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Will Gallas be paraded on the pitch?

5:15 pm
William Gallas signs for Spurs, THBN
It's been the case at White Hart Lane recently that any new signing is paraded on the pitch, either prior to kick-off, or at half-time. With Gallas' former connections, do you think he'll be introduced to us when we face Young Boys in tomorrows must-win Champion's League Qualifier match?

If both Gallas and Sandro are presented to us, what do you think Sandro will make of all the booing?

I personally wouldn't boo the lad, but that's just me. I've spoken to a lot of Spurs fans recently who still can't believe that we've signed the former Arsenal captain. I think we should trust Harry's judgement and just get on with it, although in the above picture, he does look like a homeless guy that's found the new Spurs shirt in a dumpster.

The best thing William Gallas can do is keep a low profile and play a blinder on his debut. If we were to ask for a cherry on top it would be to see him kissing the badge when he scores. Wishful thinking?

I suppose we'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. Either way, we have to win, therefore, booing any Spurs player, new or not, will be counter-productive.

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