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Spurs better than Saints in the art of winning a penalty

8:00 pm

A tale of two penalties

It seems after the game Southampton fans were looking for excuses and blamed the referee but in reality, they struggled to get past our midfield and had to play long balls towards Shane Long which all amounted to nothing. At one point he even had to chase his own header and that tells you all you need to know really.

You could argue two penalty decisions decided the game. The first was clever play by Dele Alli, he got to the ball first and with the Southampton players leg out he made sure he went over it instantly. All agreed there was no doubt it was a penalty, even the player who gave it away wasn't complaining. In the game today they are nearly always given.

The second nobody thought was a penalty until they saw the replays. Even all the experts working for Sky didn't think it was a penalty in real time. The problem was the Southampton player didn't go down immediately, had he done so he might have got the decision. Instead, he took a step forward and then decided to go down.

Like it or not, you have to practice these things in the modern game and you gave to almost put on a show for the referee. You can't be theatrical about it but you have got to ensure there is contact and immediately hit the deck. It is an art and while Spurs were the better side, they were better in the two decisive moments of the game.

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Spurs better than Saints in the art of winning a penalty Spurs better than Saints in the art of winning a penalty Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 pm Rating: 5

Slowing the game down made for a tense victory, Kane takes the mickey

4:40 pm


The pre-game article picked out Christian Eriksen as the important player today and he certainly didn't disappoint. scoring the first after a sweet Spurs move and playing some sublime through balls.

Pre-game article: Stats show the importance of Eriksen today

The first half was ours and we looked in control of the game at 2-0 but they scored a sloppy early goal that we should have cleared and we started playing at a slower pace. It is in that mode when we pass to keep the ball rather than create quickly that we often struggle.

When you are playing with intensity, it is easy to maintain it, but when you slow down it is very difficult to regain intensity when the opposition score or simply that you need to up your own game. It is no good a few upping their intensity as it has to come from all to be effective. Mentally if you are in amble around mode and play the easy possession pass then you are in the wrong mindset to apply any intense pressure to the opposition.

We suffered from that in the second half which allowed Southampton more possession and meant we always had to be on our toes defensively. A sloppy pass here and there and we are under pressure we don't need to be under.

Fortunately Shame Long kept straying offside, at least according to the officials and we kept the threat at bay for the most part, but it is living on a knife edge. Harry Kane saw the funny side with his tweet.

Yes boys!! Great result! Good victory before the break! I much prefer being on the pitch then watching it! 😵

The win maintains us in second place ten points behind Chelsea and now nine above Arsenal, who have sunk to sixth place behind Manchester United.

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Slowing the game down made for a tense victory, Kane takes the mickey Slowing the game down made for a tense victory, Kane takes the mickey Reviewed by THBlogNews on 4:40 pm Rating: 5

Spurs find a hero

11:04 am
Tottenham found a new hero for the day at Southampton, Steven Davies. No not the snooker star of the 80's who dominated the game but the Southampton midfielder with as much confidence in front of goal as Roberto Soldado.

Spurs have got to be happy with a draw from a game that we should really have lost. We started well but as if often the case with us, we pass the ball around, look pretty and intricate but don't actually play any balls that create anything when around the box.

Yet another defensive mistake, this time from a player who hasn't looked up to scratch this season, Ben Davies. Just as Jan Vertonghen did in a previous game, Chelsea was it, he tried to shield the ball deep in our own area instead of simply clearing it to safety as he should have done.

There is a time to play football and a time to hoof it, this was the latter. Too many times this season defenders have tried to be too clever and shield the ball, occasionally it works but it's simply not worth the risk. We have conceded at least 3 goals this season in the Premier League doing it and dropped points as a result.

Eric Dier's crossing was a big plus, he not only put in the cross for Lamala to score off his arm but played another memorable cross in the second half. It curled right into the danger zone but nobody was near getting their head on it with both players in the box making the same run. Had Eriksen made the cross people would be talking about it more, at least the BT experts saw it as a superb ball.

