliga having won four, lost four and drawn one. In nine games they have scored 13 goals and let in 13 goals.

Journalist and author Raphael Honigstein (he is the German football correspondent for The Guardian) was asked his opinion on the BT European Football Show.

"It's an absolutely huge game because they gave themselves not enough of a chance after playing so well for the first two games. They took those leads against CSKA Moscow and away to Monaco. Two draws, the third draw, which was decent result against a very strong Spurs side at home. 
"Now they still, after 3 games are without a win on the board and this is a team that wants to definitely qualify for the next round, that took Atletico Madrid to penalties a couple of years ago and did really well. They need to get the results that are really in line if you look at the quality of the squad they have at their disposal."

When James Richardson suggested to him that they are excited about playing at Wembley he simply replied that they were 'very' excited. That highlights a problem Spurs have, teams raise their game because it is Wembley. Wembley means something in world football, it is not just another venue.

Against Monaco the players didn't raise their game, some were not focussed on the game in the way they should have been, the occasion got to them. This will be a big test against a decent side who press well. We will need to be on top of our game for this one.

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Post-Match Analysis

7:00 pm


The BT Sport former Spurs team of Glenn Hoddle, Harry Redknapp and Jemaine Jenas analysed the game along with interviews with goalscorer Son Heung-min and manager Mauricio Pochettino who considered this a must win game.

All agreed that CSKA were a poor side and without 4 players Tottenham did enough to get the win, which should perhaps have been more comfortable, but three points is three points however it arrives.

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Wanyama positioning was causing problems

7:42 am

I noticed one small point we will need to work on from one specific player. In the next game, I'll have to keep an eye on Eric Dier to confirm what I suspect to be his superior positioning.

Victor Wanyams was a problem for Spurs in the first half against CSKA Moscow, I didn't keep an eye on him in the second half to see if he improved.

I'm not talking about his defensive play, although he was stroking the ball about far too lazily at times, but his positional play when we have the ball. He was not making himself available when our centre-backs had the ball. I made a point of watched his positioning and he was rarely available.

He was taking up positions behind players so there was no way he could receive the ball, he needed to be like Dier. If you look at the sight line a player with the ball has then with Dier he can play the ball to him, with Wanyama he can't.

That makes a difference. The centre-backs were having to play longer balls more often than we usually do, which gives the opposition a greater chance of stealing the ball.

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Pochettino rightly furious we fell into the trap

12:30 pm


It was for me the unseen issue before the game, not the size of the Wembley pitch, not the difficulty of UEFA Champions League football but the mental reaction of players to the occasion. I penned an article before the game that we had to go to Wembley mentally to win and not to 'enjoy' the occasion.

The bottom line is we didn't. We fell into the trap of taking in the experience of the occasion, much like a tourist takes in their surroundings. Where was the killer instinct? Son, who in my opinion should have been on the bench, took far too long with his chance, supplied by Kane early on. His control was sloppy, he moved the ball then shot and seemed to take an age to do so giving the defender all the time he needed to make an easy clearance.

The mentality was the theme of Mauricio Pochttino's after game assessment to the assembled reporters and is the issue we will have to confront for our next Wembley game and indeed the away tie at CSKA Moscow that has now become very important..

“That’s too good an excuse [Wembley]. We need to work, to show more hunger. We need to show a different image. 
“We fought a lot last season to be here and your feeling is ‘Why not do more? If this was basketball, I would have taken them all off. 
“It was a game that we started well. Then we conceded a goal, and you cannot concede at this level - the Champions League or the Premier League - when you play for Tottenham. 
“It is difficult to accept. The second goal was the same. When you concede like this you can speak about many things but 2-0 down was very difficult. 
“We created. I think we were better than Monaco. But to win you need to show more and create more.”

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BBC highlights video: Too slow from the back again

7:00 pm


Now things have died down and knee-jerk reaction is out of the way it is good to look at the game again in the light of points people are making.

I have to agree with Pochettino that were content to be passing the ball around without any urgency in the first-half. It was a pedestrian performance, something I constantly highlight with our passing, particularly across the back.

If Vertonghen is going to play the ball to Davies or Alderweireld or Walker it has to be done with speed on the ball. If a player ha to stand and wait for the ball to slowly arrive then the opposition have time to simply shuffle across and then there are limited passing options, so the ball slowly goes the other way.

These guys are professional footballers, they can control a ball hit at harder than a snails pace. That one very simple change give the player receiving the ball potentially more immediate options.We can't move an opposition around and move them into areas they don't want to go if we play slowly.

BBC highlights video: Too slow from the back again BBC highlights video: Too slow from the back again Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5
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