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9:21 am
I woke up cheerful today, as is normally the case on most Saturday's, especially on Saturday's when we're playing at home. My smile quickly turned into a miserable frown and my joy evolved, faster than than any Richard Dawkin's book, into disgust as I read that Chelsea are now allowed to trade within January's transfer window after the Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS) postponed the FIFA imposed ban until it (CAS) has heard the club's appeal.

That's interesting, as FIFA themselves found Chelsea guilty of seducing French winger Gael Kakuta to break his contract while at Lens and simply walk out the French side that gave him his start as a pro.

Some reports are even saying that CAS won't study the case until March or April at the earliest, although it may extend into July and/or August, meaning that the Cheatsea FC may be able to buy in the summer window to!

Is there no justice in the game any longer? I do wonder what's gone on behind the scenes at CAS. Has anyone checked the judicial committees bank balances lately? Are any of the CAS bigwigs rolling around in new cars?

Makes me sick.

Anyway, let's forget about that and concentrate on today's highly important game against Sunderland. Expect goals and a lot of them!
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Chelsea get the book thrown at them

2:36 pm
It looks as though Chelsea have been banned from signing any new players up until 2011! FIFA have thrown the book at them as regards the Gael Kakuta affair.

Thing is, when FIFA try to impose the rulebook like they have on this occasion, I can see Chelsea appealing and winning. There's no justice in the game today. I may be jumping the gun, but I can see FIFA rescinding their proposed 2 season ban on signing players to a slap on the wrist, or at worst, a suspended sentence.

Either way, this has caused some great banter in the office. Any thoughts on this lads?
Chelsea get the book thrown at them Chelsea get the book thrown at them Reviewed by PoshSpur on 2:36 pm Rating: 5
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