The pass for our second goal was also from the right hand side yet we attacked most down the left, despite looking more dangerous down the right. Ben Davies does not have the speed required to play the overlapping fill-back role and when he had the chance he would stop and pass the ball back inside. I hope he improves but his lack of pace is a worry in our system. It was also his mistake, heading the ball into a dangerous area, for the second goal. His header should have gone towards the halfway line not inside to a Southampton player in central midfield. We didn't recover from it.

We ended the game with 4 centre-backs in defence but were grateful to the other Davies, Steven for missing 3 glorious chances, he more than anyone secured us a point. Southampton created far more than we did all game and when we had our spells we created little, 2 shots on target, 2 goals. Two shots on target is simply not enough, especially the way we defend.

There is a lot of work to do pre-season to embed the system into the players. During the season there is little chance to change things with games coming thick and fast so pre-season Pochettino will be looking to tighten us defensively.

We have to be happy with a point and keeping our noses in front in the race for Europa League football next season.

Spurs find a hero Spurs find a hero Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:04 am Rating: 5

30% chance of winning today COYS

12:18 pm
Statistics tell us we have a 30% chance of victory today and a 28% chance of achieving a draw, however statistics can't tell us everything. A brief look at our away form shows it tobe patchy currently.

In our last 20 away games we have won 45% of them and drawn 20% of them, during which time we have scored 33 goals and let in 28. If we narrow that down to teams in the top 7 we have won 35% and drawn 15%. Against teams below us in the table we have won 60% and drawn 20% away from home.

Our last 6 away games have resulted in a 3-0 win against WBA, 3-2 loss to Liverpool, 2-1 win against QPR, 3-0 loss to Manchester United, 0-0 draw with Burnley and a 3-1 win in the last away game against Newcastle United.

The trouble we face today is that players like Christian Eriksen look as if they are running on empty, as if the season has caught up with them. Chadli is a shadow of the player we saw at the start of the season when his goals were about all we had going for us.

The saving grace is that we are going to Southampton where surely, despite what is said in the media, Pochettino will have the side fired up. It is a massive game with a home tie against Manchester City coming up next week. We'll find out in half an hour. COYS

Tottenham XI: Lloris (c), Dier, Fazio, Vertonghen, Davies, Bentaleb, Mason, Chadli, Eriksen, Lamela, Kane

Subs: Vorm, Chiriches, Yedlin, Dembele, Stambouli, Townsend, Soldado

30% chance of winning today COYS 30% chance of winning today COYS Reviewed by THBlogNews on 12:18 pm Rating: 5

Southampton vs Spurs - Crunch game

5:00 pm
A crunch game coming up this weekend for UEFA Europa League qualification. beating Southampton will give us a small barrier. At this stage only 5th and 6th guarantee the European football that attracts players like Andre Ayew.

No European football would  raise questions over the future of Jan Vertonghen who doesn't need to be taking a backward step at this time in his career. There would b heavy speculation that he would leave and we would no doubt receive enquiries.

It is of course possible 7th would get UEFA Europa League football but that revolves around relying on Arsenal to win a trophy and any Spurs follower who wishes that is not much of a Spurs fan. There is no guarantee in that happening, just as there was no guarantee Liverpool would make the final.

5th Liverpool P32 57 points GD 11
6th Tottenham Hotspur P33 57 points GD 6
7th Southampton P33  56 points GD 21

Tottenham Hotspur              Liverpool                             Southampton
vs Southampton (a)               vs WBA (a)                           vs Tottenham Hotspur (h)
                                              vs Hull City (a
vs Manchester City (h)            vs QPR (h)                            vs Sunderland (a)
vs Stoke City (a)                     vs Chelsea (a)                        vs Leicester City (a)
cs Hull City (h)                        vs Crystal Palace (h)              vs Aston Villa (h)
Final Day
vs Everton (a)                         vs Stoke City (a)                   vs Manchester City (a)

The effect on the league table of the Europa League has been totally overrated I feel, Liverpool didn't have a brilliant season because they didn't have European football it was because they had Suarez who Sturridge clicked with, both players who I felt we should have bought when they were available.

