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Kaboul tackles racism

3:30 pm
Tottenham centre-back Younes Kaboul teamed up with Kick It Out, an anti-discrimination charity, to educate children about racism in a workshop at Northumberland Park School.

Spurs and the charity wanted to raise awareness of the importance of equality and inclusion.

Troy and Andros TownsendTroy Townsend, the father of Andros Townsend, is the charities mentoring and leadership manager and he spoke after running the session.

“I think racism in football is reported more these day and more and more players just don’t expect discrimination in the sport.

"But the truth is racism has always been in the game and that’s why it’s really important to host workshops like the one today – it’s so we can educate the younger generation and tell them that this behaviour is just not acceptable.

“I’m really grateful to Younes for coming down today because although it’s only an hour out of his time the impact and the difference he will make in lives of the children will be huge.”

Townsend used Spurs history to educate the children about the difficulties Black and Asian players have in sport. Walter Tull, who was born in Folkestone in 1888, the son of a slave and become the first Black outfield player to play professional football in Britain when he joined Spurs.

He became the first black officer in the British Army despite their being Military Laws barring it, the first Black officer to lead White men into battle and was recommended for the Military Cross.

Younes Kaboul answered questions about his career and his experiences of racism, both on and off the field. He also spoke afterwards saying,

“It was very good and I liked the opportunity to come and share my experiences with these youngsters.

“I’m glad they could learn more about what is allowed and what is not allowed in the game – and I think the most import thing is to ignore racist people and just report it.

“Racism has always been in the game and the work that Troy and his team do is very important if it is ever going to stop.”

The game against Southampton at White Hart Lane will also be used help to raise awareness of the issues.

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