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It looks like we're back to talking about Rafa Benitez losing his job. Liverpool are out of the Champion's League and the world is about to go into meltdown. However, the Kopites don't see it like that and neither do I.

After hearing that Portsmouth had sacked (or removed) Paul Hart from the managers chair, I couldn't help but feel that the majority of Chairman seem to be as fickle as the rest of us. Fair enough, we all know that football has evolved into a business, wherein shareholders need to be kept happy, but where has the loyalty gone?

True Liverpool fans may not be happy with their current lot, but at least they're realists. Portsmouth, on the other hand, have decided to replace Hart. Let's remember that it was Hart that saved them from relegation last season.

After saving the club, Hart was given a new contract and basket of fruit in which to purchase players. The man worked with what he had. He brought in a few players that could not and would not cut the mustard, but then again, Hart worked with what was given to him.

Now here comes the part when all of us pretend to be little fickle bunnies.

Why did Hart not have the funds to bring in the players he wanted? I think we shouldn't be looking over at the manager in answer to this question. Maybe we should be casting our head over at the mishaps of the board.

Whether it was a self proclaimed doctor that was penniless, a Prince from Saudi Arabia that no one had heard of (including the Saudi Royal Family), or the alleged tax evading Storrie, the buck always seems to stop right at the managers door.

I also blame a lot of the Portsmouth faithful for the sacking of Hart. If they had the voice of the Kop, I believe Hart would still be in a job. Instead of calling for the heads of the board members that have truly taken the club down this dark path, many, called for Hart to be replaced.


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Liverpool, I applaud you

11:11 am
I watched the Liverpool vs. Birmingham game on the box yesterday evening and saw the Red's truly batter Birmingham. I muted the TV as I couldn't stand for another Jon Champion assisted commentary and put on Five Live instead. Out of the fire and into the frying pan. Instead of Champion, I got Green, Alan Green. Now, this man either hates everyone (Jimmy Armfield excluded), has an extraordinarily sized chip on his shoulder (thanks Phil), or just simply, detests Rafa Benitez?

Either way, it's quite obvious to me that you can count Alan Green in on the "Rafa Out" movement group.

Personally, I quite like Rafa. I think he's a top, world-class manager. I also view Liverpool fans among the best in land and yesterday's fan performance reiterated that fact. After drawing 2-2 with a team that, well, let's face it, they should have beaten and beaten comfortably, the Kop simply applauded. I was waiting for the booing crescendo, but none came.

Rafa, as we know, is a particular kind of guy. His captain, Steven Gerrard, had said that in all the time he had known his boss, the two had never spoken about anything other than football. I assume that's a far cry from our Harry. The players probably leave their kids round his house when they want to go out with their wags. Maybe little Bent could have taken a few tips off of Sandra and shown what he had learnt to his father; who knows? The point is that some managers have relationships with their players, whilst others don't. Mr. Benitez obviously falls under the latter criterion.

I said that I think Rafa Benitez is a 'top, world-class manager'. You don't win La Liga twice and the UEFA Cup with a side that had to compete with Real Madrid and Barcelona, without having something special about you. He took Liverpool to the Champions League final twice, winning one ever so memorable game.

Liverpool fans and by that, I mean the true Kopites, have given Rafa time. They will continue to grant the Spaniard time. They are true football fans, knowing the bigger picture. He'll also be given time by his management (or two clowns). They won't sack a guy that still has the fans by his side. Let's not also forget the other financial deterrent in that Rafa has approximately 4 and a half years to go on his new lucrative contract.

I can see Liverpool going on a run in the second half of the season that will see them clinch the 4th (or maybe 3rd) Champion's League spot.

I wish other fans around the country were as willing and loyal as Liverpool fans. I make this point because on Saturday, a lot of so-called Spurs fans, booed the players off at half-time. We were 1-0 up at that point, but they booed. Abuse was hurled at Harry for his "negative tactics". It pains me to say it, but anyone who booed on Saturday at half-time is a moron.

Let's try and be a bit stylish eh? I heard a few fans calling for Harry's head. I won't mention the exact phrase used, but it went along the lines of (picture a large bloke with stains down his 1999 home strip, IQ lower than 23, you know the sort); "If we lose this one to, well, that's it, Harry's got to go. He's not done anything different to what Jol did and he's useless".

That's right, Harry's useless. He saved us from the Championship, but all in all, the guy hasn't got a clue.

I do wonder about us sometimes.

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Liverpool, I applaud you Liverpool, I applaud you Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 11:11 am Rating: 5
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