Manchester United are not doing well this season because they have no European football, it's because they spent £150 million and got a manager who is right out of the top drawer. Everton have had seasons in the Europa League where it hasn't affected them at all under David Moyes and you could argue the same for us.

What excuse will our fans come up with if we have no European football and can finish no better than Europa League places next season?

Southampton vs Spurs - Crunch game Southampton vs Spurs - Crunch game Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5

Game VIDEO Highlights - It was emotional says Pochettino

7:30 pm
The best way to answer childish supporters is to record a win over them and that's exactly what Mauricio Pochettino did today.

It was emotional

The players know they do not hold the power at Tottenham and have to perform to stay in the side. Those on the sidelines will have to wait a chance and take it when it comes just like Ryan Mason has. None of this 'I need a run of games' garbage from him. Pochettino was happy with the way the side played today even if it wasn't perfect or always of the highest quality. It was a step in the right direction.

"It is an important win. It was a very tough game. Southampton have unbelievable players. I am very happy and I congratulate the players who made a good job. We are still improving. Three months in charge with a new philosophy. 
"I am very happy today to get the three points and happy with the performance and happy with the way that the team played. This is what we want. I think the team deserved to win. 
"There was no extra pressure. It was an emotional game for me. I love Southampton, I love the people in Southampton. It was a great 18 months for me in my life and my family and was a very tough decision. I am happy for the performance of the team but it was emotional for me."

Moronic Southampton fans directed chants at Pochettino which the Argentinian just brushed off.

"I still love Southampton and maybe I can understand but this is football. I do not change my feeling, nothing about Southampton. 
"For me it was a great moment, a great period of 18 months and always I will be grateful to Southampton Football Club and the people in Southampton."

Ronald Koeman echoed the thought of the sensible majority. It's pathetic how people hate Sherwood or any player who has left to better themselves so we have supporters of the same grade.

"Yes, okay that is the reaction of the fans and I don't agree with that. I think everybody needs respect and normally the respect is high in the Premier League. 
"I respect Mauricio very much and he did a great job in Southampton. Now he is the manager of Tottenham and it is a great challenge for him."

Game VIDEO Highlights - It was emotional says Pochettino Game VIDEO Highlights - It was emotional says Pochettino Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:30 pm Rating: 5

VIDEO Eriksen goal

6:26 pm
The rocket everyone is said to have received after the WBA game to pull their socks up, put into action what they are learning on the training field or be left to rot and sold seems to have had a marked effect.

To a man everyone battled against Arsenal and today we at last saw the high pressing game we are supposed to be playing. It worked. We beat Southampton at their own game, or at least the game Pochettino taught them.

Players were given little time on the ball and quick, often intricate passing was called for which takes vision. There were odd individual errors of course, we had the usual Kaboul one but a poor shot allowed Lloris to make a decent if comfortable save.

The one player that worries slightly is Erik Lamela who plays some nice passes in the middle of the field but tried to take on the world in the opposition half. For £30 million you'd expect more because he's not offering anything a player half the cost would offer. He works for the team, puts in the effort and is obviously still learning being effectively a year behind everyone else but we should be getting more from him.

Against weak opposition in the Europa League he looks to have the ability to make a difference but against stronger opposition he is not yet making enough of a difference.

The delight Etienne Capoue showed at the end of the game demonstrated winning meant something to him and probably the rest of the team. They may well have been told to go out and justify Pochettino coming to Tottenham, they did which puts that petty argument to bed.

Hugo Lloris continues to excel as does Danny Rose, Capoue remains solid and Mason has given the established players like Dembele a kick up the backside. There are no qualms about throwing him into games.

