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It's difficult for Pochettino

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Former England international Gerry Francis managed Tottenham for three years between 1994 and 1997 so is no just some outsider wanting to have a pop at Tottenham.

It's difficult for Pochettino

He feels that the club has lost it's way, that it has no identity on the pitch, no idea of how it wants to play, or at least a set of players and a playing style that don't match. Quite frankly any player should be able to adapt to any system not have to have a system adapted to them. Flying wingers you can make a case for but midfielders for instance should be able to play any system.

"They have always been a team for me, and I managed there, they are a big club in many ways. 
"They have probably under achieved for many years in terms of winning the championship. They have been a good cup team over many, many years, been in Europe quite a bit, including the Champions League. 
"They have always been a team that supporters wanted to see play attractive football, score goals and that has always been their identity going back to Bill Nicholson.
"I think they have lost their way more than their identity, I watched them against Stoke and it's a difficult one for Poch. 
“At Southampton he had a young, vibrant side who pressed very high with a good work rate, and that is how he seems to like to play. 
“With the Tottenham players he has got that is very hard to do, and they don't seem to have an identity of how they are going to play." 

So Southampton had a young vibrant side, well the Tottenham side is a young side so why isn't it vibrant? Why are we only picking players who lack pace or vibrancy, why are we buying players without that pace or vibrancy? Aaron Lennon is probably the most vibrant player in the squad along with Nabil Bentaleb yet Lennon doesn't even get a look-in.

It's a problem that it's difficult to see any change to before the January transfer window and then there has to be a big change next summer.

Next season has to be a good one because Tottenham are now one of seven instead of one of five. The danger is we lose our place as one of the seven and attract a lesser quality of player, a slippery slope.

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Tottenham are unprofessional

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Former manager Gerry Francis is another who can see that mentally this side are hopeless and it's costing Tottenham points regularly. The better players are the ones with better mentality, a mentality which means they then make fewer mistakes.

Tottenham are unprofessional

All mistakes are mental. Your brain tells you what to do and you do it, Tottenham players are making the wrong choices and then mentally going to pieces, as soon as Newcastle equalised they were the better side and all we had left was hope.

The ex England international gave his verdict to Sky Sports.

“You expect Tottenham to be in and around the top four , that’s where they want to be. They’ve been in Europe one way or another now for some time. But they seem to be having real problems in their Premier League games after playing in Europe. 
“There was only one team in the first half. But it’s about being professionl and being alive. One half and one goal is nothing in the Premier League, you have to the same attitude for the second half and be ready to go. 
“We’ve seen quite a few times they haven’t been professional and ready and that goal has undone all their good work in the first half and completely changed the game and tempo and gave Newcastle a massive lift."

Most of our players tried to do it on their own when we were under pressure to produce in that second half, they stopped playing as a team largely. Pochettino made mistakes, he should have taken Lamela off no later than 10 minutes after half-time, his continual cutting inside meant we couldn't attack down the right side as Dier has played too many games without a rest and is tired.

It's going to be a long time until the transfer window opens with Tottenham now just 3 points off a relegation place.

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Former Spurs boss Gerry Francis - It's a big step for Pochettino

4:33 pm
Former England internation Gerry Francis Tottenham manager from 1994-1997 spoke to Sky Sports after the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino.

Former Spurs boss Gerry Francis - It's a big step for Pochettino

Q - How big a job is Mauricio Pochettino taking on at White Hart Lane?

A - "Well it's not the best kept secret in football was it but he did a magnificient job at Southampton, he plays the right football for Tottenham I feel for the Tottenham supporters but it's a big step.

"He's not that experienced in the Premier League. Managing Southampton and managing Tottenhan, the expectations levels of Tottenham, obviously in recent years they are looking to be in the top four, they are going to be looking to try and get into the Champions League so it is a big job and obviously it remains to be seen how he is going to do."

Q - Much has been made of Daniel Levy chopping and changing managers in recent years, Tim Sherwood didn't last very long in the last few months, it's the 10th new manager under levy since 2001. How important is it to you that Pochettino is given time, he's signed a 5-year contract?

