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Parker Spotted at Spurs Lodge

11:02 am
Now then, the ITK's on all the Spurs Forums have gone into overdrive today!  Two different self-titled ITK's have said that Scott Parker is at this very minute, at Spurs Lodge.

If we are going to sign anyone today, I expect it to be Scotty Parker to be honest.  West Ham is a club in complete disarray at the moment.  Things must be bad, for if we are to believe the reports coming from the Hammers forums, the club has asked Tottenham to continue to pay at least 40% of Robbie Keane's wage for the first year.

After all that David Sullivan has said, if he allows the club captain to join us, he may as well resign.  If I were a Hammer, I couldn't ever bring myself to forgive the man.

If Parker is really taking his medical at Spurs Lodge, and we do end up signing him, I'll be a happy bunny.  Thing is, with Sandro finally making an appearance, Huddlestone, Jenas, O'Hara, and Palacios, we're a bit top heavy in midfield, aren't we?  If you throw Parker into the mix, something has got to give.

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