There is an international break coming up now and we sit comfortably in sixth above Arsenal and Liverpool off the back of an encouraging performance.

VIDEO Eriksen goal VIDEO Eriksen goal Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:26 pm Rating: 5

Spurs vs Southampton Your country TV listings

8:30 pm

Spurs vs Southampton

Tournament: English Premier League (EPL)
Date: Sunday 5 October 2014
Kick-off: 14:05 BST
Venue: White Hart Lane, London

The Spurs vs Southampton game is not on live TV here in the UK but of course can be viewed worldwide and therefore accessed from the Internet through the many streams usually available. I tend to find some of the foreign commentary better than ours as I don't have an opinion stuffed down my throat to regurgitate as my own opinion, just in the same way as reading a newspaper suddenly makes that everyone's opinion.

People don't see it but it's a proven fact it happens. You can often get a better stream with foreign commentary as well so don't discount them if you can't find a decent English one and like myself have not learnt a foreign language, perhaps I should.

It's illegal to advertise streams so please don't add links in the comments section but if I were you I'd Google Wiziwig or I might just Google whoop whoop.

If you haven't read the game preview see the links on the right hand side of the menu bar and look for Spurs v Saints - a first half goal is vital.

Spurs vs Southampton Your Country TV Listing

AlbaniaSuperSport Kosova 2
AlgeriabeIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
AngolaSuperSport 5 Africa
ArgentinaDIRECTV Argentina
AustraliaFox Sports 1 Australia
BahrainbeIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
BangladeshStar Sports 1 Asia
BeninSuperSport 5 Africa
BhutanStar Sports 1 Asia
BotswanaSuperSport 5 Africa
BrazilFox Sports 2 Brazil
British Virgin IslandsSportsMax
BruneiAstro On The Go
BulgariaNova Sport Bulgaria
Burkina FasoSuperSport 5 Africa
BurundiSuperSport 5 Africa
CambodiaCTH Cable Thai Holdings
CameroonSuperSport 5 Africa
CanadaTSN4, TSN1, TSN GO
Cape VerdeSuperSport 5 Africa
Cayman IslandsSportsMax
Central African RepublicSuperSport 5 Africa
ChadSuperSport 5 Africa, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
ChileDIRECTV Chile
ChinaQQ Sports Live
ColombiaDIRECTV Colombia
ComorosSuperSport 5 Africa
CongoSuperSport 5 Africa
Congo DRSuperSport 5 Africa
CroatiaSportklub 3 Croatia
CyprusCytavision Sports+3
Côte d'IvoireSuperSport 5 Africa
DenmarkViaplay Denmark, TV3+ HD
DjiboutiSuperSport 5 Africa, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
Dominican RepublicSportsMax
EcuadorDIRECTV Ecuador
EgyptbeIN Sports Connect Arabia, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD
Equatorial GuineaSuperSport 5 Africa
EritreaSuperSport 5 Africa
EthiopiaSuperSport 5 Africa
FinlandMTV3, Katsomo
GabonSuperSport 5 Africa
GambiaSuperSport 5 Africa
GhanaSuperSport 5 Africa
GreeceOTE Sport 5
GuineaSuperSport 5 Africa
Guinea-BissauSuperSport 5 Africa
IndiaStar Sports 1 Asia
IndonesiaOrange TV Indonesia, beIN Sports 1 HD
IranbeIN Sports Connect Arabia, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD
IraqbeIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
JapanJ Sports 1, SKY PerfecTV LIVE
JordanbeIN Sports Connect Arabia, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD
KenyaSuperSport 5 Africa
KosovoSuperSport Kosova 2