A - "Yes it's probably a 5-year contract with a years break clause the way it goes these days. Obviously I think managers need time, it's the one thing you do need an probably the one thing you don't get in football.

"He will certainly need to be given time to adjust to the team, the players, because obviously at the moment it's a very big and good squad but they are not his players. He'll have to decide what he wants to bring in, what he wants to leave out and change but you do need time for that.

"As you say unfortunately in this game, as we've seen certainly very much this season, managers don't get a lot of time to put things right particularly in the Premier League."

Q - You've sat in that dugout, you've done the job, you know what it means to be the top man at Tottenham, you've talked about the expectations that will now be upon him, what do you feel the expectations will be for his first season at the club, will it be a top 4 finish, are those the ambitions, will it be immediate Champions League qualification?

A - "Well that's obviously what the situation has been in recent years. They've spent a lot of money to be fair to Daniel although he has had loads and loads of changes in mangers, as you say 10 since 2001 but he has spent a lot of money.

"He has supported his managers in terms of financial backing so I think even though he's got to go straight in now pre-season with his players, without his players, whatever the situation, Tottenham will be looking to try and get in that Champions League and will be looking to try to finish top 4.

"That's obviously the target so I think he will be under pressure to try and do that, at the same time to be fair to him you've got to give him at least a year to put things right and get his team in place but I certainly feel he will be under that pressure to try and get into that Champions League spot."

Q - Of course there is to sides to this coin, there is the Tottenham perspective he's their new boss but for Southampton they've now lost a manager who has done great things with them over the last 16 months or so. What do you think this could mean for them?

A - "Absolutely, people will be very disappointed, players, fans, directors alike but whoever manages to get that Southampton job what a great opportunity, what a great depth of talent they have got there still at the football club.

"Obviously whoever comes in to manage that football team will be hoping I'd imagine that they can keep a lot of those players that may well be representing England at the World Cup at Southampton so that they can utilise them next season.

"I certainly think it will be exciting for whatever manager goes in there with some of the talent they have got at Southampton at the moment."

Q - Yes they have got at the moment being the key thing. I suppose Southampton will have already read plenty of column inches and seen, heard there is a chance some of these key players could be leaving. Would those fears be exacerbated by the departure of Pochettino?

A - "I don't think they'd be helped but what's important obviously from their point of view is they get someone in really really quickly so the players and directors can identify the situation and the players they want to keep on can they keep. Will they have to sell, with the offers be such that they might have to let some players go.

"Obviously that remains to be seen right through the summer into the pre-season but certainly if I was coming in to manage Southampton with their squad of players they've got I think I'd be very pleased with what they've got there if they can actually keep hold of them. I would certainly be making an effort if I was coming in as manager to keep as many as I could."

Q - Back at Tottenham and the perspective there, new faces potentially there, are they a long way of a team and a squad that's capable of a top 4 finish?

A - "No they are not a long way off because in recent years they've done it once but they've been very very close and again this year, there was only a few points in it.

"I think what's very important is he has to sort out what he wants and how he wants to play, the players he wants as quickly as possible but they've got a decent squad that would cost hundreds of millions of pounds so another jon that on paper is a very very good job. It's a very very good club, an excellent club, a big football club and obviously what they'll be looking for, I'm certain of that, is be looking to try and get into that top 4 and that Champions League situation.

"I think the manager will be financially backed as the other managers have it's just a question of whether or not Pochettino will get the sort of time he needs to make things happen at Tottenham."

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The question is has Daniel Levy found the man who fits the strategy the club has, buy young, develop youth, improve players and increase their resale value if they are to depart the club. No club can hols on to every player so maximising each players value is a necessity whether fans like looking that way at things or not.

Former Spurs boss Gerry Francis - It's a big step for Pochettino Former Spurs boss Gerry Francis - It's a big step for Pochettino Reviewed by THBlogNews on 4:33 pm Rating: 5
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