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Benteke nonsense raises its ugly head again

10:30 am


I knew someone would start spouting the Tottenham should make Liverpool an offer they can't refuse for Benteke rubbish and sure enough, we saw it last night.

Anyone with half a brain knows Benteke needs crosses, he is a traditional type centre-forward who lacks the technical skills to play the intricate football we attempt around our area.

He gave up in the Cup Final against Arsenal, he has been a complete flop at Liverpool in a team where he had to play football. It was a daft move and that isn't hindsight, I said the same before they signed him and after. Liverpool don't cross the ball, they were playing a passing game. Presumably they stumped up over £32 for him because thought he could develop and adapt, he hasn't.

They have a manager there who plays a high-energy brand of football and there have been reports that Benteke doesn't put the energy in he requires. Tottenham play a high-energy passing game so he is hardly what we need.

The suggestion we should make a £25m bid is simply absurd. Wasting money on a player proven not to perform in a system similar to ours, reported not to like the effort of high-energy football and proven to give up when things don't go his way, beggars belief.

There is only any point in buying him if you play a system that suits him, in other words, you cross the ball. Even his managers at Aston Villa said that is what he needs.

If staff writers are going to create articles that make suggestions, they could at least make sensible suggestion and suggest players who fit our transfer policy and would actually fit into our playing style.

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Adebayor to Villa, Benteke to Spurs

8:30 am
I read a story the other day about Christian Benteke interesting Spurs again and a different story that Aston Villa were interested in Emmanuel Adebayor. This smacks of two simple to put together stories that have little going for them but it did set me thinking if it could be possible in some way.

The suggestion was that Aston Villa would want Adebayor on a season long loan, which is probably the on;y way we will be able to get rid of him. The news is that his agent is looking for another club for him having realised that he is simply not going to play hardly any football at Tottenham next season. Tottenham have made it clear, with the full backing of Daniel Levy, that he is not going to play by leaving him on the sidelines and despite his desire to collect his wage packet he now appreciates if he wants to play he'll have to move.

If he moves on a season long loan then he will get himself a nice fat signing on fee at the end of next season when he signs for another club, that would be reduced if he moved permanently now and a club had to pay a fee for him, so a season long loan looks the red hot favourite.

The other option would be a swap deal but they are more difficult to arrange with both sides having to want each others players. Tim Sherwood got Adebayor firing when he was at Tottenham and has now got Christian Benteke firing again at Aston Villa. It's a pretty easy paper story to come up with but Adebayor needs to be guaranteed top dog to perform and with Benteke there, unless they play 4-4-2 that isn't going to be the case.


It would be good business for Tim Sherwood if he sold Benteke to Tottenham for £20 million or whatever figure, took Adebayor on loan and then signed him on a free the season after, assuming wages were not a problem. That would raise cash for further purchases and he would have no problem selling a player to Spurs, football is business not personal animosities.

The down side is that Tottenham are not going to be paying big money for players this summer and the disaster of 2013 when the 'Summer Seven' have struggled to justify their price tags. Lamela, Soldado, Capoue and Paulinho have made the club have a re-think and revert back to the youth policy we had before. While benteke fits the bill on age his price tag is possibly something we wouldn't want to pay, especially when you consider Javier Hernandez of Manchester United is available this summer.

Adebayor to Villa, Benteke to Spurs Adebayor to Villa, Benteke to Spurs Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

The whisper doing the rounds

9:17 pm
All the whispers doing the rounds are that Christian Benteke has not only handed in a transfer request but instructed Aston Villa that he wants a move to Tottenham Hotspur. 

Having missed out on a number of targets, Leandro Damiao and David Villa to name but two, we have been reduced to travelling right down our list of possibles to the overpriced Belgian.

The Midlands outfit want a rediculously large fee for someone who has only scored 16 goals from open play in the Premier League. Our bidding is believed to be, again if ITK people are to be believed is £18 million (€20.84m) but there are then add-ons Villa want to take it to their figure of £25 million (€28.95m).

Word is they are trying to force us into agreeing to a large sell on clause, again ITK people suggest this is 25% which naturally Daniel Levy does not want to entertain that sort of figure. 

Buy young, improve in value and if needed sell high, being our policy, is no good if you have to give a quarter of your future profit away.

Spurs, Aston Villa and Benteke do now seem to want a quick deal so something is going to have to give. The game of poker continues.

For those who missed the Swindon Match Package this morning consisting on video footage, interviews, match report and Twitter timeline report of the game, you can find it here: Swindon Match Package

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The whisper doing the rounds The whisper doing the rounds Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:17 pm Rating: 5
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