KuwaitbeIN Sports Connect Arabia, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD
LaosCTH Cable Thai Holdings
LebanonbeIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
LesothoSuperSport 5 Africa
LiberiaSuperSport 5 Africa
LibyabeIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
MadagascarSuperSport 5 Africa
MalawiSuperSport 5 Africa
MalaysiaAstro Supersport, Astro SuperSport HD, Astro On The Go
MaldivesStar Sports 1 Asia
MaliSuperSport 5 Africa
MaltaGo Sports 3
MauritaniabeIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
MauritiusSuperSport 5 Africa
MoroccobeIN Sports Connect Arabia, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD
MozambiqueSuperSport 5 Africa
NamibiaSuperSport 5 Africa
NepalStar Sports 1 Asia
NetherlandsFox Sports 4
New ZealandPremierLeaguePass
NigerSuperSport 5 Africa
NigeriaSuperSport 5 Africa, SuperSport 5 Nigeria
NorwayTV2 Sport Premium 2, TV2 Sumo
OmanbeIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
PakistanStar Sports 1 Asia
Palestinian TerritorybeIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
PhilippinesPremierLeaguePass, beIN Sports 1 HD
Puerto RicoDIRECTV Puerto Rico, SportsMax
QatarbeIN Sports Connect Arabia, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD
RomaniaDolce Sport
RussiaNTV+ Sport, NTV+ Sport Online, Sport Plus
RwandaSuperSport 5 Africa
Saudi ArabiabeIN Sports Connect Arabia, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD
SenegalSuperSport 5 Africa
SerbiaSportKlub 3 Serbia
SeychellesSuperSport 5 Africa
Sierra LeoneSuperSport 5 Africa
Singapore103 (HD) mio Stadium
SloveniaSportklub 3 Slovenia
SomaliabeIN Sports Connect Arabia, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD
South AfricaSuperSport Maximo 2, SuperSport 5, SuperSport 5 Africa, SuperSport Internet 5
South SudanSuperSport 5 Africa
SpainC+ Liga de Campeones / HD, Gol Stadium
Sri LankaStar Sports 1 Asia
SudanbeIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
SwazilandSuperSport 5 Africa
SwedenViaplay Sweden
SyriabeIN Sports Arabia 7 HD, beIN Sports Connect Arabia
São Tomé and PríncipeSuperSport 5 Africa
TanzaniaSuperSport 5 Africa
ThailandCTH Cable Thai Holdings
TogoSuperSport 5 Africa
TunisiabeIN Sports Connect Arabia, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD
UgandaSuperSport 5 Africa
United Arab EmiratesbeIN Sports Connect Arabia, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD
United KingdomBBC Radio 5 Live
United StatesPremier League Extra Time, NBC Sports Live Extra
UruguayDIRECTV Uruguay
VenezuelaDIRECTV Venezuela
YemenbeIN Sports Connect Arabia, beIN Sports Arabia 7 HD
ZambiaSuperSport 5 Africa
ZimbabweSuperSport 5 Africa

Happy viewing and let's hope for the right result.

Spurs vs Southampton Your country TV listings Spurs vs Southampton Your country TV listings Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 pm Rating: 5

Spurs v Saints - a first half goal is vital

6:30 pm

Spurs v Saints

Tournament: English Premier League (EPL)
Date: Sunday 5 October 2014
Kick-off: 14:05 BST
Venue: White Hart Lane, London

I've been doing well with the game evaluations so far so let's see how this game is going to go.

This is a tough game, we are learning a new system, have lost 2 from 3 at home and not won in 4 games in the Premier League, the last 2 of which we haven't scored a goal in. Southampton meanwhile have won their last 4 and scored 10 goals while defensively they are the best team in the country.


