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Have you ever wondered what goes on in a training session? Well, Press Bureau TV bring us 13+ minutes of one so fans can have a rare look behind the scenes.

It starts with dribbling on the run before moving to passing on the run, you'll note some players let the ball bounce away from them when they control which as long as they work on killing it dead for when they don't have time and space is fine. Pritchard you see working with Kane is doing both, Killing it under foot or controlling it in front of him as if he is in space with time to jog on to the ball and pick a pass.

The opening exercise is clearly a regular one as when coaching you want your charges listening to you rather than messing about with a ball at their feet, they are not really taking in what you are saying when they do that, their focus is elsewhere and we see plenty of that.

Clinton Njie is a small fella and you hear the coach asking them to punch the pass, a particular aspect of our play where certain players sometimes let us down and one of the reasons why mason is so effective.

In standard exercises like these you can either go through the motions to warm the muscles or you can actively work at honing a skill, kill the ball dead, kill the ball a foot in front, kill it two foot in front, it may sound simple, but honing every aspect of play for when you need it is what makes the difference in players. It is all about an attitude, Christian Eriksen, for instance, seems to come alive when the ball comes near.

When they do their stretching you'll not their feet positions are all different, some are stretching their muscles more than others.

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