  • Danny Rose (Spurs) to have a fitness test (presumed muscle injury)
  • Etienne Capoue (Spurs) to undergo a fitness test (presumed muscle injury)
  • Kyle Walker (Spurs) out with long-term injury
  • Maya Yoshida (Southampton) remains on the injured list
  • Florin Gardos (Southampton) may return from injury

Current Form Guide

(Green = win, Yellow = draw, Pink = loss)


Sun 5 Oct 2014
KO: 2.05 BST


Last 6 matches
27 SepArsenal - SPUS1-12-1SAINTS - QPR27 Sep
21 SepSPURS - WBA0-10-1Swansea City - SAINTS20 Sep
13 SepSunderland - SPURS2-24-0SAINTS - Newcastle U13 Sep
31 AugSPURS - Liverpool0-31-3West Ham U - SAINTS30 Aug
24 AugSPURS - QPR4-00-0SAINTS - WBA23 Aug
16 AugWest Ham U - SPURS0-12-1Liverpool - SAINTS17 Aug

Home and Away Form Tables

Home table
Away table

Previous encounters in the Premier League has seen no draws in 10 games with Tottenham holding a slight advantage.

Tottenham wins6
Southampton wins4

Tottenham goals17
Southampton goals13


23 Mar 14Tottenham - Southampton3-2
22 Dec 13Southampton - Tottenham2-3
4 May 13Tottenham - Southampton1-0
28 Oct 12Southampton - Tottenham1-2
5 Mar 05Southampton - Tottenham1-0
18 Dec 04Tottenham - Southampton5-1
27 Mar 04Southampton - Tottenham1-0
20 Sep 03Tottenham - Southampton1-3
1 Jan 03Southampton - Tottenham1-0
31 Aug 02Tottenham - Southampton2-1

The 5 corresponding fixtures sees Tottenham with 4 victories and 1 loss, 3-2, 1-0, 5-1, 1-3, 2-1, goals for 12 goals against 7, points 12 out of a possible 15.

Of the home goals we have scored 75% have come in the first half and 75% of those we have conceded have come in the second half. Southampton away from home have scored 80% of their goals in the second half and conceded 67% in the first half.

For Tottenham at home and Southampton away the opposition score first 67.67% of the time and neither side is usually ahead at half-time, Tottenham 33.33% of the time, Southampton 0%.

At home Tottenham have spent an average of 26 minutes per game winning while Southampton away spend 10.7 minutes in front per game.

Goals Scored Table

Goals Scored Table

3Manchester City612
5Manchester U611
7Crystal Palace610
8West Ham U610
9Hull City69
10Leicester City69
12Swansea City68
15Newcastle U65
16Stoke City65
18Aston Villa64

Goals Conceded Table

Goals Conceded Table

2Stoke City65
3Swansea City66
7Manchester City67
9Aston Villa67
12Manchester U69
14West Ham U610
15Leicester City610
16Crystal Palace610
17Hull City611
18Newcastle U612

THBN Verdict

The Pochettino factor will no doubt be important to Southampton fans, putting one over on their former manager but it's not important in the greater scheme of things. No doubt it will be the same or a very similar side to the Arsenal game as Pochettino continues to look and see who can play his tactics and who can't.

The key to this game from a stats point of view seems to be whether Tottenham score in the first half as Southampton look likely to score in the second half, they have scored in every away game. Like the WBA game it may be a case of us having to score twice to win which, crazy as it sounds, might be easier given Southampton's tactics.

We are hopeless at the moment if a team sits, the front players don't yet have the confidence to adopt the system properly as we saw against WBA when they were clueless. It was a throw back to Wigan again so the struggles suggest it is the players and not the manager who have the problem.

ITK suggests they have grasped the system on the training field but revert to type in match situations which is exactly what I have been suggesting is happening. That is down to their mental ability although it does seem though as if we may be adopting two differing tactics depending upon our opponents, we'll have to wait and see on that one.

Currently Southampton score more goals than we do and let in fewer goals, yet we are favourites, the statistics suggest false favourites. We have to score first in the first half and may have to settle for a draw but there is no way we should be considered favourites at this stage of our development.

Spurs v Saints - a first half goal is vital Spurs v Saints - a first half goal is vital Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:30 pm Rating: 5
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